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Travel: The Ultimate Budget Travel Guide for Students to make Every Destination a Wild Lifetime Adventure for under $30 a day (Travel References for a … Guides, Global Travel Guides) Book 1)

by Abhishek Kumar

A Universal Guide to Student Travel on a Budget

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This book provides a practical guide to traveling the world while as a student. If you are planning on taking a break year or doing a study abroad / work abroad program, this book provides you with all the tools you need. It serves as a universal guide for traveling around the world on a low budget. The mainstream travel industry is geared towards short term vacations for young couples and rich retirees. The most expensive hotels, resorts and restaurants are advertised everywhere. Even with the best deals that you get on these luxuries, it is still an expensive proposition in the long term. The focus of this book is on how to travel the world in a way that keeps you healthy, gets you a better cultural experience and doesn’t break your budget. You can learn how to travel cheaply around the globe, eat healthy, exercise and live in affordable accommodations. It helps you live like the locals and truly understand the culture of the place you are staying in. This book is not only for students; it can be used by anyone looking at affordable means to sustain long term travel.

Highlights of this book:

  • The different ways to travel the globe as a student
  • Free student travel options
  • The long term benefits of student travel
  • Low budget transportation options in different parts of the world
  • Low budget travel insurance that cover you globally
  • Cheap/Free Student Travel accommodation options across the globe
  • Ways to cook healthy and exercise on a regular basis while traveling; so as to stay fit and healthy over a long period of time.
  • The vacation destinations around the globe that give you the best value for money.
  • How to use online resources to learn from the growing community of global student travelers.
  • Safety precautions to take while traveling around the globe.

How this book is different

What differentiates this from other travel books is it helps you the get the most out of your travel. Most similar travel books focus only on the budget options available at every step. The author focuses on making sure you have a great overall experience, showing you how to stay fit and healthy, and connect with the local community.

Start your journey around the world by downloading “College Nomad: A Universal Guide to Student Travel on a Budget”

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What other customers say

“This book takes an unusual approach to travel for the contemporary student and is up-to-the-minute in its coverage. For instance, it covers software you can use to avoid your use of the Internet being tracked on cloud servers and a number of useful apps for your smartphone (when I was a student there were hardly any mobile phones, let alone smartphones!), such as Packing Pro (which allows you to organise lists of what to take on a trip)..” Mark Logie

“I was surprised to find so much useful information in a book this size. It is well written and easy to read. References included with links to more details.” Sydney W. Frost

“Excellent information for those looking to travel abroad. Not just for students, this universal guide is a must read for every traveler! Congrats, Abhishek on a well-written expert guide.” Gina111

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The Steel Samurai: Ennin #71

by Ben Stevens

Two ronin complain that they are being pursued by a wraith-like samurai

But just how can Ennin help them…?

And does he even wish to…?


(45 stories available at just $8.99 for a limited period. Well over 1000 ‘print’ pages.)

Amazon Reviews for ENNIN

‘Absolutely engaging… There is so much mystery here…’ Joanna Daneman (USA), #1 HALL OF FAME AMAZON REVIEWER

‘Ennin is a man of many parts and is able to solve problems with both intellectual and physical strength… Satisfying and enjoyable…’ Gayle Decker

‘Ben Stevens is a fascinating writer…’ Grady Harp, TOP #10 HALL OF FAME AMAZON REVIEWER

‘The greatest of Japan’s detectives, Ennin, and of course his trusted servant and chronicler Kukai… Full of intrigue, action and excitement…’ M. Dowden, TOP #50 HALL OF FAME AMAZON REVIEWER

‘This excellent rendition of mystery, suspense and intrigue… I’m surprised these adventures haven’t been made into movies or a TV series… They are that good!’ Arnold Mount

‘I can’t get enough of “The Ennin Mysteries”! Every story I read is so entertaining, I hate for it to end. I recommend this author to anyone who likes “whodunnit” stories!’ Ruth Casey May

‘These stories are always so amazing…’ Eileen Sedgwick

‘The Ennin Mysteries are an absolute delight…’ sshap

‘Stevens keeps on delivering… This is a great series…’ Abby Normal

‘Love it! Simply amazed by how good these short stories are!’ Edwina Callan

‘Intriguing and good to read… Set out in a very eastern myth fashion… Recommend them to all…’ Chris

‘I confess to being addicted to them for the depiction of medieval Japan, the characters and the enjoyable stories. I treasure each Ennin mystery that I have…’ Postscripter

‘Five stars…’ Daphne Frampton

‘I especially like the sort of quiet and abiding love that exists between Ennin and Kukai, master and scribe. Also, there’s a kind of sweeping majesty in the description of Japan…’ Lisa

‘Another good short story by Ben Stevens. Keep getting them can’t seem to help myself. Try them yourself…’ Tigger

‘Atmospheric, intriguing and entertaining… A rare achievement…’ Kenny51

‘Holmesian overtones… Interesting to read about imperial Japan…’ AC

‘Thank you Ben Stevens for writing the Ennin Mysteries… I love the characters… My only complaint? I have read all the Ennin Mysteries – I want more…’ Momma Dahama

‘Amazing… An inspiration…’ Valentine Williams

‘Wonderful… I wipe my tears… (a) profound message on the attitude needed by humans today… I will read this many more times and keep this close to my heart…’ Candoar

‘Well-written… I’ve enjoyed many Ennin mysteries… Satisfying as always…’ S. Pearson

