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Pokemon Go: The Ultimate Guide to Catching Pokemon in order to Become a Pokemon Master (Pokemon, secrets, tips, tricks, strategies, guide)

by Brad Benson

Have you ever wanted to capture and hatch Pokémon effectively?

Pokémon Go is the new and revolutionary mobile game where you can capture Pokémon in real-time. There are people already almost done with catching all of the current Pokémon out, but maybe you want to get better as well. However, you might not know how to get better at this game. However, the surefire way to do so is via capturing, and this book will tell you all about how to effectively do so.

In this book, you’ll learn:

  • How to capture Pokémon
  • Tips on how to capture Pokémon in difficult conditions
  • How to catch Pokémon
  • How to evolve Pokémon to get your Pokedex filled up
  • Tips and tricks on how to find Pokémon in various locations
By the end of this, you’ll be out there capturing Pokémon in no time and will be able to find those rare Pokémon that are the envy of other trainers out there.

Gambling: Craps: Become A Pro With These Strategies (Blackjack Poker Slots) (Las Vegas Gambling Sports Betting)

by Brent R

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There’s many popular casino gambling games like slots, roulette and the blackjack game. But Craps is one of the most exciting games at the table, you can always spot the table cause it’s where all the people seem to be screaming and shouting for joy. The only problem is it’s probably the most confusing game to understand so a lot of people shy away from playing and just watch. You’re about to discover a proven Craps strategy to make you a profitable player at the Craps Tables making you look like a pro in front of your friends as you rake in the chips. They’ll be scratching their heads wondering where all their chips are going at the casino gambling, while you play it cool teaching them all the tricks of the trade on the Craps Table.

You might be used to losing at the casino, but in less than an hour and the cost of a burger, this craps book can turn your luck around. This book will give you the necessary information to make money at the Craps Table and now you can be one of those people screaming for joy in the casino!

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…

  • What is Craps
  • The Cast of a Craps Table
  • How Does Craps Work
  • Names of Rolls
  • Betting
  • Understanding The House Edge
  • Craps Strategies
  • Systematic Strategies
  • Much, much more!

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“Stop losing so much money!” — Susan

“I have been gambling here and there for a long time. Recently, I started taking it seriously. So I started reading strategies. I have found this to be a great book for learning Craps. The writer has taken a very systematic style of writing. Starting with telling about the game then the rules and then a few strategies. I have tried a few of these strategies and found them effective, can’t wait to try more.” — John Sander

“I haven’t played craps because I do not have any idea how the game works. This book explained the rules plain and simple. But it’s not all, there are tips you can use to better understand the game, improve your strategy and most importantly win. I am no longer a novice at this game and I can actually play with confidence.” — Duane

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Pokemon Go Strategy Guide: Tips and Tricks for the Hit Mobile Game

by Scott Ratliff

Use this guide to become a Pokémon Go Master. Pokémon Go is a worldwide phenomenon allowing millions of players to catch, train, and battle Pokémon in the real world! This strategy guide is perfect for players of all skill levels.

With this guide you will get:

A step by step guide for beginning players.

Dozens of tips and tricks for advanced players.

A method to find and capture rare Pokémon.

A guide to determine which Pokémon to power up and which to transfer.

An explanation of the gym battle system.

A guide to all the items used in the game. What to use when.

Seven easy to use Reference Guides: Egg Hatching, Pokémon Evolution, Leveling Up, Items, Medals, Gym Prestige, and Attack Type Effectiveness.

An in-app purchase guide. Don’t spend money on stuff you don’t need!

Almost one hundred screenshots to explain every detail about the game.

A way for you to contribute to future versions. Collaborate with other Pokémon trainers from all around the world!

Animals Love to Laugh

by Kenva Valdes

Did you know that animals love to laugh. This little picture book is sure to put a smile on any child’s face. Author Kenva Valdes selects the cutest animals with the biggest smiles to display. They are guaranteed to grasp both parents and children’s attention in the most hilarious way. This book is excellent for infants and toddles. It will keep them busy for hours as they flip through theses cute animal smiling pictures over and over again. Give your child another reason to smile with this amazingly hilarious picture book.

Middle-aged Machines

by Bryan Harrell

Depressed Photocopier seeks woman for mutual happiness. Must be able to refill me with paper, and appreciate modern art. I’m not a fan of walks on the beach, but I do like cosy airconditioned offices.
If you are able to protect me from regular violence, I think we will get on great together.
A photocopier’s love story. A quick, fun read for someone needing a pick-me-up.

LOST LAKE LODGE: (And Further Mid-Life Musings) An Unfinished Novel

by Michael Hall

A middle-aged Baby-boomer, newly divorced and flat broke, escapes to the western wilds of central Idaho to refurbish an old hunting-fishing lodge he inherited from a deceased client (in lieu of his substantial attorney’s fees), finds that his hoped for peaceful, secluded life in the wilderness community of “Lost Lake” is more hectic, challenging (and romantic) than he could have ever imagined. (“Lost Lake Lodge; the place to go, when you don’t want to be found.”)

