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100 best places to travel in ICELAND. Step-by-step journey: Iceland travel guide 2016 book. Includes more that 50 useful links. Everything you need to travel.

by Lars Jonsson

Very handy and informative guide.

Includes all the necessary links for an easy travel.

Step-by-step route around the entire country.

Indicating the distance in miles, accommodate, recreation, entertainment, shopping. And a lot of other useful information about Iceland.

For example 4G Internet across the country for$ 10, etc.

In each Chapter, you will find a lot of useful links, which you will be able to travel and learn many new and interesting places.

Honolulu in 3 Days (Travel Guide 2016)- A Perfect Plan on How to Enjoy 72 Amazing Hours in Honolulu,Hawaii: Includes a Detailed Hour-by-Hour Itinerary … Full Cost Analysis.Written by Local Experts

by Honolulu Travel Guide

We have been in your shoes!

We wanted to visit Honolulu and got lost into spending tens of hours looking for valid information at Lonely Planet, TripAdvisor and on the Internet. And then, we couldn’t put it all together, to create a perfect plan for visiting Honolulu in 3 Days.

Guidora is the only publishing house building Travel Guides for you, like no other does.

We provide exact 72 hour plans with only one and best choice on where to stay, what to eat, what to see. It’s an easy travel path that you just follow and spend the 3 best days of your life in Honolulu!

If you are wondering What to Do in 3 Days in Honolulu and What are the Best Things to See, look no further!

We have built an excellent 72 hours plan for Honolulu, with information on what to do every hour of the day.

All the information provided is by local experts and travel bloggers. Since they live in Honolulu, or travel there often, they know the best that the city has to offer to you.

By getting this travel guide to Honolulu, you will get:

– Exact information on what is the best hotel to stay in Honolulu, so that you will be in the best area of Honolulu for all activities, without breaking the bank.

– Exact information on what to do every hour of the day.

Where to Eat: What are the best restaurants that locals go to.

What dishes to try. A simple culinary guide with the top 10 dishes and drinks.

Where to go out in the evening. Only the top suggestion for each day for one bar or a club.

– How to move from the airport to the hotel with the most budget friendly way.

– What museums and sights to see. What tourist traps to avoid.

– How to transport with bus, tram or metro. Detailed names of the bus numbers and the station names you will use.

Best things to do in each one of the 3 days.

By getting this guide, you will feel like having your best friend in Honolulu, showing you around.

It will save you time and money in a stress-free way. It will help you to enjoy the best days of your life in the magnificent town of Honolulu!

Guidora’s Honolulu in 3 Days Travel Guide, is your entry ticket to the most accurate advice on what are the best things to do in Honolulu in 72 hours. It includes a detailed 72-hour plan from the first moment you will arrive in the airport of Honolulu, until the moment you leave this amazing town.

Inside Guidora’s Honolulu in 3 Days Travel Guide:

  • A 72 hours plan starting every day at 08:00 until late in the evening, with details on what to do every hour
  • Full-color maps and images throughout
  • All the Maps are available in Google Maps, to help you navigate Honolulu easy, through your smartphone.
  • Best-kept secrets on shopping, dining, going out in the evening
  • Insider tips to save time and money and get around like a local, avoiding crowds and trouble spots
  • Essential info at your fingertips – hours of operation, phone numbers, websites, transit tips, prices
  • Information in this Honolulu travel guide is up-to-date as of 2016.
  • Free Bonus Included: 51 Travel Hacks for a Cheaper and Safer Trip.

Get this Guide Now and enjoy your trip to Honolulu!

Authors: Written and researched by Guidora’s team of travel bloggers and local experts in Honolulu

About Guidora: Guidora is a startup that solves the problem of “What exactly to do in a destination in +72 hours”. Guidora provides well-researched travel itineraries, written by local experts and local guides. Guidora operates an online travel itinerary marketplace at and holds a popular blog on travel related subjects.

