Free horror Kindle books for 31 Dec 15

Twisted: Supernatural Siblings (Book one)

by Patricia Edwards

In this supernatural whodunnit, Tisha and her siblings are twisted with the supernatural when they each become something different; a vampire, a werewolf, a witch and a monster. Before they can find a remedy to be human again as they keep their new identity a secret; a string of murders occur during various family events only leaving them to blame for their impulsive actions. Follow the lives of these siblings and try to figure out who is responsible for each murder.

The Christmas night and the three moons Book 1: The Gift of an angel from the stars: (Paranormal Romance) (Science fiction and fantasy)

by Jessica D. Reed

The story is about a girl whose name was Hailey. Hailey was living with a single mother and she didn’t know anything about her real father. Her mother Alberta used to be a hard working nurse but her major flaw was that she used to love drinking a lot and would spend all of her free time drinking with guys she didn’t even know. Whenever she used to drink, she would fall asleep anywhere and she couldn’t remember the men she slept with or the relationships she had during the night. One day, she found out that she was pregnant but her family was a conservative family and she ended up kicked off her own house to find that she was a vagrant. Therefore, she decided to leave the entire place and move to Innsbruck, a town in Austria where she managed to find a decent job as a nurse in a clinic and she raised her daughter peacefully away from all the people she knew. Yet, as the young proved to be a prodigy and started asking questions about her real father, Alberta became so anxious and was scared that someone would hurt her daughter. She was indeed so afraid because the father was an important scientist and he didn’t even know he had an illegitimate daughter. Henceforth, Alberta decided to send her daughter to study in the United States where she obtained a scientific astronomical certificate and came back on her graduation day to celebrate with her and make her proud. However, as the mother and the daughter were having fun skydiving, Alberta failed to open up her parachute and she fell down the forest and from a very high height but the rescuing team could never find her corpse while Hailey didn’t believe her mother’s death and was hoping to find her and for her dreams to come true she made a wish in the Christmas night but instead of finding her mother, she found Nathan. Nathan was in fact and extraterrestrial creature that was chosen to be sent for a secret mission by the leader of his planet, he was supposed to find a stolen map from his planet and he was told that the map existed on earth. After their encounter, Hailey started to have feelings towards Nathan who saved her more than once and he confessed his love and was about to tell Hailey that he was an alien when she grabbed his and told him to enjoy the present and delay the secrets.

Bedtime Tales of Horror: 24 Hours to Die

by Bradley Poage

What would you do if you woke up in a strange hotel room with a note pinned to your chest and a fresh surgical wound?

For Travis, facing this reality will mean he must confront his morality with his life, because he has only 24 hours to live or die…

Craig’s Pistol

by David D. M. Mark

While a troubled young man struggles with a bully in school and fights off the urge to settle the matter with violence he finds love and unlikely friendship but trusting the wrong person leads to trouble worse than he could have imagined. With death descending upon the small town, help comes to Craig but among the stones of death’s reminders he finds that death itself has teeth, and is hungry for revenge.

Oh Rats!

by Chandre Toye


Chewing. All day and all night, all he hears is chewing. is it a guilt or are there rats feasting merely inches from where he sleeps?


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