Free sports Kindle books for 31 May 16

If the Samurai Played Golf… Zen Strategies for a Winning Game

by Ken Jeremiah

This is the only book that describes how to use Zen and other East Asian practices in order to improve the physical techniques of golf. Japanese martial artists, such as the samurai, trained in Zen in order to control the movements of their bodies. Through such training, they eliminated excess movement, resulting in greater speed and efficiency. Eliminating excess movement also served to increase their consistency. These same practices can be used to play better golf. Applying the concepts of Zen and the martial arts to the game of golf will help players to eliminate extraneous movements, resulting in greater consistency, increased confidence, and overall proficiency. The techniques found in Zen and the Japanese martial arts can also have a profound influence on the mental aspects of golf. If the Samurai Played Golf… combines the philosophical and spiritual teachings of samurai warriors and Zen monks, and interprets them for use by golfers and other athletes. It is the only book that presents East Asian philosophy as a tool that can be used to train both the body and the mind in golf.

Calisthenics: Bodyweight Training Exercises – The Complete Workout Guide to Achieve the Ultimate Ripped Body (Calisthenics, Bodyweight Training, Workout Guide, Exercise)

by Jep Mathews

Discover how to achieve your ultimate ripped body with practical bodyweight training exercises, easy to do, and no expensive gym fees needed!

Read on your PC, Mac, smart phone, tablet or Kindle device.

We’ve all been told how physical activity is important for our health. But for many of us, we don’t consider ourselves having worked out until we head to the gym and lift weights for endless hours or go out for a 30 minute jog every day. So what do you think is the best form of exercise? Do you have similar views as the masses who believe you cannot exercise effectively until you spend hours at the gym?

But here’s the thing. You don’t need to be in the gym or lift weights at home. In fact, you can simply use your very own body to workout.

That’s the core of calisthenics! So what exactly is calisthenics? Can it enable you to have a ripped body? Can I practice it anywhere? Is it scientifically proven? Is it safe? Well, these and many other questions will be what this book will answer. But just to give you the motivation to keep reading, the answer to all these questions is a strong YES. So how can you go about practicing calisthenics? This book will help you to learn how.

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…

  • How to get started in Calisthenics
  • Warm-up exercises
  • Calisthenics Exercises for Beginners
  • Routine for Beginners
  • Calisthenics Training Program – 5 days a week
  • Warm-down routine
  • Tips for Beginners
  • Much, much more!

Download your copy today!

Calisthenics means you don’t need a gym membership or very expensive exercise equipment to get ripped. This means one thing; you can do it everywhere.

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Trail Running Tips: The Ultimate Trail Running Guide for Beginners

by Gary Vines

Trail Running Basics

Trail running is the most extreme form of running. It involves running on nature trails influenced by different natural elements. Unlike conventional running, trail running can help you burn twice the calories that you burn from running on a straight path. The reason for this is that trail running requires you to run uphill and downhill.

If you want to do trail running as a hobby, you need to have the right guide so that you can do trail running with success. The thing is that you need to learn different kinds of techniques in order to run on a trail well. This is where this book comes in.

With this book, you will be able to learn about the following:

  • Understand the basics of trail running. Chapter 1 discusses about its benefits as well as gears needed. It also provides in-depth information on how to choose the right trail running shoes. After all, this is the most important gear that you need to run properly on a trail.
  • Chapter 2 discusses about how you can get started with trail running. This chapter also involves a discussion on how to stay safe while running on a nature trail. Trail running is fun but it is important to take note that it also involves certain risks and obstacles.
  • Lastly, Chapter 3 discusses about different tips and techniques in trail running. Trail running is very different with conventional running and you need the right tips and techniques to be able to be a successful trail runner. This chapter discusses about different tips on how to run uphill and downhill. It also discusses important stretching techniques as well as advance techniques for advance runners.

Let this book serve as a guide on how you can become a successful trail runner.

With this book, you will be able to learn the right knowledge so that you can put them into practice and, eventually, develop new skills.

The Immortal Sports

by Nikhil Belgaonkar

The book is a passionate journey of a ten year old through varied emotions experienced while playing sports.It voices the experiences from playing in the little league to playing in the super bowl.

Cricket ranking stats (sports stats Book 22)


This is the ranking history of all the time in cricket til 2011. It has who is the best batsman, bowler, all rounder, and the best team of each decade. The best batsman for each team. The best bowler for each nation. There will be a shocker on some. Hint SRT is not 1 on one list.

Bass Fishing: Hobbies: Beginner’s Bass Fishing Guide (Backpacking RV Survival Guide) (Camping Bass Fishing Sailing)

by Alex Hallman

#1 Guide For Bass Fishing



(regularly priced at $4.99)

Want to catch more fish?

The best way to catch more fish: Bass Fishing Books

You’re about to discover proven ways to catch more bass and also bigger bass. Experience is vital to get better at fishing, but if you’re a newbie the best way to get that experience is to learn from others and that’s what this book provides. This book goes into some great details on a few key strategies that even the most novice fisherman can use to catch more bass.

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…

  • Prepping Up
  • Bass Fishing Checklist
  • The Parts of your Tackle
  • Choosing the Right Rod for Bass Fishing
  • The Fishing Rigs
  • Where the Bass Are
  • When to Catch Bass
  • Fishing Techniques
  • Much, much more!

Download your copy today and save 40% off the regular price!

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7 day money back guarantee


Krav Maga: The Best Guide to Over 50 Self-Defense Moves

by Gloria Evans

Krav Maga is a self-defense combat system, known for being the official self-defense system of Israel and used in training Israeli armed forces. It was created by a man named Imi Lichtenfield around 40 years ago. The founding principle of Krav Maga is that it provides a simplistic system for anyone, regardless of physical prowess, age and experience, to use to defend themselves against a wide range of attacks. Owing to its effectiveness and efficiency, Krav Maga has been adopted by a number of military organizations around the world, as well as police forces and security agencies.

This book provides a solid introduction to some of the principles, basics and self-defense techniques of this lauded fighting system.

The chapters of the book are as follows:

  • Krav Maga Fundamentals
  • Krav Maga Basic Techniques
  • Krav Maga Block and Counter Techniques
  • Krav Maga Hold Escape and Reversal Techniques
  • Krav Maga Techniques for Defending against Weapons

If self-defense is important to you, and you are looking for advice on what style might be the best for you to learn, you could do far worse than having this book in your possession. Krav Maga is a rapidly growing system that is widely regarded as the most effective for self-defense, and it is also extremely accessible to anyone, regardless of size and physical condition. Get your introduction to some of the most important lessons that Krav Maga teaches, and enter a world of self-defense that will make you feel a million times safer as you walk the streets.

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Free science fiction Kindle books for 31 May 16

The Terran Representative

by Angus Monarch

A Terran Representative was put in cryo-stasis and awoken by an alien race: the Vantagax. The Sol System is destroyed and barren, and the Terran people have disappeared from the galaxy. The Vantagax want to know where the Terrans have gone, and they won’t accept ignorance. What is one to do when they’re abducted by an alien race and taken to the stars?

You search for your people.

Fluorescence: Fire Starter

by P. Anastasia

Book 1 of the tetralogy. Sci-fi that isn’t just for boys! A riveting paranormal romance, Fluorescence is engaging and unabashedâ??a coming-of-age urban fantasy unlike any other.

It lives in her bloodstream. It’s unpredictable and could flare up anytime, exposing her secret. Alice was a normal teenager until a dying race of aliens chose her and a handful of others to preserve bioluminescent DNA known as Fluorescence. Now she and the others must hide their condition from the rest of the world, while trying to learn the truth behind the living light.

In a unique genre all its own, Fluorescence is a striking blend of audacious young love, fantasy and sci-fi.

Each full-length novel in the series is narrated by a different character, driving the story forward in a new and exciting way. It evolves from a quiet beginning into a gripping saga exploring the real-life limitations encountered while harboring a volatile secret.

Novels in the complete Fluorescence series:

  • Book 1: Fire Starter
  • Book 2: Contagious
  • Book 3: Fallout
  • Book 4: Lost Souls

Rise of the Chosen

by Shelly Jarvis

It has only been a few months since Kate left her small farm to attend a training school for the Chosen, but in that time Kate’s life has been turned upside down. From Words of Power and magic building through her fingers, to allies like the Nexus and battles with grotesque villains, Kate’s experiences have far surpassed anything she expected for her life.

In the midst of the war brewing with Lord Ruark, Kate is also in the middle of a battle for her heart. With Ben admitting his love and James ready to take things to the next level, will Kate choose the love that’s grown stronger over the years, or the fire that ignited overnight?

Now as Kate is met with imminent battle, she is devastated to find herself thrown away from the fray and into an unknown world. In her effort to get back to her friends, she finds herself face-to-face with the Voiceless Warriors, an elite force of Chosen whose recklessness is as widely known as their fighting prowess. With the help of the mercenaries, Kate embarks on the rest of her journey to save the galaxy she’s only beginning to understand.

After Party Apocalypse

by Brenda Beausoleil

Hung over and weary, a group of friends emerge from an after hours party only to find the rest of the world….gone. What to do? Go to the mall, shop for necessities, and wait for help to arrive. Their situation is not dire. They have food. They have stores filled with goodies. After all, sooner or later, the authorities always arrive.

Unfortunately, something else arrives first.

Isle Of Grief

by Stephen Patterson

Plantagenet was once a peaceful planet, with its seven independent islands governed by the principles of democracy and freedom for all. But when one dictator comes to power, the peace of the other island colonies is destroyed. Only the Isle of Mirth is marginally spared from Dictator Akko’s tyranny on the Island of Etalon, but their freedom comes at a price.

All the young men of Mirth have disappeared in the war, and the young girls are ordered to marry the men that remain by order of proclamation of the High Council – no matter how much older those men may be. Henceforth, Mirth is to be called the Isle of Grief. Laura Green is forced to marry the wealthiest and most ingenious of the council members, but she refuses his entreaties for love. When the young soldier Christopher comes into her life, the truth of what really happened to Mirth’s young men is revealed, and a plot unfurls to reclaim the young soldiers that perhaps never perished in the War at all.

Christopher and Laura work together to pull off one of the most unlikely and challenging rebellions in the history of Plantagenet, but thanks to the help of the women of Mirth – trained to be soldiers and shipbuilders – they just might overtake Akko, overthrow the council, and restore the peace and freedom that they once knew. Looming above the whole tale, with its deadly battles, deceit, redemption, love lost and love found, there is an entire untapped galaxy that only Laura is smart enough to explore with her mind, and her heart.

The Independent Worlds (The Sixteen Galaxies Book 2)

by William Drayman

The Sixteen Galaxies Society of Worlds has enjoyed a peaceful and prosperous existence for millennia. As they expanded, they always had one goal in mind; to find the planet of their origin. Unbeknownst to them, they weren’t the only ones. When they made contact with humanity to offer assistance, their foe emerged, and things went terribly wrong. Thus began a struggle for possession of the most precious planet in the known universe – Earth.

However, this is not just about a planet, but about a people. The most creative and inventive race in known space; humanity. This race is coveted by both sides, and so a war for the hearts and minds of the residents of planet Earth commences.

The Independent Worlds has grown in secret; hidden from the eyes of the Sixteen Galaxies. Founded by just two discontented but very talented people, with a population descended from the clones of ancient Earth’s dead, The Independent Worlds languishes far behind the Sixteen Galaxies both technologically and socially. But, they have a huge advantage: aggression. Forged in the flames of warfare, this fiercely combative race proves to be a tough opponent for the passive people of the Sixteen Galaxies.

Despite a significant victory over an Independent Worlds fleet in near-Earth space, and through a tactic so cruel and devious as to be beyond their anticipation, the Sixteen Galaxies soon find themselves cut off from any meaningful contact with humanity. A small group of humans, led by the Starchild David Markham and guided by an AI of incredible intellect, must find a way to reestablish contact with their fellow men, or watch as their entire species is led into space too soon and for all the wrong reasons. To achieve this, they enlist the help of the most unlikely group of individuals imaginable.

One of that group, though, carries with him the ghosts of a dark past. With his former talents required for the fight, he must face those demons and deal with them. In doing so, he must unleash great pain on the one he cares for the most.

The Independent Worlds is volume two in the Sixteen Galaxies series.

The Astronaut

by Emilio Cecconi

He is an astronaut on a mission to Saturn. She is the one that he left behind.

Reconquest: Mother Earth

by Carl Alves

SEAL Mitch Grace was among the first humans to see the aliens when they landed at the naval base where he was stationed, but like the rest of humanity, he was powerless to stop them. Five years later, Mitch awakens from a coma under the care of an alien physician to find that aliens control the planet. Starting alone, as a one man army, he rallies the surviving humans to build a resistance movement to take the planet back from the alien conquerors. After his capture by the aliens, Mitch is forced into intergalactic slavery to become a gladiator, fighting as the sole representative of the human species. Against all odds, and far from home, he lays the plans for the reconquest of his homeland.

“Anybody can end the world, but few can do it with the blend of action, suspense,romance and even humor that Alves mixes up in this fantastic novel. A blast for anyone who enjoys a good tale, even those who rarely venture into science fiction. Highly recommended.

Brett J. Talley, Bram Stoker Award Nominated Author of The Void and That Which Should Not Be.

“A riotous mix of Independence Day and Red Dawn with a taste of the Thunderdome. The apocalypse has never been more fun.”

Tim Marquitz, author of the Demon Squad series.

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Free science Kindle books for 31 May 16

Seasonal Foraging: Wild Foods to Forage During Different Seasons

by Pamela Ramirez

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Seasonal Foraging (FREE Bonus Included)

Wild Foods to Forage During Different Seasons

Many people in the world today are changing towards living more self sufficient lifestyles. If this interest you then this book will offer you some beginners guidance towards learning how to forage for wild edible plants. More people are looking for better and healthier choices in foods such as organically grown fruits and veggies. This is a great choice but often will cost twice as much as the standard choice of fruits and veggies that are non-organic. Unfortunately most of us cannot afford to shop buying all organic foods, but this does not mean that you cannot get your supply of organic foods you can by learning how to forage.