Practical Advice for Women Traveling Alone: What to think about before, during and after long periods of travel…

by Lisa Jones

Do you want to know how easy it can be to travel alone?

Have you wanted to travel but were too afraid to go alone?

Do you worry about what to expect traveling alone?

Can you afford to travel or will you have to work when abroad to top up your funds?

If you’d like to find out how to prepare for travel, what to consider on the move and what kinds of things that could happen to you when you return home then read onâ?¦

This travel book will help you in the following ways.

  • How can your trip be financed?
  • Keeping your stuff and yourself safe.
  • Sharing rooms with strangers.
  • What should you take?
  • Dealing with prolonged periods of travel.
  • Working abroad to fund additional travel plans.
  • Plus moreâ?¦

Learn about all these things and more and in one book that is easy to read and gives practical advice.

I travelled alone for over a year and learnt as I went things I wish I knew BEFORE I went!

I hadn’t travelled much before this so learnt the hard way, when things go wrong it can be tough to deal with when on your own.

Your travel plans will go a lot smoother if you are better prepared by learning from other people’s mistakes.

This book is aimed at female first time travellers but as you can see from the list above a lot of this information applies to anybody traveling alone whether for the first time or not. Everybody is learning, I definitely am, and I still picked up good tips towards the end of my travels.

Everyone wants more out of life. Everyone wants to say â??yes I did that’. Actions speak louder than words. Forewarned is forearmed. Are you ready to make a decision now?

So before you go off and embark on a great adventure traveling around the world learn what it’s all about now. Cut through all the noise and enjoy your time away without the stress of the unexpected.

Find out, quickly, how to travel alone with the many useful tips in this book. You can read this book again and again as a reference.

Scroll back to the top and click the Look Inside or Buy Button now!!

P.S. Never have any regrets buy it, it could change your life. Plus there are TWO FREE bonus reports available tooâ?¦

The Gap-Year Guidebook 2016

by Samantha Wilkins

For more than 20 years, the gap-year guidebook has provided up-to-date, unbiased and essential advice for those considering a gap-year, year out or career break. The guidebook is divided into 11 informative chapters and is the must-have reference book for anyone considering volunteering, working or studying at home or abroad, learning a new skill and much, much more.

Tokyo Stirs: (Short Stories about Asia)

by Harmon Cooper

An exploration of Asia through tragic romance, heartbreak, magic, cautionary tales and triumph.

Now available in print!

From the author of the Life is a Beautiful Thing Series and Boy versus Self comes a collection of stories exploring modern-day Asia. These stories, most of which were penned in their actual locations over the last five years, deal heavily with aging, magic both good and bad, as well as the continuing aftermath of globalization. The stories take place in Nepal, India, Korea, Mongolia and Japan.

In “Stuffed Prey,” a Japanese maid café employee’s obsession with claw machines is likened to the very human desire to succeed. Harmon Cooper, the author of the collection, was in a bus accident in India in 2011. “The Sciatica Goblin and the International Motley Crew,” is a recollection of this experience. Facing retirement, a subway worker named Kodai runs from his post onto the highway in “Tokyo Stirs.” He continues running, as the news media and police chase behind him.

Heavy on the magical realism side, “Tani House,” explores the unique relationship between an old woman and her guesthouse in Kyoto. “Modern Nomads” is a surrealist piece about a waitress who has had eyelid surgery in Mongolia.

In “Pouring Hearts,” a former soldier returns to Korea twenty years after his tour of duty to find his long lost love. What he finds instead will haunt him forever. In “Dreaded,” a man named Tommy is almost imprisoned by Nepali police after attending a dance club filled with under-aged girls. In “Fishing with Shiva,” a man suffering from Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease tells a bittersweet story to his caretaker about his time in Nepal. These three stories form a trio of stories all connected by a book called Once upon the Ganges.

