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EMP Survival: 39 Unbelievable Tips on How to Withstand an ElectroMagnetic Pulse (Survival, EMP Survival, emp survival fiction)

by John Collins

With little warning and in a matter of less than a second the world we know could easily cease to exist. An electromagnetic pulse or EMP can cause such devastation that many individuals would not survive. This type of occurrence is not widely known of and little information is revealed to the general population as to how severe the results of an electromagnetic pulse would be. The truth is an EMP is a growing concern and can occur in the form of a nuclear attack or from a solar flare. Electromagnetic pulse would completely shut down most or even all of the electrical power that many individuals use as a necessity to live. EMP Survival 39 Unbelievable Tips on How to Withstand an ElectroMagnetic Pulse can greatly help many individuals prepare for an electromagnetic pulse. In this book you will not only learn some necessary items to begin to stock up on but also many skills you should begin to acquire

Whether an electromagnetic pulse occurs from a man made device or from natural occurrence the threat should be alarming for everyone. There is no guarantee on how long the effects of an EMP will last but society will be set back hundreds of years and it could take decades to see any type of modern normalcy restored. The only way you can ensure your chance of surviving is by taking the necessary steps to be prepared for the catastrophe that will result from an EMP.

A few of the keys tips mentioned in this book include:

  • How to prepare before an EMP event occurs
  • Useful skills you should learn
  • Materials you should have available
  • How to purify your water supply
  • Tips on how to keep you and your family safe

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Mindfulness: Mindfulness for beginners, Meditation, mindfulness in plain English, Mindfulness made simple, mindfulness for Kids, Mindfulness for dummies … Present moment, weight loss, life)

by Ray Stone

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Master your mind and be unstoppable

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You are about to discover how to master the most powerful machine in the world….YOUR MIND! This book will present to you the ways to master your mind with mindfulness that can improve your life in many ways.

From the book:

Imagine this scenario: One morning, you wake up with your head already filled with thoughts of what you need to do for the day. “I have a presentation later, but I fear my performance won’t be up to par.” “My team will be competing in today’s basketball championship; I’m afraid I might feel pressured and won’t be able to perform well.” These worrisome thoughts have one thing in common; they are directed towards the future.

You will learn how to…

  • Improve your focus
  • Reduce your stress
  • Avoid distractions
  • Improve your memory
  • Control your emotions
  • Improve your attention span
  • Increase mental productivity
  • And much, much


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Hunting Practices of the Wachiperi: Demystifying Indigenous Environmental Behavior (Environmental Sustainability Series)

by Rodolfo Tello

When it comes to environmental conservation and sustainable development initiatives in tropical forests, indigenous peoples are key players. They have been described often as either conservationists or destroyers of biodiversity. The position adopted on this matter is important because it guides the design and implementation of conservation strategies. The central question about what makes indigenous peoples conserve or degrade biodiversity, however, has posed a significant challenge, particularly in light of widespread trends such as cultural change, market expansion, and greater diversification of livelihoods. The reasons why indigenous communities end up degrading or conserving natural resources are addressed in a comprehensive yet accessible manner in this book, filling a critical gap in current knowledge about the socioeconomic drivers of biodiversity loss, and the rise of community-based conservation, using the hunting trends and conservation efforts of the Wachiperi for this analysis. Readers could greatly benefit from the lessons provided in this book about achieving both socioeconomic development and biodiversity conservation by engaging indigenous communities in a sustainable manner.

This is a highly recommended book for any person looking to understand how indigenous peoples interact with their local environment. Specific areas where readers will also develop greater knowledge and awareness include:

– How indigenous environmental behavior changes in time

– The reasons behind the changes in indigenous conservation behavior

– The biological, cultural and socioeconomic dimensions of environmental behavior

– The interplay between individual and group interests among indigenous groups

– The importance of leadership in the definition of environmental attitudes

– How historical processes shape present environmental behavior

– The current struggles of indigenous peoples living in tropical forests

– The effect of regional socioeconomic changes on village dynamics

– How to achieve environmental conservation and sustainable development

Learn about these topics and much more!

Mr. Goo Goes Food Tripping: Famous Food and Delicacies in the Middle East: Middle Eastern Food Guide for Kids (Children’s Explore the World Books Book 3)

by Baby Professor

The food in the Middle East is cooked with so much aromatic spices that the food would taste much better than they look! Through this book, Mr. Goo would take you into an epic food adventure in the Middle East. Picture books are highly effective at introducing cultures and tradition through food. Order a copy today!

ISIS: The Islamic State: How Viable Is It?: Books about ISIS

The Islamic State burst onto the Middle East scene as an entity whose conduct

and very essence challenge the existing regional order. With its military conquests

in Iraq and Syria, its establishment of branches elsewhere in the Middle East and

beyond, its state-like governance in the areas under its control, and the cruelty

it typically exhibits, the Islamic State has become the focus of regional and

international interest and concern. The articles compiled in The Islamic State:

How Viable Is It? examine ways of dealing with one of the most salient military,

sociopolitical, cultural, and intellectual challenges on today’s global agenda.

There are numerous question marks surrounding the future of the Islamic

State. Relating to historical, religious, military, economic, social, cultural, and

geopolitical aspects, the articles in this volume address many of the questions

prompted by the dramatic emergence of the Islamic State and examine ideas on

how to grapple with this phenomenon. Taken together, they paint a portrait of the

complex reality that has evolved in the Middle East in recent years, and attempt

to outline future trends. In addition to this multidisciplinary interpretation of the

Islamic State and its related challenges, the collection presents insights that can

assist in formulating policies to cope with this challenging situation.

Yoram Schweitzer is a senior research fellow and head of the Program on

Terrorism and Low Intensity Conflict at INSS. He served in Israel’s intelligence

establishment as head of the International Terror section of the IDF, and as a

member of the POW-MIA Task Force in the Prime Minister’s Office. He has also

served as a consultant in counterterrorism in the Ministry of Defense and the

Prime Minister’s Office, and lectures frequently on the subject both in Israel

and abroad. He is the co-author of The Globalization of Terror: The Challenge

of al-Qaida and the Response of the International Community; Al-Qaeda and

the Internationalization of Suicide Terrorism; and Al-Qaeda’s Odyssey to the

Global Jihad.

Omer Einav, a doctoral student in history at Tel Aviv University, is a research

associate at INSS and the editor of the INSS Hebrew blog. His research focuses

on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, Syria, and Lebanon. His doctoral thesis deals

with football as a tool for examining relations between Jews and Arabs in Palestine

under the Mandate. He holds a BA in Islamic and Middle Eastern Studies and

international relations from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, and an MA in

the history of the Middle East and Africa from Tel Aviv University.

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