If you are a person that enjoys eating healthy foods and loves to be out in nature, then you are a real shoe-in for becoming a forager. The great part is it will cost you nothing and you will gain much such as free organic food supply and a chance to get out into the fresh air and get some exercise while you collect or forage for your wild edible plants. Of course on of the most important lessons in foraging wild plants is to learn the difference between poisonous plants and non-poisonous plants. In this book I will go through with you what to look out for while foraging throughout the different seasons, and most of all how you can avoid toxic plants.

Learning these skills can certainly come in handy in this uncertain world we live in today. You will become less dependant on the outside world and instead become more self-sufficient!

You will learn how to:

  • Forage in the wild for edible foods.
  • Learn what the do’s and don’ts are of foraging
  • Learn the plants to avoid, and those that are safe to eat.
  • Learn how and when to forage for nuts and berries.
  • Learn what foods you should forage for at certain times of the year.
  • Even become familiar with edible plants that probably are growing in your own backyard!

Download your E book “Seasonal Foraging: Wild Foods to Forage During Different Seasons” by scrolling up and clicking “Buy Now with 1-Click” button!

Essential Oils: 30 Essential Oils Blends For Aromatherapy Roll-ons

by Adrienne Wright

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Essential Oils (FREE Bonus Included)

30 Essential Oil Blends For Aromatherapy Roll-Ons

Essential oils have been around for years, and the reason for this is all in the nameâ?¦ they are, in fact, essential. For centuries people all over the world have known how important these oils are for a variety of reasons, and for just as many years those same people have been using them for all those reasons, and then some.

Odds are, you know why those people are using them, and you know why they return to use them over and over. Essential oils are powerful, and they have the ability to help or even cure various ailments. With that knowledge you are powerful, and you are able to help yourself and those you love in so many ways.

The trick is how to get these oils into your day. Sure, there are a lot of different suggestions that float around on the internet, but if you are at work or in a pinch, you don’t always have the time to go plug in your diffuser or hang out next to one. Perhaps you are fine during the morning, but right after lunch you start to feel ill?

These are times you can’t really plan for. These are the times when you want to feel better, right now. When these times strike, you don’t always have the option to sit next to a diffuser or soak in a hot bath. When these times strike, you need relief, and you need it now!

That is where this book comes in. In it you are going to find the recipes for 30 different blends that will treat a variety of ailments, and find that they can all be packed into a convenient little roll on!

  • Learn the various recipes you need to treat a variety of ailments
  • Learn the proper ratios you need for the maximum benefits
  • Learn how to store them anywhere for when you need them
  • Make all kinds of recipes to keep on hand
  • And more!

Download your E book “Essential Oils: 30 Essential Oil Blends For Aromatherapy Roll-Ons” by scrolling up and clicking “Buy Now with 1-Click” button!

Survival Skills: 25 DIY Repellent Recipes To Keep Away Mosquitoes, Ticks And Other Biting Insects: (Travel Insect Repellent, Natural Repellents, Aromatherapy) … Insect Repellent, Soft Insect Repellent))

by Pamela River

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Survival Skills: (FREE Bonus Included)

25 DIY Repellent Recipes To Keep Away Mosquitoes, Ticks And Other Biting Insects

If you are looking for ways to do or approach things in a more natural and environmentally friendly way then deciding to make your own homemade bug repellant is a step in the right direction. In this book you will be offered 25 different homemade bug repellant recipes that are easy to follow and prepare.

Many products that are sold in the world today we have no idea what they consist of at least when you are making your own bug repellant you will feel confident and safe in knowing you know exactly what is in your bug repellent. It is a much nicer feeling when you are spraying something in and around yourself to know what it contains. Often products we purchase in stores as bug repellants also have all kinds of chemicals that we really do not need to be spraying into the environment as they are not good for us and our surroundings.

You can become environmentally friendly in so many ways one of which is making your own homemade bug repellants. I can assure you that you will feel so much better using your own homemade bug repellants that using products that are filled with all kinds of toxins and chemicals. This is certainly a good start in doing your part towards keeping your environment safe and chemical free!

Download your E book “Survival Skills: 25 DIY Repellent Recipes To Keep Away Mosquitoes, Ticks And Other Biting Insects” by scrolling up and clicking

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Cancer: Medicine: Proven Cancer Cures (Disease Lung Cancer Detox) (Juicing Cancer Alternative Therapy)

by David Walker


Cancer: Cancer Books Powerful and Proven Cancer Cures That You’ve Never Heard About

Today only, get this Amazon bestseller for just $2.99. Regularly priced at $4.99.

Read on your PC, Mac, smart phone, tablet or Kindle device.

The modern medical world isn’t getting any closer to the cure for cancer, yet cancer is growing into a worldwide epidemic. There has been some potential cures that have solid research behind their effectiveness, yet they’ve been shut down my western medicine as possible cures. In fact, anyone that has supported these cures have been ridiculed by the majority of the medical profession.

Cancer is big business and the profits made from cancer treatment can be a big enough motivator to reject these proven cancer cures. This book provides some these proven cures that the medical world is trying to hide from their very own cancer patients. Before spending your life savings on cancer treatment make sure to educate yourself as much as possible on all the potential cures.

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…

  • The Gerson Therapy
  • Juicing Recipes That Will Help in Managing Cancer
  • Turmeric and Curcumin
  • Detoxify Your Body Through Vitamin C Chelation
  • Get a Lot of Sunshine and Vitamin D3
  • Aromatherapy for Cancer
  • The Budwig Diet
  • Alternative Treatments that Ease Cancer Symptoms
  • Much, much more!

Download your copy today!

Check out what others are saying…

“Find here natural ways on fighting cancer.” — Tena

“Awesome, great book! I love it because so many people suffer from cancer. Too many don’t know the different nontraditional therapies that are available. David Walker walks you through different therapies available for patients suffering from cancer including natural diet remedies to aid in healing.” — Amy Irvin

“This book is a truly fascinating and enlightening read. The message will lead to overall good health and may even do what it does not promise and that is provide another block to cancer’s return. It provides the hope that we may be able to reduce the cancer symptoms and know how to manage cancer. This book is well organized, written and easy for the average person to understand. A must read for anyone wanting to make healthy choices in their daily lives.” — MaryJ08

Take action today and download this book for a limited time discount of only $2.99!

7 day money back guarantee

The Body Mechanic’s Handbook: Why You Have Low Back Pain and How To Eliminate It At Home

by Geoff Dakin

Are you suffering from chronic back pain? Struggling to find something–anything–that actually provides some relief? 
What if finding a lasting solution to your pain is easier than you’ve ever imagined? 
For nearly 30 years Geoff Dakin, former president of the Massage Therapists Association of British Columbia, has helped thousands of people, including the Vancouver Canucks of the National Hockey League, to address and resolve their pain problems. Now, in a new guide, he empowers you to help yourself. 
The Body Mechanic’s Handbook: Why You Have Low Back Pain and How to Eliminate It At Home argues that the fundamental cause of most low back pain is musculoskeletal imbalance. The Body Mechanic’s Handbook provides you with the practical tools you need to become your own body mechanic and fix yourself.
Inside the Book: 
â? What you think is causing your pain–and why it isn’t 
� The true, likely causes of back pain, and what you can do about it 
� How to improve positioning, mobility, balance, breathing, and more 
� Comprehensive exercises, with suggested modifications based on your needs 
� Troubleshooting guide 
And much more!
You CAN find the comfort and freedom of movement you crave. Grab The Body Mechanic’s Handbook today, and find out how to banish your pain–forever! 
“I injured myself during dance training and the pain was overwhelming. I saw a lot of different doctors and therapists but after seven months I was still getting around in a wheelchair because of the pain. Nobody I saw knew how to help me or where to begin. After the first session with Geoff I never took the wheelchair to his office again. In just 3 months I was pain-free. The Alignment First exercises worked for me.” – Rachel Krisa. Calgary AB 

Essential Oils: Wake Up Your Senses Using Essential Oils (essential oils, essential oils for beginners, essential oils books)

by Tanya Hall

The world of essential oils can be something of a mystery and although there are still those that are skeptical, people are relying more and more on essential oils for the health and well-being properties that they can offer.

Knowing how to correctly choose and use these essential oils is the first steps towards accessing the benefits of aromatherapy.

The choice of essential oil will be dependent on what you want to achieve.

Essential oils can be used for everything from lifting your mood to treating a burn and so having a good knowledge base of the properties of essential oils is important for making sure that you are making the right choice for what you need.

This book has been designed to provide you with an insight into essential oils and what they can offer and covers the following topics:

  • Essential Oils and Processing
  • History of Essential Oils
  • Introducing aromatherapy
  • Recipes and Application
  • Choosing your oils
  • Popular oils to awaken your senses and improve your health
  • Caring for your oils and caring for you!
  • Pamper yourself, you know you want to!

Read on to find out how essential oils can form an essential part of your life, too.

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Wolf Mistress (Tales of a nurse in Africa)

by Cindy Hatchett

A short story of a woman in Africa who had an unusual and mystical companion. It was Jung who described the connection of all living things; humans, animals and nature. Intertwined and irrevocably real, not only in dream time, but in the everyday world. Most of us have forgotten this, but I have seen it.

Physiology: Regulation of blood volume: Study Guide Edition

by Richelle Robinson

Understanding and breakdowning Anatomy and Physiology for Nursing student.

This provide a frame for making Nursing made easy to everyone.

VEGAN: Your Body, Your Friend: The Answer to Permanently Becoming Slim, Healthy, and Happy (Clean Eating, Cure Eating Disorders, incl. Vegan Recipes) (Vegan … & Healing Based on Scientific Research)

by Anna I. Jäger

By No.1 Bestseller Author A.I. Jäger

Fat Storer Goodbye! Fat Burner Hello!

The method described in this book even works for all the “hopeless” cases.

We believe that we lose weight by doing two things:

1. Eat less food (restrict calories)

2. Excercise excessively

Wrong. If the trick to losing weight is to burn more calories than you eat, then you should eat less calories, right? Well, wrong. In order to get healthy and slim you need to nourish your body with plenty of the right foods! With the right foods you’ll be able to succeed where other diets failed. Every time you make the right food choice, the next good choice becomes easier!

Make Your Body Your Powerful Ally

In the course of her research, bestselling author and long-time nutritionist Anna I. Jäger discovered a fairly simple, logical solution: We need to stop fighting against the biologically natural processes of the organism that we call our bodies. We need to, instead, join forces with them! A healthy, well nourished body will run more effeciently and lose its extra pounds automatically.

No, these are not false promises; this is biology.

—> Your Body Needs Energy to Heal

—> Your Body Needs Energy to Feel Happy

—> Your Body Needs Energy to Burn Fat (!)

What Will I Learn:

â?¥ How to heal your body

â?¥ How to turn your body from a massive fat warehouse into a fat burning furnace

â?¥ Why cutting calories is dangerous for your mind and body

â?¥ How to overcome an eating disorder step-by-step

â?¥ How to overcome emotional eating step-by-step

â?¥ How to lower the set-pointweight (the weight that the body tries to keep)

â?¥ The information needed to understand physical processes and make peace with your body

â?¥ Why low carb diets will make you gain more fat longterm

â?¥ How eating MORE of the right clean foods will help you get healthy, heal your body, lose the weight and keep it off easily

â?¥ The fantastic scientifically proven benefits and results of decreasing animal products

â?¥ What to eat and when to eat it to maximize weight loss and get healthy fast

â?¥ Lots of extra strategies in order to boost your health and happiness even more by eating clean, vegan food

Permanently Becoming Slim, Healthy, and Happy – Based on Scientific Research

The book is based on scientific evidence and experiments of independent sources that are listed. In 10 chapters, and on 100+ information-filled pages, the reader learns what the body needs to be healthy, slim, and happy. Nutritionist Anna I. Jäger: “I was convinced by the success of this method, not because I wanted to be convinced, but because I did NOT want to be convinced.” Have you ever said, “I’ll have to live with the thought to never be slim?” Then let me convince you of the contrary. Based on Scientific Research by Dr. Neal Barnard, Dr. McDougall, Harvey Diamond, Prof. T. Colin Campbell and many more. Thousands of success stories based on a vegan, low fat, high carb diet.

Do not wait a day longer for your desired dream body.

Yes it is possible! It’s never too late to start eating well.

P.S. You have to eat to get slim. In this book, you’ll learn how to actually lose weight and keep the weight off not by restricting calories but by eating more of the right foods. Your body needs a quick metabolism and enough energy to burn fat!

NEW: Kindle Edition With 4 Bonus Books (RECIPES INCLUDED!):

– BONUS 1: 30day Vegan Diet for Weight Loss

– BONUS 2: Reverse Diabetes Naturally

– BONUS 3: International Vegan Low-Fat Cookbook

– BONUS 4: USA Vegan Low-Fat Cookbook

Just Scroll to the top of the page and select the Buy Button.


TAGS: Vegan, Vegan Diet, Vegan Weight Loss, Healing, Healthy Eating, Clean Eating, Clean Food, Health Food,

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Free romance Kindle books for 31 May 16

Fire Away: Somewhere, TX (Line of Fire Book 1)

by Becca Boyd

Could her first love really be her sister’s killer?

**Welcome to Somewhere, TX.**

USA Today best-selling author Becca Boyd starts off her new series, Line of Fire, with sparks flying.

Claire Milton moves back to Somewhere, TX with her life in shambles. She lost her job, her savings, and the support of her parents. She has an idea that will put everything back on track. But she doesn’t count on running into her first crush.

And what a crush he was.

Aidan Conley is a seasoned firefighter trying to live a solitary life after the death of his wife. But when a cold case at the fire house puts his career in jeopardy and Claire is the only person standing between him and a life sentence, she has to choose between her rekindled feelings and uncovering the truth about her sister’s death. Will Claire do the right thing?

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BOOMER – The Elite Part One

by KB Winters

Sinfully Sexy. Hard-Bodied Fighter Pilot. A Heart Stopping Toe Curling Military Romance.

You’ve created a God of a man in Jack “Boomer” McGuire

Jack “Boomer” McGuire, has packed a whole lot of living into his thirty-two years, thanks to his career as a US Navy Fighter Pilot. He’s preparing to ship out on yet another tour overseas and while he wouldn’t trade his life for anythingâ??he can’t ignore the nagging feeling that he’s missing out on something bigger.

