Free philosophy Kindle books for 01 Aug 16

Eternal Existence: The Birthright of A Priestking

by Kevin Meredith

Eternal Existence is a work in progress to that of the existing experience of the individual believer…as defined by the eternal state of qualification: the experience of true-self to eternal existence.

Inner Works: self-evident

by Kevin Meredith

This is a perspective pertaining to the true-self and false-self according to the tripartite nature of man…on what an existing testimony is as compared to a testimony based on free will. I have also contributed to this writing about my experience as a targeted individual to enlightening the reader with insight…to how the spirit of apostasy which has filled the church today: has used the crowd of the established order to create the gang-stalking phenomenon.

Life Changing Lines: Exclusive lines never hear before…

by Aditya Pancholi

Words have the ultimate power to change everything. Just read it and feel the words. I bet you; you will be changed completely by reading some of lines. And this change will cause a revolution within you. These are exclusive lines, you would never find it any other place. Must have a look to see the big revolution.

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