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Trial By Fire

by DiAnn Mills

A new standalone novella from one of the top names in romantic suspense. Includes a preview of the first book in DiAnn’s explosive new FBI Task Force series!

Special Agent Savannah Barrett and her partner, SA Paul Winston, have been investigating a puzzling string of church arsons when she receives devastating news: her estranged son has been killed in a car accident, leaving Savannah sole custody of three young grandchildren she didn’t know existed. As she and Paul investigate new fires, trying to establish an M.O. and a suspect list, Savannah is thrown back into parenting while trying to handle her own heartbreak. Paul becomes her biggest supportâ??on and off the jobâ??kindling the fire between them.

But when the case takes a personal turn and Savannah’s grandkids are threatened, she and Paul must put everything on hold to stop this arsonist’s reign of fire.

Release: Untold Stories about Inner Strength, Resilience, and Overcoming Challenges

by Saba Tekle

We are stronger than we believe we are. We often discover our inner strength and resilience when life’s problems arise.

“Release: Untold Stories About Inner Strength, Resilience, and Overcoming Challenges” is a collection of short stories from courageous women who have discovered their inner strength while overcoming difficult situations in extraordinary ways.

There’s nothing like real women being transparent and releasing their truth with raw emotion to provide others with an authentic sense of inspiration.

These women have navigated through life’s obstacles as a doorway to change. Their empowering and uplifting stories will help you tap into your own inner strength, recognize your ability to be resilient, and remind you to use the power that is already within you.

Anyone facing a crossroad or dealing with family troubles, illnesses, job woes, and/or grief will find this book helpful and uplifting. “Release” will encourage, support, comfort, and most of all inspire readers through all types of difficult situations for years to come.

Historical Erotica: Highlander Romance Collection – Highlander Love Stories, Scottish Romance, Viking Romance, Victorian Romance, Viking Romance, Romantic Suspense Love Story Anthology

by Lady Aingealicia

‘..As their hands met, they both felt the electricity that came between them. Not being able to hold back his feelings any longer, he moved his hand behind her hair and pulled her lips to his. Kissing her deeply, she responded by pushing her tongue back into his and moaned softly..’

This is a graphic romance short story collection.

Tags: Highlander, viking, Scottish, Historical Romance, inspirational, army, soldier

Smoky Mountain Mystery (Garden Girls Christian Cozy Mystery Series Book 3)

by Hope Callaghan

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Smoky Mountain Mystery is book 3 in the Garden Girls Christian Cozy Mystery Series


“If you like women sleuths and cozy mysteries with recipes included, you will love this book and series!”

Life is good for “Garden Girl” Gloria Rutherford. Spring has finally sprung, love is in the air, and no dead bodies have turned up in the small town of Belhaven…lately.

It seems as if it’s almost too good to be true. Just as Gloria starts to get settled into her familiar routine, she receives a mysterious message from her older sister, Liz.

Certain that her sister, the drama queen, is once again bent on turning Gloria’s life upside down for no good reason, she almost chooses to ignore the dire message that she may be in danger.

When a key to her sister’s place shows up in her mailbox after Liz mysteriously vanishes, Gloria jumps in with both feet to track her down.

Crisscrossing the country with one of the other Garden Girls in tow, the two amateur sleuths find themselves on an adventure of a lifetime.

Gloria soon discovers her sister’s mysterious disappearance is the least of her worries.

Nine Different Ways to Praise the Lord

by James Thomas Lee Jr

This text has been entitled “Nine Different Ways to Praise the Lord” because nine different Hebrew words in the Old Testament have been translated as “praise” in the Scriptures. They are yadah, hilluwl, tehillah, barak, halal, zamar, towdah, shabach, and mahalal. Among those nine, five are verbs and four are nouns. Each of those words will be discussed in this text. In addition, though, because verbs in Hebrew can have different meanings based upon the use of stems, a separate chapter has been devoted to the discussion of Hebrew stem types. Single chapters have also been written to discuss each of the above nine Hebrew words for “praise.” However, because some of those words are very similar, an attempt has also been made to associate each of those words with their corresponding Greek word for “praise” that appears in the New Testament. There are seven such words that are translated as “praise” in the Scriptures. They are ainos, aineo, doxa, epainos, epaineo, humneo, and ainesis. Of them, four are nouns and three are verbs. Another distinction which has been made within this text, however, is that the Septuagint on two occasions had used different Greek words than the seven to replace their corresponding Hebrew words. So in those cases, which had been for eulogetos and psallo, the discussions have included that handling by the Septuagint translators.