When a chance meeting with a Holly, a beautiful blonde CPA with her troublemaker pup in tow, turns his world upside down, he knows he wants more.

More out of life. More of her sweet smile and more of her sexy ass in those tight jeans.

He’s got two weeks to make her fall in love with himâ??if he can even get her to say yes to a date. Once he deploys, he knows even the strongest of relationships can be torn apart by the hardships of war.

Are two weeks long enough? Will Jack and Holly be strong enough?

Or will they both give up before they even get started?

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Night After Night (Seductive Nights: Julia & Clay Book 1)

by Lauren Blakely

Their world was sex, love, and lies.

He intoxicated her. Commanded. Consumed.

With a dirty mind and a mouth to match, Clay Nichols is everything Julia never knew she wanted and exactly what she cannot have. He walked into her life one night and unlocked pleasure in her that she never knew was possible. Possessing her body, captivating her every thought. Which makes him way too dangerous for Julia to risk her heart, given that she has a price tag on her head. She ran after one mind-blowing week with him, but now he’s back, and determined to make her his own.

No matter the cost.

She was a sexy drug to him. Fiery, unforgettable, and never enough, Julia is an enigma, and Clay isn’t willing to let her go without a fight. But she’s got dark secrets of her own that threaten to destroy any chance of happiness. She’s a wanted woman – the stakes are high, her every move is watched, and yet the lure between them can’t be denied. Can two people burned by love trust again when desire and passion are met by danger at every turn?

Please note: The reading order for the Julia and Clay novels in the NYT Bestselling Seductive Nights series is Night After Night, After This Night, and One More Night.

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Free religion and spirituality Kindle books for 31 May 16

Sick Call: A Tale of Holy Ghosts

by Pádraig Seán Mac Maghnuis

An early snowstorm. A tragic accident. Someone needs a priest, but by the end of the night, the priest himself will be the one needing the Last Rites…

Man’s Best Friend: 30 Cute Patterns Depicting Your Most Loyal Dog Friend (Relaxation & Creativity)

by Jane Stack

Coloring books aren’t a new trend, but the increasing popularity of adult coloring books may have you asking what on Earth is going on. While you may be tempted to think that this is a fast passing fad, you may be surprised to know that there are a vast number of benefits to be had from joining in on the adult coloring book trend.

Our exclusive adult coloring book shares just about everything you ever wanted to know about the budding adult coloring craze. In addition to learning more about the benefits of adult coloring, you will find unique and creative coloring pages so that you can try your hand at this new hobby!

Whether you are looking to understand the adult coloring “fad” or whether you are looking to understand just why you love this new trend so much, this book explains it all!

Forget the books that contain generic coloring designs and a paragraph about the benefits of coloring, this book delves into it all!

Inside you will find plenty of amazing adult coloring designs as well as explanation of some of the benefits of adult coloring including:

  • The increase of sociability
  • A reduction of stress and anxiety
  • An increase in focus
  • An increase in fine motor skills

After getting started on these unique adult coloring book patterns, you will find yourself spending more and more time enjoying the benefits of coloring!

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Romance: PIONEER FRONTIER ROMANCE: Prairie Brides (Western Christian Clean Romance Collection) (Historical Inspirational Pioneer Romance)

by Northstar Books

Get 32,000+ words of clean Pioneer Frontier Western romance adventures in this exciting new collection

In this collection you will find:

Love’s Amazing Journey

A Place to Call Home

Capturing Ruby’s Heart


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AMISH ROMANCE: Fisher’s Farm: Inspirational Sweet Christian Love Short Stories

by Miriam King

Hannah is his father’s favorite daughter, how can she possibly tell him why she can’t marry the man he has chosen for her?

Hannah Yoeder lives in an Amish settlement called Fisher’s Landing.

The youngest of seven, her father has pledged her hand to Jacob Troyer, a young man he sees great potential in as an up-and-coming Amish leader. He wants only the best for his youngest daughter. However, Hannah has her eyes set on another, Samuel Miller, but so does her older sister by one year, Sarah.

Their father has yet to find a match for his older daughter, whom he’s not sure will ever find a husband. Sarah was a wild one during her teen years and now she had decided to stay with the family and keep her faith.

One warm summer’s day, the two sisters get into a heated argument that changes all four of their paths forever.

Get Happy Stay Happy: 16 things you should do every day to take control of your happiness

by Kayleen Jean Johnson

Do you know the secret to happiness?

That’s okay. No one does. There’s no one magic solution. It’s different for everyone.

However, in this book, I have outlined 16 things you should do to take control of your happiness. It’s a choiceâ??your choice. I give you the steps necessary for you to make the changes in your life that will help you to be the happiest, best person that you can be.

If you want to be happier, but you aren’t sure where to start, start with this book. You have to begin somewhere, and it doesn’t have to be huge. It won’t happen overnight, and I don’t pretend that it will. But this book will help you to be happy. I’ve even provided access to a free action-guide to help you set goals and make progress along the way.

Get Happy Stay Happy will give you a foundation:

  • 16 guidelines for habit building
  • Access to an action-guide with suggestions for each habit
  • Real-life stories from people who found joy, even in difficult situations
  • The abstract idea of happiness simplified into manageable steps

If you’re looking for ways to be happier, this book will give you the means and motivation you need.

In just a few short hours, you can be on the path to greater happiness and joy.

Happiness is a choice. Choose now.

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Revival: The 21 Day Challenge: Rekindle Your Passion for God

by Deb Wilson

– Do you want a vibrant relationship with God?

– Do you want your life to radiate Jesus in such a way that sinners are drawn to Christ through you?

– Do you want your life to inspire believers who have settled for the comfort of a lukewarm lifestyle?

In just twenty-one days your life will radically change. You will experience personal revival in a way that not only impacts you but everyone around you.

Revival: The 21 Day Challenge goes deeper than a daily devotion. Each day includes:

– A short, yet powerful Bible Study

– Thought provoking reflection questions

– An effective, fervent prayer

God is calling His people to rise up victorious. Revival is breaking out all over the world today. Only God can birth a Great Awakening, but personal revival is available for every believer who hungers for intimacy with God. Unlike many books on corporate revival, this book focuses on revival in the individual believer. Deb Wilson is passionate about revival. She has gone to great lengths to take powerful concepts and present them in a practical way.

Revival in your life will fuel your passion for God, the body of Christ and the lost. You will learn how to have an eternal impact on the world.

Grab your Bible, a notebook, and pen. Jump into the life-changing Word of God, and prepare to be awakened.

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Why Your Pastor Left

by Christopher D Schmitz

Moments after our pastor exited the building that afternoon in 2008, most of the congregation sat in shock. A tinyâ??but powerful minority wore victorious smiles, at the ministers ousting. The lady to my left wept. Her question pleading question kept me awake all night. “Why did our pastor have to leave?”

Polls reveal startling statistics regarding pastoral ministry: 91% of ministers know three to four others who’ve been forced out of pastoral positions. One-third of all pastors serve congregations who either fired the previous minister or actively forced their resignation. At any given time, 75% of pastors in America want to quit. More than 2000 pastors leave their ministry each month. American church decline has reached epidemic proportions. In the last century it has waned nearly 60%. Pastoral attrition is either an indicator of that problem, or is central to it.

Why Your Pastor Left is full of detailed statistics and identifies the top ten “Ministry Killers” that cause pastoral stress and eventual “burnout.”

Christian Romance: Inspirational Romance ***THE MIRACLE OF PRAYER *** Christian Inspirational Second Chance Romance Series (Alpha Male Military Short Stories Women’s Fiction Sweet Romance)

by Angel Atkins

HUGE Value ***Limited Time Offer*** BONUS Stories Included

>>>READ FOR FREE ON KINDLE UNLIMITED<<< Logan Kent, Elite Navy SEAL had it all; a great career, amazing looks, an ego to match, and plenty of attention from the ladies

That is until a mission gone bad left him unable to recall his memory, requiring a visit to a psychiatrist before being allowed to return to active duty.

Dr. Brook Mitchel, a beautiful, kind, good Christian woman at the top of her game got more than she bargained for when she agreed to take Logan Kent’s case.

His bad attitude, bad manners, and even worse behavior in therapy coupled with the silent treatment create an unusual environment for Dr. Mitchel to be able to do her job, and help Logan recover.

After outwitting her patient, Dr. Mitchel learns there is much, much more to this terribly handsome man, and things begin to get interesting, very interesting!

Insecurities uncovered, Dr. Mitchel and Logan find themselves both in a situation neither of them imaginedâ?¦ And what is to become of it is nothing short of a miracle, when allowing the Miracle of Prayer to reveal a higher plan and our greatest good.

*Warning* Some mature content referenced.



Tags: Christian Romance Christian Inspirational Second Chance Romance Alpha Male Military Short Stories Contemporary Sweet Clean Women’s Fiction Romance

Western ROMANCE: Western Historical Romance ***KEEPING THE FAITH FOR LOVE*** Christian Inspirational Mail Order Bride Second Chance Romance (Short Stories Western Historical Cowboy Romance)

by Angel Atkins

Huge Value ***Limited Time Only*** Additional Bonus Books Included


Jake Harper is a Strong, Handsome Cowboy in Search of a Good, Christian Woman

Jake Harper is a self-made Montana man whose dreams of owning his own ranch have come true. All he needs now is the love of a God-loving Christian woman. He half-halfheartedly places an advert for a Mail Order Bride and gets various responses, but feels drawn to Jenny.

Sweet Jenny Garner is Nineteen and With No Prospects for the Future, or Love

With the loss of her mother, an abusive Aunt, a drunkard father and tasked with the responsibility of taking care of him and younger brother James, Jenny’s dreams of having her own home and family seem like a far-fetched fantasy. That is until she responds in secret to an advert for a Mail Order Bride.

Jenny’s Aunt has ideas of her own, plotting to have Jenny sold as a servant, and pocket the money for her and her brother, Jenny’s alcoholic father.

Jenny has kept a significant but necessary secret from Jake, one that could easily destroy any plan for escaping a life of virtual slavery and chance at finding love.

How will Jake respond, when he learns his female pen pal and potential MOB has deceived him?

What lies ahead is a road filled with obstacles, abuse, poverty, and what seems like no escape.

Enjoy this thrilling, suspense-filled Western Historical Romance, that brims with inspiration that comes from the virtue of Having FAITH.


Tags: Western Historical Romance Christian Inspirational Mail Order Bride Cowboy Western Historical Romance

Drawing Near To God: Seeing God, in a World of Darkness

by Michael Wong

As humans we tend to have struggles in our lives that are generally not easily explainable. Some hardships that we go through, to name a few, include; anger, disappointment, sadness, loneliness, and confusion. When we experience these hardships and circumstances in our lives, we always try to find a way to mediate these feelings and try to fix things on our own, however, time after time, we will end up failing and feeling unfulfilled once again. This book is aimed towards helping you understand the change in our hearts that happen when we follow Christ, and if you’re not already following Christ, hopefully this book will help you understand the importance of trusting in God. This short book outlines my experience in knowing God and how he has helped me in my times of struggle to see the larger picture and to learn how to rely on his strength rather than our own, because he is all we need. We have to understand that Jesus had experienced all the things we experience today. By knowing this, we can know how to react to the circumstances in our lives, because Jesus himself understands exactly what you go through on a daily basis, and he promised us that he will give us peace during any situation in our life and the great gift of everlasting life!

Contemporary Christian Romance: Ray of Hope (Inspirational Sweet Second Chance Clean Feel Good Christian Romance) (Western First Love Amish Western Short Stories)

by Rachel J. Moore

Bridget Mathers could swear her love life ran slower than the wi-fi connection in her dentist’s office, and that in and of itself was already an impressive feat. But she didn’t mind. Patience, she had trained her mind to remember. God had his plans, and God had his time. Even so, sometimes she still couldn’t suppress the twinge of disappointment she felt over the emptiness of her apartment when she headed home at night. At least, until Theo Noyes came around.

Theo came around and left Bridget hoping because hoping was all she could really afford to do as an employee of his dentist. Torn between pursuing her first chance at love, and the strictly bound regulations against dating in the office, Bridget only dares hope. The two take their chances anyways, but an unexpected accident has them both holding on, not just to each other, but also their relationship with God.

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This is a standalone short story with HEA ending.

ROMANCE: Western Romance ***CHARLOTTE’S MIRACLE*** Historical Christian Inspirational Mail Order Bride Second Chance Romance (Women’s Fiction Contemporary Short Stories Clean Romance)

by Angel Atkins

Huge Value ***Limited Time Offer*** Additional BONUS Stories Included

>>>READ FOR FREE ON KINDLE UNLIMITED<<< Charlotte is an orphan living with her Aunt and Uncle in a mining town in West Virginia

Her Uncles’ health is slowly deteriorating and they all know it’s only a matter of time before he loses his job and the place they call home. Charlotte is told they can no longer afford to keep her on in the household due to extreme financial concerns, yet with terrible regret for the situation.

Her Aunt suggests Charlotte become a mail order bride so as to secure her future

She travels to Oregon to meet her husband to be. Her first glance at him repels her and to make matters worse, he stinks of stale whiskey. He’s unfriendly, mean-spirited, and terribly unbecoming all around, and her trepidation for her future grows.

That night, her husband to be tries to force himself on her and then strikes her when she fights back.

They are to wed the following morning but Charlotte knows if she goes ahead with the marriage, her life will be hell. Charlotte is at a loss as to what to do and where to go, and to make matters worse is almost and penniless.

Charlotte has but one thing left to do, and goes into prayer for an answer.

She decides to run away and finds her way to a nearby town. Maggie, a woman she met on the train offers her a job and a place to live. Weeks later, Charlotte looks up to see a handsome cowboy enter the restaurant.

Simon Campbell is a gentleman and everything that Charlotte would want in a husband, but Charlotte is still wary of men after her last mishap. Will Charlotte give love a chance or is she doomed at finding love?

This is a story of faith, courage, and hope that always remains when one allows a HIGHER PLAN to reveal itself, through the grace of prayer.


