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The Sun That Shines and The Storm That Will Always Pass: Everything Could Be So Simple…

by Derek Warmington

TSTS is a book of poetry. TSTS is a book of compassion. TSTS is a book of beauty. This collection of poetry is about love, truth, life, and light. Four words everyone seems to live for. From the kings and queens of the world all the way down to the beggar on the street. All is a part of a living organism. It is of the wise soul who remembers his or her intrinsic personal philosophy while treading down the dark roads into the unknown.

Looking Back: A Poets Journey

by Richard M Knittle Jr.

My latest book is called “Looking Back: A Poets Journey” and is my sixth poetry book in just a year and a half. It has been a very tearful and emotional time as I wrote down the pages and started looking back at some of my fans favorites and some of the poetry that made the poet you see today. I hope that you enjoy reading them as I have enjoyed writing them for you all. Words can never express the happiness that have inside and I want to thank you all for such a wonderful journey so far. I look forward to my next six books and the next greatest hitsâ?¦

With all my love and hugs,

Richard M Knittle Jr.

Number One Best Selling

Author and Poet

When Stuff Is Not Enough

by Michael G. West


So many celebrations, so much expressive music, dancing and drinking, so many entertaining plays and eye-beguiling movies, so much art, poetry, ballet, opera.

I sit meditating when I’m not reading or writing, or I’m feeding, walking, playing with my dog. That — and family — fills my time to bursting.

Still I yearn. Why? Isn’t this simple life enough? Who and what more could I let in?

Or, rather, what should I let out?

Breathtaking Poems

by Cindy Christmas

The poems in this book are truly breathtaking poems. If you feel depressed, these poems can make you feel 100 % better. You can check out samples of the poems in this book at

The Vagarious Dimension: An Anthology of Love Poetry (Poetry by R. L. McCallum Book 4)

by R. L. McCallum

This anthology of poetry runs the gamut between immortal love and that of dark despair. These renderings speak of true love and love long gone, they prey upon those who dream of love and those who are lost to love’s dark expectations. The vagarious dimension of love holds nary a constant, for its impetus is a various as the whims of life.

humanism – the art of being an angel

by Bill Speakman

This is my first collection of poetry/prose. It is a small sampling of original work and some blackout style poetry as well.

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