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Parts of Life: Collection of 30 Poems

by David John

Only $2.99 for a Limited time! ‘Parts of Life’ is a collection of 30 poems on socially relevant themes that are titled as Freinds Betrayal, God’s Final verdict, The Election, The Doppelganger, Hearts in Chains, etc. Each poem encapsulates a story that is relatable to ourselves and our conception of the society. For example, one of the poems, entitled, The Doppelganger, conveys the troublesome social life of a person – owing to the reputation of his double. The poem, ‘The Doppelganger’ is provided within the description:

The Doppelganger

Lost in the middle of nowhere,

Walking down an unknown street.

Bumping into a stranger,

Brought in an unexpected welcome.

He thinks he knows me,

He said we had met.

And that my face is one,

He will never forget.

But his name before,

I had never even heard.

And every single thing he says

Just all sounds absurd.

He tells me I did this,

He says I did that.

With words so convincing,

As if it all was a fact.

And then a handcuff,

On my hand he placed.

On the wanted list,

He would not forget such a face.

To the police, I was taken,

The criminal’s photo I had seen.

Just like the one on my mirror,

I stared at my face, looking a bit mean.

The Experience

by A.E. Charles

For the last four years A.E.Charles has been writing poems about his college experience, which includes what he has learned about his faith, relationships, society, family, and himself. Through this process, he has grown as a person, and he believes the college experience helped him discover his identity and true purpose. His hope is that this book will help motivate, inspire, and challenge the way you think about life. He also hopes it inspires you to follow your dreams and live a fulfilling life.

An Atlas of the Soul

by David Kane

Short poetry and prose that conveys the feeling of a moment and gives a glimpse into the depths of the soul. An Atlas of the Soul shows the vulnerability and resilience of humanity in a sometimes harsh and arbitrary yet strangely beautiful world.

Stanzas to the Human Heart

by Nicholas John-Child

Suddenly, after years of serious and painful poetry I awoke one morning to find myself transformed into a gigantic insect, but only for a moment of incongruous Kafkaesque confusion. The truth is, that on that very day, I had made the transition from being a slave to our terrible system of world mismanagement and population control, into a free man. I offer these humble poetic musings as a celebration of this transition. They are amongst the greatest writings ever, unless of course, I am still sleeping… Nick John-Child 2014

LAVISHLY ILLUSTRATED second edition with Author’s commentary

Duly Noted

by Reggie Johnson

Duly Noted chronicles the development of a young poet as he finds his voice through writing. In this chapbook, you will witness the growth of Reggie Johnson from 2011 until now as he incorporates personal experiences, love, success, failures and his love for music all in to one anthology of material.

This Sentimental Education

by Kenyatta García

This Sentimental Education is a book-length poem or a novel in verse composed of various short movements based on the notion of recollection and actuality intersecting as time passes for a single person sitting in a café. Within the span of this shattered narrative the nature of the protagonist and story are both questioned as thought progresses and is processed.

I am a Fiction: And Other Poems

by Navneet Dubey

“We all need a pinch of illusion to survive,

One reality to kill for and another to revive,

And so obeys my identity and plays its part,

In a thousand faces, but with a single heart. ”

Every day we play so many identities that we forget who we are at heart. We lose track of our paths and need to look back to find ourselves. There is a hope that drives us along whether in joy or in sorrow. These poems are a celebration of hope that is not only integral to our survival but is also the only constant in our lives. These 20 poems are about finding a ray of hope in everything we do and look back and acknowledge our strengths.


by Arjun Adhikari

Poems can lift our spirit and make us more aware of our immediate nature and appreciate the things that cost us nothing but give us a great joy .Reading is a great hobby and literature is a common thread that binds humanity. Life becomes more enriched when experience is shared.

About of sanities: 18 unhealthy breakdowns in free verse

by John Maurtis


Fractured Time Capsule: A Collection of American Teenage Poetry Between 2003 – 2005

by Rozalyn Donner

Do you remember what is was like to be 16? Fractured Time Capsule is a compilation of poems written by a teenager at the beginning of the 2000’s. Within the tumult of the world’s politics, her small voice was recorded in a little green notebook throughout her high school experience. While experimenting with style and reacting to current events, her emotional refuge became a compilation of major topics in one’s life: death, love, God, fear, and happiness.

Celestial Scatterings: 26 Psychedelic Sonnets

by Jared Stevenson

Thundering forth from the cosmic corners of existence are 26 sonnets raging with all the fantastical force of untamed twilight. Though they sit rigid within the iambic shells of an archaic meter, they will hatch as dreadfully surreal monstrosities in the reader’s mind… and the astral chimeras feed on imagination.

Each sonnet contained in this book is written in iambic pentameter and in the rhyme scheme of the classic English Sonnets. However, the subject matter explored in these poems is thoroughly modern and thoroughly abstract.

Expect to find vivid imagery plucked directly from the outskirts of the universe and human awareness. Expect to meet face to face with the lullabies of flowers and tundras and time. Expect to feel the emotions and colors of forgotten dreams. Expect psychedelia.


by Jamison Seward

Punk rock homosexual poetry by Jamison Seward

My Life Journey

by Roxie Rodriguez

This book is all about the things I have been through in my life. The hard times, and the good times I have been through.

I hope my ups and downs can help you in some kind of way.

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