Bonus Stories Inside

Tags: ROMANCE Western Historical Romance Western Historical Christian Inspirational

Mail Order Bride Cowboy Western Frontier Romance

Paths to Perfection: An Overview of Six Meditation Traditions

by Andres Pelenur

Over the last ten years, the benefits of meditation have been well publicized. Meditation is routinely taught in schools, hospitals, yoga studios, and corporate seminars. In fact, it seems everyone is embracing the practice. But if we want to learn how to meditate, how do we know which path is right for us? With so many meditation traditions out there, it can be hard to choose. Should we learn a traditional Buddhist practice like Mindfulness Meditation or should we turn to India’s exalted yoga tradition? What about Zen meditation? Or Hindu Tantra? What are the differences and similarities between each path? Can we practice as a secular meditator or must we embrace a spiritual path?

In Paths to Perfection: An Overview of Six Meditation Traditions, Andres Pelenur answers these and many other questions. Both beginner and experienced meditators will benefit from this short but highly focused guide, which examines the following six traditions:

Theravada Buddhism (Vipassana, aka Mindfulness Meditation);

Vajrayana (Tantric Buddhist Meditation);

Zazen (Zen Buddhist Meditation);

Ashtanga Yoga (Patanjali’s Yoga Sutra);

Advaita Vedanta;

Non-dual Shaiva Tantra

Whether we want to meditate to reduce stress, increase our happiness and well-being, or embark on a profound spiritual journey, an overview of these six key traditions and their techniques will allow us to take that crucial first step toward a lifetime of joyous meditation.

A Mormon’s Four-Step Journey to Holiness: How to Discover Purpose, Embrace Trials, and Align Your Life with God’s Word

by Kent Eyner Nielsen

Is there more to life?

Have you ever felt like there should be more to life than paying bills or acquiring things? Have you mastered the art of your profession, but feel like something is missing? Do you want to be more than great?

The author’s shared vulnerability and insights will engross you and catapult you to new heights. Connecting with the divine, through a four-step process, will invigorate your desire to be and receive more. Remember: our purpose is to be perfect, righteous, and holyâ??to become one with our Father in Heaven.

Two sides of the spectrum

Coming to know God can feel painful. When you feel that pain, you may have asked, “why me, Oh God?” Or even, “will this ever pass?” Then again you may be on the other side of the spectrum. You may have mastered universal laws and know how to build or acquire skyscrapers, yet you still feel empty, like something is amiss.

This book is for the pure in heart that are seeking to know their Father in Heaven. Kent shares real life experiences, including being diagnosed with mental illness, in his journey to be one with God. A lot of personal development book discuss growing and becoming successful, this book addresses the deeper and weightier matters of life. It explores our long established relationship with the Divine and our purpose on this planet.

A Mormon’s Four Step Journey to Holiness will empower you to take quantum leaps of faith by:

– Giving you permission to be holy,

– Encouraging you to seek perfection,

– Sharing hope (I.E. when God commands, as in be perfect, He prepares a way to fulfill His Word),

– Stretching your vision of the possibilities that lie ahead,

Read on

Engage in the heart of this book and you will be edified to press forward with greater faith. You will be strengthened in your resolve to be and receive more than you previously thought possible. Now let’s continue on your journey to holiness and use this short book as a reference point to catapult you to new levels of success.

What’s stopping you from allowing this brief read to serve you as a catalyst for joy today and in the eternities?

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Free reference Kindle books for 31 May 16

Real Homeschool: Letting Go of the Pinterest-Perfect and Instagram-Ideal Homeschool

by Karen DeBeus

This book is not really about social media per se, but more about our hearts in a world that continues to push us to be more like it. Everywhere we turn, social media is screaming at us and showing us pictures of what we should be. Slowly, gradually, we start following the world and trying to bring God with us, rather than letting God lead us and then bringing the world with us!

There are the desires that creep in and take my focus off of my true purpose in homeschooling. You know what I meanâ?? when the focus becomes all about finding the best curriculum or filling up the schedule with the most extracurricular activities? Or how about decorating the perfect homeschool room? Or the hours spent online searching what others are doing, while neglecting your own time with the Lord? These are all things that have become an issue with me, and I am sure with others, especially as social media grows.

I have often thought about those early homeschoolers who had no Internet or fancy curriculum but truly sought the Lord in their decision to homeschool. I admire them so much! They weren’t busy showing off their schoolrooms or their kids on Instagram; they were deep in the nitty-gritty of daily homeschool life when homeschooling wasn’t even mainstream. They weren’t spending hours on Pinterest, but probably hours in the Word.

This book will challenge us to get back to the basics and fully rely on God. Pinterest and Instagram and all the other media out there are certainly not bad in and of themselves, but we do need to be aware of our hearts when using them. We must not let those things rule our standards. Only God should rule us.

Will you join me as we get back to the basics? Will you join me as we endeavor to be real with each other because we need each other? Will you join me as we focus on what God wants for our homeschools and not what the world says is success?

â?¨Will you join me as we pursue Real Homeschool? Not a picture-perfect homeschool, but a real homeschool -where the rubber meets the road and it sometimes gets messy -and we work together through those messesâ?¦

And then it gets beautifulâ?¦oh, so beautifulâ?¦because God is right there with us. He is working through our families on this real homeschooling journey.

God has called us to this beautiful journeyâ?¦and the perfect picture is the one where He is leading every step, guiding us, and our eyes are fixed solely on Him.

Group Work Experts Share Their Favorite Activities:: A Guide to Choosing, Planning, Conducting, and Processing

by Janice Delucia-Waack

This revised edition is a compilation of over 50 group activities that represent a variety of types of groups from task and work to psychoeducational to counseling and therapy groups to training and supervision groups. Various populations, from children and adolescents to older adults are included. Members of the Association for Specialists in Group Work have shared many of their favorite group activities in this useful volume.

Speeding Up the Law of Attraction: How to Speed Up the Process to Manifest Money, Love and Success Faster! (Law of Attraction Manifestation Mastery)

by Jack H. Haddock

MORE MONEY, MORE LOVE and MORE ABUNDANCE – How to Speed Up the Process!

From the best-selling author of the Power Series that brought to us the understanding of the great power within us in manifesting our goals and our dreams, a new book has been created to be revealed to you. There is more power for you to discover and unleash. There is nothing more powerful than a man who has discovered and has utilized his full potential towards changing the universe. Yes, it’s true! You can change the world you live in if you can harness the power of the universe – the law of attraction.

Discover the key to unlocking man’s greatest potential that is inside you and use that energy force that we all are a part of in making your goals and dreams come true. Everything is energy and we can transform our thoughts into a reality if we can harness this power and unleash it from inside you.

How to Speed Up the Process

We have included practical tips and reminders to help you do just that and to fasten and boost up the processes of the law of attraction. They are your keys to revealing a new world that is to change your life forever.

What Will You Learn From This Book?

– How to Manifest Your Dreams (Abundance, Love, True Success, Money) into Your Reality

– How to Use the Energy that We All are a Part Of

– How to Unleash Your Inner Power

– How to Use the Easy, but Powerful Process

– How to Speed up the Power Processes

Once you read this book, you will be changed forever and you will notice great improvements in your life. You will feel more excited for the things that are to unfold before you and you will experience greater new things. Feel abundant in money, love, success, peace, and happiness and live life to the fullest by practicing the wisdom we will share with you.

â??â??â??â??â?? Kindle Edition with Empowering Special Bonus-Books Inside.

Master & Control Your Thinking

FREE for Kindle Unlimited.


This guide is highly empowering and motivating. It is not for the faint of heart and for the weak in spirit. You may experience sleepless nights and daydreaming while reading this book. This is only for the people who truly want to make things happen and make their dreams into a reality. Please, do not read this book if you do not want to manifest your dreams and goals today.

Get Your Copy Today!

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Horse Schools: The International Guide to Universities, Colleges, Preparatory and Secondary Schools, and Specialty Equine Programs

by Angelia Almos

Revised and updated, this indispensable guide features more than 580 universities, colleges, preparatory and secondary schools, and specialty programs in thirty-one countries throughout the world that specialize in equine studies. It is the best source of information available for parents of horse-crazy children, college-bound equestrians, and students desiring a career with horses.

* A self quiz to help the prospective student decide what school is most appropriate

* List of possible equestrian careers

* Icons that show a school’s areas of specialization

* School profiles include email addresses, web sites, degrees and majors offered, description of their programs, tuition and horse-related expenses, facility

summaries, and opportunities to compete

* A list of equine-oriented scholarships

* Descriptions and a list of intercollegiate and interscholastic equestrian associations around the world

* Multiple ways to locate individual school entries

The Paper Chase: A Survival Guide

by Philip Wik

This book shows how to navigate between the twin perils of success and failure in school and beyond. The papers to which we aspire, such as references, degrees, and certifications, are meaningful in how they can open doors for us and meaningless in how they define us as humans and as citizens.

This is a how to book– how to get good grades, how to build a fortune, and how to be healthy. But it’s also a book on how to accept our limitations and find love, balance, wisdom, self-acceptance, and purpose in life as well.



This beautiful book is for your lovely kids. Let them explore the beautiful images and beautiful story of this book that will color their dreams and imagination.

This book is about a little girl who kept her faith in her lost long bunny but will that be enough. Read out to find out the suspense.

Word Recognition for Shapes, Colors & Numbers: Reading Readiness for Preschoolers & Kindergartners

by C. Ingram ECE

Revised May 2016 – Word Recognition Basic Geometry. Shapes, Numbers, Colors – Grades Preschool through Kindergarten, Ages 4 to 6 . Children learn the basic shapes, colors of the shapes and the types of animals presenting the shapes.. Full page colorful interaction. Also published in full-screen slide show presentation. Numbers, shapes and colors and animals. Another After School Education Project – Scroll up and grab a copy.

Comprensión Oral y Escrita Inglés Nivel Intermedio – Parte 1

by Stephen Harrison

Comprensión Oral y Escrita Inglés Nivel Intermedio – Parte 1

Este es el primer eBook de la serie de best seller â??Comprensión Oral y Escrita Inglés Nivel Intermedio’. Cada libro contiene quince artículos interesantes sobre una variedad de temas tales como: la historia, la religión, el mundo natural, la ciencia, viajes, comida y más. Es perfecto para los estudiantes de inglés que quieren mejorar su comprensión lectora y ayudará con la parte práctica del examen.

El eBook incluye:

� 15 artículos cortos fascinantes.

� Glosarios que incluyen palabras clave, explicaciones y traduciones al español.

� Preguntas sobre cada texto (se puede acceder a las respuestas con un click).

� Enlaces a videos con cada artículo (si el dispositivo lo permite).

Este libro contiene artículos sobre los siguientes temas: el dragón de Komodo, los vampiros, la civilización maya, clonación, cocina británica, cirugía estética, Estocolmo, Papua Nueva Guinea, Cleopatra y mucho más.

Si usted desea mejorar su comprensión oral y escrita de inglés nivel intermedio y disfrutar de los textos que lee, descarge este libro ahora.

Unit PASS guide for the Award in Education and Training (AET): Understanding and Using Inclusive Teaching and Learning Approaches in Education and Training

by Nabeel Zaidi


This textbook provides you with the tools and techniques to ensure your answers align to awarding organisation assessment criteria requirements.

While the unit textbook Award in Education and Training: Understanding and Using Inclusive Teaching and Learning Approaches in Education and Training provides the information needed to ensure you pass that unit of the qualification, this textbook seeks to ensure you fully understand how to apply that information effectively to your assessment(s). This will reduce the risk of you misunderstanding, over-answering or under-answering a question or task and provide you with a better understanding of what each element / assessment criteria of the unit requires.

It also includes practical suggestions related to practice in the sector, what to focus on in your response, how to structure the response and further sources of information or guidance to consult or reference in order to support your answer. This textbook will provide you with the tools and, together with the above unit textbook, the information needed to pass each assessment first time. This textbook can also be used alongside the qualification textbook Achieving your Award in Education and Training: The Comprehensive Course Companion

[tags: inclusive learning, lesson planning, learner-centred, tutor-centred, lesson plan, AET]

Unit PASS guide for the Award in Education and Training (AET): Understanding Assessment in Education and Training

by Nabeel Zaidi


This textbook provides you with the tools and techniques to ensure your answers align to awarding organisation assessment criteria requirements.

While the unit textbook Award in Education and Training: Understanding Assessment in Education and Training provides the information needed to ensure you pass that unit of the qualification, this textbook seeks to ensure you fully understand how to apply that information effectively to your assessment(s). This will reduce the risk of you misunderstanding, over-answering or under-answering a question or task and provide you with a better understanding of what each element / assessment criteria of the unit requires.

It also includes practical suggestions related to practice in the sector, what to focus on in your response, how to structure the response and further sources of information or guidance to consult or reference in order to support your answer. This textbook will provide you with the tools and, together with the above unit textbook, the information needed to pass each assessment first time. This textbook can also be used alongside the qualification textbook Achieving your Award in Education and Training: The Comprehensive Course Companion

[tags: assessment, differentiation, summative assessment, summative feedback, formative assessment, formative feedback, constructive feedback, learner-centred, tutor-centred, AET]

I wish Evolution was true?: I wish Evolution was true?

by M. R. Abdullah

I wish Evolution was true?

Montessori Sensorial Activities: New Montessori Sensorial Activities to Cultivate Learning In the Classroom and the Home.

by Stacy Sanders

During my years as both a Certified Montessori Teacher and a caregiver, I received numerous requests from parents for more information outlining practical methods to facilitate their children’s development in a simplified, condensed manner that honored the Montessori way. The result is this book. I have restricted this material to only the most comprehensive and applicable lessons for parents, parents to be, and guardians. I Include fundamentals and ideas taken directly from my hours in the classroom, my time as a nanny, my personal studies, and from insights shared with others dedicated to the tradition. Happy teaching!

The Essential Guide to Spiritual Events

by Inelia Benz

The information in this book will give you some guidelines you can use when going to events as well as when you join spiritual groups and other groups for activities.

The purpose for the sharing of this information is for you to have the best, expansive and positive growth, learning and ascension experience you can possibly have while interacting with teachers, gurus, leaders, other students, followers and simply all the people you will meet during your studies and travels.

