Free literary fiction Kindle books for 31 Dec 15

Finding Viola: A Short Story

by Bo Burnette

“I could hear the music again, and somehow it seemed louder than before.”

Every day, Miss Erikson hears mysterious music coming from behind a locked door at the Lang School of Fine Arts. When the strict Mrs. Borg demands she leave the door alone, Miss Erikson’s curiosity propels her to uncover the secrets of the ever-closed door. As she pursues the source of the inexplicable music, she must finally face the grief of the past she has long tried to ignore.

(A 3,000 word short story about mystery, grief, and the power of music from the author of Denver and the Doolittle Raid and The Lighthouse Thief.)

Shakespeare: Exploring the life of The Bard and his England

by Kurt Thomas

Shakespeare: Exploring the life of The Bard and his England

William Shakespeare is a name that every English speaking person has heard. He is considered to be the most famous English man, the greatest playwright in history and a literary genius. However, how much do you really know about Shakespeare other than the fact that he wrote รข??Romeo and Juliet’? Do you know what he really looks like? That he invented a lot of the words that you use when you write your next social media post? That he was responsible for a great London fire and at one time stole a deer? That in all probability he didn’t even exist? Discover the life of Shakespeare, who his friends were, the circumstances he grew up in and his career in London. Find out interesting anecdotes and judge for yourself if any of the dozens of myths and controversies surrounding Shakespeare are true or completely false. While Shakespeare might have gifted the world an immense treasure chest of literature, did he also leave behind one of the most mysterious literary legacy of all time?

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