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Miscarriage Of Justice

by Bruce A Borders

The justice system is just a system, not a just system.

Sentenced to fifteen years in prison for a crime he didn’t commit, Ethan Rafferty has one thing on his mind – payback! With his time up, the ex-con is free to pursue his mission of revenge.

During the trial, the District Attorney, Mariana Clark, suppressed evidence that would’ve exonerated him and now is the focus of Ethan’s vengeance. Intent on making her life a living hell, he works daily to antagonize and torment the woman. Unable to retaliate through the courts, considering the role she played, Mariana chooses to fight fire with fire. Soon, their feud escalates to a point where neither imagined it would go.

Which one will prevail, Ethan or Mariana? Can either? Or, are both of them bound to a destiny produced by a Miscarriage of Justice?

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You will never look at the court system the same again!

COZY MYSTERY: MYSTERY: Gabby’s Haunted House Series (50Sleuths Women Detective Humor Mystery Cozy Animal ) (Short Story Culinary Comedy Suspense Sweet Cove)

by Lorrie Bannett

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Books included:

BOOK 1: Gabby’s Haunted House (Book 1)

BOOK 2: Gabby’s Haunted House (Book 2)r

BOOK 3: Gabby’s Haunted House (Book 3)

BOOK 4: Gabby’s Haunted House (Book 4)

BOOK 5: Gabby’s Haunted House (Book 5)

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NOTE: These books contains adult themes and are meant for adult eyes only!

COZY MYSTERY: Lemon Pie Murder Series (Mystery Murder Lemon)

by Lorrie Bannett

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Books included:

BOOK 1: Lemon Pie Murder (Book 1)

BOOK 2: Lemon Pie Murder (Book 2)

BOOK 3: Lemon Pie Murder (Book 3)

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NOTE: These books contains adult themes and are meant for adult eyes only!

COZY MYSTERY: In Cold Blood Series (Cozy Women Detective Cupcake Mystery Murder Sleuths)

by Lorrie Bannett

Over 25,000 Words of Cozy Mystery Story to *Spice* up your Kindle with! Amazing deal!

Books included:

BOOK 1: In Cold Blood (Book 1)

BOOK 2: In Cold Blood (Book 2)

BOOK 3: In Cold Blood (Book 3)

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Slow Burn: Infected, Book 2

by Bobby Adair

Survive the infection! Survive the Infected!

Slow Burn: Infected picks up the story of Zed, Murphy, and Jerome where Slow Burn: Zero Day ended.

All three have all been infected but have not succumbed to the most pernicious symptoms of the virus. They’re not the mindless cannibals that most infected are. Nevertheless, their band of survivors, fearful about the trio’s infections, have ostracized them.

Now, back on the street, with weapons to defend themselves but little food in their packs, they embark on a search for Murphy’s family while following the rumor of a safe haven in the form of a doomsday bunker under a house in east Austin.

But the world is more hazardous than they could have guessed. They expect violence from the voracious infected but they have harsh lessons to learn about the lethality of the uninfected. And without people to support the infrastructure of modern civilization, they find that danger comes in many forms.

The Slow Burn Zombie Apocalypse Series

Book 1 – Zero Day

Book 2 – Infected

Book 3 – Destroyer

Book 4 – Dead Fire

Book 5 – Torrent

Book 6 – Bleed

Book 7 – City of Stin

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MYSTERY: (Book 1) Proof is in The Chocolate ((Murder Mystery Cozy Woman Sweet Sleuth Detective))

by Lorrie Bannett

It was a chilly Saturday night when the police were called in for a domestic disturbance. One of the concerned neighbors overheard a commotion and wanted to go check it out without a doubt. But as he was walking towards the Ali residence, he had people screaming and glass breaking.

Since Mrs. Chortle wasn’t that much of a capable human being and couldn’t do a damn thing about the commotion that was going on, the next best thing that she could do was making sure that she was in a position to get back to her house and calling the police since they were much more capable to sort things out in record time.

And that was what she did. And thankfully, the police officers had incredible response time and that said, they got to the crime scene in a matter of minutes and got the place surrounded. In the meantime, the police officers had advised the old lady to make a point of getting back into her house and locking herself in since it was for her own safety.

As they moved into the crime scene, their hearts just wouldn’t stop pounding. It seemed as though they were going to have to fire if at all they were going to be attacked. Everything was silent all of a sudden, all except their heavy breaths and the loud, irregular thumbing of their heartbeats.

This was the moment that they had been trained for. It was a matter of life and death and they all chose life. But instead of running, the police officers had to stand their ground and find out what was really happening in Ali’s residence that night.

Note: Contains Explicit Scenes of Passion and Desire. Intended For Adult Eyes Only!