It exposes the various traps and programs that you may encounter and how to deal with them.

The Extra Dollar: Tips and Tricks for Making and Saving Money

by Luke Johnson

A great collection of hints and tips to start you on an incredible journey into the amazing world of money. I personally use many of the ideas in this book myself to make and save extra money for myself and my family every week. I completely understand the struggle that comes with anything related to money. Trust me – been there, done that. Trying to earn some extra cash is hard, and trying to save the money you make is even harder, especially in this world of iPhones and Starbucks.

This eBook, therefore, contains proven tips and tricks to effectively and practically make and save money even with a tight budget and very minimal to zero financial know-how.

“The Extra Dollar” is a very simple and practical guidebook that aims to walk you through the most effective, time-efficient, and energy-efficient ways to both make some extra dollars and save them. The umbrella goal of this book is to show you that while the idea of making and saving money may seem like very difficult tasks, they are, in reality, things that everyone can do no matter how tough their circumstances are.

“The Extra Dollar” promises to give you very simple, very easy, and very convenient ways to earn a few side dollars and save the money you worked so hard to make. You don’t have to be a financing expert to catch on!

Fifteen Letters On Education In Singapore: Reflections from a Visit to Singapore In 2015 By a Delegation of Educators from Massachusetts

by Fernando M. Reimers

When a group of educators from Massachusetts traveled to Singapore to visit schools and talk to teachers, teacher educators, and school and system-level leaders in the fall of 2015, they were determined to learn how Singapore had built a high-performing education system.

Singapore has transitioned from an education system focused simply on universal literacy and primary education to one that aims for universal high school graduation and post-secondary success. It has gone from a developing nation in 1965 to a first-world economy todayâ??and it has done so largely by focusing on education.

In this series of letters, members of the delegation identify the educational practices and policies that have enabled Singapore to become a prosperous knowledge economy. Many of their practices and successes could be transferred to the United States and elsewhere.

Warren Buffett + Options Trading 2 in 1 Bundle!: 3 Common Mistakes Entrepreneurs Make That Destroy Their Wealth and How to Avoid These Mistakes Once and For All!

by Richard Borrows

Book 1 – Warren Buffett

The Ultimate Guide To Investing like Warren Buffet. Learn the Warren Buffet Way, the Warren Buffett Portfolio and the Warren Buffett Stocks

The stock market has developed a reputation among the people of the world as a mystical entity. It has become a realm with the top closed in on Wall Street with a circle of seemingly impenetrable suits even though the reality is that anyone can become an investor. Although the average Joe might be at an immediate disadvantage in terms of safety funds and insider knowledge on the best deals and short term fluctuations of a stock, there are most definitely options such as mutual funds like index funds that are easy to use and relatively safe in comparison to filling a portfolio with a narrow range of risky securities.

Warren Buffett is known today as a massively successful entrepreneur and investor. However, all successful people had to make their way from the beginning, Warren Buffett included. It is often both inspiring and a key to understanding to look at a successful person’s journey to success, and so in this book I cover Warren Buffett’s success story, the Warren Buffett Way, his portfolio and stocks, quotes, and tips. I hope that with this book, you will not only learn to be a smart investor, but become successful in more ways than one while gaining insight into the business world as a whole.

Specific topics covered in this book include:

â? Warren Buffett’s Road to Success

� The Warren Buffett Way

� The Warren Buffett Portfolio

� The Warren Buffett Stocks

� Motivational Warren Buffett Quotes

� Final Warren Buffett Investing Tips

Book 2 – Option Trading for Beginners

The Ultimate Guide on How to Trade Options, Options Trading Strategies and Binary Options Trading.

Are you a beginning investor just starting out?

Looking to learn the art of options trading but don’t have any experience?

If so, then this book is for you. In “Options Trading for Beginners”, I start out from teaching you the terminology, to taking you through the initial steps of options trading and binary options trading.

You’ll learn different trading strategies to implement and some of the pitfalls you may want to avoid along the way. By the end of this book you’ll have a good beginning grasp on the art of options trading and whether or not it’s right for you.

Inside You Will Learn:

– An Introduction to Options & Options Trading

– Options Terminology & Getting Started

– Top 2 Effective Options Trading Strategies For Beginners

– A Guide To Binary Options Trading

– 5 Common Mistakes Rookies Investors Make When Options Trading

– And Much More

It’s time to take action. Learn how options trading can change your life forever.

Don’t Delay Any Longer. Download This Book Right Now.

Unit PASS guide for the Award in Education and Training (AET): Understanding Roles, Responsibilities and Relationships in Education and Training

by Nabeel Zaidi


This textbook provides you with the tools and techniques to ensure your answers align to awarding organisation assessment criteria requirements.

While the unit textbook Award in Education and Training: Understanding Roles, Responsibilities and Relationships in Education and Training provides the information needed to ensure you pass that unit of the qualification, this textbook seeks to ensure you fully understand how to apply that information effectively to your assessment(s). This will reduce the risk of you misunderstanding, over-answering or under-answering a question or task and provide you with a better understanding of what each element / assessment criteria of the unit requires.

It also includes practical suggestions related to practice in the sector, what to focus on in your response, how to structure the response and further sources of information or guidance to consult or reference in order to support your answer. This textbook will provide you with the tools and, together with the above unit textbook, the information needed to pass each assessment first time. This textbook can also be used alongside the qualification textbook Achieving your Award in Education and Training: The Comprehensive Course Companion

[tags: inclusive learning, lesson planning, learner-centred, tutor-centred, lesson plan, AET]

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Mindfulness: How to Free Ourselves from Stress and Anxiety for a Happy Life Using the 4 Step Method. (Mindfulness for Beginners, Yoga, Meditation, Happiness, Relaxation, Diet, Stress, Anxiety,)

by Celina Havann

Use These Powerful Mindfulness Techniques to Completely Remove Stress and Anxiety from Your Life Forever

I wrote this book for my husband and myself since we were extremely busy and stressed all the time working in demanding hi-tech jobs. I remember a critical moment when it was better to have the flu and take a sick day, than to actually go to work. During that day I decided to understand what was going on and at that point I started discovering the secrets of Mindfulness and how we can rid ourselves of everything that weighs us down. This book is for everyone that feels the way I felt, that same feeling of being trapped with no chance to escape the cycle of suffering.

Mindfulness is not a magic cure that in one quick swoop we become better people, but many small seemingly simple steps that after a period of adjustment become our lives. There are certain things we can do to help ourselves get out of those stressful situations and in this book I’ll try to go over the ones that helped us the most. Obviously there are many more things we can do, but here I will cover the basics. In the future we will publish more books in the Mindfulness series that will dive even deeper and give even more steps to further enhance our lives.

This book contains proven steps and strategies on how to practice Mindfulness in our lives by making use of philosophy, physical exercises, techniques and practical tips that will make it easy for us to experience Mindfulness and feel it’s positive and calming effects. Breathing techniques, exercises, a great selection of foods and much much more – we’ll find them all right here.

After reading this book and trying out the steps we will feel so much better and understand why Mindfulness is so helpful for a stress free life.

Today only, get this Amazon bestseller for just $0.99. Regularly priced at $4.99.

Read on your PC, Mac, smart phone, tablet or Kindle device.

Here Is What We’ll Learn:

  • Understanding what is Mindfulness
  • Learn from the great minds and cultures, like Plato, the Buddhist Monks and so on
  • How to make sure we have a positive environment to grow in
  • How to prioritize our lives
  • How to enjoy a good night’s sleep
  • How to recognize and avoid workaholic tendencies
  • How to take care of our body by eating right and exercising
  • Meditation techniques for a stress free life
  • And much, much more!

Take action today and download this book for a limited time discount of only $0.99!

Download your copy today!

Tags: Mindfulness, Mindfulness for Beginners, Yoga, Yoga for Beginners, Meditation, Meditation for Beginners, Happiness, Relaxation, Diet, Stress, Anxiety,

The Citizen-Soldier: Moral risk and the modern military

by Phil Klay

In this Brookings Essay titled “The Citizen-Soldier,” National Book Award winner, and U.S. Marine Corps veteran, Phil Klay sheds light on the tension and relationship between veterans and society. Klay is an established author and has previously received noteworthy praise for his book, Redeployment. In his first non-fiction work with Brookings, Klay valiantly explores the moral dimensions of veterans, their purpose in war, and their reintegration into the civilian world.

The Brookings Essay: In the spirit of its commitment to high-quality, independent research, the Brookings Institution has commissioned works on major topics of public policy by distinguished authors, including Brookings scholars. The Brookings Essay is a multi-platform product aimed to engage readers in open dialogue and debate. The views expressed, however, are solely those of the author. Available in ebook only.

Alone in the Wild: Proven Tips for Wilderness Survival (Survival, survival fiction, survival books)

by Scott Evans

This book contains the information to survive in wilderness place. Here all the tips and tricks to survive from first to last are given. A person who doesn’t know anything will also be benefited by reading this book. In every situation a person can survive by taking the help from this book. The tricks and tips are very much important for all persons. The book contains not only the tips but also all the solutions to survive. By reading this short book a person can get a huge amount of knowledge easily. The book is only for giving the best tips for all types of people who want to survive in wilderness places.

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How to Change a Law: The Intelligent Consumer’s 7-Step Guide. Improve Your Community, Influence Your Country, Impact the World.

by John Thibault

How to Change a Law: The Intelligent Consumer’s 7-Step Guide – Improve Your Community, Influence Your Country, And Impact The World

This book is a do-it-yourself manual for voters, small business owners, lobbyists, and policy advocates who want to take political action, influence leaders and change laws.

This book is for you if you everâ?¦

  • Wanted to change a law.
  • Thought a law was unfair or unjust.
  • Felt confused by bureaucracy.

Thibault provides a better understanding of policy change and political persuasion (also known as lobbying). Once you understand the power of lobbying, you will be able to improve your community, influence leaders, and impact the world.

How To Change A Law offers insight, actionable tools, and strategies that will lead you to becoming an active Citizen Legislator who realizes that their participation in public policy matters.

You’ll learn:

  • The 7-step process for successfully making a significant change and taking action in just 60 minutes.
  • Common mistakes to avoid.
  • Successfully getting past internal and external roadblocks.
  • Real life policy success stories where someone saw a problem and wanted to implement a solution to make a change.
  • Demystify politics.
  • How to vote on issues, not for candidates.
  • How to use the Political Persuasion Platformâ?¢ and the iLobby solution to change laws through crowd funded lobbying.

We are at a turning point in our politics; everyone needs to get involved, come together around issues, build coalitions, fund their initiatives, and intelligently pursue their agenda.

This book is your roadmap.

Koreana – Spring 2016 (Japanese): Koreana

by The Korea Foundation


Apocalypse NO (Return to Grace Book 4)

by Michael Adzema

These are the strangest of days. We live in a time in which ending our species in our lifetime, even eliminating all life on this planet, are very real possibilities. The awareness of this acceleration toward an “end of days”â??while so horrifying we hardly speak itâ??hangs over us and affects us in ways singular and fantastic.

Apocalypse NO, Apocalypse or Earth Rebirth and the Emerging Perinatal Unconscious awakens us to the unconscious influences erupting into our world which are changing the Earth and us in radical ways. Herein is revealed the underbelly of our modern life and the impetus behind our self-destruction. We see primal forces arising and exposed. Finally, we can direct our attention to the roots of our drive to apocalypse and reverse it.

More than that, this awakening provides a way of transformation. For in the heart of this darkness lies the most incredible opportunity for taking a leap beyond what we think of as human nature. This time calls for a new hero’s cycleâ??one that leaves behind the thuggishness of the old one. We are lifted beyond ourselves in a higher calling and a transcendent yet deeply rooted spirituality.

We realize that the necessary answer to the dilemma of apocalypse or Earth rebirth lies, not only in the resurrection of a new Earth, but in the dawning of a new self as well.

Urban Prepping 2-Box Set: Urban Prepping, Survival Vehicle

by Mike Foreman


Survival Vehicle: The Vehicle You Will Need to Survive When SHTF


No matter how much you prepare at home or at your bug out spot, you need a vehicle to get away from danger safely.

You want to make your car or truck ready for survival just like you are.

This guide will get you started on choosing and preparing your ideal survival vehicle for when the world collapses and you need to escape for your life.


Urban Prepping: A Beginner’s Guide to Surviving SHTF in a Big City


Quick! You need to evacuate your home 15 minutes from now.

Do you know what to take with you?

Do you know where it is and get you get it into a sturdy bag in time?

Better yet, do you already have a bug out bag prepared?

Do you have copies of important financial, medical, insurance, and identification documents in a binder, folder, or sturdy envelope that you can easily carry in your emergency kit?

What if you have kids…do they know what to do in a disaster?

What if they were away from home when the disaster happened…would they know what to do?

You will need to address these issues, especially if you live in a large, densely-populated city.

This short, no-fluff guide will help you get started on your way to survinving SHTF…even if you live in a big, crowded city.

Deductive Qualitative Analysis as Middle Ground: Theory-Guided Qualitative Research

by Jane Gilgun

The use of conceptual frameworks in the conduct of qualitative research was an approach of choice in the first two-thirds of the twentieth century for researchers linked to the Chicago School of Sociology, a research tradition in which much of contemporary qualitative research is rooted. With the publication of Glaser & Strauss’s (1967) The Discovery of Grounded Theory, induction became associated with qualitative research and, for many researchers, prior conceptual frameworks, or deductive qualitative research, became suspect.

The purpose of this paper is to review arguments for and against prior frameworks in qualitative research. I show that the procedures of analytic induction and grounded theory work well together and that theory-guided research has many advantages. I call this hybrid of the two approaches deductive qualitative analysis. Paper presented at the Midwest Conference on Qualitative Research, St. Paul, MN, USA, April 18, 2008.

