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If I Could Change My Race: Real Essays by Real People

by Guensie Grecy

Twenty people from all around the world answer the following question: If you could change your race/nationality, what would you choose and why? In this book, you get to read the honest reflections of people from different countries, races, ages, and demographics. The answers to this question are not what most would expect. Read perspectives on race and nationality from people who live in the United States, India, the United Kingdom, Brazil, and Guyana, just to name a few. This book sparks an important conversation about assimilation, racism, and cultural rejection on a global perspective. You will learn a lot about the way people view their own race, such as whether it is a gift or a curse.

Procrastination: Why You Do It, How To Get Things Done And Be Successful In Life: Stop Procrastination And Live The Life You Always Wanted

by Shaurya Negi


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Procrastination is the major poor habit that holds an individual from obtaining what they want! It tends to lose your confidence and make you lazier to do things. Practically nothing’s gonna happen when there’s no work done, easy as that.

Inside Procrastination: Why You Do It, How To Get Things Done And Be Successful In Life,you’ll discover how procrastination only leads to more procrastination. This insidious behavior reaches into all places of our lives, but you can weed it out with the insights in this life-changing book.

We will study the Procrastination killer program which is easy to implement and you will live the life you always desired!

Sharp’s Revenge: An Unofficial Minecraft Adventure Book

by Jesse Nethermind

A young wolf named Sharp finds an unlikely friend in a boy being bullied. Together, they’ll explore secret chambers in temples, fight zombies and spiders, and a set out on a quest for revenge.

Mystery : Hidden – Constrained: ( Mystery, Suspense, Thriller, Suspense Crime Thriller) (ADDITIONAL BOOK INCLUDED ) (Suspense Thriller Mystery Collection organized crime, terrorism)

by Mark Peterson




A woman was found dead at an anti-war rally because of a myterious plane crash. Private investigator Edgar Willis will be assigned to solve this case. Along investigation, he will see conspiracy in the plane crash, and life. As the story unfolds, he will discover a lot of things he never thought he’d think about.

Preventing any of these people from being exposed to the public should be his priority. The worse that could happen is to keep the media from discovering what could be the biggest cover up in their nation’s history. Soon, things will get complicated and they will find it hard to seek answers out of every assumption they make.

Delay in justice is injustice, he knows this very well. But the dead cannot cry out for justice, and the duty of living to do so for them is something he vows. But… will he ever reveal it?

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The Owl who made Friends with the Moon

by Jennie Alexander

Oswald the Owl may be a nocturnal bird but he keeps getting lost in the wood. Luckily he soon makes a friend who helps him find his way back home.

Enjoy the rhyming story in this children’s picture book, ideal bedtime reading for young ones.

Dear Girls, Dear Guys: A Relationship Advice

by Anthony Ogwurumba

Many ladies and gentlemen have been in toxic and unhealthy relationship and are scared to leave for fear of starting all over again. Many do this with hope that their partner will change whereas they don’t know that humans rarely change- we only adjust temporally.

On that premise this book is an eye opener to all you who think that it will be catastrophic to leave him/her. Believe me when I say that is better you leave that relationship that have no future than to be waiting in hope for a happy ending all to no avail.

He keeps maltreating you; he keeps tormenting you; he keeps abusing you; he keeps making you feel inferior, he keeps making you regret knowing him; he keeps comparing you with his â??ex’, he keeps telling you he regret knowing you; he keeps letting you feel that you are not good enough for him.

How long do you think you will continue like that, how long can you continue lying to yourself that it will be alright, how long can you continue having a swollen face all because of blows from him, how long can you continue to say the word â?? I am sorry’ even when he offended you. How longâ?¦â?¦? How longâ?¦..?

The time for that change is now- do it and you will be glad you did.


A guy that truly cares,

Anthony Ogwurumba

The Vegetable Kingdom: Kids Will Love Vegetables

by Jen Summers

It’s time for Tomatoes and Carrots to shine! And so do Pumpkins, will not be left behind. Oh, there’s Cabbage, and Lettuce, Mushrooms, and Chili! Are King Vegan and Queen Leafy still going to be picky?

Find out in Jen Summer’s charming children’s book The Vegetable Kingdom. The King and Queen will find out which vegetable is the most nutritious in the kingdom. This picture book will surely captivate your kids’ hearts and will teach them the importance of having vegetables in their meals.

10 Steps to Abiding in Christ: Step 3-Learning to Live Care Free (The Growing in Grace Series Book 4)

by Tom Knotts

This is book four from the growing in grace series and is the third in the 10 steps to abiding in Christ series. This is a solid discipleship course that delves deeply in the teachings of God’s word.

Blood and Snow 9: Vampire Nights

by RaShelle Workman

Blood and Snow Book 9

Vampire Nights ~ A modern day Aladdin reimagining with vampires, genies, dragons, and more set in urban Salem, MA.

My name is Jasmine and I am an original vampire. Born of the seven magics, I’ve only had one desire, an ultimate wish.

A gorgeous genie named Laeddin granted it.

I should be living my happily ever after, right? Wrong.

My wish created grave consequences and only I can repair them. But every time I try, the problems get worse.

Like the darkness overtaking the human realm as well as the others. I know it’s the evil sorceress Maleficent behind it because I’ve seen her wicked plan to rule.

Now I must go after a crown created by the fairies thousands of years ago. Its believed the artifact will give the wearer immeasurable power and I need it in order to destroy the darkness, but its been broken into five pieces.

The first is thought to be in Connecticut…

Children Books:Wally Raccoon’s Farmyard Olympics Aquatics Day (kids books rhyming books for children Funny Bedtime story collection)

by Leela Hope

This Childrens book is relatable for kids of any age

Wally Raccoon Races From The Farmyard to Rio 2016 Summer Games  

Do your kids like swimming and other water activities?

Do they ever feel singled out?

Wally Raccoon loves aquatics – especially in the Farmyard Olympics. Follow Wally and his adventure on the third day of the Farmyard Olympics.

Wally feels rejected and singled out when he just wants to participate in different water activities for his team,

but another animal helps him find an activity that he can excel in.

Aimed specifically for ages 0-6,

Wally Raccoon’s Farmyard Olympics – Aquatics Day is a suitable story for all ages and is told through rhyming verse and colorful illustrations.

The Wally Raccoon’s Farmyard Olympics series is ideal for bedtime stories, preschoolers and children learning to read.

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