Bully in the Burbs (Garden Girls Christian Cozy Mystery Series Book 8)

by Hope Callaghan

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Bully in the ‘Burbs is Book 8 in the Garden Girls Christian Cozy Mystery Series


“Garden Girl” Gloria Rutherford is on cloud nine since her recent engagement to Officer Paul Kennedy,and wedding plans are at the top of Gloria’s to-do list…or they were until Gloria ends up on the receiving end of a financial windfall.

With a generous heart, Gloria shares her newfound wealth with her children but the gift presents its own set of problems. Soon, Gloria is desperately trying to make sure her daughter and family actually move into the home of their dreams once it becomes clear that someone is trying to scare them away; but who and why?

Never one to run from a bully, especially when they’re messing with one of her kids, Gloria jumps in with both fists swinging.

As the clues and the suspect list grows, Gloria enlists the help of the other Garden Girls, but the closer they get to solving the mystery, the more obstacles that are thrown into their path.

If all of that isn’t enough to make Gloria’s head spin, one of the Garden Girls has just been diagnosed with a deadly disease!

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SANDMAN (The Thomas Family Book 1)

by Morgan Hannah MacDonald


A serial killer on the loose, a woman with a psychotic stalker and a homicide detective who must find the connection before it’s too late.

He collects women. Imprisons them. Plays with them. Tortures them. He gathers souvenirs. His trophies are many.


Meagan McInnis is being psychologically tormented. Her dog has become restless. He barks incessantly, but when peering out into the darkened abyss, there’s no one in sight. The image of a pair of eyes staring back from the pitch haunts her. The phone startles her awake, only dead air answers her plea. Until the night she stumbles upon a grisly display in her garden.


Seasoned, Homicide Detective, J.J. Thomas, is working his most horrific case to date, and he’s seen some pretty gruesome things in his time. The monster he’s hunting ranks up there with Ed Gein. He wouldn’t be surprised to find lampshades made out of human skin in the psycho’s living room.


With no one else available, Thomas is called out to a crime scene in the wee hours of the morning. He’s told to pass the case off as soon as possible, so he can focus on his own investigation. But that’s before he realizes the ghastly exhibit and his case are linked. Better yet, that Meagan McInnis, is the key to discovering the Sandman’s true identity.


With his department grossly understaffed, only he and his partner, Shadowhawk, can see to Meagan’s safety. At the same time delve deep into her past to uncover just how she became the obsession of this sadistic killer before she becomes his next prize.


Trophy Target: A Lethal Solutions Thriller (A Lethal Solutions series Book 1)

by Allen Mitchum

tro·phy tar·get – A uniquely high value individual captured and used by an enemy as leverage for political, military or other strategic purposes

Deep in the jungle of French Guiana, a once anonymous soldier of the French Foreign Legion mysteriously disappears. Days later, word reaches his younger brother, Prince Erik Rohde, second in line to the Danish throne. Doubting the government’s capabilities and questioning the Prime Minister’s sincerity, Erik turns to the world’s top mercenary, Fadi Khaldun, to rescue his brother.

Set seven years after the events of 28 PAGES, Fadi Khaldun has been freeing hostages, avenging the deaths of loved ones of his clients and destroying terrorist and organized crime rings in the deadliest conflict zones on the planet. Now he embarks on his most high profile and dangerous job yet to rescue the crown prince of Denmark. From the jungles of South America to the mountains of South East Asia, Fadi meticulously hunts the prince’s kidnappers while enemies at the highest level of government conspire against him.

MYSTERY: Murder in The Basement (Book 1)

by Lorrie Bannett

The basement where they kept the apple cider was dead quiet. Marissa, Mr. Howard’s lawfully wedded wife of about forty years knew immediately that something was dead wrong. Whenever Mr. Howard retired into the basement to check on his investments, there was always some Elvis playing in the background, and either his husband was singing along to the seventies hits or he was just humming quietly.

But Marissa didn’t want to jump into conclusions. And so she continued walking by as slowly as humanly possible, making sure that she wasn’t disrupting her husband if at all he was busy working on something.

The apple ciders looked fine and from the look of things, Mr. Howard and finally finished his investigation. Marissa let out a sigh, thinking that she was probably overthinking and that was the main reason she suspected something had happened to her husband. But when she made a turn and started heading back, her foot hit on something that made her come to a screeching halt and looked down.

There he was, Mr. Howard, dead and his body had rolled under one of the stands, explaining why she had missed it in the first place. Marissa was in shock, not knowing what to do next. And that said, the only thing that she could do was scream as loud as her old lungs could right before falling next to her husband, trying to shake him awake.

But there was no use. Mr. Howard was a goner.

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