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The Remote Viewer: Fall of the Brotherhood

by Mark A. McCormick

The Remote Viewer, A spine racking, mind bending novel that takes you inside the workings of an elite group of psychics. Jonas Lux is the newest member of this elite force and the only remote viewer. Follow his journey from the beginning as he joins Stargate and finds his real power. Under the supervision of retired Major Clermont W. Crawford, Stargate is responsible to and answers only to the President of the United States. Their mission to stop terrorism before it starts.

Jonas quickly went to the edge of the pit and gazed down at the riddled radiation eaten corpse of the man that started it all for him. The man who had destroyed his life. The man who he had envisioned and hated more than anything else in this world.

Why didn’t he feel relief after having served that cold dish known as revenge? Oman, the man who ordered his family to die and funded this man’s actions was still out there. His quest was not over. Jonas knew that this was only the beginning, but where to start?

Terror Gallicus (Brennus ~ Conqueror of Rome Book 1)

by C.R. May

‘I look forward with pleasurable anticipation to volume two, having enjoyed this far more than most of the commercially published fiction I have read and reviewed over the past two years.’ HISTORICAL NOVEL SOCIETY REVIEWS.

The titanic struggle begins in an unremarkable grove in the lands of an unremarkable tribe.

The war which follows will last for centuries and shapes us still.

390 BC – A Greek trader embarks on his fifth journey to the forests of Hyperborea on behalf of his shadowy employer: and disappears.

Led by Brennus, a warlord without a past, a warrior of the Horsetails clan accompanies his tribe on an extraordinary trek through the wild Celtic lands. Eighty thousand strong they cross the Alps and fall upon the rich lands of Italia.

On an island at the edge of the known world, a young druid is driven by her night terrors to embark on a quest which will finally reveal the path the gods have chosen for her.

A general of Rome, conqueror of the Volscian city of Anxur, witnesses a barbarian army crush the Etruscan phalanx using a deadly combination of guile and ferocity. Can he awaken the senate from its torpor and save his own city from catastrophe?

In an epic tale of friendship, heroism and betrayal, war sweeps across the ancient world as two civilisations vie for ascendancy. From the wind swept moors of Albion to the seven hills of Rome, the glacial peaks of the Alps to the tempestuous seas off the Pillars of Hercules the conflict unfolds which will decide the destiny of a continent.


Praise for the author’s Sword of Woden series.

The characters are particularly well drawn and the story is entertaining and historically informative. Recommended. – Historical Novel Society

If you like Bernard Cornwell or even Simon Scarrow you’ll like this.

May is a great writer and the detail in this book is excellent.

Unputdownable, a great read! Amazon reviews.

No Homo: Soldiers (Purely Straight Book 4)

by Martin Bellevue

Tony’s new life in the U.S. Army is more difficult than he thought it’d be. He’s becoming a new man and learning to tolerate the kind of horseplay he used to dish out He thought he was well-suited to military life, but it turns out there’s more expected of him than he can handle, and the only way to get through it is to come to accept a little no-homo man-on-man action! Tony is a hot-blooded hetero stud who would never do anything gay, but between his drill sergeant and his squadmates, he’s going to find how blurry that thin lavender line can be!

This is the fourth volume in the best-selling “No Homo” series of str8core gay erotica containing no “gay sex” — Tony would never do anything gay, so he’s just going to have to find out how hot macho military men like him can while still calling out “no homo”! This is a story of outrageous macho humiliation and aggressive hazing, meant for only the most mature readers with a taste for such material.

Paper Paulie

by L.R. Claude

Paper Paulie starts out as a school project in Iroquis Falls North Dakota before heading out to the war in Vietnam to meet a soldier named Isaiah Venney, Paper Paulie’s journey doesn’t end in Vietnam but rather continue on to the Desert Storm conflict and then on to the Iraq and Afghanistan war. Follow the journey of a small paper doll made to keep a soldier company and see how he becomes the good luck charm of an entire family.

REICH: An Alternate History Novella

by Drew Avera

What if World War II had ended differently?

More than one hundred years in the future, Germany is a utopian state. Beyond the outer walls is a wasteland, the ruins left as a reminder of the most hideous war in human history. Adolf Hitler gave his life for Germany’s bright future, but it isn’t the future he expected. There is a veil covering the eyes of German citizens and once lifted it will spark a deadly revolution that could destroy the world.

Reich is an alternate history novella, one that questions the intentions of those in power and what can be done to stop them.

Mountain Grown

by Peter Nichols

WWII era agricultural professor finds murder, sends students off to war, and learns to grow more than melon in crooked university town.

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