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Ketogenic Diet: Ketogenic Catastrophe: Avoid the Ketogenic Diet Mistakes (ketogenic diet for weight loss, diabetes, diabetes diet, paleo, paleo diet, low carb, low carb diet, weight loss)

by Eric Stein


The Ketogenic Diet has emerged on the Health and Wellness scene as a powerhouse for personal transformation. Stories of diabetes, autoimmune diseases, Alzheimer’s, and even cancer disappearing are no longer uncommon.

By far the most widely reported result achieved by its users is dramatic weight loss. This occurs when the ketogenic diet is followed properly and the body switches its metabolism from “sugar-burning” to “fat-burning.”

Unfortunately, many would-be keto followers crash & burn early in their journey by falling victim to the many roadblocks that must be faced before entering into nutritional ketosis. These roadblocks are where 90% of ketogenic attempts end. All the work, effort and commitment, gone without the results.

What a shame…

Ketogenic Catastrophe is here to shine a warning light on the many pitfalls encountered when attempting nutritional ketosis and stop you from becoming their victim on your road to success.

If you’re thinking of trying the ketogenic diet (or you already have) this book is an absolute must read.

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Python:The Ultimate Python Quickstart Guide – From Beginner To Expert (Hands On Projects, Machine Learning, Learn Coding Fast, Learning code, Database)

by Mark Zacks

Learn Python and catch up with the technologically evolving world with this simple yet elegantly crafted guide!

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Prepare yourself to put forth your first step into the world of making of very own programs!

Utilizing Mark Zack’s The Ultimate Python Quick start Guide – From Beginner to Expert (Hands on Projects, Machine Learning, Learn Coding Fast), you will be able to transcend yourself into:

  • Learning one of the most prominent and dynamic programming language to date, which has evolved itself to be as much powerful and versatile as Java or C++, but is much friendlier to new programmers!
  • Getting yourself acquainted with most the most advanced concepts of Python such as object oriented, imperative, functional and procedural programming using a practice oriented learning system to quickly help you master the language!
  • Knowing the importance of Python in today’s corporate world and job market, and knows exactly how and where you will be able to use your newly found skills to shine in your life!

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Going through the book “The Ultimate Python Quick Start Guide”, you will be able to rapidly get a strong grasp of –

  1. The very basics of Python Programming
  2. The manipulation of various Python Programming Softwares
  3. Interactions between the user and computer using Python
  4. Method to develop your first software and beyond (including in-depth data manipulation)
  5. The future prospects of learning Python

After you have learned the language of Python, no more software developing firms or companies will ever show you the door out and you will exponentially increase your value in the job market!

This book is the secret to unlocking your programming potentials within a very short amount of time! Learn how to program using Python, and carve your own bright future!

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Whether you are an expert, looking to discover something new, or an amateur yet thriving programmer hoping to excel in the field of Python, this book is for you!

Amazon Echo dot: Programming Your Alexa App: 2016 User Guide for Operating Your Alexa App and Amazon Echo Dot

by Logan Styles

Discover practical and easy ways to program your Amazon Echo Dot!

If you’re an owner, or soon-to-be owner, of an Amaozn Echo Dotâ??then you know just how easy this little device can make your life.

And you know it’s not just the device itself. It’s that little miracle inside we know as Alexa.

The Alexa App is truly a Godsend. She’ll fill you in on the news, call you an Uber on those wild nights, and read your kids a bedtime story when you’re tired from a hard day’s work.

She’s the real dealâ?¦but operating her isn’t so straight forward.

The user guides that come with the Amazon Echo Dot a very vague and skimpy. And that’s why I wrote this guide. It’s meant to show you the infinite possibilities that lie within Alexa. It will help you program your Alexa App and teach it new and exciting skills. When you’re done reading this book, you’ll know how to have the Alexa app do things no one else does

And when you download this insightful guide, you’ll discover:

  • How to have Alexa give you words of encouragement and gentle reminders
  • How to have Alexa give you nutritional facts on over 900 food items
  • How to have Alexa manage your money for you
  • How to command Alexa to play songs
  • How to command Alexa to read audiobooks and kindle books
  • How to have Alexa lock doorsâ?¦open garage doorsâ?¦and manage your thermostat
  • How to have Alexa turn on and off home appliances(have her turn on your coffee machine or start your TV!)
  • How to have Alexa give you food and beverage recipes
  • And much, much more!

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by Yesu Das

What would you do when you are struggling in your life even to just earn your livelihood and suddenly you are diagnosed with Cancer? Something similar happened with the author.

