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Heaven Between Her Thighs: Stealing His Heart

by Denora Boone

Cheynese Broadus was the type of woman that any man would be glad to call his wife but she wasn’t the type of woman who just settled for any old man. If he pursued her he had to be serious because she didn’t just give her “heaven” out to anyone. For so long she stayed away from bad boys until one bad boy in particular from her past came back into her life. Knowing what he was about, she didn’t even entertain the idea but it seemed as if God had a sense of humor. Would he be able to knock her off the path she had set up for herself or could she continue to stand strong?

Smash and pass. That was the motto that Qyree Reeves lived by. To him that was law and, since he called himself a law abiding citizen, he would uphold it at all costs. It had never been an issue for him to get a woman, his only problem was getting rid of them when he was done. Once he had obtained their most prized possession, their body, it was on to the next.

Qyree had always been a ladies’ man. How could he not be when his father was the one and only Jaxon Reeves, CEO of one of the largest music companies in the country? That was until he reconnected with someone from his past. Had he finally met the one who would make him turn his life around or will she just fall in line like the rest of them?

Vonetta Sims made many mistakes in her life and one huge one landed her in jail for almost ten years after she set up the rape of her best friend. Once she is let free, Von ends up with Cheynese as her parole officer. But just as she thinks Cheynese is there to help her God shows her it’s the other way around. Feeling like she has been given another chance at friendship, this time she will protect it at all costs. Come hell, high water, or someone her and Cheynese both have in common…Qyree.

Betrayal, lies, deception, and affairs never end up good and everyone involved ends up hurt in one way or another. Qyree was always taught that his treasure lies in the heaven between a woman’s thighs but will he be able to hear the voice of God before he enters a hell that he can’t come back from?

No Man Knows The Day Or The Hour: But We Can Narrow It Down A Bit

by Doug Witmer

How often have you heard it said of the Lord’s return, “No man knows the day or the hour”? Well, you know what? Technically they’re right! But this is no excuse to ignore the soon coming of the Lord. In fact, Jesus lectured on His return at some length finishing with the command to “be on the alert.”

In this book I will examine the Jewish calendar, and point out its limitations. Then I will attempt to date a number of key historical Biblical events using a variety of dating methods. Finally I will use these dates and a number of different theories to show when the Lord will, according to those theories, visibly, physically, return to earth at the Battle of Armageddon. I will also explore the timing of the Rapture, a topic of great interest to all evangelical Christians.

I won’t be able to give you the exact day or hour of the Lord’s return at the Rapture, but I will give you a number of possibilities, and you may be amazed to find that all the possibilities cluster together within just a few years. I hope you’ll find this as exciting as I do!

BUDDHISM: This Is Buddhism…From Beginner to Expert Learn Everything about True Enlightenment (Buddhism for Beginners, Zen, Meditation, Buddhist Teachings)

by Kiera Goodwin

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There’s a great deal of misinterpretation when it comes to understanding Buddhism, mainly in Western countries. This book gives you a brief introduction to what it is and what is not, how one can become a Buddhist, and the proper way to practice Buddhism. Buddhism is known in both its traditional and modern, with the use to modern lifestyles.

This book will also discuss the way Buddhists see the world, the important teachings of the Buddha, the Buddhist vision of the self, the connection between this self and the different ways wherein it deals with the world, the path, and the final goal.

This also covers the beliefs of Buddhists, what does it teach about karma, God, life after death, and a lot of important things that explain how Buddhism makes one life better.

Hopefully, this book helps you to understand the real essence of Buddhism.

Here Is A Insight of What’s in this Book…

  • Introduction to Buddhism

  • Beliefs of Buddhism

  • The Teachings

  • Guidelines for Buddhist Practice

  • How Buddhism will Enlighten Your Self

  • How Buddhism Relates With Meditation

  • Common Misconceptions about Buddhism

  • Much, much more!

