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Communication: How to Communicate, Lovingly, and Respectfully (Confidence, Social Skills, Influence People, and Listening)

by Thomas Moua

(How To Improve Your Communication Skills!)

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This book will help you develop effective communication skills you can use in all aspects of your daily life: at home with your family, at work, with friends and in every situation requiring interaction with other people. You will learn how to communicate lovingly and respectfully. You will develop self-confidence and influence. Above all, you will learn why just being an effective listener can instantly elevate your ability to communicate well.

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…

  • Effective Communication
  • How to Build Self Confidence
  • Developing and Improving Your Social Skills
  • (insert bullet point)
  • Listening and Understanding
  • And much, much


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Find FREE Money for Graduate School

by Shay Spivey

Do you need free money to attend graduate school? Not sure where to begin?

I have been there!

I was awarded over $100,000 in college scholarships and free financial aid as an adult student and single parent. I attended graduate school full time and full paid. In this guide I will share with you where to find free money for graduate school.

If you cannot afford to pay for a graduate degree, then this guide if for you! Find Free Money for Graduate School is a great resource for college students and future college students looking for alternative ways to pay for graduate school outside of student loans.

What other FREE money options are available?

Inside this guide I will share with youâ?¦

-a good description of the different types of graduate school funding options available for graduate studies.

-a list of highly recommended opportunities.

Dinosaurs of the Morrison Formation

by Charlie O’Brien

Are you interested in dinosaurs, and want to know more about the Bone Wars? This book is full of intriguing facts about the various dinosaurs fossilised in the Morrison Formation, and the two palaeontologists who spent years uncovering them – Edward Drinker Cope, and Othniel Charles Marsh.

Magical Names Alphabet

It’s easy and fun to learn the alphabet with amazing images. And it’s also educational for you can find out amazing names. Who knows? Maybe you will choose one for the next time!

Freedom of Speech

by Tristan Christiansen

Americans enjoy freedom of speech proceed by the Bill of Rights. Many countries don’t enjoy this privilege, and for many years, even the U.S. and the U.K. did not have these privileges in their fullness. Yet the person who championed our freedom of speech is known by few at best.

In this amazing article, you’ll find out more about the man that changed history, Benjamin Harris. He was an outspoken journalist and satirist that shaped much of our society today. For more info, check out this read today!

The Cherry Orchard: Scene Analysis (Film 101)

by Tristan Christiansen

Have you seen the Cherry Orchard? Do you need to do a report on it for your Film Analysis class? Don’t waste your precious time to get information you need for your awesome grade, check out this read now!

In this article, Christiansen shares with us his personal insight from watching the Cherry Orchard. He gives the information you need to know. Nothing more, nothing less. Get a great grade today! Check out this book!

Speed Reading: Proven Speed Reading Techniques to Read Multiple Times Faster and Read with Greater Comprehension

by PawPaw Publishing

Speed Reading: Proven Speed Reading Techniques to Read Multiple Times Faster and Read with Greater Comprehension

Do you find yourself moving at a snails pace when reading, constantly rereading sentences and struggling to stay focused on what you are reading?

Have you ever wanted to quickly read through emails, legal documents, newspapers and reports without having to constantly reread the content to completely understand what you just read?

Imagine being able to pick up a novel and read it with in an hour compared to the average person where it takes them several hour intervals that stretch over many days to weeks to finish the same novel.

By dramatically increasing your reading speed by 2x to 5x or even greater, think of all the time you’ll save. With all of the time saved that was previously spent reading slowly, you’ll be able accomplish so many other tasks or do whatever you want.

By reading the ebook Speed Reading: Proven Speed Reading Techniques to Read Multiple Times Faster and Read with Greater Comprehension you’ll learn the following.

– How the average human brain works when reading and why it causes many of us to read slowly

– How to ‘relearn’ to read to be able to increase your reading speed or words per minute

– Other exercises to practice to dramatically increase your reading speed quickly

– How to break habits learned as child that are holding you back from speed reading

– The best software to use to help you succeed at learning to speed read

– And much more

Learn how to fly through pages of text while achieving greater understanding and saving time by downloading and reading Speed Reading: Proven Speed Reading Techniques to Read Multiple Times Faster and Read with Greater Comprehension today!

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Leadership: Top 10 Leadership Secrets For Becoming a Great Leader That People Will Follow (Leadership, leadership and self deception, leadership skills)

by Philip West

Leadership is the driving force that has enabled civilizations to thrive against countless obstacles and seemingly insurmountable odds. It is needed at all levels in life; from family, through sports to businesses, governments and global diplomacy. Great leaders leave enduring legacies and are upheld as the pinnacles of humanity.

If leadership is your aspiration, this book will guide you through 10 essential secrets to maximizing your leadership potential:

  • Confidence
  • Positive Attitude
  • Sense of Humor
  • Communication
  • Honesty
  • Commitment
  • Ability to Inspire
  • Intuition
  • Creativity
  • Delegation

Be the best leader you can be, and maybe you might one day make history yourself.

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Accelerated Spanish: Learn fluent Spanish with a proven accelerated learning system

by Timothy Moser

Learn Spanish with a revolutionary mnemonic system.

If you’ve tried to learn Spanish in a classroom, you’ve probably been disappointed. Maybe you learned Spanish verb conjugations and lists of vocabulary, but you still can’t speak the language.

The Accelerated Spanish system is completely different: You can learn fluent Spanish with a step-by-step system that begins with the fundamentals of the Spanish language, moving from there into actual conversational fluency.

This first volume will teach you to think like a Spanish speaker and give you the vocabulary that makes up 50% of the Spanish language.

Speed Reading: Learn How to Read Twice as Fast, and Understand Better (speed reading, speed reading for dummies, speed reading book)

by Mike Hughes

Reading faster is something that many of us want and truly need to be able to do. While speed reading is an acquired skill which takes effort and regular practice, it is a skill which every reader can learn and take advantage of at any stage of life. Whether you need to complete a reading assignment by an impending deadline, you’re taking a timed exam with lots of text, or you just want to finish reading a magazine article quickly before leaving an office waiting room, speed reading is often useful and sometimes even crucial over the course of our lives.

This book will explain to you the ocular mechanics of reading, and offer tips for increasing your reading speed. Scientific research has proven that reading too fast can cause a decrease in comprehension, but this book will give you advice on how to avoid that pitfall and acquire the most information possible in the shortest amount of reading time. If you are a determined reader and willing to work hard, you may even be able to double or even triple your own reading speed.

Included in the book are:

  • A simple explanation of what our eyes do when we read
  • Research findings about reading speed
  • Good and bad practices for increasing reading speed
  • Descriptions of computer and phone apps that help improve reading speed, with links to sites offering free tools
  • Self-help tips for using speed reading to your best advantage
  • Guidance and exercises to help you to better understand what you are reading, and to know when less is more – when slowing down is preferable to speeding up

Getting Your FREE Bonus

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Our Good Fun Farm Holiday

by Christopher Beck

An alphabet book, based on a farm theme. Snails – A dog can’t chase them, A cat can’t eat them, Grumps cant sell them and Grammy won’t cook them.

Wheelbarrows – Grammy hopped in and Grumps pushed her around, but he laughed when she couldn’t get out. I don’t think that he got tea that night.

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