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Shadow Walkers

by Micheal Kostura

Your life can really change once you’re attacked by a race of bloodthirsty monsters. Just ask Nicholas Winters.

His whole life Nick has heard stories about monsters that go around causing mayhem. Though nobody has ever provided any proof that such monsters existed, so he never bought into any of the mindless rumors. However, after being attacked by the evil creatures known as the Void, he quickly changes his outlook on things.

Nick manages to escape his apparent death after being rescued by a man who appeared from thin air. Nick quickly finds out that he is a Shadow Walker, a type of human with magical like abilities. After learning about his true origin from his mother he heads to the Pit- the homeworld of the Walkers- in order to hone his powers and to keep his mother safe from the Void.

Once there, he gets placed on a team with resident Shadow Walkers Allison and Hector. And soon enough, the three of them are training together in order to awaken their powers. However, when the Void show up in the Shadow Walkers home world and practically declare war, the three of them and their captain are soon sent on an adventure to save their home from complete and utter annihilation by the Void.

The three of them go on this mission with individual goals in mind. Nick wants to save his mother from the Void, Allison wants to uphold her family’s honor, and Hector? Hector wants to get it all over with so he can go home and take a nap.

Shadow Walkers is Fantasy Adventure that blurs the line between the Urban and Portal Fantasy sub genres. It consists of roughly 84,000 words and is the first book in what is planned to be a trilogy.

The Loner (Daughters of Destiny Book 1)

by K.R. Grace

Star Allistar:

Life is divided into two stages for me: before and after. Unfortunately, I’m not coping so well in the “after” stage. My parents decide transferring me to a new school for my last semester of high school will knock me out of my funk. As if a new location is the cure for your boyfriend dying in a terrible car accident. I go along with it, though, I mean, what other choice do I have?

I only have one goal at the new school: be invisible. Turns out, small towns have nothing better to do than gawk at the new girl. Great. I instantly despise everyone…except him. Drake Knight. Town bad boy, walks in a cloud of mystery, and turns girls into goo. Not usually my type. Yet, for some reason, I’m drawn to him like a diabetic in a candy store.

But there’s just one teeny, tiny problem: he turns into a wolf. And not just that, but he’s an important wolf-boy whose boss is a powerful angel and has some intense enemies of the demonic persuasion. I mean, we’re talking psycho fallen angels who want to take over the world type of intense. How do I explain that one to the parents?

Anyway, I once thought my heart belonged to the one I lost, but now…now I’m not so sure.

Drake Knight:

I don’t do love. I tried it once, and she ended up dead in a ravine. So, I tend to keep my distance from people. It’s better that way. safer. Yet, when Star Allistar walks into the band room and flashes those big, solemn green eyes at me, I’m a goner.

There’s just one problem: she’s human, and humans don’t survive in my world. But I won’t let that stop me. She’s my purpose, my hope, my mate, and I’m prepared to kill anyone who tries to jeopardize her happiness.

In a twist of Fate, two other shifters also believe Star is their mate. There can only be one. I’ve never had to fight for love. Didn’t even know my heart still worked. But now? Now all bets are off. Star is mine. I just have to make her see it, before it’s too late.

Three male shifters, an angry fallen angel, and a depressed high school. What could possibly go wrong?

Dragon’s Debt (The Dragon and the Scholar Book 2)

by H. L. Burke

Scholar Shannon Macaulay and the Dragon-Prince Ewan have been traveling together for a year when their blissful companionship is interrupted by a cryptic message from their friend Martin.

“Come to Westshire. Edmond needs you.”

Drawn to his brother’s aid, Ewan finds himself hunting an elusive monster: a winged beast kidnapping young women and stealing their memories. Its latest victim is the Princess Brighid of Westshire, the very girl Edmond has recently fallen for, to the disapproval of her temperamental father, King Riley, and stoic brother, Prince Ryan.

Ewan is determined to rescue his brother’s beloved, no matter what the cost. But when Ryan’s eyes fall upon Shannon, the dragon realizes the cost might be greater than he is willing to pay.

Empire Of The Undead

by Ahimsa Kerp

The Roman Empire was built at the expense of a thousand extinguished rivals, and during the reign of Domitian its long-forgotten enemies join together to enact a terrible curse. The dead began to walk, creating a plague of undead that sweeps across the Empire. And even the elite Roman forces, bolstered by war elephants, cannot hold them back.

The only hope of stopping the lifeless monsters is a disparate group of misfits and rogues led by the most ruthless Senator in Rome.


by David Williamson

From daybreak ’til the sun goes down, Devoted are called to serve the Light and follow the edicts of the pacifist Abbey. But to Lyllithe, the outcast half-blood in the remote village of Northridge, power is meant to be displayed and used, not hidden.

When her Aeramental heritage pulls Lyllithe in a different direction, her convictions conflict with the faith of her family and force her to choose:

What exactly am I devoted to?

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