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The Scandalous Mail Order Bride, A Western Romance (First Time, Billionaires, Women’s Fiction, Secret Baby, Westerns, Cowboys)



When Wyatt and Colby Bolton inherited their father’s cattle ranch at the tender ages of 22 and 23 they had no idea of just how much time the business would demand. The older of the two, Wyatt, finally he turns to a mail order bride website to try to revive his personal life.

Little does he know however, that the girl he agrees to meet up with has another date planned for the same day – with Wyatt’s very own brother!

What happens when the two brothers find out about her plan? Who will she choose? Or will she have to?

Without Leave

by Melvin Ward

When Sergeant James Duggan left his army unit without leave, before the war ended, it wasn’t because he was a coward or because he was sick of war. It was because he had found a new use for his commando training and experience a lot closer to home. He had old scores to settle in the quiet of the English countryside and when he came home, he didn’t leave the war behind – he brought it back with him.

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