Alone in the Wild: The Latest Survival and Life-Saving Skills to Stay Alive in the Wild (Alone in the Wild, Wilderness, Wilderness Survival Guide)

by Stephanie Evans

Our ancestors used to rule the wilderness, but as the time passes, collective knowledge of surviving in the wilderness along with being self-sufficient slowly fades. With desire to remember the old survival techniques and throw in some new skills for surviving alone in the wilderness, we have gathered useful information on how to survive in the wild, how to search for food in case your stash runs out, also answering the question of finding the drinkable source of water and much more in our Survival and Life-Saving guide for Surviving in the Wilderness Alone.

Along with useful tips on the subjects we have already mentioned, you will find the best and the easiest tricks on how to start a fire, how to plan out your wilderness adventure and how to survive being in wilderness even if you end up all alone with nothing and no one around to help you.

In our Alone in the Wilderness guide you will find answers to:

  • How to plan your wilderness adventure
  • What to bring along with you – the list of goods and necessary equipment
  • How to use and maintain your equipment
  • Food sources: what food to bring along and how to find reliable food sources
  • How to survive by yourself
  • How to build a fire
  • How to avoid getting lost

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The SHTF Stockpile: 27+ Bug Out Bag Items for Long-Term Survival Living (The SHTF Stockpile books, SHTF survival , SHTF plan)

by Lester Bishop

Getting ready for the worst? If you are one of the people who don’t like leaving anything to a chance, but would rather prepare and get ready for everything, you will certainly enjoy The SHTF Stockpile: 27+ Bug Out Bag Items For Log-Term Survival Living.

We have made a list of essentials driven by our wish to put your prepping at ease and make your stockpiling more effective, besides from reminding you of some things you would probably forget all about, we have explained each and every Bug Out Bag Item in details in order to help you gain a bigger picture of what you exactly need in order to survive through and beyond 72 hours. We have also listed some short-term items you will need in order to successfully get through the first three days, along with sharing tips on how to survive and how to put the items you have to a good use.

In our SHTF Bug Out Bag Guide, you will find the following topics:

  • Bugging Out as the Only Option – What to do and what to pack
  • Building a Shelter Out of Your Bug Out Bag Items
  • Food, Cooking and Water – Basic Survival Items and Tips
  • Survival Clothing for SHTF – What to wear and what to pack
  • Bug Out Bag Tools and Accessories
  • Bug Out Bag Survival – DOS and DON’T’s

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Wildwood Wisdom: Basic Tips to Gain Mastery of Wilderness Survival Skills (Wildwood wisdom, Wildwood, Wildernes survival)

by Bryanna Lamb

What would you do if you suddenly became stranded in the wilderness with just your wits to protect you from the perils of nature? Would you know what you could eat or whether or not water was safe for drinking? Would you be able to create a fire, find shelter, survive, or even thrive? If your answer is no, then the information in this book could save your life. Or, conversely, it could simply serve to make your next camping trip more enjoyable. Either way, it’s information that you’ll want to have at your fingertips if you ever plan on spending any time outdoors!

Here you’ll learn::

  • How to pack a survival kit to help keep you afloat when you get stranded in the wilderness.
  • Where to find food and water when you are stranded in the wilderness and what’s safe to eat.
  • How to get a fire started so that you can survive any situation.
  • How to build a shelter to protect you from the harsh elements

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Survival Box Set: The Best Survival Manual on How to Survive a Disaster (Survival, survival manual, survival tools)

by Logan Roth

BOOK #1: Prepper Essentials: 22 Common Mistakes Every Prepper Should Avoid

This book is a must for new preppers and can be useful to more experienced ones as well. Based on research, it provides a comprehensive guide to the mistakes that can make the difference between succeeding and failing as a prepper. The book takes you along the journey of preparing for all eventualities, and it gives clear, helpful and practical ideas and tips on how to avoid mistakes.

It covers everything, from stocks of food and drinks, storage places, how to keep a functional inventory, how to prepare an escape route, how to make the big decision to bug out, how to behave with your neighbours, how to keep up-to date; it talks about how to introduce a ‘prepper diet’, how to have a good transportation plan and much more.

BOOK #2: The Ultimate Survival Manual: The Best Survival Manual That Will Teach You How to Survive a Tsunami

You will learn in this guidebook about all of the different things that you can do when a tsunami is coming, whether you are getting ready ahead of time, what to do when you get stuck there, and what to do when the storm is over. There are many things that you can do ahead of time that will ensure your chances of surviving and if you think them through before the storm hits, you are going to have a much better chance of doing well compared to waiting until the moment.

BOOK #3: Off Grid Living: 15 Amazing Lessons on the Advantages That Living Off the Grid in a Community Brings

No more utility bills, no more relying on the national power grid, no more paying high prices for vegetables in the stores. These are just a few of the many benefits that can be gained by going off the grid. But where do you start? The answer to this question and many more can be found within this book.

BOOK #4: The SHTF Stockpile: 25 Basic Items You Should Have When an Earthquake Starts

There are proven methods to staying alive in any natural disaster. With a little knowledge and some fundamental necessities you will be able to survive a disaster better than you think. Armed with the right stuff you can make it through even the toughest circumstances. Don’t get caught unawares. There are steps to take now before it’s too late. You will know how to respond confidently and quickly whenever a crisis is looming.

BOOK #5: Preppers Blueprint: 30 Tips on How To Save Yourself During Winter Storms

This book is designed to guide you in the preparation of winter storms. There are various ways that will help you to stay safe during storms and enjoy a better life. Basic aim behind this book is to provide awareness to people about the winter storms and the best way to deal with them. The winter storms may cut down utility and communication services. The book is all about these services that will not be available in the winter storms, but there are great alternatives for these services that you can try at home.

BOOK #6: The Ultimate Survival Manual: 15 Proven Survival Skills and Survival Tactics That Will Save Your Life if You Get Lost in the Wilderness

After reading this book you will be able to go into the woods with a clear mind knowing that you will be fine and thus be able to enjoy the adventure. You will learn about ways to find food and water, how to build a shelter, and some of the most important dos and don’ts of the woods. Knowledge is a powerful tool and with this book you will be empowered to survive should you suddenly find yourself lost. Each lesson is designed to guide you and help you make choices that will keep you alive until you find your way back or a rescue team locates you and delivers you back home safe and sound.

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The SHTF Stockpile: 21 Essential Survival Items to Stock Up On (The SHTF Stockpile, Prepper stockpile, Survival handbook)

by Randall Davin

If the worst were ever to happen and the world was turned upside-down by disaster, would you be prepared? Could you sit down right now and make yourself a list of the most important items to stock up on in case of an emergency? For most people, it’s too grim a thought to even consider.

By having your emergency stockpile properly stocked with a versatile group of items, your family will be best prepared for that “SHTF” moment. It’s better to plan in advance than to be caught at the last minute trying to beat riotous crowds for the last remaining portions of survival goods. Reading this simple guide could serve to save your life.

Here is what you will learn after reading this book:

  • How one deadly product could actually wind up saving your life.
  • How to pack the proper medical supplies for a disaster scenario.
  • How to be prepared to start over if you are forced to live off the grid.

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Preppers Blueprint: The Ultimate Preppers Guide to Self-Reliance and Survival in Any Upcoming Disaster (Preppers blueprint, Preppers blueprint books, Preppers Survival)

by Victor Griffin

Survival of the fittest- the phrase is true. The uncertain nature of our surrounding circumstances capture us in fear showing its vile face. Only the fit and courageous persons can overcome it and survive. Do you want to be like them? Do you dream to live your life like a brave and confident person? Do you want to be a self-reliant person in any circumstance; therefore, you do not need to wait for other’s help? Do you value your life and other’s lives as well?

If your answer is yes, then, this book will guide you towards this aim. This book is designed in a well-structured manner to inform you:

  • Why you should be a prepper
  • What skills you will need
  • What kind of tool you will need and how
  • How long you can survive without food, water and shelter
  • What is the alternative of food
  • How to survive in any condition
  • What is necessary to do if you want to a self-reliant prepper
  • Some important terminologies for quick communication

To sum up, this is a complete guide, which will help you to be a prepper. In addition to that, with its help you will be more confident to face any kind of upcoming disaster. Each chapter is designed in a structural method. As a result, you can easily follow it. Besides that, important issues are highlighted. Various motivational quotes will encourage you through this journey.

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Preppers Blueprint: 27 Tips for Better Emergency Preparedness Plan. Tactics And Techniques That Will Save You from Awful Consequences (Preppers Survival, survivalist, Survival Tips)

by Matthew Walker

Terrorism. Global climate change. Political unrest. Economic disaster. Increasing criminal activity. Global disease outbreaks. These are just a small sample of the major threats that loom daily over our modern society. What would you do if one of these disasters struck where you live? Is your family as prepared as you think? Can you confidently say that you know what you’d do in any of these situations?

While those examples might seem extreme, there are plenty of other types of emergencies every day that can affect the lifestyle and security of our families. In this book, you’ll learn twenty seven valuable tips for increasing the effectiveness of your family’s emergency plan.

Emergency preparedness may seem like a daunting task, but with this book, you will learn 27 easy-to-follow tips that you can start working on RIGHT NOW! Designed for anyone from the beginner to the seasoned prepper, the advice contained in this book applies to everybody. Your family’s security is the most valuable thing that you have. What are you waiting for?

Here is what you will learn after reading this book:

  • How to create and execute a preparedness plan for your family
  • What skills will help you to survive when the power goes out
  • What to include in disaster preparedness kits
  • How to create and maintain an emergency supply of food and fuel

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Preppers Survival: 20+ Survival Techniques to Stay Alive in Case of an Emergency (Preppers Survival, preppers survival handbook, preppers survival basics)

by Bryanna Lamb

Preppers Survival is a succinct guide to basic disaster preparedness. It covers tornados, earthquakes, and floodsâ??what to expect and how to handle the typical situations. An added bonus is extreme winter survival. In the process of learning new skills.

Here is what you will learn after reading this book:

  • Designating shelter areas in case of disaster
  • The importance of safety drills
  • What supplies to have on hand
  • Survival plans for food, water, and utilities
  • How to recognize warning signs

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The Ultimate Survival Manual: The Best Survival Manual That Will Teach You How to Survive a Tsunami (The Ultimate Survival Manual, survival manual, survival manual books)

by Tammy Weber

No one wants to think of the worst case scenario. They want to believe that everything is going to work out great for them and that there is no reason for them to worry. But for those who live near the coast that are near the Pacific Ocean, the idea of being in a tsunami is a part of their reality. This can leave a lot of people devastated, without their homes and belongings, and it can even cause death for a lot of people. Luckily, with some of the suggestions that are given in this guidebook, you will be the most prepared that you can be with a tsunami and you will know exactly what you would be able to do in the emergency.

You will learn in this guidebook about all of the different things that you can do when a tsunami is coming, whether you are getting ready ahead of time, what to do when you get stuck there, and what to do when the storm is over. There are many things that you can do ahead of time that will ensure your chances of surviving and if you think them through before the storm hits, you are going to have a much better chance of doing well compared to waiting until the moment.

In this guidebook, you will learn a lot about how to prepare for tsunamis. This information includes:

  • How to get prepared ahead of the storm so that you can leave right on time and get somewhere safe.
  • How to pay attention to the warning signs of an upcoming tsunami
  • What to do when a tsunami hits and suggestions for when you get stuck in the area.
  • What to do when the tsunami is over to be safe.

Use this guidebook to have the best chances of survival when the storm hits your area.

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Child Abuse: Abuse: The Fine Line Between Discipline & Abuse

by Norm Lynn

Understand and Prevent Parental Child Abuse!

Would you like to feel:

  • Safe?
  • Confident?
  • Balanced?
  • Whole?
  • and In Control?

If so, read Norma Lynn’s Child Abuse – Abuse; The Fine Line Between Discipline And Abuse right away!

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In this insightful guide, Norma Lynn explains what child abuse really is, and how to stop it. She describes the evolution of discipline in our culture and describes the modern-day disciplinary techniques you can try – today!

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In Child Abuse – Abuse; The Fine Line Between Discipline And Abuse, Norma Lynn helps you understand the negative effects that abuse has on children and how to avoid inadvertently hurting your little ones. You’ll learn how to help children learn to choose good behaviors on their own by observing the natural consequences of their actions.

You’ll find out about the three types of parenting:

  • Authoritative
  • Authoritarian
  • and Permissive

Learn how to find balance in parenting and raise a happy family!

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You’ll be so glad you did!

Potty Training: Simple Training Plan to Potty Train Your Child in 3 Days and Zero Hassle

by Nicky Forbes

Your Hands On Guide to Potty Training!

Free bonus inside! (Right After Conclusion) –

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Embark on a Successful 3-day Stress-Free Potty Training Journey

In Potty Training: Simple Training Plan to Potty Train Your Child in 3 Days and Zero Hassle, you’ll learn the simplest and best hassle free ways to potty train your child. Even though potty training is a difficult thing for many parents, this book brings out ways through which a parent can make it a bit simple and above all, fun for the parent and the child. The book also shows that potty training is not as difficult as it is perceived. In this book, you will learn:

– Why it is important to potty train your child

– How to look out for signs of readiness

– What you need to get started in potty training

– Maintenance of proper hygiene during potty training

– How to go through potty training step by step

– Dealing with difficulties

– Some helpful tips that you can use for successful training

A lot of parents have had a hard time potty training their children in the past. This has instilled fear among many parents. For some parents, it has taken them many months to get the child to use a Potty or the actual toilet. Things do not have to be this way and in reality, you can train your child to use potty in just 3 days if you follow this guide to the end!

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Transform your mind set and understanding of potty training by making use of this intuitive and results drive potty training guide

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Stuff I Wish I Knew…About Newborns (baby books, parenting books, baby care, new baby, first time parent, newborn books, breastfeeding, breastfeeding books)

by Lana Pope

Newborns…What To Expect!

What other parents wish they knew!

Find out what life with a newborn is really like. Lana Pope’s frank and comedic approach to parenthood continues as she discusses what parents really wish they knew about having a newborn. From cord stumps to pumping and a whole lot in between find out what life with a new baby can really mean for you. This must-have read for new and expectant parents will leave you feeling ready to tackle anything your new role may bring.

Download your copy today!

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Stuff I Wish I Knew…About Childbirth (childbirth, pregnant, pregnancy books, pregnancy symptoms, parenting books, first time parent, pregnancy advice)

by Lana Pope

Childbirth In All Its Glory!

