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Hillary Clinton: The Top Reasons Why She Must Not Win The 2016 Election

by James Morgan

Say “NO” to Hillary Clinton

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Your Guide To Why Hillary Must NOT Be Elected in 2016!

We all know the name and most of us don’t like it. In this book, we will unveil the sordid history of Hillary Clinton.

Hillary Clinton: The Top Reasons She Must NOT Win The 2016 Election was written by myself, James Morgan, with the purpose of opening your eyes to who the subject really is and why she must not be allowed to win the presidency.

Filled with history and so much more, this book is written for all who are worried about their country and the direction that Hillary Clinton might take it!

Here’s what you’ll find inside:

  • Hillary Clinton: A Brief History
  • Her Opinions on Controversial Issues
  • Hillary’s Questionable Character
  • The Great Hillary Clinton E-Mail Scandal
  • Hillary Clinton and Wall Street
  • A Few More Reasons You Should Not Vote for Mrs. Clinton
  • I have never seen the American people more pessimistic about the future than I do today. Electing this consummate insider will not change this. What we need is REAL change, not another re-tread.

    This book will remind you just why Hillary Clinton is such a terrible candidate and person. The truth is that she has been involved in so many questionable activities it is hard to keep track! Once this book refreshes your memory you’ll be able to use it to convince others as to why she is so manifestly unfit for the highest office in the land!


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    Elon Musk: Top 60 Life and Business Lessons from Elon Musk

    by Antonius Houston

    Do you know why Elon Musk is one of the most successful and motivational character in our time?

    This book will offer you the most extensive introduction to Elon Musk. You are going to learn what made Elon Musk such a successful figure.

    Be motivated by his stories and the lessons that he teaches us. This book will go with you one by one, the TOP 60 Life and Business Lessons by Elon Musk.

    Feeling unmotivated? Feeling uninspired? Needing a role model or simply needing a good read? If that is the case, this book is definitely for you!

    Here is a quote by Elon Musk:

    “If something is important enough, even if the odds are against you, you should still do it

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    Courage of the Spirit

    by Norbert Weinberg

    Courage of the Spirit portrays the spiritual struggle of one man during the first half of the twentieth centuryâ??the author’s father, Rabbi Dr. William Weinberg, who survived Nazi and communist tyranny to become the first State Rabbi of the community of Holocaust survivors in the German State of Hesse. Rabbi Weinberg’s journey spanned thousands of physical miles by freight train and on foot, from cosmopolitan Vienna and Berlin to Stalingrad and central Asia as he and his brother Benjamin kept a step ahead of the Nazi armies. The book spans the mental and emotional journey from the medieval shtetl and the great empires to the weak democracies and totalitarian regimes that followed, and finally, to freedom. Courage of the Spirit reconstructs these events from conversations with the author’s father and his uncle, from family notes, and from historical documentation.

    You are loved . . . an email memoir

    by Lisa Lucca

    If the choice to live an authentic life came with a steep price, would you pay it? 

    When lifelong friends Mark and Lisa reconnect after many years, they are both
    seeking something more in their ordinary lives. Cynical about marriage,
    yet devoted to his young daughter, Mark is seeking life purpose and direction,
    while single mom Lisa is embarking on a new career and looking for love.

    So begins a ten-year email conversation that delves into life’s biggest questions
    about true love, meaningful work, and connecting with God. Capturing the
    essence of what it means to risk everything and redefine your life, Mark and
    Lisa’s story takes you on a journey that explores the nature of love, truth and
    the choices that shape our lives.

