Free war Kindle books for 29 Jun 16

Blitzkrieg Ireland 2016

by Gary J Byrnes

This is a very short story about what might happen when Ireland can no longer afford to pay her debts to the European Central Bank.

This story also features in Ireland Trilogy by Gary J Byrnes.

Debt will set you free.

Spooky Military Tales

by David Joseph

David Joseph has established himself as one of the most unique military fiction writers of our time. Wielding all the power and magic of a master storyteller, Joseph delivers in Spooky Military Tales the stories the military does not want you to know. He introduces the origins behind the haunted KC-135 tanker that still flies, the aircraft that flew the remains to the U.S. from Jonestown, the strange sightings at Arlington National Cemetery, and connects the unexplained incidents in the corrosion hangar at Atsugi Naval Base, Japan. A magnificent, eerie, and compelling collection of spooky military stories.

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