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Demons Love the Little Children: A Child’s Account of Spiritual Warfare

by Ryan Joseph

Demons Love the Little Children delves deep within the heart, memory and darkness hidden and forgotten for years by a man who has been shaped by experiences of the supernatural. Years later these memories and terrors have surfaced in an explosive and prolific manner. The accounts are true. The reality is certain. Demons Love the Little Children.

Romance: MAIL ORDER BRIDE: Capturing Ruby’s Heart (Historical Western Frontier Romance) (Inspirational Historical Clean Romance)

by Grace Fisher

Desperately seeking to escape her pastâ?¦will she allow herself to be caught up and captured by love from a stranger?

Ruby is adamant that she will not marry a man that is only interested in her because of her looks. As such, the first chance she gets to thwart the plans of her father to use her as a pawn in his scheme to gain wealth she jumps on it. She answers an Ad to become a mail order bride to a man she has never met and who lives out west in no man’s land. In her heart she feels she is making the right decision. When she meets Sam, the handsome rancher who commissioned her, she is swept off her feet. That is until her past catches up with her.

Sam is in need of a bride. Someone to share his life with but the women in his territory are far from suitable. When the beautiful dark haired, blue eyed Ruby arrives to take up the offer he is bowled over by her beauty. But with beauty like hers, there is usually some baggage that comes along with it. Will he be able to look past all of her issues and give her the promise of a happy ever after?


Divine Orchestration (THE GLAD GAME REVISITED – Your 21 Day Journey into Vibrational Alignment)

by Alva v.H

THIS BOOK has been crafted with Love & Care and is presented to you in the hope you may make the best use of it to further your state of Well-Being, Joy, Harmony, Abundance and Prosperity as you journey through your experience of life.

It is written around the core belief I hold which is based on the premise that all is already given, hence we are already, NOW – ‘there’, at all times – there where we wish to BE.

We already have all we need, all that which we believe we need in order to experience HAPPINESS.

Therefore given this notion we are already complete and whole to begin with.

In other words, only when we Re-learn to SEE and FEEL our experience differently, will we be able to witness the MIRACLES around us.

This Re-learning process in order to be able to see and feel our NOW as such, is the prerequisite for our HAPPINESS.

The ‘Glad Game Revisited’ course is as such a method to guide you in this direction.

It is designed as a powerful TOOL to achieve this GOAL.

This step by step course will empower your Soul & Spirit assisting you to further restore CLARITY with EASE & GRACE, being able to EMBRACE your destiny & FLOW, so as to finally MANIFEST your deepest DESIRES.

That said, know this, the common belief which you may still hold at this time is one that follows along the lines of your ‘Pre-Conditioning’ up till now, which is for the most part based on the assumption that Gain of any kind is only to be achieved through effort, hardship, labouring and complexity.

As you will discover this is not the truth that lays within those Teachings you will be presented with in this book…

The process you are about to go through may seem simple, natural, easy to learn and follow – yet it is at the same time profoundly powerful.

It will free you from the need to seek any further, as you will have reached – Long Lasting ‘Vibrational Alignment’, essential for the achievement of your Goals.

It will reveal the secret of your True Sovereignty and Creative Force, the fundamental principle Great Mystics have been teaching all along, which is at times either misunderstood or badly interpreted…

In order to proceed along these Lines of Thought, you will – in Book I – be first led to come to some general understandings of these Universal laws in form of a short ‘THEORY COURSE’, submitted to you in a concise manner using practical terms.

Along this course certain ideas reveal themselves as they will be dealt with, unfolding on different levels & re-enforcing different aspects of the same.

This will ensure that as you reach for Book II which is the ‘PRACTICAL COURSE’ and are initiated into the ‘Glad Game Revisited’ Modalities you will have already gone through the necessary cognitive SHIFT and are ready to receive and allow for it to serve its purpose. You will get under way with ‘Playing the Game’ for Three Weeks – during which time the RE-Calibration and necessary ‘Frequency Adjustments’ will take place so as to have you vibrationally Aligned and ready for Book III – which is the ‘MANIFESTATION COURSE’ where you will finally have emerged fully transformed and ready to be guided through the process of Manifesting Your Desires as the Manifestor you were born to be – a Designer of your DREAM LIFE.