    Illusive Dreams: An Autobiography by RG Boudreau

    Illusive Dreams is a true story of one young man’s personal quest to find love, direction in his life, and the rewards from having a family of his own. Born into and being part of a third generation French Canadian family in Woonsocket, Rhode Island around the end of World War II, and being raised by a father, (an orphaned child that became an Army Sargent that recently was honorably discharged), and a mother (the second youngest of sixteen children in an abusive home), his focus was to find a creature to love, cherish and devote his affection and vision with, as well as raising children to direct the parental love that was lacking in his life. His journey was relentlessly focused and badly distracted. We are invited along on this journey within the pages of RG Boudreau’s autobiography as he reflects on his childhood, his school days, Air Force enlistment, and his travels within the military for four years, to include remote Alaska where he finds eternal love and eventually becoming the father of two beautiful daughters. The time span is from 1945 till 2016. We see the effects of politics and religion on his young family’s life in their struggle to travel a journey in an ever changing environment. There is plenty of humor and tears within these pages as he shows all of his frailty in a quest to understand god, his illusive dreams and the aboriginal folklore that transforms him.

    The FREQUENCY: A True Story of How God Saved Our Little Girl and Revealed The Secret to Life on Heaven’s Frequency (The Frequency Series Book 1)

    by Nacole Gray

    There I was sitting on the bathroom floor as if life had been syphoned from my feet, and a rug had been unsuspectingly pulled from underneath them. Could this be real? Is this a bad dream? If so, I need to wake up because I want out of this scene!

    What happens when tragedy strikes and the supernatural intervenes?

    Many great minds have experienced the mystical presence of God and His salvation in their lives and have testified to the vivid reality of the spiritual experience.

    Albert Einstein often said that as a scientist, his goal was to “read God’s mind.” Dwight D. Eisenhower said he had actually felt the hand of God guiding himâ??felt God’s presence.

    Were Einstein and Eisenhower tuned into God’s frequency?

    This is a story of a miraculous event, a book about how to live life on God’s frequency, and how to tune into that heavenly “radio frequency.”

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    William Butler Yeats and the Murder of Honor Bright (William Butler Yeats and Honor Bright Book 1)

    by Patricia L Hughes

    I knew very little about my grandmother at all except that my father’s birth certificate named her as Lizzie O’Neill, living at 2 Catherine Street, Dublin, where my father had grown up. He had been only four when she was murdered. He had lived in the cellar of a tenement with his foster family, so she must have had a room above. I also had two short newspaper articles giving her address in 1925 at 48 Newmarket, two streets away. I had searched with great care for Lizzie among the records of the Irish General Register Office but had never found her. But when I realised that my father looked just like W B Yeats I started looking again …

    I had also the police photographs of her corpse at the site of the murder and even the bullet that killed her, both of which were handed to my father in 1961 when he returned to Dublin to find out about her death

    I vote ZIG ZIGLAR: His story retold:why not meet me at the top..

    by Ofori Kingsley


    I need no description of this book..

    Its all about his story and quotes..powerful ones..

    Its either you wanna be in the league of heros or stay back and let us climb to success..

    The evolution of a paranormal investigator

    by Bill Heiland

    My interest in the paranormal has been with me for many years. In the late nineteen eighties I had an experience at a family members home that forever changed the way I thought about the paranormal. Unfortunately, at that time talking about the para-normal was taboo, and if I had discussed this with anyone outside of the family I would have been labeled crazy. In the following decades it became a bit more mainstream and that was my opportunity to get back into it more openly. I was a member in a few paranormal research teams that I had parted ways with, and I will share some of my more memorable stories and investigations that I shared with them.

    I am not skeptical of the paranormal, I have experienced it. However, I am very skeptical of the means of which so called “evidence” is collected, and the total misunderstanding of the equipment that is being used to collect it. Part of my journey was the critical thinking that evolved as I did more and more investigations, this is the foundation of my approach today.

    Everything you will read is based on my own experiences, everything is true and happened exactly the way I explain it to you. I have tried to recreate events, locales and conversations from my memories of them.In the following pages I will share with you my progression as a paranormal investigator, from my first experience to the exact place I am today. I will talk about the tools used in paranormal research and try to separate fact from fiction, based on my own experiences and findings through experimentation. My goal is to help you avoid the pitfalls and fallacies involved with paranormal research, and try to show you why critical thinking on your part is extremely important from a practical and scientific standpoint. I will also share some of my most memorable and personal experiences from investigations and also some of the people I have met along the way.

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