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Lose Weight Fast: 101 Ways to Lose up to 10 Pounds in 7 Days (Weight Loss, Lose Weight Fast, How to Lose Weight, Weight Loss Motivation, Weight Loss for Women)

by Jeff Anderson

Learn How to Burn up to 10 Pounds of Fat in 7 Days!

Have you struggled with trying to lose weight quickly?

Now you can have 101 different ways to lose weight fast!

This handbook will teach you how to raise your daily energy levels and feel great about yourself without making huge sacrifices.

This Comprehensive Weight Loss Guide Includes:

  • Tips from experts in the health and fitness industry
  • Ways to lose weight while still eating unhealthy foods
  • Proven methods that don’t require any special meal plans or gym membership
  • Efficient exercises that burn body fat rapidly
  • Lifestyle tips that will change the way you see weight loss
  • Ways to work weight loss into your everyday life
  • Plans to keep yourself motivated throughout the weight loss process
  • The psychology behind weight loss
  • Effective diets that burn fat quickly

With such a wide selection, choose the different ways that fit into your lifestyle.

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It’s time to change your life forever!
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My LEADERSHIP Notes: How I win and build on everybody’s interest and my colleagues trust?

by Ashwin Pai

This is your last chance to buy this e-book! Congratulations! On making it here on time! You are lucky to be here for our one hour sale.

This e-book will be replaced by one hundred paperback copy priced at 1813.58 USD.

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Ashwin’s desire is to raise our student achievement; by publishing his multi-million making Leadership notes.

How to Bullshit College:: Life Hacks, Tips and Tricks to Skip Classes, Save Money and get Through College As Easily and As Anxiety-Free As Possible

by Hodan Ibrahim

Discover How To How to Bullshit College,Skip Classes, Save Money and Get You Through College As Easily And Stress- Free As Possible

I wrote this book to be a source of comfort and support to people currently in university, and hate but have to be there. I encourage the pursue of excellence and a guide to help people who hate university on how to get through it as easily as possible

University was super hard for me. I’m natural as academic but it’s never something I wanted to do. I spent most of time skipping classess and studying what I wanted.

How did I pass?

I was a straight A student in school and knew the game. I played the system and managed my time that I spent most of my time doing what I wanted. If you are familiar with my work, you know that I don’t tell people not to go to university, because for many people of color, it’s a form of social mobility, where class and capital are hard to come by. I wrote this book to encourage people to practice excellence in their lives.

This guide is NOT for people looking to just party through college and pass. It’s for people who have aspirations and goals they wish to attain but find themselves stuck or held back by university. If you need help getting unstuck. I will give you useful tips on what to do if you must go through it. Most likely you are not going straight into a professional field such as medicine law or engineering. In which case, you shouldn’t be bullshitting anything.

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…

  • Taking Your Life Back One Step At A Time
  • My Story: University was not a choice
  • The University Scam
  • Introduction to the Art of Bullshitting
  • Figuring out your game plan
  • How to figure out what to do when you graduate
  • Strategies to Bullshit College and Still Pass
  • Much, much more!

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Tags: Anxiety, Education, Psychology

Scared Turkey

by MoonStarInc Selvaraj

This story is about a turkey named Tom who got scared of getting cooked and eaten on Thanks Giving feast. So he went to the forest to learn the tactics used by animals to save himself.

Kids will learn about self defenses or tactics used by different animals to protect them from their predictors.

Tamil_Scared Turkey

by MoonStarInc Selvaraj

This story is about a turkey named Tom who got scared of getting cooked and eaten on Thanks Giving feast. So he went to the forest to learn the tactics used by animals to save himself.

Kids will learn about self defenses or tactics used by different animals to protect them from their predictors.


by Brittany White

Discover how to learn anything and improve brain

If you are someone that is looking to stimulate your brain or give it a bit of a workout to help to improve your memory this book will be a great tool in helping you to achieve these goals. Perhaps you are having too many moments where you walk into a room just to find that you have forgotten why exactly you went to that room in the first place. Speaking for myself this was one of my own personal flaws in my short-term memory. Another favorite short-term memory flaw amongst many is the “I can’t find where my keys are” situation we all too often find ourselves in. The good news is that in the pages of this book you are offered ways to help you to actually boost your memory simply by making a few adjustments in three areas: environment, diet and lifestyle.

I am not suggesting that you make a total change in your daily habits, but instead adding some underused techniques that are going to assist you in improving your memory in leaps and bounds. Using the methods in this book I was able to find that by using them I was able to gain greater control of my life by improving my memory. If you feel this is an area that you too would like to improve on then I would strongly suggest downloading this book and readings about the various tips and suggestions that will help guide you to a life that you will be able to remember in a much more clear and crisp way! Keep in mind just like the rest of your body your brain needs to have challenges and to be stimulated to keep it healthy and functioning on a level where you will remember why you went into that room and where you put your keys!

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…

  • How to improve focus?
  • Foods to improve memory
  • Brain exercise for memory)
  • How to remember names?
  • How to remember numbers?
  • How to create systems for learning?
  • What are great learning habits?
  • Much, much more!

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