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Toddler Sleep Solutions: Train Your Toddler To Go To Bed Happily and Sleep All Night

by Laura Stewart

Toddler Sleep Training: Sleep Easy Solutions For You and Your Toddler.

Your baby may have slept through the night early on, but now it’s a whole new ball game with challenges you probably hadn’t expected.

This easy to read book is packed full of practical tips and information to help sleep deprived parents train their toddler to go to bed happily and sleep through the night.

It’s all well and good to settle your baby to sleep by holding or carrying her until she falls asleep in your arms. But you know you can’t do that forever. At some stage, children have to learn to fall asleep by themselves, and the younger the better.

Rather than focusing on one specific paradigm, Laura Stewart has researched all the main models proposed by sleep experts and pediatricians. The various methods are explained simply so that you can customize them to suit your particular circumstances.

Laura Stewart, a psychologist and mother of twins, surveyed dozens of parents with toddlers and together with her own knowledge and experience provides you with

– An understanding your toddler’s sleep needs

– An insight into sleep associations

– 14 answers as to why your toddler may not go to sleep easily

– A better awareness of your child’s sleep cues and try-ons

– A better understanding of why your toddler wakes in the night

– Tips to ensure an easy bedtime routine

– Knowledge about daytime naps and how to transition from two to none

– A number of strategies to entice your toddler to go to bed happily

– A buffet of popular models for training your toddler to self soothe that you can customize for your specific situation

– Tips to help your toddler transition from the crib to a bed

– Further tips if you are ready to make the move from co-sleeping

– An understanding of nighttime fears, nightmares and similar problems

– Practical solutions to help when all else fails

As an added bonus, readers of the book will be able to download a practical training workbook to help you as you implement your toddler’s sleep training.

How I Turned My Daughter into a Prodigy: A Step By Step Guide for Parents, Containing Tools and Techniques on How to raise Successful Children from Pre-Birth to Adolescence

by Nir Segev

Learn all the secrets and techniques to developing cognitive skills in children in a fun and enriching way and how to design a successful world for them of extraordinary happiness and abundance.

How does pregnancy affect fetal skills, and what do we need to do during the gestation period?

What must we do from the moment our newborn comes home for the first time?

What educational activities should be done at home with children of all ages? (Age one, one to two, three to four, five to six, elementary, middle school, and high school age).

What is the winning formula for parents and their cooperation with each other regarding the education of their children and the development of their cognitive skills at any given age?

If your child’s personal and academic success is important to you, then this is the book for you.

This book is a practical guide for parents that includes secrets, methods, and educational tools that can be learned and implemented in an easy and enjoyable way.

In this book, you will find a great deal of useful, effective information, as well as innovative strategies on how to raise and develop your child.

A child’s academic success leads to personal and familial happiness that contributes to a healthier and more enjoyable life.

By downloading the book right now, you can begin the process of changing your life and the lives of your children regardless of whether they are newborns or preschoolers.

River of Time: …Memories of a Life Well Lived

by Worley Faver

Memories of life in rural northeast Florida from the 1930’s to present.

BREASTFEEDING: Valuable Tips for Breastfeeding Success … Without the Fluff (Parenting Series Book Book 3)

by Sharleen Kastle

Breastfeeding is one of the most sacred undertakings any lactating mother could grant to her child. This book is the right breastfeeding guide that enables you to become that good caring mother to your loved baby.

This is a book with plenty of breastfeeding tips that makes it easy for you to carry out breastfeeding with confidence. The book is divided into 9 Chapters;

1. Understanding the Biology Behind Breast Milk

2. The Importance of Breast Milk

3. How to Breastfeed

4. Breastfeeding Positions

5. Taking Care of Your Breast-milk Supply: Too Much or Too Little?

6. Common Breastfeeding Problems

7. Engorgement Problems

8. Plugged Ducts

9. Nursing Strike Challenge

Understanding the biological process leading to your ladder ballooning with your baby’s most important diet – breast milk, helps you take good care of your lactation for the best of your health and that of your beloved baby. Chapter 1 provides with this special information.

Due to lack of knowledge and appreciation of the importance of mother’s milk, many modern mothers assume that breast milk can be replaced with other kinds of milk. This milk, unlike any other milk, has the right ingredient, the right temperature and right quantity that not only ensures that your baby is enjoying it but also gets sufficient balanced diet, immunity against common allergies and diseases, optimal brain and bone formation and prevention against onset of obesity, among others. These and many other benefits to your baby are explained in detail in Chapter 2. You too can greatly benefit for breastfeeding. Studies have proven that breastfeeding mothers are less prone to post-natal stress disorders. Thus, breastfeeding is not only good to your baby but you too.

