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The Shelter (Survivors Book 1)

by Jean Levant

The Shelter is the first part of the science-fiction novel entitled Survivors.

The setting of this novel is a divastated Earth by a disaster of global dimension. All communications and infrastructures have gone. As a result of the permanent cloud cover, days became long twilights and nights are devoided of moon and stars. The climate severely cooled. The story happens in a very near future. Some rare survivors, attracted to stange pillars of light pointing at the sky, gather in shelters which, they are told, are scattered across the planet’s surface. The disaster occured so suddenly that nobody seems to know clearly what has happened, not even their rescuers. By the way, who are these mysterious rescuers, having miraculously gone through the cataclysms? And on top of that, why their shelter looks like a starship?…

(With inner illustrations and cover drawing by the author and translation by Ginnie Marston.)

2166 – DEVLIN’S WAR (War of Alien Aggression, Book Eight)

by A.D. Bloom


Devlin’s Privateers and the battleship UNS Guerrero enlist the aid of the Shediri to breach space and transit to the home system of their newest enemy, the Ekkai. If Commodore Ram Devlin wants to prevent the freshly completed Privateer and UN fleet from annihilating all life on the enemy homeworld, then there’s no option for him but to advance ahead of the Earth invasion forces to engage the sprawling and stealthy Ekkai home fleet in battle and beat them into surrender with Task Force Liberty.

$2.99 box set, books 1-5 The War of Alien Aggression (550 pages, the complete war with the Squidies from the first shot to the last) available now.

$2.99 box set, books 6-8 The Liberty Fleet Trilogy (377 pages), (.99 cents on pre-sale, $2.99 after that.)

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Books in the War of Alien Aggression series in chronological order:

Hardway (Book 1)

Kamikaze (Book 2)

Lancer (Book 3)

Dreadnought 2165 (Book 3.5)

Taipan (Book 4)

Combat Salvage 2165 (Book 4.5)

Cozen’s War (Book 5)

2166 – Force Liberty (Book 6)

2166 – Battle of Shedir (Book 7)

2166 – Devlin’s War (Book 8)

Indigo Man

by M.J. Carlson

It’s 2047, and the more things change, the more politics stays the same.

Zachary Marshall is a dedicated, brilliant, young, scientist with a secret in his past. He and his best friend from graduate school own a small DNA testing lab where they test for genetic disorders.

When he discovers the gene for psychopathy in an anonymous sample brought to his lab by the Secret Service, his house is bombed and he’s framed for his friend’s murder, sending him underground and on the run with a rogue agent who has secrets of her own.

Zach’s only hope of clearing his name lies in staying alive long enough to expose the conspiracy, derailing the campaign of a corrupt presidential candidate in the process.

Revolutionary Love (The Revolution Series Book 1)

Why is this happening to me? I should be dead, but instead, I am alive and breathing in a body that isn’t my own. I have done things I never imagined I would do. I killed someone. I had no choice. It was my life or theirs. I can never go back to the innocent girl I was before. This revolution changed me. He changed me. I don’t even know who I am anymore.

The Unsatisfied Traveler

by Nick Vallera

A man finds a mysterious Sci-fi book and gets enraptured by it.

How to travel back in time?

Do scientists from a distant future have an answer?

The characters in the story are three-dimensional beings, just like you and me. But, what happens when they tease the pace-time fabric and have to deal with further dimensions?

This is a thrilling novel in which the only certainty is that the boundaries between real and unreal are uncertain.

A Three-Year Minute (The Three-Year Trilogy Book 1)

by Joseph Legaspi

Would you choose the love of your life or the life you love? When a man dies for a minute, he gets a unique vision to prevent a global catastrophe in three years. But he forgets it all when resuscitated. As time passes, he begins to sense a strange but pleading message from that minute he died. Yet, can he remember it soon enough? Even if he can, will he be able to do everything he must in time? It’s impossible. He’ll need to decide against all his lifelong beliefs and desires. Hardest of all, if he is to save the world, he will lose the one person he loves the most. He has three yearsâ?¦.

A Cyberpunk Tempest: Datastorm

by JJB Marlowe

A Cyberpunk Tempest

When the world’s friendliest chips try to take over the world’s computing and communications infrastructure to facilitate their art projects, the only person who can stop them is Bill Spears, one of their inventors. With the aid of family and old friends, he must set into motion a series of events that will liberate the communications grid from these foolish chips.

Loosely based on Shakespeare’s THE TEMPEST, A Cyberpunk Tempest is a story about family and forgiveness. Set against the background of New York City, this story depicts Spears’ struggle to make amends and undo any damage that he might have caused his family and the world in general. Assisting Spears is his long time rival, Phil Marlowe. These two characters travel in the world of high technology and like Bill Gates and Steve Jobs, they have helped mold and shape that world.

As the story unfolds, secrets and surprises are revealed to the reader. By the time the story reaches its amazing outcome, the reader has learned some lessons about love, life, forgiveness and family.

Written in a terse style that is in step with present media models, this story is a quick ride through the world of high tech and hope.

The Time Tunnel To Death Town: Two hikers stumble across gold robbers and a Time Tunnel to 1880 with deadly results

by Terry mason

Follow tourist, Steve Cambers and his guide Ronnie as she takes them into the caves above Tucson Arizona where they stumble across gold robbers and a time tunnel that takes them back to 1880 producing deadly results.

Dragon’s Honor (The Dragon Corps Series Book 1)

by Michaela Kendrick

The Warlord…

From high society banquets in the ice covered skyscrapers of New Arizona, to the most far-flung outposts at the edge of human-occupied space, everyone has heard of Ymir. The Alliance’s reach is wide, and its soldiers are well trained, but there are always despots powerful enough to assert themselves, and Ymir has been one of the most notable failures of human history: a whole planet given over to a man known only as the Warlord.

The soldierâ?¦

Cade Williams was once a Dragonâ??the most elite fighting unit in known space. Precise, brutal, and unstoppable, they were a last resort in the lawless wastes of space colonization. But there was a price: in one horrific mission, Cade’s unit took down not only a slave trader, but an entire intergalactic carrier. Cade left and never looked back. Haunted by his past, he’s vowed never again to kill, never again to fight, and, filling jobs from dock worker to bartender, he’s managed to keep that vow. But Cade’s life is about to be turned upside down. Because when at last he runs out of options, his old friend Talon Rift appears out of nowhere. Talon, the man who ordered him to take down the carrier. Talon, who wants him to get back in the game. And when Cade won’t, Talon has a job opportunity he seems to know Cade can’t afford to pass up. Protect a woman. An innocent. Remarkably little chance of anything going wrong. And a man needs to eat.

And the trophy wifeâ?¦

There are two problems: first, that Cade hates Aryn the moment he lays eyes on her; second, that he wants her like he’s never wanted anyone before in his life. Or make that three problems: Aryn’s husband is a weapons trafficker with a well-deserved reputation for being ruthless, and Aryn is about to get caught up in one of his schemes – one that will bring her back to the place she only just escaped…the mines of Ymir.

Forbidden World

by Dmitriy Kushnir

In Argentina, a group of scientists make an accidental and shocking discovery, which is sure to change the world. In Boston, a self-made billionaire is contacted by an unknown being. A contact, which broadens his world and puts him in the direct path of danger. Who will survive, escape danger and live to tell about it; only time will tell.

Alexis: Evil Reborn

by Nolan Barcroft

Alexis has always been pushed around, but after a fire destroys her workplace and ancient evil takes root inside Alex, a change is due. Now awakened and equal parts herself and the creature inside her, the town of Harpers Hollow is home to the newly arisen Queen.

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