Free fantasy Kindle books for 30 Jun 16

Athenian Steel (The Hellennium Book 1)

by P.K. Lentz

Ancient & future worlds collide in a violent, sexy sci-fi-historical war epic.

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In 425 BCE, the Athenian general Demosthenes comes into possession of the most powerful weapon his world has ever known. He fears to wield it against his city’s bitter enemy Sparta, but he knows that he must, lest it be wielded by others. He knows, too, that it seeks to wield and possess him, for this weapon is human, or something like it, and as complex as the wider universe from which she fell. She is Thalassia. She is doom and madness. She has come to break history, and she did not come alone.

ATHENIAN STEEL is a bloody, twisted mayhem in the ancient world and Book I in a centuries-spanning epic that will appeal to readers of Gene Wolfe, David Gemmell, David Drake, Michael Moorcock, & other classic SF/Fantasy authors of the 1970’s to 1990’s. Fans of Bernard Cornwell, Michael Curtis Ford, Steven Pressfield and similar will also find plenty to enjoy if they don’t mind some cosmic SF, dark humor, and sex blended in with their military historical fiction.

Soap Bubble Dreams and Other Distortions

by Davyne DeSye

This anthology of Davyne DeSye’s short stories includes twelve speculative fiction stories, ranging from science fiction to fantasy, and from humorous to horrific. This collection – which includes one new tale published here for the first time – contains:

– A Ray Bradbury-esque story about a boy whose wishes come true;

– A dark testimony of alien invasion and the redemptive power of a single selfless act;

– The true story of Little Red Riding Hood;

– An inside look into robot-assisted psychotherapy of a killer; and

– A guided tour of a shop for recycled dreams.

These twisted tales and others may be discovered in this anthology, which includes: “The Slide,” “Moron,” “There I Wasâ?¦,” “Death, By Any Other Name,” “Mine Eyes,” “Mirror, Mirror,” “Carapace,” “â?¦I Win,” “It’s Not What You Think,” “Shattered,” “The Cloak,” and “The Thief Speaks.”

The Fate (The Children of Wisdom Book 1)

by Stephanie Erickson

The thread of life is a delicate thing. It is so easily brokenâ?¦

My name is Penn, and I’m a spinner. As one of the three Fates, it’s easy for me to know the plans for the lives of the humans. Mine, on the other hand, is a bit foggier. I guess things started to get out of control when I spun herâ??Kismet. My focus shifted, one thing led to another, and I wound up banished to Earth.

You’d think it’d be pretty hard to surprise me, but after my banishment, they just kept hitting me like a one-two knockout punch. When the people around me started dying before their time, I knew something was very wrong and I had to do whatever I could to set it right. The one thing I didn’t know wasâ?¦what is the true fate of a Fate?

The Culling

by Charles Ray

It was the Apocalypse. By 2072, the civilizations of earth, great and small, rich and poor, had ceased to exist – replaced by small feudal landholdings ruled by vicious leaders who were little more than warlords. Communication and cooperation between communities had been replaced by mutual suspicion and hostility.

This state of affairs had been caused by the perfect storm; a result of the unholy alliance between religious fundamentalists and political extremists, which had led to a decline in academic research and scientific enquiry. A veil of ignorance, fueled by self-righteousness and greed, descended over humanity, blinding it to the path Mother Nature was taking as a result of the unrelenting destruction of the environment in the blind pursuit of wealth. Mankind was, therefore, caught unawares when the polar icecaps finally melted, causing a cataclysmic rise in sea levels, wiping out the world’s coastal cities. The loss of what had been the financial and transportation hubs for the world’s economy was the final blow. The survivors pulled back into small, self-contained communities, often ruled by those who possessed what little knowledge that was left, and backed up with the guns they’d stockpiled before things fell apart.

One such community was New Liberty, on the site of Washington, DC, once the capital of the most powerful nation on earth. Now, a few thousand people cling to a precarious existence under the brutal domination of The Committee of Citizens, ruled by Hector Cruz, a man who will do anything to hold onto power. He maintains control through periodic cullings of the lower levels of the population. His hold on power goes unchallenged until he decrees that a young prole, Hiroshi Jackson, is to be culled. Raised by his parents, rather than in a community institution, until the age of seven, Hiroshi is not the type to go meekly to his execution. He fights back, and is forced to flee into the wilds. But, Hiroshi also holds in his young head a secret that could change the course of history – provided he can survive long enough.

Beyond the Shadows: Second Edition (The Shadow Series Book 1)

by Anna Hub

“A violent shudder travelled up my spine, each vertebrae snapping together like a zip lock, all my muscles tensed but I couldn’t tear myself away from the image â?¦”

If your shadow was trying to consume you, how would you run from it?

What if you were afraid of something you could never escape?

Selena Parker’s journey into the unknown begins in her dreams, but the consequences are carried back into her conscious life and she soon realises paranormal forces are at work. Her shadow has become more than just an image, it is a gateway to a sinister new world where mysterious creatures roam and she is confronted by danger that challenges her will to survive.She finds the man whose fate is linked inexplicably to her own but she knows nothing of him and doubts his true nature. Her only option is to place her life in his hands while they search for a way to stop the shadows claiming them forever.

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