Right posture is important to both you and your baby getting maximum enjoyment out of breastfeeding. The right posture ensures that your baby does not get chocked, strained or sucks in lots of bloating air while breastfeeding. It also ensures that you do not get tired or injured while breastfeeding. Chapter 3 provides different feedings positions that ensure both of you have comfort and enjoyment.

While nature endows you with milk for your baby, in most cases, the supply and demand are usually in equilibrium. However, in certain situations, due to many unnatural factors, your milk could be less than enough for your baby’s demands or sometime even too much. Chapter 5 provides the best breastfeeding basics you need to master whenever there is a mismatch between the supply and demand in your milk output.

Breastfeeding, being a part of life, is not devoid of some challenges. The commonest breastfeeding challenges that mothers encounter include engorgement problems, plugged duct and nursing strike, among many others. Chapters 6, 7, 8 and 9 are dedicated to tackling these problems, some of which dissuade breastfeeding mothers from granting their babies their deserved natural heritage – a mother’s milk.

If you really wanted to have breastfeeding made simple, then this breastfeeding guide is all you need. From breastfeeding basics to breastfeeding tips, you are assured of breastfeeding with confidence.

Queen Housewife: A Guide For The New Housewife

by Kate Singh

This gem is perfect for the new housewife (or husband). It’s loaded with advice and guidance on how to run a home and nurture a family. Everything you need to know to set up the home and run it efficiently is in here along with learning how to schedule your routines, make homemade cleaning products, create a budget for the household, throw a party on pennies and much more. This is all your grandmother’s old-fashioned advice in one book. A must have to start nesting.

Lessons from a Dinosaur: Sharing

by Shannon Kempenich

If you want your kids to share, then read them this book! This book teaches kids the value of sharing and how everyone can get along.

Lil Rex is a little dinosaur and has a problem when his friend Tyra comes over and wants to play with his toys. He doesn’t realize how great sharing can be and it gets him into trouble.

This children’s book explains in a fun and easy way to children why sharing is so important.

Who is Lil Rex?

Lil Rex is growing up quick, so he has a very curious attitude. He’s always getting into trouble but doesn’t mean to be… because he’s learning. He likes playing with his toys and having fun with his friends. Adventure and exploration are very common in his dinosaur world, and it takes him places he never would expect to go. He has a large imagination, one that can take him to places the physical world can’t. He is continually learning to grow, mentally and physically, but isn’t really aware of it. His idea of a fun day would be to climb a hill yet pretend he was on a mountain, on top of the world.

Characters in this book: Lil Rex, Tyra (the neighbor friend), Big Mamma Rex (Lil Rex’s mom)



Lessons for living

Easy lessons for children

Lessons for kids


Secret To Long Lasting Relationship: Effective Communication For A Blissful Love Life

by Allen Gerald

This Book Is For You If You Want A Long Lasting Relationship.

The inability to understand each other is one of the main reasons for breakups and relationship problems. If you know how to effectively communicate you will have fewer problems in your relationship. Where effective communication is missing misunderstanding will take a seat and reign. Allowing misunderstanding to blossom is to engender bitterness and hurt. The beauty of any relationship is effective communication, verbal or non verbal.

This book leads you to discover that communication break-down is the root cause of all relationship breakups and how you can mend the fence. You will learn ways and get tips to effectively communicate with your partner in order to have a long-lasting and blissful relationship.

The Charm of Confrontation: The Life-Changing Benefits of Being Frank

by Linda Kuriloff

In today’s cyber-connected world, a critic can attack someone without ever meeting face-to-face. This phenomenon is creating a generation who lack the ability to civilly confront a person with whom they disagree. 
The Charm of Confrontation shows how mastering the skill of confrontation–which is simply a situation of opposing parties–can open doors to your success in relationships and your career. Different than most self-help books, The Charm of Confrontation uses my spiritual journey and background in theater to give you tools as a framework for your confrontations. And you don’t have to be an actor or a Christian to use these tools. Anyone who wants to get better at confrontation can use them!

