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Escaping The Allure Of The Game Part 1

by Shaunta Kenerly

Reese and his crew has been selling dope on the streets of Dayton Ohio for years. After years of buying drugs from their greedy supplier one of the members of the crew decides that enough is enough. They all rob their supplier but he will not go out not having the last laugh. Knowing the crews every weakness he sends what allures them most, ‘women.’ Reese an his crews is hit from all different and angles giving him a good mind to escape out of the game but the game continues to call him right back in.

Read this actioned packed urban tale today. Its full of sex, drugs, lies, betrayal, and the women that loves a dope boy.

Fernandina-Growing Up On Amelia Island

by Gordon E. Hart

The author’s personal memoir of his years growing up in and around Fernandina on Amelia Island, Florida, from 1965-1971. The book begins when his family moves to town the summer before he begins 7th grade and ends when he graduates from high school in 1971. It was a time of great transitions with the Vietnam War raging, schools being integrated, and drugs becoming pervasive. And it was the golden age of muscle cars, brought to the beach by boys from all over Georgia and Florida to show them off on the weekends. Fernandina was a sleepy little beach town in those days, but there was a lot going on. The author tries to catch the “feel” of the time and place so the book is not a straightforward narrative. He recounts his experiences, many funny, some sad, and along the way describes the people and places of the island in an impressionistic style. When you finish reading of “Fernandina-Growing Up On Amelia Island”, you will feel like you stepped back in time. And you will feel the better for it.

A Midnight Summers Dream Once Upon Book #1

by Ekaterini Patlakis

This is the first book of a series. The first 50 written pages in paperback, or 80 or so in electronic form. This is the best deal for a series book. This is an autobiography/Spiritual book. This was the first book published. Part of it, is based in early times, of Greece, and tells the story of three generations of women. Starting from the old world, with it’s cultures, and ways; then ending in the migration to the new world. It will fascinate, and amaze you in culture, and it ways that were only of long ago.It leaves you fascinated by one of the greatest story tellers in our time. It also has spirituality in it, as the beginning of the series of books. It crosses over genre, for the best experience possible. Please review it, and check out the full book; available by the same name. At a really great price; to give to yourself, or receive as a gift! Available on amazon.

Asphalt Asylum: The Dark Roads to Light

by Steve Theme

Experience the charity, horrors, and wonders of hitchhiking seven thousand miles alone. As nineteen-year-old Steve Theme leaves on a hitchhiking trek, he has no destination, no timeframe, and no self-respect. A home life of abuse and addiction didn’t prevent him from being selected Scholar/Athlete of the Year as a senior in high school, but hiding one life from the other has broken him into fragments. He leaves Seattle in 1978 as a know-it-all whose hobbies are shoplifting malt liquor and despising his university classmates, and himself.

This remarkable memoir traverses a journey of doubt and growth against a backdrop of constant vulnerability and danger. Theme is a captive witness to dozens of people’s stories until, finally, he’s able to tell his own. Asphalt Asylum carries the reader on a unexpected spiritual journey where an alienated young man eventually understands that he’s always been part of the fabric that connects us allâ??love.

Emotional Triangle: A True Story of Overcoming Childhood Trauma, Years of Grief, and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

by Blazie Holling

After witnessing a violent murder as a small child, Blazie Holling lost the ability to speak. Later she lost her best friend to leukemia, her father to fire and her fiancé to random violence. These traumatic events and many others caused her to become an angry, substance abusing adult who successfully hid her profound grief and anxiety until one day everything just fell apart and she had her first panic attack. This is the story of how she triumphed over the devastating events in her life, came to grips with the effects of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, and learned to become an emotionally healthy and spiritually fulfilled adult. This book chronicles many of the traumas she endured and the tools she used to become the successful and happy person she is today.

“If you are suffering, grieving, and weak from emotional pain, know that there is a way back to wholeness. Be open to healing no matter how it shows up in your life. Even if you can only take baby steps in the beginning, take them anyway. If you fall get up and take another step towards wholeness. Beyond the pain and the darkness there is light. Choose life.”

The Wild Boy of Aveyron

by Michael Allen White

A generational memoir of troubled youth and redemption.

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