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15 Celebrities Who Have Killed : From The Limelight To The Court Room (Serial Killers – Murderer – Criminals Crimes – True Evil – Horror Stories – True Crimes – Violent Crimes)

by Richard Berrington

There аrе famous people whо hаvе accidentally killеd other оr соmmittеd murder. Wе dо nоt undertake to соndеmn or juÑ?tifÑ?, wе аrе juÑ?t Ñ?tаting thе fасtÑ?.

Thоugh HоllÑ?wооd iÑ?n’t averse tо dаngеr and certainly соurtÑ? itÑ? Ñ?hаrе of it, wе оftеn fоrgеt thаt асtоrÑ? аrе, аftеr all, human bеingÑ? juÑ?t like uÑ?, just аÑ? fallible and givеn the tеmÑ?tаtiоnÑ? аÑ?Ñ?осiаtеd with Hollywood, аll the mоrе likely tо fаll fоul оf thе lаw.

Whеthеr these celebrities gоt thеmÑ?еlvеÑ? in trоublе bеfоrе thеÑ? got fаmоuÑ? or during, the salient point iÑ? thаt you’ve Ñ?rоbаblÑ? fоrgоttеn about thе transgression bÑ? nоw, оr Ñ?еrhаÑ?Ñ? nеvеr knеw in thе firÑ?t Ñ?lасе. Whеthеr thеÑ?е сrimеÑ? harmed оthеrÑ? or not, their shocking nаturе mаkеÑ? it Ñ?urÑ?riÑ?ing thаt thеÑ?’rе Ñ?till еmÑ?lоÑ?аblе bÑ? HоllÑ?wооd, but hеÑ?, the film induÑ?trÑ? iÑ?n’t еxасtlÑ? known fоr its moral fibrе nоw, is it?

Wеll еvеrÑ?оnе mаkеÑ? mistake, but that dоеÑ?n’t mеаn that thеÑ? are bad аnd deserve tо burn in hеll. Hеrе аrе a bunch оf сеlеbritiеÑ? whom we lоvе аnd even look uÑ? tо fоr inÑ?Ñ?irаtiоn, but thеÑ?’vе hаd criminal rесоrd in thе Ñ?аÑ?t. Let’s tаkе a lооk into the liÑ?t.

Celebrity Chef Serial Killer: Stephen Port Reality Star to Dangerous Serial Killer (Murderer – Criminals Crimes – True Evil – Horror Stories- True Crime – Murders)

by Richard Berrington

Stephen Port, a 40-year-old man allegedly poisoned, molested, and then murdered four gay men between June 2014, and September 2015. According to some online sources, the murders took place between April 2014 and September 2015.

Let us dig deeper and find out what happened.

Four Gay Men Poisoned To Death Within A 14 Month Period

Stephen Port used â??PinkNews’, a dating website designed particularly for gays as well as Grinder, a dating app for gays to meet different men. He met four different men via the website and the app, and interacted with them on separate occasions.

Once he established a familiarity with the men, he separately took all four of them to his house, over a 15-month period. Once inside the house, Stephen drugged them using GHB (Gamma-hydroxybutyric acid), a popular date rape drug.

GHB is a strong hypnotic depressant colloquially referred to as liquid X, liquid E, liquid ecstasy, Georgia home boy, easy lay, natural sleep-500, scoop, gamma-oh, fantasy, soap, organic, gamma hydrate, sodium oxybate, cherry meth, G-riffic, Gib, somatomax, and grievous bodily harm.

It mostly comes in liquid form mixable with other liquid ingredients. GHB causes drowsiness, forgetfulness and seizures, slowed breathing, and a decreased heartbeat. Its overdose leads to coma and death. The coma usually lasts two hours with recovery normally occurring within eight hours. Being a date rape drug, administers of this drug often use alcoholic drinks to administer the drug.

Stephen laced the drinks of his victims and administered a very heavy dose of GHB. Within minutes of drinking their beverage, the victims fell to the ground and entered a coma-like state.

Post-mortem reports conducted on the victims showed that the victim’s corpses showed signs of sexual molestation before they died. Stephen had sexual intercourse with all four of his victims and then dumped their bodies at different locations.

At the time of the crime, Stephen, now in custody and awaiting trial, lived in a flat located on Cooke Street in Barking, East London. Three of the dead bodies were discovered around St. Margaret’s Churchyard, which is within half a mile of where he lived, while the fourth corpse was discovered on Cooke Street, close to Stephen’s home residence.