Chimp Plan: Z

by Alan Mechem

Did you ever wonder what monkeys did with the parts they steal from vehicles?

Henry and his monkey friends want nothing more than to escape Junglepride Car Safari. Using detailed plans, each more wacky than the last, the monkeys attempt to escape their enclosure but fail each time. That is, until the zaniest and most dangerous plan of them all: Chimp Plan: Z.

However, although the plan works, not everything goes to plan and Henry finds himself transported to a strange place with not another monkey in sight. Lost and alone, he realises that maybe escaping wasn’t all it was cracked up to be.

Now, with the help of a magical ship and a host of peculiar characters he meets on the way, Henry must find a way to rescue his friends and make it back to Junglepride.

Chimp Plan: Z is a brand new type of tale for a younger audience, brought to you from the writers of The Man That Time Forgot.

The Ticket

by Debra Coleman Jeter

Complex characters … Jeter s coming-of-age novel considers the problems that might follow a sudden windfall. ~ Publishers Weekly

4 Stars! One would be hard-pressed not to root for the likable protagonist and hope that her story eventually ends with a happy ending. ~ RT Book Reviews

Tray Dunaway longs to be part of the popular set at school, but she’s growing too fast and her clothes no longer fit. The only person who understands Tray’s need for acceptance is her grandmother, but when Tray wears Gram’s hand-sewn clothes to school, the kids make fun of her tall, boney appearance.

Tray’s luck improves when Pee Wee Johnson, a down-and-out friend of her father’s, buys two lottery tickets and gives one to Mr. Dunaway as a thank-you for driving him to Hazard, Illinois. When her father’s ticket turns out to be the winner, Johnson demands his cut of the proceeds. Tray’s dad refuses.

What seems like a stroke of good fortune quickly becomes a dangerous game of life and death for Tray and her family.

Funny Books: True Scary Tales that Will Make you Cringe: REVEALED! Everyday Americans Share Their Personal Creepy Encounters (Oddball Interests Book 2)

by J. Pauly

Let’s get real â??Merica, we’ve got some sick people living among us! From prowlers turned kidnappers, to disgruntled lovers who became fanatical stalkers, in some way we all have a tale to tell of creepy encounters with mentally unstable members of the human race. That’s why I reached out to my fellow citizens and asked them to share with me their creepiest encounters yet! The stories I gathered from America’s average Joe’s and Jane’s were completely shocking and just have to be released into the world! Some narrowly missed being kidnapped, others were stalked for years by obsessive psycho ex-lovers, whilst some even tell me that their most horrifying creepy encounters were with the dead! I also sat down with members of my own family who then told me horrifying stories of narrow escapes and creepy encounters of which I never even knew. Of all the stories I came across on this journey, the best ones are from those victims who fought back and won! I have curated this collection into one volume for you to be amazed and hopefully learn what NOT to do when meeting a scary individual, or find yourself in a truly terrifying situation.

Have you ever been tracked by a psycho ex-lover turned stalker who just can’t seem to get the hint that it’s over? Do you have a secret admirer that you wish was not a secret so you could slap his name on a restraining order? Have you had the unfortunate â??why me?’ experience of becoming the lifelong obsession of a dangerously disturbed mother fuhgger who just won’t die? If so, then you can definitely relate to the latest volume from J. Pauly’s Funny Books Series: Crazy Creepy Americans True Stories!

This book is packed with the untold stories from people just like you and me who have had creepy encounters with stalkers, creepers, and tweakers who just won’t leave you the frick alone! I have spent bountiful highly caffeinated hours curating tales of oddball creepy encounters between decent folks and downright cracked characters. Let me guide you down the rabbit hole to a dark place where you can observe the misfortunes of others and be glad it wasn’t you! Keep your hands inside the ride folks, the fun is about to begin. All together now, say schadenfreude!

But wait, there’s more! Just when you thought money and fame protects you from all the bad things in life, think again! When it comes to stalkers, celebrities have it worse than all of us! Find out just how bad it gets in the bonus section at the end of the book in a chapter I call Celebrity Stalkers Gone Wild!

I truly and sincerely hope you enjoy this collection, and learn a few lessons on how to deal with creepers along the way.

Your Friend,

J. Pauly

Would You Watch This Movie With Christ?

by Duane Bradley


It’s just like the 20th Century, only crazier and with more technology. People are insecure enough to believe that the number of Facebook likes they get says something about them, they discuss TV characters as though they were real people and as long as there’s a comic-book movie in theatres every three months, everything’s gravy.

Taking aim at everything from Hollywood to the fast food industry, Would You Watch This Movie With Christ? is a collection of pop culture articles that will provoke, amuse and entertain in exactly the same way that Michael Bay movies don’t.

In these pages, you’ll encounter the Christian viewers that called Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter “feminist propaganda”, meet the filmmaker who changed his name to Jesus Christ II and become acquainted with “Dr Dick”, Hollywood’s pre-eminent practitioner of penile enlargement.

You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll sit in stunned awe as you read the list of the 40 Best Porn Star Names, but first you’ll buy this book. Go on. You know you want to.

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