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Mindfulness for Beginners: How to Drastically Transform All Areas of Your Life & Health with Powerful Mindfulness Techniques (Mindfulness, Anxiety, Yoga Book 1)

by Marta Tuchowska

Powerful Mindfulness Tips That Anyone Can Master

You are just about to discover what many spiritual gurus overlookâ?¦

Whether you are new to mindfulness, or have already devoured tons of spiritual self-help books, this book will give you simple, yet effective tools to create a mindful lifestyle you have always wanted.

And it’s really much easier than you think!

Mindfulness doesn’t have to be about complicated rituals, expensive retreats and difficult spiritual how-to manuals!

It all comes down to diving deep, making friends with your emotions (both good and bad) and understanding your awareness.

This is what this book is designed to help you withâ?¦

In this book you will find effective techniques to step out of your mindless, stressful thinking and allow your mind to finally embrace mindfulness so that you can achieve peace and happiness in all areas of your lifeâ?¦

Here’s a Short Preview of What You Are Just about to Discover:

What Mindfulness Is Not           

Simple Rules of Mindfulness    

Mindfulness & Awareness        

Transforming Your Life with Mindfulness           

Mindfulness & Relationships    

Mindfulness and Honesty          

Awareness. Real awareness. Knowing ourselves

What Kills Mindfulness?             

Mindfulness to Make Friends with Your Emotions and Enjoy Your Life Now      

Be Hungry for Mindfulness       

How to Actually Practice Mindfulness?

Mindfulness Exercises 

Inner Mindfulness – How to Make GOOD Friends with Your Emotions 

Transform All Areas of Your Life and Health with Mindful Self-Honesty               

Breathe out mindless illusions�              

Practicing Mindfulness in Everyday Situations  

Mindfulness and Honest Self-Love        

Mindfulness for Ordinary People           

Is ego always bad?        

Mindfulness for Deep Transformation and Long-Lasting Change            

Mindfulness and Overprotecting Others            

Mindfulness and Journaling      

What I really mindfully want     

What mindful actions will I take?            

What are you waiting for?

Take positive and purposeful action today.

Success and happiness start with awareness.

Awareness starts with a mindful lifestyle.

In less than an hour, you will be equipped with powerful mindfulness techniques to gain more quality of life and better emotional and physical health.

Invest in your wellbeing, grab your copy now and start transforming your life with mindfulness!

The Sex-Starved Husband’s Guide: Get unstuck, win her heart back, and reignite your sex life

by Jeff Borkoski

Is your sex life dragging its feet?
You’re not alone. One in five U.S. couples is stuck in a sexless marriage. One in five! If it was an infectious disease, we’d label it epidemic and be forced to wear surgical masks. Every month, over 21,000 people google the phrase “sexless marriage” looking for answers. Looking for hope. Looking for anything.

Hope is here.
In this groundbreaking book, you’ll learn:

  • The real reason women pull away emotionally and sexually before leaving for good (you’ll be shocked)
  • The two questions Jack Canfield (creator of Chicken Soup for the Soul) asks his wife every weekend and why they’ll have you scoring big in the bedroom
  • What the Propaganda Machine has been hiding from you since puberty and how it’s hurting your marriage
  • How to lower her blood pressure and bring sexy back for less than 95 cents a day (and why it works)

Welcome to the conversation. It’s about time.

“You’ve stepped into the core of a woman. I’m a little blown away by the truth of it all.”
-Elizabeth Neary, married woman

“It’s like you were in my head the entire time!”
-Shannon Raymond, married woman

“Smelling salts for every husband, not merely the sex-starved.”
-Devin Burke, married man

Hillary Clinton: Madam President?

by D T Pollard

The United States sits on the edge of history with Hillary Clinton as the first woman to run for President on a major party ticket. Donald Trump is her Republican opponent to be President. Hillary Clinton has weathered countless attacks from her critics over the years. The question of if Clinton becomes the first woman President of the United States may be determined by a determination of if we want to overcome our bias as a nation and vote a well qualified woman into office as President or will those that are angry and fearing change risk the bombast and erratic nature of Donald Trump as the leader of the free world.

Cosmic Ordering: How to Use Cosmic Ordering to Get Everything You Want in Life – (Using the Law of Attraction and Positive Thinking to Fulfill Your Wish List)

by Jade Pascales

If you’re ready to learn how to get everything you want in life, then this book is for you!