Stephen On Celebrity Master Chef UK

Stephen Port also made a one-episode appearance on the famous television show â??Celebrity Master Chef UK’ in June 2014, the very same month the body of his first victim was discovered.

In the brief appearance he had on television, Stephen was seen giving meatballs and pasta to various bus drivers. It was the fourth episode of the ninth season of the show and the celebrity chefs had to prepare a meal for 100 bus drivers.

Stephen appeared on the show wearing a white chef’s hat with a blond toupee beneath it. He assisted JB Gill, a famous JLS singer and Emma Barton, a renowned soap opera actor who appeared on â??EastEnders’ prepare and serve the meal to the drivers.

Later, when Stephen was accused of the crime, one of the spokesperson for the Stagecoach London and West Ham Bus Garage stated that Stephen was not an employee of Stagecoach; rather, a catering company that was not aware of Stephen’s criminal activities had outsourced him.

The image below shows Stephen standing next to JB Gill on the show.

The Irony of Grace: A Journey of Forgiveness

by Chandler Gerber

Based on the author’s heart-wrenching experiences from 2009 through 2014, The Irony of Grace is a powerful testimony of God’s ability to teach us powerful lessons in the midst of life’s most distressing valleys.

Many drivers are guilty of using their phone while driving. Chandler Gerber was one of those drivers and his actions resulted in tragedy. Ironically, he previously had been severely injured in an accident caused by a distracted driver.

The Irony of Grace is the story of surrendering anger, bitterness, and resentment to Jesus Christ. The ability to forgive emerges as the result.

* * *

Chandler Gerber, a husband and father, resides with his family near Bluffton, Indiana, where he was born and raised. He speaks throughout the country on the topics of driving safety, forgiveness, overcoming obstacles, and a variety of similar themes. His life plans never included speaking or being involved in the public eye, but God has a way of using each of us as He sees fit.

Chandler appears in “From One Second to the Next”, a short film on texting while driving that can be viewed on Netflix and YouTube. He is part of the “It Can Wait” program, a national crusade that raises distracted driving awareness.

* * *

“This book should be required reading for anyone with a driver’s license.”

– Dave Beckwith, pastor and author of THE EDGE: God’s Power Perfected in Weakness

“The Irony of Grace is a powerful and moving story that will linger in your mind and in your heart long after you close the book.”

– Suzanne Woods Fisher, bestselling author of Amish Peace: Simple Wisdom for a Complicated World

Published in connection with Hartline Literary Agency, serving the Christian book community. Visit us at

A Long Way from Paris

by E.C. Murray

NAMED A KIRKUS BEST BOOKS OF 2014 In this searing story of transformation, meshed with reflection, romance, and mystery, Elizabeth herds goats during roaring blizzards in the mountains of Southern France. “Murray writes with grace, complexity, and humor…a rare balance of light and darkness..readers will weep…and they will laugh..” Kirkus. Set in 1980, Elizabeth carves out a life without heat, running water, or even a good grasp of French. Far from her younger days as a New England preppie and Oregon hippie, the challenges of farm work daunt her. She befriends an Australian shepherd, reflects on her spirituality, and muses on the man she left behind. Elizabeth grows stronger as she faces self-doubt while still maintaining her humor. She ekes fun where she can. When tragedy strikes Elizabeth’s adopted family, she summons belief in herself and becomes the leader they desperately need. “Riveting.” Scott Driscoll, University of Washington KIRKUS BEST BOOKS of 2014 Cited as New and Noteworthy by Seattle Times. Praised by Publishers Weekly.

Elsie’s Mountain: Memories of Palomar & Southern California 1897-1987

by Barbara Anne Waite

It was love at first sight when, as a young girl in 1904, Elsie first visited Palomar Mountain. Forever after she would refer to “my mountain” as some might speak of “my husband.” Elsie and her husband Jack managed their own apple ranch and rustic mountain resort on Palomar during WWI and the years following. Rising 6,000 feet above San Diego and other coastal cities, Palomar provided a creative setting for a life that was anything but dull. Elsie recalls in delightful detail their “proper” British cook, the threat of dangerous forest fires, and the shock of finding out that they had hired an escaped ax murderer. When Elsie Hayes Roberts was ninety-seven, writer Larry Littlefield described her as “having a memory as sharp as an Ansel Adams photograph.” Those who knew Elsie would agree, for she was a master storyteller who viewed life as a glorious adventure. Her true stories transport readers to life in another era. Although the majesty of Palomar Mountain belonged to all who ventured there, for Elsie it would always be her mountain.

