Free philosophy Kindle books for 30 Jun 16

I’m Just Saying: Scattered Thoughts of a Mind in Progress

by Judy Derby

Join me in a new short-lived goal of writing 1000 words each day. Read what happens when a mind is allowed to roam free for just a few moments each day. Mostly G-rated material–but watch out for unexpected moments of redundancy–you’re dealing with an aging mind here.

Noah’s Girlfriends

by Josh Tremino

In this sarcastic look at ethics and college life, Noah tests those around him. He studies and explores human behavior. What makes people love? What makes them lie? At its heart, this 5,000 word story asks whether moral acts can be used for evil purposes.

God’s Accomplice: Metaphysics & Philosophy for Bourbon Blooded Animals, Divine Bugs, and other True Freaks

by Hannibal Newgate

Metaphysics & philosophy for bourbon blooded animals, divine bugs, and other True Freaks. (Spiritual counseling for the clinically depressed and natural born cynics)

Dialectics and metaphysics

Dialectics and metaphysics

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