Today only, get this incredibly useful guide for only $2.99. Regularly priced at $4.99. Read on your PC, Mac, smart phone, tablet or Kindle device.

Are you not happy with the way things are going in your life? Let’s face it â?? Who really is? But did you know that you can actually have everything you want, simply by choosing to? Want to know how? That’s exactly what will be revealed to you in this book. But first, try to define in your own mind exactly what it is that you want. A job at a different company where you would make more money? What else? An amazing partner to share your life with? Or the ability to take your family on an expensive vacation like your boss does every year? Before you read on, close your eyes for a moment. Try to visualize yourself as you are now, and then picture who you should be, or who you want to be. Absorb the differences that you observe. You deserve those things you saw, and you are going to get them. Once you have an idea of what exactly you want, let’s get started, and I’ll teach you how to use Cosmic Ordering to get it.

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…

  • What Exactly is Cosmic Ordering?
  • How to Make Cosmic Ordering Work
  • The Do’s and Don’ts of Cosmic Ordering
  • How the Law of Attraction Relates to Cosmic Ordering
  • The Key to Being Patience is a Virtue
  • Much, much more!

Download your copy today!

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Off Grid Living BUNDLE: 100+ Lessons to Start Living Off the Grid (off grid living, off grid books, off grid)

by Tony Kim

Off Grid Living BUNDLE: 100+ Lessons to Start Living Off the Grid

Why choose just one when you can have 9 in 1? Sit back and enjoy â??your free time with â??this â??sampler of the best Off Grid Living BUNDLE books:

Off Grid Living: 23 Techniques With Step-By-Step Instructions on How to Live Off-the-Grid and Survive in the Wild by Tony Kim

Living off the Grid: 15 Outstanding House Ideas For Living off the Grid by Van Short

Off Grid Living: 23 Tips to Re-Assemble Your Life and Disappear Living off The Grid by Kevin Young

Off Grid Living: 33 Lessons on How to Live an Independent and Stress Free Life off the Grid by Antonio Campbell

Preppers Survival: Amazing Guide for Absolute Beginners on How to Survive an Economic Crash by Keith James

Off Grid Living: 30 Outstanding Lessons on How To Generate Your Own Energy and Water Supply and Successfully Live off the Grid by Gilbert Wise

Beginning Homesteading: 20 Things You Should Know Before Starting a Homestead by Elinor West

Camping Recipes: 15 Best Types of Dehydrated Food and Camping Recipes for Better Enjoyment of Your Outdoor Adventures by Treva Clark

Living off the Grid: 25 Amazing Survival Lessons on Using Renewable Energy Systems for Living Off the Grid by Gilbert Wise


Download your copy of “Off Grid Living BUNDLE” by scrolling up and clicking “Buy Now With 1-Click” button.

The Little Green Book of Revolution

by Ethan Indigo Smith

The Little Green Book of Revolution is a pro-individual and anti-institutional look at the history of peaceful proactive revolution through the looking glass of original American Exceptionalism, native American Indian culture and The First Amendment. It is an exploration of the environmental destruction and the oligarchical design of the present energy distribution systems. The Little Green Book of Revolution leads to understanding the NWO, the NetherWorld Oligarchy, and offers ideas to counter the environmentally destructive oligarchical institutions of the NWO.

Code Name Bella Dawn (GMJ Spy Thrillers Book 19)

by George M James

No GMJ Book is just written; the topic is carefully chosen to enlighten the reader to current dangers. Here we deal with money, gold, being used as a weapon of war. On 28 May 2009, Angelique Dawson, South African Secret Service counter terrorism head, survived an assassination attempt. The assassins fired a BVR (beyond visual range missile) at her aircraft, already burning because of sabotage. She ejected with her bodyguard and husband to be, Major Geoffrey Foxtrot into the Atlantic Ocean, seriously wounded (Code Name OST-M). This then is the story further, â??Code Name Bella Dawn,’ where she turned her Egg Breakers lose and finally went after the culprits taking revenge African style. She also uncovered a plot involving an unholy alliance between far right-wingers and Muslim radicals, using the lost Kruger millions as payment for services. A classic tale of using Special Forces and undercover agents in combined operations. As can be expected from GMJ Books, we have nonstop action, twists and turns in the plot and a surprising end. If you wish to read about Covert and Special Forces operations in Sub Saharan Africa, the GMJ Books are the place to start. You will learn about covert operations, Special Forces techniques and military history not known outside the select few. Code Name Bella Dawn is the nineteenth book of the popular GMJ Series.

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