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Grandma’s Toadstool Pie !: a funny poem based on true events

by Vince Iuliano

When we were very small children, our father took my sister and I to visit an elderly family friend. This sweet older woman invited us into her kitchen for lemonade and butter cookies.

For years after, my sister and I played a little game. We described to each other the imaginary â??dish’ she had served us – making each re-telling more horrible than the last.


by Lee Robbins

What attracts your attention? What draws you in for a closer look? Within this poetry book, are topics and themes that will make you want to look, look but look away, unsure but curious. All have their own allure and I hope you are drawn in.

Spring Evenings in Sterling Street: Poems by Eliot Bliss

by Eliot Bliss

ELIOT (EILEEN) BLISS was a Creole writer born in 1903 in Kingston, Jamaica, a British colony at the time. She died, forgotten and neglected, in Bishop’s Stortford, Hertfordshire, in December 1990. At her side was her lifelong companion, Patricia Allen-Burns, who had supported and taken care of her for 60 years.

The poems collected here were written from 1922 to 1931, and were found in 2004 in the apartment she had shared with Ms Allen-Burns.These poems reflect different stages and periods in Eliot Bliss’s life: There are poems that bring to mind the Caribbean, where she was born and whose memory she would always carry with her; others are dedicated to spiritual life; some to important literary figures, women who had an influence on her life.

MICHELA A. CALDERARO, an Associate Editor of “Calabash: A Journal of Caribbean Arts and Letters”, teaches English and Postcolonial Literature at the University of Trieste (Italy). Dr. Calderaro, whose critical works include a book on Ford Madox Ford and numerous articles on British, American and Anglophone Caribbean writers, is currently working on Creole writer Eliot (Eileen) Bliss’s biography.

Living Out Loud: Outspoken Poems (Poetry Trilogy Book 1)

by Nina Bingham

In the mood for sassy and bold? Living Out Loud is the personal and revealing, yet

always honest confessions of a counselor as she uncovers the sorrow and wonder

of living. Readers have called it: candid, thought-provoking, colorful and interesting, leaving you pondering long after you’ve finished the book.

Aphrodite’s Cup: Passionate Poems (Poetry Trilogy Book 2)

by Nina Bingham

Hopeless romantics, look no further!

Aphrodite’s Cup is an amorous jaunt through the world of desire. Sensual and seductive, a heart-pounding aphrodisiac for the soul. You’ll find yourself falling in love all over again.

The Last Dandelion

by Beverly Holoka

A collection of 29 poems regarding death, depression, getting out depression, heartache, loss and deep emotional issues. This book is designed to show you the value of life through the grim eyes of death.

Love At Sunset

by Ivan Moon

Love At Sunset is colletion of poems for those quiet moments. Eleven poems in all. I wrote a lot of these watching the sunset at the lake. If you loved “Passions Of The Heart” this is a must read.

Megh Mallhar: The Song of the Rains

by Lopamudra Bandyopadhyay

Megh Mallhar is an anthology of poems. It is about the rains and the songs that are a part of the wet earth. It is about dreams dreamt in solitude with the advent of the storm clouds and the pitter patter of the rains. It is about love, life and the laughter that comes with them.

Lopamudra Bandyopadhyay’s second book of poems, Meghashyam: An Anthology of Poems is also available on Kindle at

The Unsung

by William Schumpert

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For the unsung- for the noble and the brave who dedicate their lives and effort to sacrifice their lives so that we may declare ourselves as free men and women. This collection of poems is dedicated in their honor as they have given their all so that we may have all. Stand and be proud.

Monday Morning Blues

by Latonya D Young

Here are many faces and forms of love. Explore them here in Monday Morning Blues. This is a collection of original poetry that readers will enjoy from front to back cover. There is something for every reader in this collection. Some poignant and some serious poems, all written by an author who thrives to be in tune with not only her own feelings but her reader’s as well.

Like much of her other work this is an astounding look into the mind of a poet and novelist that is years ahead of the rest. So read, laugh, cry, reminisce and above all else, feel!

A Poetic Journey

by Latonya D Young

This is a collection of soulful poetry about love, loss, relationships and dating. The collection of poems in “A Poetic Journey” sheds light on the highs and lows of life and love, falling in and out of love and the challenges in going on living afterwards. Each poem is relatable and gives readers of all ages and backgrounds something to cling to.

Like much of her other work this is an astounding look into the mind of a poet and novelist that is years ahead of the rest. So read, laugh, cry, reminisce and above all else, feel!


by Latonya D Young

We all know that love is fickle but what is the meaning of love? Do we ever really know? What is it about love that keeps us going back for more even after our poor hearts have been trampled on? Reflection is a book of poetry written by Latonya D Young that reflects on life and relationships and on what drives us forward even after we have been emotionally stunted. Latonya’s poetry speaks to you like no other piece of writing can. Her words identify with every reader and relates to their situation.
Each piece is simple but profound. There is meaning behind each piece in this body of work. Every piece explores the depths of new love as well as old love. Like much of her other work this is an astounding look into the mind of a poet and novelist that is years ahead of the rest. So read, laugh, cry, reminisce and above all else, feel!

Your TIME is NOW: A Time to be born and a time to die

by Brenda Mohammed

In this book, Your Time is Now – A time to be born and a time to Die the author connects powerful words of wisdom with events in her life and the lives of others.It  is written, based on powerful words spoken by King Solomon in the Book of Ecclesiastes about times and seasons. “There is a time to be born and a time to die, and a time for every purpose under the Heaven.”
The book is intended to help people understand their own lives and to realize that we are all here on earth for a purpose.
Poems written by the author  and a section on A Brother’s Wisdom are included.
One reviewer said, ” I recommend it to all especially to you who in times when the clouds grow dark- the silver linings emerge to remind us of a light emerging on the other side.”

After The Ban

by Annette Towler

Poetry as Memoir

My Conversation With God

by Adina Nicholas

There are often times where, we as people, might wonder where God is, why he is not intervening, or why there are so many harmful people. Yet if we openly seek God and listen we can get all of our questions answered; God may not come right out and say it but he will show you what you need to see. He is always around you showing his presence and love, just look at the trees swaying in the breeze, the sunset glistening in the water, the baby bird chirping in the nest, or even the busy bee gracefully floating from flower to flower. We may wonder why things happen the way they do, but we must understand that they happen because God has plans for us and as with any plan, there has to be good and bad events thoroughly detailed to the very end.

This poem was written as I sought answers in my own time of struggle and understanding. I pray that it can also help others that are in need of guidance or understanding. May God bless you for actively seeking him and his truth, Amen.

Safe and Well

by Annette Towler

Poems of Social Conscience

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