The stuff you really need to know about giving birth!

Find out all of the things about childbirth that nobody tells you. Lana Pope continues to guide you on your journey to parenthood by taking a candid and lighthearted look at labor and delivery. She discusses all of the less talked about delivery room details to help you deal with some of life’s not so welcome surprises! This quick and easy read is a must-have for all expectant parents, and will have you feeling ready to your deliver your baby in no time.

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The Nose Picking Cure: How To Overcome Bad Habits And Problem Nose Picking For Life (bad habits, finger biting, discipline, changing habits)

by Mickael Smith

Learn The Secrets Of Dealing With Bad Habits And Overcome Nose Picking Today!

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You’re about to discover how to…

People often develop a lot of bad habits as they are growing up. Habits such as nose picking and thumb sucking can be seen as irritating and disgusting in public places. To prevent ourselves from doing these things, we must first understand why us feel the need to do so. In this book, we will explore the psyche of Nose Picking and the significant to analyze the effect of the nose picking habit for you. We will also provide detailed tips on how to eliminate these habits and going forward.

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…

  • What Is Nose Picking, Exactly?
  • When Nose Picking Becomes A Problem
  • Getting Into the Psyche of Nose Picking
  • Conquering Nose Picking Habits Internally
  • Getting Rid Of Nose Picking Externally
  • Strategies to end the bad habit
  • Much, much


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The Mind’s Eye – World Edition

by Traci Dallman Mize

We all have a free will to do as we please, but sometimes living out the consequences can be hard. Know that you are not aloneâ?¦and just as others have made it through, so can you.

This book is for everyone who has ever gambled under the hallucination of just wanting to have some fun, while desiring to win some money (and gambling can be fun while winning…)…But as we all know, waking up later the next morning to the debt incurred, is not. And it all starts with going home that first time, after spending more money than what was planned; especially when the bills come due (…while it’s the casinos and the other gambling establishments who continue to flourish).

This little book helps us to understand the heart of the gambler towards their family, as well as the effects that gambling can have upon the family. It was also designed to take the gambler by the hand and assist them safely into counseling. (…It’s that first call for help, that may be hardest; but I found out that the person on the other end of the phone understood far more about my situation, than I gave them credit for…). I just wish I would’ve called them years earlier, before I did. t.d.m.

Life was made to be enjoyed, and although money can be a big part of it, it’s not greater than living and enjoying what we already have.

This book has no Christian content.

Incredible Humorous Books

by Michael Jones

I hope you like Part 2 of these chapters from 6 of my 12 books? A lot of people loved Part 1 so I decided to do another. Pick your favorites which are easy to purchase as paperback or e-books on my website link to Amazon. You can download them to any device. I assure you, you will enjoy the endings.

Quick Tips for Great Parenting: Practical and Non-Interfering!

by Edrid Tirado

Practical and Non-Interfering!

Quick Tips for Great Parenting is designed to help anyone become a better parent.

Some of the suggestions in this book are simple reminders of things you may already know and others are practical ideas which you may choose to implement with your children. Some suggestions are proverbs to ponder while others are meant to be inspirational.

Not all of the advice in this book will fit your personality; however, one thing is for sure, you will find at least one thing you will like in this book and your relationship with your child or children will benefit from it.

How to Raise a Negrito: Parenting Advice for Puerto Ricans

by Edrid Tirado

This book is dedicated to my abuela (grandma) Ul who affectionately used to call me “negrito bembón” (little black child with big lips). Te quiero mucho abuela.

The term “Negrito” is affectionately used by many Puerto Ricans to refer to their children, whether they be of light or dark complexion.

In “How to Raise a Negrito” also published under the title “Quick Tips for Great Parenting,” Tirado brings together much of his personal and professional experience to help anyone become a better parent with a little bit of Puerto Rican reflection.

Author Edrid Tirado, born and raised in Puerto Rico, began working with parents and teens in 1990 as a youth counselor in the Pacific Northwest. His primary focus was counseling teens to address relational and behavioral issues as well as helping parents and caretakers improve their parenting practices. By 1999 he had successfully designed and supervised a multifaceted youth program for 400 teens consisting of leadership development and community involvement.

Tirado earned his bachelor’s degree in human services from Western Washington University.

Since 2000, his professional efforts have been focused on working with adult populations in the criminal justice system. He has worked as a parole officer, a correctional instructor, a youth counselor, and most important, a father of five great children.

Safety Dave and Daisy Go to the Beach

by David McNutt

Safety Dave and Daisy Go to the Beach is a children’s picture book set before, during and after a day at the beach. The hero of the book is a young boy with the nickname, Safety Dave. He and his sidekick, his best friend and adorable dog Daisy, are on a quest to educate children about beach safety. The book is catchy, colorful and appealing to young children because of the fascinating nature of going to the beach.

Father’s Day

by Donald J. Bingle

“You never know what day your kids are going to remember most about growing up.

You hope that it is a good day, a day when you performed well as a parent. Your greatest fear is that it will be a bad day, a day when you lost your temper or let the dog run out in front of traffic, or a day when something happened that is only talked about in front of high-priced therapists.

In my case it was the day my dad bought sod.”

Thus begins Donald J. Bingle’s award-winning short memoir about his father, a heart-warming, surprising, and humorous tale about how a single incident on a single summer day can become one of a child’s favorite memories of his parent.

This short, simple tale will bring both laughter and tears and create a lasting memory that no mass-produced Father’s Day card can ever duplicate. Pre-load it on your dad’s Kindle for a perfect Father’s Day gift. At about 2,000 words, it is a delightful short read, not a lengthy chore.

“Father’s Day” won 1st Place in the California Literary Arts Society Memoir Contest (2009) and 2nd Place, Non-Fiction, in West Suburban Living’s Annual Writing and Photography Contest (2005). It is also available as part of a deluxe 3-pack edition.

Best known as the world’s top-ranked player of classic role-playing games for fifteen years, Donald J. Bingle is an oft-published author in the science fiction, fantasy, horror, thriller, steampunk, romance, and comedy genres, with three published novels (Net Impact; Forced Conversion; GREENSWORD) and more than forty stories, primarily in DAW themed anthologies and tie-in anthologies, including stories in Time Traveled Tales, Sidekicks!, The Crimson Pact, Steampunk’d, Imaginary Friends, Fellowship Fantastic, Zombie Raccoons and Killer Bunnies, Time Twisters, Front Lines, Slipstreams, Gamer Fantastic, Transformers Legends, Search for Magic (Dragonlance), If I Were An Evil Overlord, Blue Kingdoms–Mages & Magic, Civil War Fantastic, Carnage & Consequences, Future Americas, All Hell Breaking Loose, The Dimension Next Door, Sol’s Children, Historical Hauntings, and Fantasy Gone Wrong.

Many of Don’s stories are electronically available, individually or in genre collections, including “Writer on Demand: Tales of Gamers and Gaming,” “Writer on Demand: Tales of Humorous Horror,” “Writer on Demand: Tales Out of Time,” “Writer on Demand: Grim, Fair e-Tales,” “Writer on Demand: Tales of an Altered Past Powered by Romance, Horror, and Steam,” “Not-So-Heroic Fantasy,” and “Shadow Realities.”

His story “Gentlemanly Horrors of Mine Alone” was the ninth story in Mike Stackpole’s Chain Story Project. His original short stories, “Season’s Critiquings” and “Running Free: A Tale Inspired by Patsy Ann,” are available for just 99 cents each..

Donald J. Bingle is a member of the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America, International Thriller Writers, the International Association of Media Tie-In Writers, the GenCon Writers Symposium, and the St. Charles Writers Group.

Remarriage: In the Bible (Divorce: In the Bible Book 2)

by Michael Sayen

The book “Divorce: In the Bible” and “Remarriage: In the Bible” comes from a Jewish perspective. Not a Jewish perspective that is commonly practiced but the true understanding of the Law, interpreted by Jesus, and how it should have been practiced. There are many ethics and doctrines that we obtain from scripture and incorporate it into the Church and into Gentile’s lives that are turning to Jesus. Marriage, divorce and remarriage are one of those doctrines. Regardless of your past, culture or understanding the Bible doesn’t ever allow women to pastor a Church or to lead a marriage. Scripture similarly doesn’t give a woman permission to divorce her husband, since she is subject to him by God’s law (Gen. 3:16). This book portrays old, forgotten fundamental truths.

“Impressively well written, organized and presented, “Divorce: In the Bible” is very highly recommended for all members of the Christian community regardless of their denominational affiliation — but most especially is it commended to the attention of any Christian contemplating or otherwise faced with the prospect of a divorce” – Midwest Book Review.

“Divorce: In the Bible by Michael Sayen, there is a ton of research and explanation about what the Bible defines as marriage and says about divorce. It is so well researched that it could almost be a Bible commentary book on its own about this specific subject” – Reader’s Favorite Book Review.

My next book “Remarriage: In the Bible” answers questions like –

Question: Who can remarry if the man divorces his wife for adultery?

Answer: Both can remarry after the marriage covenant has been abolished according to scriptural allowances.

Question: If the wife initiates the divorce (which is against the Law of Moses for a woman to do so) can her husband remarry?

Answer: If a wife divorces her husband, I say that the man should wait until either she remarries, or commits sexual immorality outside their marriage before he remarries (this will allow the unlawful divorce a chance to reconcile to its original state) since it was not his fault or “cause” for the divorce. According to the Law, the man is allowed to be married to two women at the same time. So, it would not be unlawful to still be bound to his first wife (in theory) and take on another new wife at the same time. Jennifer Fineman in her article “A Jewish Divorce” (2016) talks about the Jewish people who choose a civil divorce not according to the Law of Moses, “If the woman does remarry (without a “get”), she is considered an adulteress… However, Jewish men who remarry without getting a “get” (a Jewish approved divorce according to the Torah) don’t suffer the same consequences. Because traditional Jewish law permitted polygamy, these men are not considered adulterers.” Therefore, a man would not be committing adultery against his wife if right after she unlawfully divorced him he were to find a new wife to marry. But I don’t think getting married right away is in the spirit of 1 Cor. 7:26-28, that is, of-course, unless she is an unbeliever and reconciliation doesn’t seem likely. God is into reconciliation and not into divorce or even into remarrying another, if at all possible. But even after her husband decides to move forward and remarry, the former wife still must “remain unmarried” or “reconcile” 1 Cor. 7:10-11 until he dies 1 Cor. 7:39 releasing her from the “law of her husband” since the divorce was never approved by God’s law. If man initiates the divorce, if not for sexual immorality, he cannot get married right away because he unlawfully breaks the original marriage covenant with his wife and any new wife would be considered a replacement wife; therefore, sinning “against” the covenant that he made to his former wife (Mark 10:11).

Fineman, J. (2016, January). “A Jewish Divorce: The Importance of a “Get”.” Retrieved from

A Grandparent’s Love

by Jessie Careld

The decision, no matter the reason for adopting a grandchild, requires a lot of forethought.

My decision to adopt my grandson Warren was one of the most heartbreaking decisions I have ever had to make.

Warren’s mother, my daughter, was a drug addict.

I love my daughter and always will; however, I couldn’t let my love for her, prevent me from doing the right thing for Warren.

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Imago (A Kate Redman Mystery: Book 3) (The Kate Redman Mysteries)

by Celina Grace

“They don’t fear me, quite the opposite. It makes it twice as funâ?¦ I know the next time will be soon, I’ve learnt to recognise the signs. I think I even know who it will be. She’s oblivious of course, just as she should be. All the time, I watch and wait and she has no idea, none at all. And why would she? I’m disguised as myself, the very best disguise there is.”

A known prostitute is found stabbed to death in a shabby corner of Abbeyford. Detective Sergeant Kate Redman and her partner Detective Sergeant Olbeck take on the case, expecting to have it wrapped up in a matter of days. Kate finds herself distracted by her growing attraction to her boss, Detective Chief Inspector Anderton – until another woman’s body is found, with the same knife wounds. And then another one after that, in a matter of days.

Forced to confront the horrifying realisation that a serial killer may be preying on the vulnerable women of Abbeyford, Kate, Olbeck and the team find themselves in a race against time to unmask a terrifying murderer, who just might be hiding in plain sightâ?¦

Imago (A Kate Redman Mystery: Book 3) is the third in the Kate Redman Mysteries series, by bestselling crime writer Celina Grace, author of Hushabye, Requiem and Lost Girls.

Praise for The Kate Redman Mysteries from Amazon and Goodreads reviewers:

“One of the best I have read this year. I read about a fourth of the book early in the day, then at bedtime, I thought I would read a bit more before sleep. I finished the book at 5:20 AM. Just could not put it down.”

“At last, a mystery that deliversâ?¦I found this novel superb because I got all I needed to know and none of what I didn’t.”

“â?¦a gripping detective story but the main character engages you, and as well as wanting to know how the mystery turns out you want to learn more about her too.”

“â?¦amazing book, read it front to back in one visit, couldn`t help myselfâ?¦”

“â?¦the most enjoyable Kindle book I have so far read since the ‘low cost electronic revolution’ which has been sweeping my reading habits for the last couple of years! Thoroughly recommended.”

“This was my introduction to the author, and I’m so glad I discovered the book. Well-written and a real page turner.”

“I was awake till the early hours to finish it !! I really enjoyed it and the characters in it so I’m pleased I also have the sequel downloaded to read at some point. I know it should be great.”

“Attention to detail and great character building coupled with a mystery that keeps you guessing are all the ingredients that make me keep reading till the early hours of the morning.”

The Ruby Locket (The Belrose Abbey Mystery Series Book 1)

by Anita Higman

When Anne’s mother agrees to marry a wealthy, mysterious man, she expects a nice mansion in the hills. But their new home, Belrose Abbey, is more like a castleâ??imposing, cold, and full of shadows. The more Anne explores the corridors and vacant rooms and dusty crannies, the more she discovers about the abbey’s masterâ??her soon-to-be stepfatherâ??Ivan Helsburg. As her mother’s wedding draws closer, Anne begins to harbor a creeping suspicion that all is not well at Belrose Abbey.