While this text is not terribly exhaustive, it does involve a lot of discussion about Hebrew and Greek words. The Scriptures provide the bases for praising the Lord, and the Hebrew and Greek “praise” words provide the methods for praising Him. Therefore, the hope is that everyone reading this book will be challenged to lay aside all of the many distractions of this existence and be drawn into a closer walk with Christ. The simple fact is that nothing in this existence is more important than seeking the Lord with all of one’s heart and living for Him. Nothing in this existence is more important than being committed to the Christ, than trusting in Him, and than being in a personal relationship with Him. In fact, one hundred years from this very moment, those are the only things that will really matter to every single person that is alive today. This may be a simple thought. But it is still very true. If something in this life will not be important on the other side of the grave, then it is not really very important on this side of the grave. Not one person that has already entered eternity cares who won the important sporting events of this year or who won the highest political offices of their former land. The only thing that is important to any of them is what they had done with the Lord while they had been in this life. The Lord will NEVER turn anyone away that comes to Him by faith in the right spirit and with the right attitude.

Therefore, while praising the Lord is a very important part of worship, no praise or worship can ever begin until a person first comes to the Lord by faith to be saved. Salvation is seeking Him with all of one’s heart. It is making a personal commitment to live for Him and to serve Him. It is trusting in Him in one’s daily walk through life. It is being in a personal relationship with Him. So this book like all the others by this author has been written so that every person may know the Lord in a very personal way. Therefore, that having been said, let everything that has breath praise the Lord.

Mail Order Bride: Wyoming Frontier Brides: A Sweet Historical Western Mail Order Bride Series (Clean Christian Romance) (Inspirational Victorian Pioneer Romance Short Stories)

by Charity Phillips

Follow The Stories Of Richard, Edward, William & Jacob As They Search For True Love In The Wyoming Frontier — Includes A Heartwarming BONUS Collection Of Over 20 Sweet Historical Mail Order Bride Stories!

Book 1: A Mail Order Bride For Richard

Richard Greene has taught himself to be happy with the simple things in life. If he’s learned anything from his experiences, it’s that you can’t trust anyone but yourself, and relationships are the quickest way to trade a quiet life for one filled with chaos and pain.

But despite his misgivings about marital unionsâ??and especially mail-order-bridesâ??he can’t deny that he’s in need of help on his little Wyoming farm. After a few painstaking months of searching, Richard selects Mia from Virginia to join him out West, planning to make their partnership a mere marriage of convenience.

But when the gentle, dark-haired school teacher arrives, Richard starts questioning everything he knows, and soon he’s discarding all of the rigid rules that left him without a wife for so long.

Out of the ashes of his old life rises a second chance at loveâ??but will his wounded heart let him grab hold of it before it soars away?

Book 2: A Mail Order Bride For Edward

The sheriff of Davinia, Edward Higgins, has a sterling reputation. He’s kind, thoughtful, brave, and hardworkingâ??exactly the sort of man there’s a shortage of in this world. Unfortunately, there’s been no shortage of dangerous criminals in his long and varied past, so settling down to start a family has been out of the questionâ??until now.

In the winter of his twentieth year as sheriff, he’s finally passing the badge on to someone else and marrying Eliza, a woman who has been waiting patiently to wed Edward for three years. Though they’ve never met in person, Eliza and Edward are a perfect match, and it doesn’t take long for them to feel in sync.

But before they embark on their honeymoon, the newlyweds are interrupted by a repeat offender from Edward’s past: a vindictive ex-lawman determined to make him pay for the life of luxury he caused him to lose.

Will Edward and Eliza’s love be able to break free and flourishâ??or will it wither, trapped by the steely bars of his past?

Book 3: A Mail Order Bride For William

After moving to Johnson County at the age of twelve, William “Willy” Butler happily acclimated to his position as the eyes and ears of idyllic Davinia, Wyoming. Though he spends much of his time working hard to provide only the choicest meat and fish for his butcher shopâ??and lending his own hands, ears, and shoulders to its customersâ??there’s a little-seen side to him that has gone unacknowledged for too long: a yearning for a true connection that drives him to answer an ad from a desperate-sounding nurse who has been “wandering like a comet in search of a cluster.”

Jessica is clearly in danger, but Willy has no idea how bad it is until she shows up on his doorstep days early without a coat, bag, or dollar to her name. Willy is bewitched by her sharp wit and smoldering gaze, but the feisty Jessica turns out to have no intentions of truly settling down or dragging him through the shocking history of her life. Luckily, fate seems to have other plans.

Can Willy convince a wandering spirit to stay under his serene skies, or will Jessica streak out of his path before this new love can sync and fall into harmonious orbit?

Book 4: A Mail Order Bride For Jacob

Jacob Everett is used to turbulence and shake-upsâ??the one fact he’s always held true is that everything will change. He remembers this when he has to give up his dream of being a deputy to become a farmhand; and he remembers it when he finds himself turning to personal advertisements to find a bride, instead of pursuing the kind of fairy-tale romance he’s secretly always dreamed of. Even though it may not turn out to be a perfect fit, Jacob is ready to brave uncertain seas to find true love.

Historical Romance: Brides Of Sutter Creek: A Sweet Mail Order Bride Frontier Romance Series (Clean Christian Victorian Western Romance Short Stories)

by Charity Phillips

Read All About The Struggles Of Four Men As They Attempt To Find Love In The Lonely Mining Town Of Sutter Creek, California — Includes A Heartwarming BONUS Collection Of Over 20 Clean Historical Mail Order Bride Romance Stories!