If you’ve ever had a charm (i.e. lucky penny, etc.) that seemed to bring good things your way, then you know how much you trusted it and had to have it with you! Believe it or not, that’s the way a well-executed confrontation can be. It can actually be what opens the doors to higher quality relationships in your personal life and your career.
In The Charm of Confrontation I’ll give you the keys to unlock your personal style of dealing with verbal aggressions that scare you. Following me on this path to learn the charm of confrontation, you will earn the respect of family, friends, and coworkers. Even people who don’t know you well will admire your straightforwardness. 
If there’s anyone in your life who thinks you exist to be pushed around (or just not listened to), I urge you to make it a priority to learn the skills to restore balance to your relationships. Don’t wait! Being easy-going costs you money, time, and emotional stress. Life’s too short and self-assertion is charismatic! 
In this book, you can choose to read at a slower pace taking time to consider the dense concepts highlighted in the real life stories or you can skip right to the Practical Advice and be done in one day. After reading it, you can immediately start building your reputation as an amicably forthright person who speaks their mind. Then watch how success finds you! 

Save Your Relationship: Couples Survival Guide

by Allen Gerald

Don’t give up on your relationship until you have read this book. Crises in relationship are not meant to break you up; they make you stronger. It is the rare couple that does not hit the rock during the sail. Before you say, “I can’t take it anymore, I quit” there is one thing I would like to tell you, read this couples survival guide and find out ways you can manage any relationship crises and be counted among those couples who learnt to wade through their relationship issues and arrived at the other side of success. It is your responsibility to save your relationship. When both partners are committed to saving their relationship, nothing can stop them. This book is short, precise, to the point and an easy read but it will save you a life time of regret.

A Big Kiss For Baby! (Tattle-Tell-Me-All Children’s Book Series)

by Brigette Foresman

It’s A Short Story Keepsake Book To Be Cherished!

Every book in the “Tattle-Tell-Me-All Children’s Book Series” includes several activity pages at the end of the story for your child to draw/color and place a photo.

“Tattle Tell-Me-All” is a series of children’s books created by Brigette Foresman. The books feature stories narrated by the character “Tattle,” an eight-year-old girl, who shares her experiences and feelings of her childhood.

“A Big Kiss For Baby!” is about Tattle’s experience with becoming a big sister and the feelings she has about sharing her parents and her things with her new baby sister.

Stories for children 2-7 years of age.

To learn more about Tattle and the other books in the “Tattle Tell-Me-All” series, visit Tattle’s


It’s This Monkey’s Business

by Debra Máres

Cabana, a young spider monkey is brought to life to tell her story growing up with domestic violence and divorce. Cabana, who lives with her parents in a treehouse high up in a rainforest canopy, becomes startled one day from her Mama’s scream, when she is waiting atop a tree branch for her Papa to teach her how to swing. After falling to the forest floor, Cabana frustrated from her parents’ fighting, decides she will search for a new family to be part of, but is faced with a dangerous world.

It’s This Monkey’s Business safely explores with children, issues surrounding domestic violence in the home. Targeting ages 4-8, this easy-to-understand story is intended for families who have been affected by domestic violence or wish to bring awareness to it. This book is intended where parents decide to separate or divorce as a result of a domestic dispute, but plan to stay active and involved in their child’s life. 
It’s This Monkey’s Business received the 2015 Purple Dragonfly Award in the category Family Matters.

I Have Pretty Eyes

by S. L. Hopkins

The children of Forest Green are excited about what they are able to see through their pretty eyes. Join Olivia, Marisa, Hannah, Jackson, Amir, David, Kai and Emily as they share their excitement!

All children, regardless of race, ethnicity, disability or any type of differences have pretty eyes. For the purpose of this book, pretty eyes are the innocent doors of a child that are opened each day. As a mother, father, older sister/brother, grandparent, teacher, aunt or uncle, we are the responsible parties who can change the perception of a child. It is important that each child appreciate his or her differences and accepts the differences of others. It is also important that children are able to enjoy the innocence of being a child and see unity, love and peace exhibited throughout the world.

GET YOUR KIDS AHEAD IN 10 MINUTES PER DAY: Take 10 minutes out of your busy day to get your children ahead in school to become high achievers

by Rihanna Mistry


You can make a real difference to your child’s life, if you can take 10 minutes out of your day to invest in your child. YES, I said 10 minutes.

Ever wondered why some kids are always top of the class? Or how that other kid got that top university offer?

Then this book will share these secrets. Utilize my 50 tips, adopt it in your lifestyle and watch your child stand above their peers.


by kathir

discover your dreams in you!

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