Free science fiction Kindle books for 30 Jun 16

Empire Of The Undead

by Ahimsa Kerp

The Roman Empire was built at the expense of a thousand extinguished rivals, and during the reign of Domitian its long-forgotten enemies join together to enact a terrible curse. The dead began to walk, creating a plague of undead that sweeps across the Empire. And even the elite Roman forces, bolstered by war elephants, cannot hold them back.

The only hope of stopping the lifeless monsters is a disparate group of misfits and rogues led by the most ruthless Senator in Rome.

Scum of the Galaxy: (Volume 2) The Rocketeers

by Gavin Chappell

Sentenced to penal servitude on the prison planet Scartaris, Gerald and his friends find themselves in their worst predicament yet. Incarcerated on the planet’s permanent dark side, they are forced to work in the food mines, producing the raw materials necessary for the creation of synthetic protein. Snowy mountains surround the labour camp on every side. Even if they escape, how will they survive in the icebound wilderness of Scartaris? And will they ever return to Earth? Book Two in THE ROCKETEERS

The Hall of the Mountain Queen

by M.L. Janes

Anna takes a train from Chicago to East Asia with forty other young people, hoping to fulfil her career dreams. A strange series of events finds them entombed in a mountain, where they break down into feuding gangs. Together with the charismatic Ryan and the dependable Mike, Anna restores order and leads the survivors on to incredible success. But Anna has two heartbreaking problems left. What to do about this ivy plant which seems to be taking over the world? And how to resolve her feelings for both Ryan and Mike?

Rebel (The United Federation Marine Corps)

by Jonathan P. Brazee

Rebel is set in the same universe as the United Federation Marine Corps series, and while the Marines make an appearance, this book is not about Ryck Lysander or the Corps.

Michiko MacCailín is a member of the First Families, more concerned with her privileged lifestyle of ballet, spending time with friends, and planning her wedding than of the injustices suffered by the indentured workers of the all-powerful Propitious Interstellar Fabrication, Inc., the charter holder of the planet. When her activist fiancé is murdered at a protest rally, she blames the company and embarks on a personal mission of vengeance.

Michi has some initial, if minor success, but when the company requests that the Federation send in the Marine Corps to quell the unrest, the stakes immediately get higher. Undeterred, Michi is willing to take on the Marines if that is what it takes to achieve her revenge.

WARNING: This book contains some graphic violence that may not be suitable for all readers.

AUTHOR’S NOTE: Rebel is set in the same universe as the first three books in The United Federation Marine Corps series, and a few of the characters in those three books make brief appearances in this one. However, this is a decidedly different book, examining what it might be like on the other side of a Federation Marine deployment. The battle scenes are limited, and the violence is much more visceral and personal. This is a darker, deeper book and not your typical “Space Marine” story.

Rebel will tie into future volumes of the series that will put the focus back on the Marines, but it is a departure from the first three volumes.

Tormented Slumber: A Military Thriller Short Story

by Paul Deaver

War doesn’t always end after the last shot is fired. Returning home begins a whole new battle.

A veteran discovers that demons followed him home from the battlefield and threaten to destroy his life. The soldier regains hope when he finds unexpected allies to confront his worst nightmares.

3,000 word short story.


by Jessica Gomez

**WARNING** There are some controversial issues in this book. Rape being one of them. If you are sensitive to this subject, this book is not recommended for you. Due to some subject matter, this book is highly recommended for 18+.

If the world ceased to exist in one moment in time, would you know what to do?

Lillie thought her life was finally beginning to look up, and for once she seemed in control of her own future. Until a blinding light in the sky ripped that all away. When the luminosity snapped off, it flipped a switch, taking with it almost every human life, leaving behind few survivorsâ?¦ and the Infected. Decrepit and inhuman, the Infected brutalize everything that crosses their path.

The flash has destroyed most people’s humanity, rendering Lillie a target for every horrific situation imaginable. Nine months later, she not only has to worry about herself, but her newborn child.

After a year of living on their own and just making it, Lillie and her daughter catch a break, finding shelter and a new companion in a young boy. The new family dynamic has Lillie letting her guard down. Until one day, they are ambushed. More terrifying and faster than ever, the Infected nearly overcome them, triggering the relocation of their home.

Taking a chance, Lillie and the children head to the mountains of Oregon. Little do they know – what waits there may be worse than the Infected.

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