Devil Walking The Earth

by S.Diane Rader

This book is true based on my life. I lost both my parents when I was very young. We were put here and there to stay, until something permanent was decided. My oldest brother and an older sister decided to take care of us. My brother wasn’t allowed to have us by himself, because he was single. It wasn’t very long until he got married, and he and his new wife got custody of us. Everyone else went on with their lives, but that is when our hell on earth begin.


by Joanne St.Clair

Have you ever wondered whether life is a hilarious charade or a serious performance? Is it a scripted play that we and countless others unwittingly go along with, acting out roles that we have assigned ourself with a sense of importance? Or is there really more to it, hidden forces rarely seen with the naked eye but influencing every action that we take?

Walking a fine line between madness and magnificence, Naked Raver is a true story that answers these questions and more. It is a real-life adventure that takes you on a journey into the faceless depths of existence, revealing a world where beauty and truth are in abundance, and where everything that you may possibly conceive of as an ideal and beautiful life is already yours for the taking.

“Prepare to be inspired”

“Joanne St.Clair has suddenly taken spiritual inspiration to a whole new level”

“This is cool! Very cool.”

Misguided by Love, Redirected by Faith: My Journey to Freedom

by Ericka Ellis

Everyone has suitcases, trunks, or closets filled with painful memories, secrets and storiesâ?¦ myself included. I thought it would be easier to carry the pain with me than confront it but the burden of that decision would weigh me down for many years. For most of my life, I was running, scared and lost, living out of a suitcase filled with emotional baggage from my childhood. The attachment to my baggage reveals my constant struggle of longing and loathing for a mother adrift in a world of purgatory. For many years, I couldn’t decide if the sum of my choices were inherited or instinctive. I declared I would never live like my mother but the weight of my baggage pushed me down a similar destructive and rebellious path. Though finding love was both our missions, our fate kept us connected to a destiny full of roadblocks, detours, and dead ends. As I recount my journey to freedom, you will see how I was merely a child, masquerading as a woman, on a quest to finding love but instead I find my faith and myself. The vulnerable and heartbreaking flashbacks I detail may resonate with you as it reveals painful secrets and revelations. This book is for everyone; all who hunger and thirst for hope and freedom. It is for every living soul who has at some point in life, been wounded emotionally and desires to live free. This is my story.



Buried Tears is a compelling novel based on a true account that happened in a village called Golden Hill, so named because of the abudance of buttercups, commonly known as gold cups, that covered its fields. The story unfolds across the backdrop of the stark realities of working class life in 1941, a time when owning a pot to piss in was considered a luxury!

It tells the powerful and moving story of an extraordinary bond between two brothers, Wilf and Kenneth, who as young boys plan to work hard in order to become rich and travel the world together.

Towards the end of what started as a normal day Kenneth, the younger of the two brothers, is reported missing. The truth behind the day’s events is carefully concealed as dreams, hopes and ambitions all hit the floor and smash into millions of pieces. Broken beyond repair. Life is never the same again and over sixty years later the truth and tears find their way out of the hiding place.


I have always felt inspired to write and after recently retiring from education have discovered more time and inclination to do so. I live in Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire, England and am married with one daughter, one son-in-law and one grandson. I graduated from Manchester Metropolitan University with a BA (Hons) degree in Professional Studies in Education and worked as a lecturer at a local FE College for many years. I am the eldest of six children and feel fortunate and proud to belong to a big and diverse family.

Sabotage: A Chronicle of the Chesterton Crash

by Bryan Alaspa

The true story of the first bombing of a commercial airliner on US soil is finally told!

In October of 1933 a plane carrying seven people exploded and crashed over Chesterton, Indiana, on its way to Chicago, killing all on board. The crash shocked the small community of Chesterton, but what really shocked the country was the revelation that it was a bomb that brought the plane down. The airline industry was new, and the news of a bomb was potentially disastrous to an industry that was still trying to prove itself safe to a skeptical public and that was also experiencing labor problems with its pilots and mechanics. The man in charge of the investigation as none other than Melvin Purvis, the G-man in charge of the Chicago FBI office and the man who would become a superstar for bringing down John Dillinger. However, what no one knew was that pressure from J. Edgar Hoover to capture bank robbers and gangsters, plus Hoover’s petty jealousy over the increasing popularity of Purvis, made life in the Chicago FBI office a living hell as Purvis and his men juggled dozens of cases while also trying to find a culprit in the Chesterton plane bombing. It is a mystery that remains to this day, but hardly anyone knows about it. For the first time, author Bryan Alaspa explores the FBI files, presents the evidence the investigators found, and presents the story of what was happening behind-the-scenes at the FBI. For the first time, the story of the Chesterton Crash is told. Today, we would say that the incident was the first case of terrorism against a commercial airliner. Back then, they just called it SABOTAGE.