The stories in Tokyo Stirs are bittersweet stories, written to inspire both hope and fear regarding the passing of time.

Pokemon Go: Learn To Catch Them All (Pokemon Go Game, iOS, Android, Tips, Tricks, Secrets)

by Yuri Lame

This is your comprehensive guide to improving your game play. Download this ebook to learn the secrets to getting free Pokecoins, leveling up faster, and much more!

The Soulful Traveler

by Rene Jax

Rene Jax has written a charming travelogue filled with personal insights and profound observations. It is an easy read, that provokes the reader to reach out beyond their comfort and explore themselves and the world around them in more detail. The Soulful Traveler encourages us to see ourselves and the world in more detail, with more curiosity and more love. You will find yourself reading and re-reading the book, trying to squeeze out all of its hidden meaning and subtext.

Jax gives Hemmingway a run for his money.

DO I REALLY NEED ROADSIDE ASSISTANCE? The perspective from one fulltime RVer

by Joseph Wilk

Making a decision about emergency road service for your RV can be a confusing issue. This short ebook will present some of the situations that the author has encountered to help you decide.

What Makes Italians Italian – a story told by the best local guide (Rome Travel Stories)

by Wander Stories

Dear Traveler,

Welcome to the WanderStoriesâ?¢ guide to what makes Italians Italian.

We, at WanderStoriesâ?¢, are storytellers. We don’t tell you where to eat or sleep, we don’t intend to replace a typical travel reference guide. Our mission is to be the best local guide that you would wish to have by your side when visiting the sights. So, we meet you at the sight and take you on a tour.

WanderStoriesâ?¢ travel guides are unique because our storytelling style puts you alongside the best local guide who tells you fascinating stories and unusual facts recreating the passion and sacrifice that forged the beauty of these places right here in front of you, while a wealth of high quality photos, historic pictures, and illustrations brings your tour vividly to life.

Our promise:

– when you visit Italy with this travel guide you will have the best local guide at your fingertips

– when you read this travel guide in the comfort of your armchair you will feel as if you are actually visiting Italy with the best local guide

Let’s go!

Your guide, WanderStories


Entering Cambodia across the frontier from Thailand…you immediately see the utter physical destruction of everything of what was once beautiful old colonial towns – each almost wiped off the face of the earth, leveled, scorched by military cannons and shells…

When Emil arrived in the boom town of Siem Reap…while so stark and clear in the ruins of the buildings you can even almost still smell the burning embers, you see the spirit of a people who long and hope for a return to an uneventful life…willing to march towards a better futureâ?¦

Traveling with Emil is a pain…it is an exercise in boredom and sore feet but, still with an old school Nikon F-4…

Emil discovers a world that most of us would have passed without a pause…

Exposing Common Myths about Britain: (A Useful Guide for the Americans Who Believe These Myths Are True)

by Jonathan Clark

I feel it really is a shame that there are so many untrue myths that Americans hold about their British cousins who live just across the water.

Britain and America are supposed to have a special relationship but while it hasn’t gone sour, it seems there are some damaging stereotypes that need to be exposed as false.

That is what this book is all about.

It is a quick guide for Americans, especially those who are planning to visit Britain – explaining that the myths that many hold about Britain are unfounded and pointing out the truth of the matter in a simple and straightforward way.

I hope this book will help you enjoy your trip to my country Britain – I may be biased but I think it really is the best country in the world – I am sure you will love it all the more thanks to knowing something useful about it before you come.


In the dream times before recorded time, there was a great civilization of advanced and enlightened people who had mastered the secrets of the gods and created many wonders that we are yet able to understandâ?¦

They were a great but flawed race. On one hand they reached out to the stars and were a peopled educated in the magic of the gods but, they were greedy and lusted for the processions of the othersâ?¦

They created war and murder of was common means of expressing national will. They created great machine that allowed them to kill millions and in the end, it was this conflict in their nature that lay this great civilization to waste.

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