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The Days of James IV: Scottish History by Contemporary Writers

by G. Gregory Smith

The Days of James IV is a thorough biography of the King of the Scots, by noted Scottish historian G. Gregory Smith.

The Life of Daniel Webster

by Edward Everett

The Life of Daniel Webster is a biography of the congressman who also served as Secretary of State under three presidents.

The Early Life of Anne Boleyn

by J.H. Round

The Early Life of Anne Boleyn is a succinct overview of her early life with references to authoritative works on Boleyn.

Journal of My Life during the French Revolution

by Grace Elliott

Journal of My Life during the French Revolution is the story of Grace Elliott, a Scottish woman living in Paris during the Revolution. She was arrested and ordered to death, but saved by Robespierre.

Peter Paul Rubens

by R.A.M. Stevenson

Peter Paul Rubens is a biography of the famous Flemish artist.

Rumble on Clydesdale Street: Life and Times

by Robert G. Tuss

Memoirs of the Life and Times of Kids Growing Up in Post-WW11 Era, Burnaby, BC.

The autobiography of a young boy, Rumble on Clydesdale Street is a ragtag collection of stories that captures the essence of growing up in the Post-WWII Era. A historical capsule in time when innocence ruled and the freedom to roam was the norm. The stories are centered around the kids of Clydesdale Street, set in Burnaby, British Columbia, but it could be any street, anywhere, it could be yours.

Under the asphalt remain the memories of young children whose time in history leaves behind the spirit and energy that made Clydesdale Street special. The chapters herein breathe back to life those lively times when Clydesdale Street rang proud with the sound of innocence, games and freedom.

Written in a narrative style and voice as seen from the eyes of a young child there are moments to laugh with and at. There are chapters that can be best described as moments of truth and Clydesdale Street forms the basic foundation of these collective thoughts. In many ways it is a personal exorcism. A chance to engage honesty when honesty was pure. The fact that Clydesdale Street no longer exists gave cause to celebrate early childhood. A chance to give the little street, now buried under the highway of progress, one last ray of sunshine. Everything physical is now lost with time.

In memory to the life and times on Clydesdale Street, Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada. Never to be forgotten.

Memphis Vice, 1863: Sex for Sale and the Scandal that Rocked a Civil War City

by Tobin T Buhk

They called them “Cyprians,” “Frail Daughters of Eve,” “Bawds,” and “Prostitutes,” and they were a powerful force in the vice world of Civil War Memphis. Their forbidden allure led to the court martial of a colonel, the dismissal of a lieutenant, the fall of several United States detectives, and a growing epidemic of venereal disease that left Army officials scratching their heads in search of a solution.

Their answer: force the “Frail Daughters” out of business.

But some “bawds” such as Kate Stoner, the tenacious madam of a popular resort on Beale Street, simply turned their backs on the military edict and refused to close their doors. Business boomed until Stoner’s Aldrich House became the center of an epic scandal in July 1863.

Follow Detective William Cherry as he goes deep under the covers of the Aldrich House to gather evidence. Peek behind the closed doors of Stoner’s bordello, eavesdrop on the raid, follow the trial that left everyone blushing, and ponder the aftermath in this stranger-than-fiction tale of love, lust, and salaciousness along the Mississippi during the turbulent third year of the Civil War.

Using court martial documents, trial transcripts, and newspaper articles, true crime historian Tobin T. Buhk pulls back the sheets to uncover the naked truth about this fascinating moment in American history.

Thomas Jefferson: A Life From Beginning to End

by Hourly History

Thomas Jefferson

At a White House dinner in 1962 honoring the Nobel Prize winners of the Western Hemisphere, President John Kennedy greeted them by saying: “I want to tell you how welcome you are to the White House. I think this is the most extraordinary collection of talent, of human knowledge, that has ever been gathered together at the White House, with the possible exception of when Thomas Jefferson dined alone.”

The laureates might have been a trifle nonplussed to hear themselves collectively compared to one man, but Thomas Jefferson left his imprint on his state of Virginia; his young country, the United States; France where he served as ambassador; and the world, where his opposition to tyranny and his advocacy of freedom have inspired generations to believe that the pursuit of happiness, as he wrote in his Declaration of Independence, is an unalienable right.

Inside you will read about…

â?? His Life, His Loves, His Legacy

â?? The Son of Virginia

â?? Jefferson the Patriot

â?? Jefferson in Paris

â?? Jefferson the Politician

â?? Jefferson the President

â?? Jefferson at Home

Jefferson himself opted for less opulent praise; the epitaph that he composed for his tombstone accommodated space for the dates of his birth and death, and listed the following accomplishments: author of the Declaration of Independence and the Statute of Virginia for Religious Freedom, and father of the University of Virginia. Between Kennedy’s description of the third president of the United States and Jefferson’s own rendition of his accomplishments resides the enigma of an American philosopher who ardently believed in freedom yet owned slaves; a patriot who served his country with his talents and energies, but who was embroiled in the political machinations which rose to the surface as soon as the first president was in office; a human being who doubted the intellectual equality of African-Americans yet was engaged in a 38-year affair with a much younger female slave, with whom he fathered six children; a brilliant innovator who lived his life in debt; a man accustomed to the finer things that life could offer who espoused the simple, agrarian model for the new country he helped to found. Jefferson, the Founding Father, remains an unsolved mystery to the subsequent

The ticket to your own stage

by Iva Kralova

Living on Crete. Do you know what people on Crete think about Europeans? And what do we think about Cretans? Everything is in fact different!

Bonded at Birth: An Adoptee’s Search for Her Roots

by Gloria Oren

“You have the resilience of Job, and what an extraordinary story you tell.”

Professor Emeritus Eugene Goodheart, Watertown, Massachusetts

” “As a woman who was adopted when I was three days old, I felt every twist and turn in your journey. It’s your wonderful writing that brings the people on your pages alive for all readers, adopted or not. Great job!” — Carol Woien, writer

Gloria Oren’s adoption memoir Bonded at Birth: An Adoptee’s Search for Her Roots is a story of loss, survival, determination, and persistence. It covers one state, three countries, and two continents. It covers sixteen years of searching and a little over four decades since her first adoption. After growing up under the umbrella of secrecy, Gloria sets out to find her birth mother with all she knew about her: she was a Jewish teenager. Despite being told by anyone and everyone that it would be an impossible feat, her determination and motivation increased. Learning her birth father’s name upon reunion with her birth mother and a short time later that he passed away eight years before led to her getting involved in genealogy and through this research medium she discovered that her first cousin seven times removed was Col. William Prescott of the Battle of Bunker Hill fame and more. Seven years later her story is brought full circle.

Bonded at Birth will interest adult adoptees who wish to search but hesitate, adoptive parents confronted by their adopted child’s wish to search, and by birth parents who fear searching not wanting to intrude on their biological offspring’s life. It will attract memoir readers who enjoy a unique story. And couples contemplating adoption

will learn the damage secrecy can lead to, and with hope, this book will ensure that they will be the ones to talk to their adopted children about their adoptions.

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