Dig Two Graves: Revenge or Honor

by Nick Vellis

Three generations mysteriously linked by one plot

A WWII mystery based on actual events

Greece and the Aegean Sea have been the stage for countless legends of war and adventure. In 1944, the Germans pledged to leave the Greek Jews in peace in exchange for a head tax. The ransom was paid but the Germans herded the Jews to the camps just the same. That’s when an OSS commando parachuted into occupied Greece. The soldier, a Greek himself, turned the Nazi plot on its head then disappeared with the loot.

Seventy years later, the soldier’s grandson searches for the truth, his father’s murderer, and the fabulous missing fortune bringing the decades-old mystery to an explosive conclusion.

Double Shock

by Peggy Holloway

Ramona, a battered wife, plans to kill her husband and make it look like an accident. After his death, while going through his belongings, she finds papers he has written that make no sense. When her mama commits suicide, she finds her mama’s diaries. The diaries begin just before Japan attacked Pearl Harbor. Ramona is amazed at what she learns about her mama, the sheriff, and the whole town of Addison, Georgia, where she lives.

Ramona is falling in love with the sheriff, but is terrified he will discover that her husband’s death wasn’t an accident. The town’s wealthiest man wants to buy the shack that Ramona and her husband, Jake, lived in, and is willing to pay double what it’s worth. The doctor that Ramona works for is trying to get her to leave town. Her landlord is found snooping in Ramona’s apartment. She doesn’t know who she can trust.

Mystery : Hidden – The Wake Up Call: (Hidden hunter, Mystery, Suspense, Thriller, Suspense Crime Thriller) (ADDITIONAL FREE BOOK INCLUDED ) (Suspense Thriller Mystery: Hidden Hunter)

by Mark Peterson




A woman was found dead at an anti-war rally because of a myterious plane crash. Private investigator Edgar Willis will be assigned to solve this case. Along investigation, he will see conspiracy in the plane crash, and life. As the story unfolds, he will discover a lot of things he never thought he’d think about.

Preventing any of these people from being exposed to the public should be his priority. The worse that could happen is to keep the media from discovering what could be the biggest cover up in their nation’s history. Soon, things will get complicated and they will find it hard to seek answers out of every assumption they make.

Delay in justice is injustice, he knows this very well. But the dead cannot cry out for justice, and the duty of living to do so for them is something he vows. But… will he ever reveal it?

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The Woman in the Wing

by Jean Sheldon

‘The Woman in the Wing’ is an entertaining historical mystery that takes place in a WWII defense plant in Chicago. It offers a glimpse into the lives of women who served at home during World War II, Rosie the Riveters, and sheds light on the seldom told stories of the women who ferried military planes from plants to air bases around the countryâ??Women Airforce Service Pilotsâ??the WASP.

Terror Keep

by Edgar Wallace

Detective JG Reeder and his attractive secretary, Margaret Belman, almost suffered the wrath of John Flack, an unusual villain who pairs maniacal insanity with genius.
Detective and criminal are well matched and the reader is kept in the dark about the outcome of this deadly duel for a long time.

ROMANCE: MC BIKER ROMANCE: Knocked (MC Biker Romance)(Bad Boy Motorcycle Club Pregnancy Romance) (Contemporary Military Romantic Suspense Crime Thriller)

by Tia Parker

A New Hot New Steamy Bad Boy MC Biker Pregnancy Romance By Tia Parker!!!

I never cared what most people thought. I always got what I wanted, took whatever I wasn’t given. Women were a dime a dozen, not really more than a few minutes pleasure at the end of the day.

That was until I met Emily. I had to be patient with her, waiting until she was ready. She was worth it though, submitting beautifully.

I wasn’t ready for the way her small moans in my ear affected me.

Then she was gone and her secrets were found out. Mine were harder to handle for such a delicately-natured woman.

She was a good girl and now carrying my child. MY child.

Emily couldn’t run away anymore and I wasn’t going to let her out of my sight.

Emily was knocked up and they were both MINE.

This is a stand alone novel with a an ultra dominant alpha male. This book contains mature themes and language. Intended for 18+ readers only.

LIMITED TIME ONLY: Following this MC Biker Standalone, various short story bonus books are included! Enjoy!

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Hollow Places

by Kilian Thomas

A decade after a Hellfire missile took an arm, an eye, and a sister from Austin, he is forced to leave his foster family and make a living in an increasingly dysfunctional world. The road leads him south to the city of Santa Rosa, California. Possessing nothing but a Jeep, a little cash, and the clothes on his back, Austin finds relief when he gets a janitor job at a private prison. His burden becomes heavier when he discovers an anomaly deep underground that allows him to go anywhere in the world he wishes. Being a man literally haunted by his past, Austin decides to use this special resource to save the lives of others. But his will to be a hero is tempered by human flaws, and the friends who aid him are far from saints.

Austin will learn the meaning of sacrifice. What it is to be a hero. He will see many sides of love made stale by poor timing and hushed lips. That corrupt industries are stubborn to change. That the past sometimes comes alive, and that only the surface world lends itself well to a map. Stranger things, a living past, a changing maze, a flawed rebirth, can be found outside the eyes of civilization. Hollow Places is the story of a man with scars outnumbering his age seeking normality through being exceptional.

Sea of Masks: Rejected

by Robert Glover

Think it is tough getting that dream job?

Try being a clone amid a society where having the right mark on your mask means the difference in destitution or opulence. How is a clone to succeed in standing out? Only those with money or influence are able to stand above the clamoring masses and truly claim their dreams.

Marks are all that separate Jaxis from fulfilling his dreams, but with their lofty prices, and exclusive nature, they can be impossible for a new clone, like him, to attain. Everyone tells him that if he is patient, and works hard he may one day, before his time, attain his dreams.

That is all changed now. Years of mistreatment have finally worn on Jaxis and he made a rash decision to go out on his own, to venture into the business world alone. He quickly regretted the decision, and now his options are vanishing. He is getting desperate. What is a clone to do when all other options are closed?

The Book About That Actor

by Mike Broemmel

Rosalind beat her agent to the jazz club by over an hour, deliberately. Rosalind hated meeting with her agent. Her representative, Jack Foster, was a gentlemanly fellow, in fact too gracious for Rosalind’s taste.

Typically drunk, struggling to remember what she did from night to night … Rosalind crafts and creates as a writer through the fog, typically from a bar stool at a Miami Beach joint.

In Remembrance of Things Lost

by Joshua Lorenzo Newett

“Thad Gordon’s life had been on a downward trajectory since his family moved from Walpole, Massachusetts to East Hampton, New York. He wanted to slip through the cracks and be forgotten. He listlessly haunted the city, a ghost among the chaos and cacophony, a forgotten boy lurking in the shadows of the greatest show on earth. He sat on stoops, in parks, libraries, coffee shops, alleyways, and subways, observing the great rush of humanity in the streets: beggars, mad men, drug dealers, lovers, friends, dogs, children being pampered by nannies, ants carting off pieces of cinnamon roll, joy, indifference, and hate. The city was a great confluence of stories, millions of people stacked up in great hives buzzing and flitting here and there. Where are they all going? How did they end up in this city? When did their families come to America? When the sun broke through afternoon clouds in heavenly rays, how many noticed? How did they feel? This is the story of one of those people. A story about coming to the edge of the abyss and peering in. ”

Involution & Evolution: A rhyming anti-war novel by Joss Sheldon

by Joss Sheldon


“One of the best anti-war novels I have read” Kevin J. Litner

“Great, thrilling, and enlightening book!” Emma Parker

“A heartfelt and beautifully written book” Kiarna


This is the story of Alfred Freeman, a boy who does everything he can; to serve humankind. He feeds five-thousand youths, salves-saves-and-soothes; and champions the maligned. He helps paralytics to feel fine, turns water into wine; and gives sight to the blind.

When World War One draws near, his nation is plunged into fear; and so Alfred makes a stand. He opposes the war and calls for peace, disobeys the police; and speaks out across the land. He makes speeches, and he preaches; using statements which sound grand.

But the authorities hit back, and launch a potent-attack; which is full of disgust-derision-and-disdain. Alfred is threatened with execution, and suffers from persecution; which leaves him writhing in pain. He struggles to survive, remain alive; keep cool and stay sane.

‘Involution & Evolution’ is a masterpiece of rhyme, with a message which echoes through time; and will get inside your head. With colourful-characters and poetic-flair, it is a scathing critique of modern-warfare; and all its gory-bloodshed. It’s a novel which breaks new ground, is sure to astound; and really must be read!

W. B. Bugg’s Change of Heart

by David Inglish

William Bradford Bugg has almost everything: an enviable collection of pop, modern and contemporary art, a yacht, a Maybach with a driver, a seat on the Grand Council of Foundations, a keenly decorated manse and a bright orange Aston Martin. Unfortunately, he has no heart. His second one has just given out and he desperately needs a third. While he waits in a state of suspended animation for another chance at life, he wonders if he really ever lived at all.

Asylum House Call – A Cyberdetective Story

by Rich Rojas

Debut of The Sudoku Player series [a one-sitting, fast-paced read]

Can you solve the mystery of the obstinate pharmacy safe before the end of the story?

Justin Marsh, an independent cybersecurity consultant, has been summoned to a mental hospital in a remote part of West Virginia where he has reluctantly agreed to investigate the case of a stubborn pharmacy safe that has suddenly stopped opening at its preset times. Compounding the problem, the patients of the hospital, many severely mentally ill, have not received their medications locked away in the safe going on three days. The situation has boiled over inside the walls of the institution with some patients becoming agitated and a heavily armed SWAT team amassed on the front lawn preparing to storm the doors to restore order.

Given less than an hour to get the safe open by the sheriff leading the SWAT team, Justin sets to work with only his wits and a large red toolbox supplied by the hospital’s maintenance man at his disposal. Over the course of the next hour he encounters several denizens of the mental institution, both staff and patients alike, and discovers some of the challenges each must face.

Ghosts of a Tired Universe

by Jonas Samuelle

There are worlds where passion means more than action. There are places where time has no meaning, and anything is possible. When a heart-broken sculptor seeks them out, existence itself may crumble under the weight of his pain.

Extended Description:
Charles is a sculptor of unparalleled skill, obsessed with emphasizing the few beautiful aspects of what he considers to be an ugly and dying world. Before putting out his cigarettes, Charles would look at the cherry for a moment and wonder if this would be the flame he’d use to finally set the world on fire. The answer had always been no, until the night Mira was attacked.

When his lover’s assailant is set free with no more punishment than a legal finger-wag, Charles trades in his chisel for a torch and points his talent of shaping metal and rock toward reshaping the world by fire, one building at a time. It doesn’t take long, however, for him to realize that not even all the oil of the earth could make a fire that would re-weld the crack in the human soul. It is the crack formed by dogma, and the unforgiving nature of memory.

He is unknowingly guided by two immortals whose means are super-natural and motivations are a mystery. With their influence, Charles would soon change into something different, something dangerous. As he becomes aware of their unseen presence, so too does he realize that if he lets these two wretches keep control of his life, he’ll end up just like them, locked in hatred, forever.


by Benjamin Mishler

Abandoned by their wife and mother, Jim and his son Daniel are in the midst of personal and financial crisis. Jim clings to last vestiges of normalcy for his family. He’s barely able to keep food on the table and a roof over their heads. He works the only employment he can find as a nightclub bouncer. Daniel struggles, trapped in a cycle of bullying, unequipped with the tools to develop healthy relationships, or succeed in school. The men flounder in the slow burn of poverty. In the loss of their stability, they cope as they can, redefining their relationship as they battle their own personal demons.

Early Indications

by G B Prabhat

“… racy, engaging, rich in literary and philosophical references… twists and turns… the use of acclaimed literary works – 1984, The God of Small Things and others – as major symbols beautifully intertwined with the plot… ” THE SUNDAY TRIBUNE

“… intricate and rich novel of boyhood and youth… the effect [of Early Indications] is immense and the aftereffect total.” BOOK LINK

“A mesmerising book that [holds] the reader’s attention from the beginning to the end.” THE HINDU – NXG

“This book – much like Prabhat’s earlier works – is a tribute to the genre of literary fiction.” THE ECONOMIC TIMES – MADRAS PLUS

“The five characters are sketched skilfully … the interesting twists and turns lend the narrative shades of a thriller.” BUSINESS LINE

“… the author’s depiction of Coimbatore is its biggest draw.” THE TELEGRAPH


â??If children grew up according to early indications, we should have nothing but geniuses.’
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Madras, December 26, 2004. Shiva has a miraculous escape from the tsunami. Twenty years before, a friend saved him from almost certain death – whose debt he was reluctant to acknowledge.

Coimbatore, South India, 1969. It all began, most probably, because Shiva and his four classmates – all kindergarten students – were christened â??the Five Geniuses’ by an old woman who was their doting first teacher. She does not stop with that simple declaration but, by careful personality divination, gives them their callings. Shiva would become a research scholar or a professor since he has a silver tongue and a prodigious intellect. Dorai with his abiding curiosity for automobiles would have something to do with cars; maybe he would invent a new one. Basketball is the future of Rohit who manages to score from the vaunted zero position. A droll couplet by Kani convinces the teacher that he is a future poet. Sarita’s full-throated rendering of â??Doe, a deer’ makes it clear that she is destined for musical stardom.

For different reasons, the Five Geniuses join the local engineering college for an undergraduate degree in Mechanical Engineering. Soon the interplay between incidents traps them inextricably in a whirlpool.

Innocent utterances can change lives. How would their lives have turned out if they hadn’t been called the Five Geniuses? Were they geniuses or did they so believe because a set of accidental circumstances conspired to create the impression? These thoughts bother Shiva in his post-Coimbatore existence in Madras. After being providentially spared by the tsunami, almost twenty years after he left Coimbatore, he decides to visit it to check what became of the past with which he severed connections.

Early Indications is a haunting tale of friendship, oppression, disaffection, betrayal, guilt, false dawns, and the impossibility of redemption. It is about confronting the infinite shades of gray we are painted in, and wondering how much semi-serious pronouncements can shape the spectrum. The novel showcases the subterranean poetic charm of Coimbatore, which lies midway between the teeming metropolises and the overwrought village settings.

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