The book is all about how after diagnosed with cancer, the author struggled hard to find different ways for earning money for his living and medicines.

In the end when all the methods failed, “how the author believed in Jesus Christ and What He Gained From Reading Bible and Believing in Jesus?” is the main theme of this book.

The author being born in a Hindu Brahmin(priest) family has written his experience of believing in Jesus Christ. Hope readers who read the author’s Testimony of Jesus, would gain Firm Belief in Jesus Christ, Our Lord.

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Why does the person feel happiness?: Old life of the human whom a gene recites. Why does the war continue?

by satoshi komori

We human (Homo sapiens) who left Africa experienced various things and memorized it in a gene in Africa before leaving and in a long trip after the departure again. Old life revives when I see a gene.

I want to think that it takes place in our present company life and social life and home through a gene. By thinking from a gene, the person is often relieved of the question that why does something like this.

The gene knows something that it is right. I want to think about why corruption or a bribe continues, why a hobby is fun, why war continues, why a road at night is scary.

Not a difficult gene, I want to introduce the recent new study and added the thought of the author. I avoided a technical term and intended to devise it to enjoy anyone, and to be able to read. Not a specialized book, this book is scientific reading. I include the hypothesis that an author thinks of. If the first person in a gene can read, I am happy.

I am glad very much if you read this book, after having had you allow me to be including my hypothesis and very poor English. And have me understand that some nuances might be different for poor English.


1 chapter: why are fishing and the private vegetable garden fun?

2 chapters: relations of blood type and the character

3 chapters: we can define the good and evil properly

4 chapters: why the road at night is scary

5 chapters: the gene which does war

6 chapters: why is there the success in life competition?

7 chapters: why did liberalism economy succeed?

8 chapters: Japanese and Westerner so different

9 chapters: difference between cultivation of rice race and Westerner

10 chapters: Why is there “the bullying?”

11 chapters: why does the longevity not evolve?

12 chapters: why are there many a cancer and dementia?

13 chapters: why does the person live in a group?

14 chapters: the reputation is very important

15 chapters: importance of a territory and the outstanding job

16 chapters why does the person distribute it fairly?

17 chapters Monogamy and middle age couple

18 chapters what kind of face does we like?

19 chapters the face is necessary for election

20 chapters Picking and choosing of the man and woman

21 chapters Mind and gene

22 chapters surprisingly various ability

23 chapters why does a valley and the waterfall become the famous place?

24 chapters the thing which felt that were delicious was good for the health

25 chapters why are we impressed with the music?

Sugar Addiction: Sugar Addiction: Total Recovery Program To Detox And Cure Cravings (How To Live Without Sugar Book 1)

by Robin Forest

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This book was written by an actual sugar addict. Me. I am sharing my knowledge and experiences through 13 Step By Step Program.

You will find out how to:

  • Control your cravings
  • Change your impulsive shopping habits
  • Detox your body
  • and many many more
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    I have my sugar addiction under control now for several years and am living proof that following this program, can improve your self-esteem, looks and life in general.

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    Robin Forest

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    Growing Berries: How To Grow & Preserve Strawberries, Raspberries, Blackberries, Blueberries, Gooseberries, Redcurrants,Blackcurrants & Whitecurrants.

    by James Paris

    Growing delicious Blueberries, blackberries, raspberries and a selection of currant bushes including blackcurrants, white currants and redcurrants, to add life a flavour to your garden and food larder is what this introduction to berry growing is all about.

    By using fully organic methods that do not involve the use of chemicals or pesticides, you can easily grow your own fruit berries as a valuable addition to your vegetable patch or raised bed garden.

    No longer will you have to subject yourself or your family, to the dubious provenance of berries bought from large impersonal food halls; instead you can serve up your own fresh-grown fruit in the form of delicious jams, chutneys, pies or smoothies and much more – knowing how they were made and the ingredients included.

    What You Will Discover In This Book:

    1. How to grow your own Berry bushes, including which varieties to choose from.
    2. How to care for your plants in order to get the best results, including pruning and feeding.

    3. Making a good organic compost that will assure you of the best crop of Berries possible.

    4. How to control insect and disease using organic insecticides and Companion Planting methods.

    5. Simple steps to protect your Berries from birds and flying insects.

    6. Harvesting and preserving your fruits for later consumption.

    7. Some tasty recipes for Jams, Jellies and Chutneys

    Growing your own fruit and vegetables is no longer the sole domain of the ‘Green Fingered!’ With the help of this book you can easily begin to master one of the fundamentals of self-sufficiency – growing your own food.

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