Sutter Creek, California – 1852

Book 1: A Mail Order Bride For Isaac

Isaac Walters is used to working his fingers to the bone, but he’s never had to work for much else. He inherits his business after his father’s retirement, and also manages to acquire his charming Sutter Creek home when his sister marries an oil tycoon on the East Coast. But when he nearly loses everything he has in a single act of carelessness, he’s finally pushed to consider how lucky he’s been. Tired of depending on the kindness of fate, Isaac decides to get serious about one thing at a time, starting with marriage; after all, what could be so difficult about forging a new way of life?

Book 2: A Mail Order Bride For Jeremiah

Miner Jeremiah Smith is used to spending his days counting down the minutes until the work whistle blowsâ??that’s his cue to head to the saloon with his brother Earl, or for them to head home for a hearty meal and a night of playing cards. But when Earl dies, he leaves a void in the spacious Main Street home, and Jeremiah is faced with a tough decision: either hold out hope that his growing mining town will eventually attract single women, or begin his search for a mail order bride.

Book 3: A Mail Order Bride For Lewis

Lewis Brown has the greenest thumb in Sutter Creekâ??and the loneliest heart. The gentle farmer provides produce to more than a thousand residents, but he can’t seem to get a single woman to slow down and give him the time of day. To top it off, one of his best farmhands is getting married to a beautiful young woman and is moving out of stateâ??only months after meeting her through a mail order bride service! Lewis is skeptical, but if love can bloom through the mail between a nurse and a farmhand, it can flourish anywhere.

Book 4: A Mail Order Bride For Samuel

Samuel Barnes is a jack-of-all-trades who has more than earned a break. As one of the dozen or so miners in town who wears more than one hat to help Sutter Creek get by without a sheriff, Samuel has done both of his jobs happily for years. When a few younger citizens volunteer for the force, however, he jumps at the chance to finally pursue the life of leisure he deserves.

After years of close calls and long nights, he’s looking forward to settling down with Sadie Adams, an enchanting young woman searching for the same serene stability as he is.

Unfortunately, Sadie barely has the chance to unpack before reality starts to interrupt their idyllic union. A group of bandits begins a startling raid on the town in search of a diamond worth more than all of the gold in California, and Samuel isn’t optimistic about their chancesâ??until Sadie proves she’s just as cunning and daring as her husband-to-be.

Once again, Samuel has to put his life on the line to defend the town he lovesâ??but this time, he has the unexpected help of the woman he’s come to love even more.

Tags: Mail Order Bride, Clean Romance, Western Romance, Historical Western Romance, Christian Romance, Clean and Wholesome Romance, Victorian Romance, Inspirational Romance

Buddhism: The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide to the True Path of Enlightenment

by Esther Leung

This book on Buddhism, expressly discusses all you need to know about Buddhism. Much emphasis has been placed on meditation from the Buddhist perspective.

If you are desirous of achieving a quality life, there are definitely commendable procedures to follow.  Not all paths provide happiness in life.  Buddhism is basically a way of life.  Those who walk in this path are known to live a life full of enlightenment and contentment and overall happiness.

However, it is very important to note that Buddhism is not a path that one follows without proper guidance.  As much as this path is full of enlightenment and happiness, this can only be achieved through proper guidance and subsequent practice.  This is what this book is all about – to help all those who are new to Buddhism and all those who are already on this path, get a proper grasp of what the main objectives and goals of the practice are and how these goals and objectives can be achieved easily.   Having the correct orientation and understanding regarding issues of life, surely go a long way in helping people relate with situations from a proper frame of mind.

Buddhism has been expressly described as a way of life.  This is the core foundation on which all other descriptions are hinged on.  It is a way of life that those who walk in, find to be fulfilling. What this means is that, Buddhism is not a once off practice.  It is not a path that is stumbled upon. It is a system of day to day living.  It gives meaning to life and the process of living as a whole. 

Over the years, studies have revealed that people generally, from all works of life, have different understandings as well as approaches to subjects that are associated with religion and religious practices. Even within a religion, one tends to still find diverse sectors and belief systems.  The same has been found with Buddhism. 

Buddhism is not just a religion. Many stumble on the practice without getting a proper grasp of what it is all about.  They therefore follow the path blindly trying to follow what they think is right. 

This is what the writer of this book has observed.  The contents of this book are therefore aimed at throwing a comprehensive insight into the practice of Buddhism and how its benefits can be adequately harnessed. After carefully studying the contents of this book, readers are assured of comprehensive insight into the following core objectives among others:

What is Buddhism?

Origin and History of Buddhism

About Buddha

Appropriate Method Applied in Inquiring

The Four Noble Truths

The Eight-Fold Path – (Middle Way)

Law of Kamma

Principle of Rebirth

Meditation from the Buddhists’ Point of View

Types of Meditation and how they are practiced


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