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The Seed Bridge: Collected Poems

by Terrence Craft

The Seed Bridge is a collection of autobiographical poems composed by Terrence Alonzo Craft, covering a variety of themes: ardent and fiery love, airy philosophy, joy and pain, life lessons, and the esoteric. The pieces reflect a period of fifteen years, from Craft’s mid-teenage years to his late twenties. They tell of the creation of powerful relationships as well as the deconstruction of those bonds; the development of strong religious beliefs and the painful losses of faith; transcendental philosophical brushstrokes and metaphysical pondering; declarations of personal strength and expressions of profound weakness. These poems read like abstract stories, exposing the artist bare. Rarely, will one encounter a work in which an artist is so transparently and fearlessly exposed. There’s as much fragility as there is fortitude: power, courage, vigor, contentment and peace of mind blend here with vulnerability, fear, anguish, melancholy, and misery. The result is a wholly human portrait.

The poems relate interesting life situations, small or large, that have left a mark on the artist and made him who he is. Pastel and Shell discusses the dangers of giving oneself to others without reciprocity. Two Quaint Poems is a two-part piece about blind head-first love. The Prophet’s Spice Truck details a quasi-obsessive one-way-street friendship, while Chinatown paints the hopelessness of disillusioned youth. Self-Righteous sees an almost manic pride devolve into fetal desperation, as The Naked God is a request from a disciple begging to see a clearer sign of his Lord. For Certain is the doubt about everything that we all have in our quietest moments, and Caliweto is a wild, Mephistophelean piece about the depths of depression. The final poem, Suihallawuiyou (or the Girl at Ota’lu’kume), is an art piece that uses the Delphic, the mystical, and the arcane to weave an experience.

These are pieces to be digested and, at the end of the collection, you will gain an insight into the author which reflects back to your own human experience. This is no attempt at braggadocio, nor is it a pity-fest. It is an expression of the wholeness of life.

To My Love: Love Poems by Shirley Fine Lee

by Shirley Fine Lee

Sixty-five love poems from you to your beloved. Poems include both long and short verses by Shirley Fine Lee.

The Soul Cries Out

by Gloria Sarasin

The Poetry of Gloria L Sarasin

Wish I’d never seen your face…

by Aimi Drew

pain, abuse, rejection, depression

Love Story: Flames of Love, Flames of Passions

by Thaddeus Hutyra

Love Story: Flames of Love, Flames of Passions, anthology of love and erotic poems by Thaddeus Hutyra

Down Stares Poems

by George Roland Wills

A collection of 19 poems by George Roland Wills

Carousel – War Hero – Ask Not – Yesterday’s Witch – Balloons over Snow – Distant Delicate Lightning – The Ruins of Rome – The Darkest Time of Night – Illness – Deep End at Daybreak – Night Tides – Bed, Unmade – Diving for Conch in Key West – Snow World – Tight, and Pulled Together – The Man in the Moon – Doorynisus, the Lizard King – Overdue, September 5, 2003 – Down Stares Poems

Also available on Amazon KINDLE at this time: STARE WAY TO HEAVEN, – 44 more poems by George Roland Wills and APPROACHING STORMS.

A planned Complete Collection of Poems by George Roland Wills is in the making, to be entitled TOME UNDREARY. No release date set at this time.

Transitional Zen & Conditional Juggling: Black and White Version

by Qua

This book is not a study in Buddhism.

This book is about moments of truth. Transitional zen are those continuing moments when one grows as illusion falls away replaced by truth. It’s a reminder that life is an ever learned experience. Conditionally juggle moments in life which seek undistorted truth. I give you my “transitional zen and conditional juggling”.

Thirty five mobile art photos and thirty five lyric poems exploring the transitions between love, life, disappointment, grief, reconciliation, alienation, and hope.

Austral Anomalies, Volume 2: poems on dreams and imaginings

by James Adriaan Harrison

These fifteen poems are about sleeping and waking dreams. They are the musings of the subconscious, which often seems to know more of our heart than does the conscious, rational mind. The poems express deep feelings, coming from mysterious places, leaving us unsettled and pensive. Photographs by the author expand the theme.

Destruction Calls the Muse Home: Poetry Theme Analysis (Eng 225)

by Megan Groeneveld

Do you like poetry? Do you know the names: Shell Silverstein, Dr. Suess, and Emily Dickenson?

Contained in this article is a collection of oems from various authors such as: Dylan Thomas, Irvine Welch, John Cooper Clarke, Dorothy Parker, and Tim Minchin. In it, Groeneveld provides a summary, analysis, as well as reason for which the authors wrote these poems. Get inspired, and check this poetry synopsis out today!

The Knight in Distress: Poems

by Ramanujam R S

Unrequited love and solitude come together to render the fearless knight (in shining armor) a vacillating knight in distress, who yearns for his damsel in shining armour to come to his rescue. Does his wish come true?

The Purpose The Porpoise

by A.B.C. Efg

Have you seen the fnords? The Purpose The Porpoise (hereafter referred to as the PP) is a 25 page book of bad poetry, and a self-help therapy course all rolled into one. In it you’ll find inner harmony and peace through vulgarity and nonsense. Written in a stream of conscious, the 25’ish pages here could change the next 5 minutes of your afternoon.

Phoenix Rising

by Keith W. Sikora

“Phoenix Rising” is a collection of free verse speculative poetry by Keith W. Sikora. Sikora is an award-winning poet whose work has been described as “ethereal,” “emotionally evocative,” and of containing an “effusion of the fantastic” in the real world. Sikora is a modern poet with a flair for the mystical.

A Study of Light

by S Findsen

By exploring the subject of light through verse and image I have attempted to capture the drama of human experience. Each of us throughout our lives experience the joy of acceptance and love; the pain of rejection and indifference; the confusion of fear and hate; the discovery of true love; the crushing blow of lost love; the dark hole of self-pity and lost hope; the false path of pride; and finally, hopefully, the peace, humility and contentment of knowing who we are and why we exist, when we stand fully in the Light.

The verse written was inspired by life and the people in it. “Light of You” is inspired by my wife, Michelle, and our journey to becoming spiritual partners. We all battle hurt, lost, and times of total despair, yet the most constant and fierce battle, for me, is the battle of self. I have found that the battle of self is eased when we enter fully into the light of truth and embrace it. Do this and you will experience the rewards of peace and calm, joy, love, and the contentment of knowing who you are and why you exist. My hope is that the verse and images in this small book help you on your journey of life.

Thoughts and Afterthoughts

by fredna decarlo

This is a book of poems for thoses who have been left hollow and need to heal.

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