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Are We There Yet? Dallas: A guide to family travel and activities in Dallas, Texas

by Georgette Driscoll

What are we going to do today? This book has the answer and will definitely become a family favorite. Are We There Yet? Dallas provides both travelers and locals with 200+ Dallas attractions perfect for the whole family. All the practical information you need is provided, including prices hours of operation, and web links. The Best of the Big D chapter includes over 100+ Free or Great Deals and best by age, day of the week, and season.

This guide is perfect for parents who love to learn with their children. The “Texas and the Big D” chapter includes a brief history of Texas and Dallas which will provide you some interesting background as you explore. Unique and fun facts are provided throughout.

Easy to use information and chapters dedicated to:

– Art & Museums

– Film, Theater, and the Sound of Music

– Animals All Around

– Take It Outside (Parks and Rec)

– Take Me Out to the Ballgame

– Trains, Planes, and Automobiles

– Expected to the Unexpected

– Traditional Fun Zones

– Historic Districts and Landmarks

– Festivals and Special Events

– Day Trips

Torn Between the Sorbonne and Paris (My Very Long Youth, Book 5)

by Lawrence Bohme

Book 5 of Lawrence’s youthful adventures, 1961-63. Accompanied by his new girlfriend, the German painter Lilo, Lawrence continues his peripatetic studies in France. After a revelatory hitch-hiking artistic tour through northern Italy and a summer in Ibiza and Granada, Lawrence flees from his jealous fraulein and disappears into the Latin Quarter.

AN OVERVIEWâ?¦ Lawrence Bohme’s whimsically told but scrupulously truthful story of his first 41 years – “not a word of it is invented except some of the names”, he swears – is entitled “My Very Long Youth” because “due to forces beyond my control I only started growing up, or calming down, after that age”. His erratic wanderings throughout the Western World in the four decades following the war in which Lawrence was born have been enough “without wasting a single word” to fill 15 books whose titles reflect the scope of his wanderlust. They are as follows: Book 1 – A London War Child Crosses the Ocean; Book 2 – Fierce Land of Aztecs, Sweet Isle of Jamaica: Book 3 – Coming of Age in Greenwich Village; Book 4 – Student from America in Franco’s Spain; Book 5 – Torn Between the Sorbonne and Paris; Book 6 – On the Loose from New Orleans to Sicily; Book 7 – School Teacher in Queens, Logger in California; Book 8 – A Poet’s Pilgrimage to Rio de Janeiro; Book 9 – Shack in the Favela, Beach in Bahia; Book 10 – Two Foolish Years, and a Fresh Start; Book 11 – White and Alone in “Baby Doc’s” Haiti; Book 12 – Hellish Country, Heavenly Island; Book 13 – North to Brac, East to Sint Maarten and Saint Barth; Book 14 – The Card Man in Manhattan; and, last of all, Book 15 – Provence, Paris and Freedom.

This Is Tanzania: a collection of thoughts and reflections from a European in Africa

by Adrian Strain

This is a collection of thoughts reflections and descriptions of experiences – sad as well as humorous – written here by Adrian and Caroline following their three year stay in Mtwara, southern Tanzania. Whilst it details the day-to-day problems of coping with life in an undeveloped country, Adrian also comments on the broader geo-political issues affecting Tanzania’s status as one of the poorest countries in the world and observes close-up some of the challenges facing Tanzania and why some believe it will be many years before the country lifts itself out of poverty. Both humorous and insightful it captures in a collection of diary entries some of the many beautiful features of life in this amazing country. All proceeds from the sale of this book will go to the small charity established by Caroline and Adrian to support some of the most vulnerable families in southern Tanzania. You can read more about this work at

New York New York A 3 Day Whirlwind Tour

by Nicky Smith

So it was a bucket list entry and a big one at that that needed to be ticked off before we decided to buy our “grow old in it” house for life.

It was a few days before Christmas when I came across a sale online from a very large holiday company that offered the whole get there stay next to Times Square then get home package for the price I would have expected to pay for just one of us let alone both me and Wifey. With a click or two of the mouse I had booked us an early in the year holiday to the big apple and what follows is just about everything we did which was basically about as touristy as it could be so hopefully it may be of some use to someone out there if not it’s an amusing yarn so please enjoy 🙂

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