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Hometown Proud Innocent (All Sex . . . No Romance)

by Sharon Love

“Don’t stop now. The storm is almost over.”

“No one’s waiting for me. I have a confession.” He thumped his c*ck in my p*ssy. “I’m an ass man.”

“Oh holy h*ll mister.”

Picnic festivities is not on Dawn’s to-do list for the holiday. She’s on the prowl for an older gentleman to have some fun with. Kicking it back in the shade at the park, she finds one ripe man for picking.

Jeremy is a tree enthusiasts. Dawn is hoping to get his mind interested in her bush. He knows every tree in her hometown park and tells her of a secluded spot.

She’s ready to follow his directions. But once alone he confesses he’s more interested in her back door. She’s hesitant, but ready to be seeded anywhere.

If you’re the type of reader who likes to get to the dirty parts fast, this erotic short is for you. Fulfill your raw desires with a one click purchase or FREE with a Kindle Unlimited subscription.

Stepbrother Romance: A Stepbrother Romance Erotica Series Complete Boxed Set: Stepbrother Stud Series

by Stacey Rose

Stepbrother Romance Series 

The Entire Series Books 1, 2 and 3. 

Sally knew her stepbrother was off limits. He is the forbidden fruit and as much as she has been craving him she stopped herself from giving herself to him. 

However, Sally couldn’t resist her hot hunky stepbrother forever. There comes a point where she EXPLODES from sexual desire him. 

This stepbrother romance series reveals a hot steamy romance that develops between Sally and her stepbrother. 

This erotica stepbrother series is too sexual and hot to continue describing. You can find the explicit taboo details inside. Read it to find out more. 

WARNING: This is an adult erotica short story which contains very mature and adult explicit sex scenes. Readers are to be 18 years+. 

Download your copy today! 

Fitting Them ALL In… 20 Books of the Good Stuff! Wink, Wink!

by Georgia Grilatch

All… of them?

20 steamy stories of exactly what you’re craving! Loads of fun and tons of you know whats…

Bottoming Out — 20 Stories of Going TOO Far!

by Karla Kinder

20 Steamy Stories…

These lovers are going to experience the thrill of first time satisfactions — and perhaps get a little more than they ever imagined!

TRYING HER OUT… 20 Stories of Very Detailed Encounters!

by Margo Time

What a first time…

20 stories to satisfy your carnal cravings! If you like those special first time tales, take a peek inside…

CLEAN ROMANCE: Anne And The Baby (A Clean Fiction Contemporary Western Romance)

by Samuel Grace

Anne is a good girl. She and Pa were the backbone of her family

But when Pa passes away, all of the responsibility is put on Anne’s shoulders. When she is challenged with caring for a stranger’s baby, her troubles become even more complex.

She does her best to keep the family above water, but it’s never enough. Her mother decides it’s time for a different solution and sells her daughter as a mail-order bride. Anne is in love with her teacher, and is devastated to leave her home and her love behind — but she agrees to go West to save her family.

The journey West is treacherous, and Anne will face gunfights, bandits and everything in between. While she loses so much along the way, a tiny gift from God (a sweet baby!) will make it all seem worth it.


I love Levi dearly, and I can’t imagine living without him. He always told me God had a plan for me, but I can’t help but wonder if this is the right path.


I should have told her I loved her. What do I do now? My only choice is to chase after her and right these wrongs. I know that God wants me to find her. I never should have let her go. Hold on, Anne! I’m coming!

Grab this new heart warming Western Mail Order Bride love story today!

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