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Tippy: Tales of Flying Sergeants (Enlisted Fighter Pilots in WWII)

by Michael Uva

How Does A Backwoods, Lowly, Enlisted Mechanic Become A – P-51 – Ace Fighter Pilot?

Based on an “Enlisted Marine” who flew a P-51 aircraft during WWII. (Normally, only Commissioned Officers were pilots.) These “enlisted” pilots fought like hellions in air battles in the European and South Pacific theaters against greater trained enemy pilots and superior aircraft. They showed tenacity, guts, and heart in a belief they could stem the tide of tyranny. They crammed their bodies into tiny aircraft, and then hurled themselves across the skies, to protect America!

I wrote Tippy as a tribute to a Master Gunnery Sergeant Tippy that I had the pleasure and honor to have served with while I was enlisted in the Marines. I flew a few times as his crew chief.


Tippy was a salty old marine. A fair guy, but let’s just say, seasoned. Boy, did he have some stories. Some may have been “Fairy Tales,” some the “God’s Honest Truth.” You can never tell with the Marines. I was told early on in my Marine career, there are only two types of fairy tales told in the Corps; One begins with, “Once upon a timeâ?¦” the other, “This is no Shit!”

Whatever the truth may have been, I wrote “Tippy” as a tribute, as I imagined this Flying Marine Sergeant might have been in WWll.


Enlisted Men Become Fighter Pilots!

(Eleven become Generals)

Only Officers were supposed to be pilots. But despite discrimination, over 2,575 enlisted men are officially, “In the books!” as Pilots. These men flew under the banner of “Sergeant Pilots.” Chuck Yeager, Carroll Shelby, and Walter Beech all started out as enlisted men.

These heroes are now lovingly referred to as, “Flying Peons.”

Authors’ Note:

Lets’ keep alive the histories of these enlisted, Sergeant Pilots who served bravely between 1912 and 1945. This is the story of just a few of those unsung heroes. One in particular, Tippy!

(This Is My “Fictional” Story Of Real Flying Sergeants!)


The Collapse Of America (The Rich And Powerful Book 1)

Hugo watched the woman enter the market and knew straight away that she was an American refugee, it was the expensive clothes and shoes and the great teeth. He hoped that she would continue on her way but watched as she examined the tables laden with various foodstuffs. He dropped his own eyes and pretended to concentrate on his own goods, but he sensed her presence before him. She reached into her handbag and pulled out a wad of cash and Hugo hoped that it would not be American dollars. It was, and his heart dropped as she proffered the Greenbacks and pointed towards his finest potatoes. He knew that the dollars were worthless and that he should send her on her way but he had married an American and felt for those that had escaped from the murder and violence that marked post 2018, America. Hugo heard the mutterings from other stallholders; many wanted the Americans sent home, and were angry that he would help those who had brought depression to much of the world. But Hugo was like many people in the rest of the world and wondered how such a mighty nation could collapse so quickly. He knew the basics of the collapse, it was 2018 and flushed with success after fixing the economy of Greece, international bankers had turned their sights to America.They demanded that America accept austerity and start to pay back its huge debts. A Republican Party controlled Congress exploded and defaulted on America’s debts and the American economy starts to collapse. Its enemies take advantage and try to destroy the great nation. While the rich and powerful of America, decide to betray their nation and seek sanctuary in Australia.They decide to take America’s wealth with them and the first woman President has to stop them as they load up all of America’s gold onto a cruise ship and sail to their new home. War breaks out in Korea and is told through the eyes of one soldier as he tries to understand himself and his role in the conflict.Everyday Americans have to travel across a nation that is falling apart, to find peace and safety. But instead meet the violent gangs that have taken the opportunity to grab a part of the American dream anyway they can.Still, they find love and companionship that had been denied them before as they search for peace and security in the new America.This is a new edition of my book and I have done a lot of work on the editing and writing, it’s much improved and I hope you enjoy.

War Pigeon

by Ben Stevens

The First World War…

An English unit pinned down by enemy fire…

Everything depends on ‘Albert’ getting a request for assistance back over the lines…

But the Germans will do whatever it takes to blast Albert out of the sky…

This is a short-story.

From Ben Stevens, bestselling author of KAMIKAZE, THE WHISTLER: A MURDERER’S TALE and over 130 other titles.

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