Free computers and the internet Kindle books for 01 Aug 16

Web Design: Build Your Site for $7 in 24 Hours, Step by Step Instructions

by Mitchell Cleaver

Your shiny new website is waiting for you; all it requires is a day of moderate work, and of course, seven dollars. I will show you how to build a clean, effective, functional website for you or your business, step by step, from scratch. It will have; registration, login, a mailing list subscription function, cool buttons, menus, forums, and subscriber only restricted pages.

Clickbank:: Make Awesome Profits by Selling Online. With Clickbank you will make at least $800+ within 30 days from your 1st Site, then just rinse and repeat again, again and again! (Business eBooks)

by Ed Lange

CLICKBANK is a retail outlet for digital products.

10,000+ Vendors

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Clickbank pays some of the highest commissions…on time…every time.

Clickbank stake their 17 year reputation on paying promptly

You can make Awesome Profits by Selling Online.

Read this book to make at least $800+ within 30 days from your 1st Site,

then just rinse and repeat again, again and again!

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Create in One Day a Budget Control: Excel in One Day

by Roger F. Silva

Dear Reader,

For 15 years I have used Microsoft Excel professionally, teaching and working in multinational companies. And this is the knowledge I will share with you now!

This book will help you learn the key concepts of MS Excel in less than 24 hours. You will create a budget control sheet with Upside and Downside, formatting, building graphics and preparing printing.

Step-by-step you will start becoming an Excel expert by creating and learning a useful tool. To guarantee your apprenticeship you will have access to videos to help you with any questions you may have.

Take this opportunity to learn in few hours by creating a project with a beginning, middle and end. Take this opportunity to learn Microsoft Excel!

* If you want to expand your knowledge of the wonderful tool that is Ms Excel, check out my other publications that are focused on market needs and fast learning.

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