My Mother Killed Christ: But God Loves Me Anyway

by Katie Roberta Stevens

Every person has her secrets. If Katie can forgive her mother and herself for theirs, readers of this book can certainly find it in their hearts to forgive their own transgressions. This deeply affecting memoir by a Catholic schoolgirl during the 1960s shares her inspiring journey from an abusive childhood with a schizophrenic mother to an adulthood of redemptive love. My Mother Killed Christ: But God Loves Me Anyway is a triumphant memoir detailing the life of Katie Murphy, a 1960s Catholic School girl struggling to keep the faith acquired at school in a home ruled by a mentally ill mother who believed she killed Jesus Christ. This life story is not divided into years, but into episodes capturing her family’s chaos, created by an absentee father and a mother frequently committed to a mental hospital. She and her four siblings are forced to shoplift food, toiletries and clothing to survive. Meanwhile, Katie’s misguided search for parental love leads to an ongoing affair with a priest in high school, marriage to a man twice her age in college, and a twelve year affair with a married man in adulthood. She finally learns the truth about her childhood. Successful, safe and loved today, she lifts the veil of self-blame and anger to trace a path to true forgiveness. The author shares poignant proof that, with conviction, compassion, and truth, even the most damaging past can be transformed into a peaceful and meaningful present.

EVIL Inside: Mid-Hudson Psychiatric Center / Attica Prison / Wende Prison: Green on the High Iron

by Mike Max Szemplenski

Having spent my childhood growing up in Attica, N.Y. in the late 1950’s & early 1960’s and watching my dad go to work each day behind those forbidding Gray Walls of ATTICA PRISON ; I was bound and determined not to follow in his footsteps (certainly after witnessing the terrible Attica Prison Riot of Sept. 9 – 13, 1971 – the worst Prison Riot in U.S. history). However, upon graduating from college in 1973 and finding no work in my chosen field of Railroading (incredibly, all the railroads in the East were going bankrupt), that is exactly what I did.

On Oct. 11, 1973, I walked behind the fences of the Mid-Hudson Psychiatric Center for the Criminally Insane!!! Thus began my career, where I would encounter at Mid-Hudson, an individual whom I called ” Pure Evil”. A few short years later, I found myself following directly in my father’s footsteps as I went behind the “Big Gray Walls of Attica”. It was here that I would experience for the 2nd time an inmate who had the markings of “Pure Evil”. There would be one more incident where I came across an inmate who exhibited the frightening appearance of “Pure Evil” , this happened in my last year of work while I was at the Wende Correctional Facility.

Besides exploring the inner working of the mind of people who exhibited “Pure Evil”, my story takes the reader inside the walls to learn exactly what is going on not only in the life of a patient/inmate; but also what one would experience in group counselings sessions such as – Understanding Violent Behavior and Sex Offender Therapy.

I will also talk about my encounter with various other patients/inmates who include a patient that I supervised at Mid-Hudson back in 1973 and then would revisit 38 years later at the Rochester Psychiatric Center. Then their would be a rather strange letter that I would receive from Mark David Chapman, the person who killed John Lennon (one of the infamous “Beatles”). Probably one of the most improbable of encounters would be the time I had on my caseload was inmate James F. Bradley, the person who caused the death of the first and only I.R.S. (Internal Revenue Agent- Michael Dillon) to die in the line of duty. Bradley, incredibly, had been hired in the late 1950’s by my father at Attica to be a correction counselor!!!

An Eclectic Journal… Thailand

by Morgan McFinn

This meandering journal consists of random musings and observations that the author conjured up while living in a wooden bungalow along the Gulf of Siam in Thailand. It is primarily meant to be amusing but, also deals with the death of a friend and the author’s platonic relationship with a young woman in Phnom Penh (Cambodia) for whom he is trying to provide a better life. As always with McFinn, there are plenty of interesting characters and witty repartee.

No Man’s Land Part 2: The Aftermath

by Pierre Zucchi

Pierre Zucchi continues with the description of his life in the aftermath of the First World War, adding his usual dry observations on historical events as well anecdotes of family life, which is not without difficulties after the long separation.

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