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ROMANCE: Regency Romance: Rousing the Rake (BBW Historical Fiction Love and Romance Books) (Fun, Provocative Mature Young Adult Second Chance Billionaire Steamy Romance Novella)

by Jamie Sutton

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Escape with this steamy standalone Historical Regency Romance between a fiery BBW and a handsome earl who is notorious for his rakish ways.

Rowena grew up a peasant, but she was happy with her life. She helped her mother care for the younger children, worked the land to help her father, and dreamed of a day when she would fall in love. Unlike the other women in her village, Rowena was outspoken and blamed the nobles for her family’s suffering.

Upon seeing the Earl, Narien, in her village, she is filled with disgust. She watched as women threw themselves at him, begging for his attention and was sickened by the way he grabbed at them.

Narien, on the other hand, was quite intrigued with Rowena and could tell that she was unlike any other woman he had ever known. Narien contacts Rowena’s father expressing his interest in marrying her, but Rowena refuses to be another of his conquests. Knowing that Narien is in complete control of the village, her family, and her life does not stop her from letting him know what she thinks, but is Narien really the man she assumes him to be?

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WARNING: This book contains mature themes and language. Intended for 18+ readers only.

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Romance: Clean Western Romance Collection Box Set – Western Brides (Historical Westerns Country First Time Love Inspired Romance) (New Adult Billionaire Victorian Scottish Duke Regency Collection)

Collection of 7 Clean Historical Western Romance Stories.

Enjoy over 140,000 words of 7 clean historical western romance and 9 clean bonus stories that will surely warm your heart for hours!

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This collection includes:
– Crime of Love
– Hoofbeats as Heartbeats
– Pieces of a Heart
– Stealing My Heart
– When Two Hearts Meet
– Begin Again
– 9 Bonus Stories Included!

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This is a collection of clean romance stories, with no explicit scenes.

HISTORICAL ROMANCE: Scottish Romance: Warrior Of The Highland (Highlander Alpha Male Time Travel Romance) (Historical Scottish Fantasy Romance Short Stories)

by Cassandra Michaels

**Steamy Highlander Warrior Romance With A BONUS Included For A VERY Limited Time!**

Abi’s father is the leader of their clan, and one day she will take over from him….That is, if the clan survives the impending battle, which will determine once and for all who gets to rule the great Scottish Highlands.

However, Abi and her father know that they have no chance of winning without uniting with another clan. When her father decides to marry her off to make it happen quicker, she has something to say.

Abi doesn’t believe that her clan’s freedom should be born from her enslavement and she’s not willing to accept that it’s the only option.

When an elderly woman comes to her one night with a legend about a broken warrior who can bring any clan to victory she sets out on a quest to find him. Can she prove that she can be the leader she is destined to be, or will she end up marrying a man she doesn’t love for the sake of her people?

WARNING: These stories contain hot adult scenes are intended for 18+ readers only.

Shadow on the Maple

by Eric Thomas

“The sound came quietly, almost without notice on that evening full of noise; a faint, plaintive cry, soft and pitiful as the whimper of some woodland creature caught in the jaws of a steel-sharp trap. Then came the screams; frightening, penetrating and persistent until, in final despair, they gave way to a wail of indescribable anguish.”

This is a story of ambition, love, and cruelty amidst the upsurge in racial hatred and tensions in British Columbia during the outbreak of World War 2. It tells of a stranger who arrives one morning and stays long enough to influence the lives of this small community on the West Coast of Canada.

This is a fictional story inspired by my late wife’s childhood in the wilds of Canada where most of her neighbours were Japanese Canadians whom she loved, as any child would, knowing nothing nor caring of any racial prejudices. Then one day she woke up to find they had all gone.

This is a story of the Shadow on Canada’s history

One Grape Cigarillo: Part I

by Rob Max Einsle

When Frank Bergman begins his new life as a clerk in a convenience store, he has no idea what he is about to discover. This is a tale of Kiowan mysticism and finding that one soul that time can not separate.

A Twist of Tobacco

by Rita Holcomb

A family is like A Twist of Tobacco, layered, folded and twisted until each leaf becomes inseparable.

Ten-year-old Lizzie proudly watches her brothers; uncles and close neighbors ride off to war in their butternut uniforms not realizing that she will soon be responsible for her five younger siblings.

Based on family stories and traditions and backed by years of research, this historical novel immerses you in the war torn hills of Middle Tennessee, the blood bath that was Chickamauga and the hell hole of Rock Island Prison.

Follow the Civil War lives of the eleven Ownby children during The Yankee Aggression and watch for subsequent books in the series.

The Studebaker Wagon: An Inspirational Novelette

by Shari Broyer

This is the story of a young man who sets out on a journey to pick up a new wagon for his family’s farm but comes back with a whole lot more than he bargained for.

Co-written by a first-time author and the author of the Amazon inspirational bestseller, Jesus on a Park Bench, this tale of Rueben’s adventures is sure to warm a lot of hearts.

Chicken (Everyday Loves Book 9)

by Saliee O’Brien

This story centers on a shy high school senior wanting to ask a girl out for the annual Junior-Senior Banquet, and what it means to be grown up and have responsibility. A young man must learn that there are consequences to all actions, good or bad.

Although the storyline is fictional, the setting is real, as are the names of businesses that existed in Appleton City. Many of the surnames given to the fictional characters are family names in the area. The Junior-Senior Banquet of the high school in Appleton City, Missouri has been a tradition for nearly 100 years, and was once held in the Durley Hotel immediately across the railroad tracks from the train station, which still stands in 2015, and is used as a community center. The Durley was purchased by a physician, Dr. W.H. Elliott, and converted into a hospital. Today it is a private residence. Chicken was a dangerous game sometimes played by high schoolers, often with deadly consequences.

Dollar To Doughnut (Throckmorton family novels Book 4)

by Edward Hackemer

Dollar To Doughnut Is historical romance set in California from 1927 to 1934. It is a story of triumphant love, emotional heartache, haunting nightmares, and the American dream. Phryne Truffaut and Leopold Throckmorton had left behind their families and friends in New York to escape retribution from organized crime. Before they can begin to rebuild their lives in California, they must first overcome personal and emotional roadblocks. The story begins in the Roaring Twenties, and travels through all the glitz and glamour of pre-code Hollywood. Political corruption, deviant behavior and the Opium culture cloud the closing decade at the onset of the Great Depression. Superficial and meaningful love affairs spice the story as the characters conquer their demons and misfortunes, revisit the past and reinvent themselves and their love.

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