‘A FUN READ!’ Cowboy-not Wyoming

‘Good plot tension and a clever twist… Ennin has made many enemies through his uncanny ability to solve murder mysteries…’ M Brown

‘I love the different stories Ben Stevens comes up with… There is always a twist, and the solutions are imaginative…’ Jay Gold

‘I like the writer, I like the mysteries…’ Amazon Customer


‘Really enjoyable…’ Menarue

‘I was completely hooked by the Ennin series from the first story… Ben Stevens’s writing style is somewhat like a Japanese room arrangement…’ AcerAcer

‘Mystery from historic Japan… Like Holmes and Watson, but in an Asian setting…’ Nysa

‘How refreshing… Really delightful…’ Leyla

‘A great read…’ Carter

‘Ennin does it again… Well written, evocative of the era, and suitably mysterious…’ KD

‘Stories are tight, punchy and uncluttered…’ Damien

Russian Slang: Sound like a Real Russian in a Week!: Learn All the LATEST Slang Words & Phrases (Dirty Russian, Learn Russian, Russian)

by Dorian Ivanov

Do YOU want to sound like a Real Russian? Do you want to make other Russians ACTUALLY CONNECT WITH YOU!

Honestly How Cool Would it be if YOU could use Russian Slang with ease?

Don’t be treated like a Tourist!

I am sure you know how much Slang you use on a Daily basis it is a huge part of our Communication. It’s the Same in Russian, so if YOU want to sound like a Real native YOU need start practising Your slang.

From Slangy greetings to swear words this guide has it all! All with explanations of When and How to use these words and phrases.


Country Life UK: Photos to enjoy (a children’s picture book)

by Fran West

In this picture book there are 20 colorful photos of country life in the UK.

To see samples of the photos (with words on them) view the video on Fran’s author page (click on “Fran West” below the title of this kindle book).

Photos depict a nursing home, village shop, wine shop, garage, craft centre, mill, chronicle, farmhouse, surgery, manor, lock, museum, railway station, pub, church, harbour office, village, post office, bed & breakfast and restaurant.

The photos were taken in country towns and villages in England, Scotland and Wales.

The first sequence is for looking and enjoying.

The second sequence is for looking and learning.

This time the photos have a word (or words) on them and can be used like flash cards.

This would appeal to children (and adults) of all ages who love country town life, rural activities, old buildings, the UK and travel.

Passport to Gettysburg

by Andy Turner

Gettysburg is the most famous battle in U.S. history. More than a million people visit the battlefield every year. With so much to see and do there, it is easy to get confused. The Passport to Gettysburg solves that problem. The Passport to Gettysburg starts off with a history of the battle and why it happened where it did. The history is broken down into each of the three days of battle. The history includes maps to help you understand where you are on the battlefield. Each section also has questions to think about to extend your knowledge. Answers to the questions are found at the end of the book.

After that are human interest stories of the battle. Learn about the only civilian killed during the battle, the general who hid with hogs during the battle to avoid capture, the officer who wrote a note on his deathbed to his father using his own blood, and more.

The human interest stories are followed by photos and information about some of the most famous locations, buildings, and monuments to see at Gettysburg.

Yesterday and Today photos follow, showing an historic photograph taken shortly after the battle above a modern photograph taken in the same location. See how the battlefield has changed and how it remains the same.

More short stories of the battle follow as well as a puzzle to solve using information in the book. The last pages contain a breakdown of how Civil War armies were organized to help you understand some of the military terms you’ll be seeing during your visit and the text of President Lincoln’s famous Gettysburg Address.

Get more out of your visit to this famous American battlefield by having the Passport to Gettysburg!

Filling the Gap: Gap Year Misadventures: Book 1 India-Thailand

by K Waddams

The idea of spending 13 years in full-time education, followed by a further 3 years in university (and even more if you’re really keen), can be too much for some people and so the “Gap Year” was born. Jetting off to far off lands without the confines of parents, siblings and the British weather at the impressionable age of 18 forms a very different sort of education.

Heather and Kate, two 18-year old school friends, did just that in 2006. Backpacking around the world they experienced everything from the attempted seduction by an over-keen Kashmiri guide; the failings of a 1985 Honda Accord in the New Zealand remoteness; the consequences of drink-spiking in South America; to the mystic wonders of Macchu Picchu and Easter Island; the surf beaches (and bodies) of Australia; and the eye-openers of Thailand.

With each adventure came new highs and lows for Heather and Kate as they took on the world, one naïve step at a time.

Travel Italy: A 5 Day Guide to Venice on What to See, Eat, and Enjoy! (italy travel guide, venice travel guide, italy facts)

by Sarah Evans

In this book we will be taking a look at some of the top attractions, sights, things to shop for, and of course what to eat on your five day trip to Venice. What’s great about this book is that it appeals to both the first-time traveler as well as those who have been to Venice before and are looking to discover more of what the famous city on water has to offer.

Highlights of this book include:

  • What must-see places you should include in your five-day visit
  • Methods of transportation
  • Local food and drink you don’t want to miss out on
  • Accommodation options
  • Typical temperatures and precipitation amounts
  • A brief history of Venice and what makes it such a popular tourist destination
  • A look at themed-tours to meet all interests

This book is an excellent place to start when planning your trip and can also come in handy as guide while you’re actually in Venice and taking in the sights. So what are you waiting for? It’s time to delve into the pages and broaden your knowledge when it comes to Venice, Italy.

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