And Now, only this remains to be said – Expect Miracles and Nothing Less!

It Has Served Us Well, This Myth Of Christ: Religion: The Ultimate Deception

by Michael Feeley

“It has served us well, this myth of Christ” – a statement once made by Pope Leo X and one difficult to dispute when you examine the evidence on offer. You will learn from this book how bible characters and stories as well as those of other religions, have either an astronomical or genetic basis. The evidence in this book suggests that the characters are not real people; that their creation is a deliberate act of concealment of truth by the initiates, the chosen few, the keepers of ancient knowledge, controlling the global power strings even today through governments, corporations, media, the music and film industry and even royalty. History is a lie and religion is a control system of deliberate divide. Religion has the world at war and the global population at odds; just as planned; even as far back as the ancient Pharisees. Once these secret teachings have been exposed then the fraudulent and deceptive grip upon the minds and lives of the masses will be gone and no more will the myth of Christ serve them well.

Many will not want to see or hear the contents of this book; many will curse and claim that it has come from the devil. But for those who do; welcome to these new and esoteric insights, a new language known only previously by the select few. This book flies in the face of popular culture and belief. After reading this book, will you be willing to review your own?

Welcome to the intriguing world of secret codes and deeper meanings, welcome to the secrets of space and the body universe.


CLEAN ROMANCE: INSPIRATIONAL: For Those Who Love Clean Stories 2 book Collection (Amish Historical Romance) (Women’s Fiction Romance Short Stories)

by Love Obsession Books

Get 2 books of endearing clean adventures in this exciting new collection along with several free bonus books. Some of the free books may be for mature readers only as they may not be all be clean.

In this collection you will find:

Harriet & Alex

Fate Takes a Turn

Harriet & Alex

Harriet Milestone is young and beautiful, but is miserable from a broken heart. She has just lost her uncle, Victor, the only kin she’s ever known. Victor has left her everything he owns, and she is confident that her future will remain bright, despite this mournful time in her life.

Her misery has led her to finding a letter in her uncle’s room. A letter that started out well, but in the end, turned out to be her worst nightmare. Victor has set her up to go to Oregon to marry the son of a wealthy merchant. And as if things could not get any worse, she receives news that Victor had owed a fortune to one of the richest men in Baltimore, that has not been paid off.

This man has made a deal with her. Marry him and keep the property, or leave. Harriet is caught between two difficult decisions. Will she stay and marry a man who is thrice her age, or will she run off to the West to marry a boy she’s never met before?

Fate Takes a Turn

Sarah has a choice, and she’s going to show her husband to be how much she cares about him by doing something she said she would never do. Go into the English world. But when she gets to the house he is staying at he seems less than excited to see her. Instead of inviting her to stay with him he leaves her calling for help from the girl she met on the bus- and her friend.

Dylan believes in fate, but he always thought fate would have him alone forever, until he meets Sarah. Then things seem to call right into place for him, and before he realizes it he’s considering joining the Amish community!

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WARNING: This ebook contains mature themes and language, intended for 18+ readers only.

AUTHOR’S NOTE: This is a stand alone romance with an HEA. This ebook or bonus books attached may contain mature themes and language, intended for 18+ readers only.

WESTERN ROMANCE:: Honest Love (Adult Young Cowboy Collection BWWM Romance) (FREE BONUS STORY + FREE GIFT))

by Moon Light Publishing

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Books included:

BOOK 1: The Cowboy’s Role Model

BOOK 2: The Secret Cowboy

BOOK 3: Kiss The Cowboy

BOOK 4: The Cowboy’s Stampede

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