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Bavarian Crochet: 10 Most Popular Crochet Patterns

by Nishant Pal

A Bavarian square can be a special and beautiful approach to add design and texture to your crochet projects. How to Crochet a Bavarian Block, you can learn to create this clear crochet design. Designed more towards the intermediate crocheter, this system might take time to grasp, after you’ve it down however it’s a highly effective strategy to jazz up your afghans, connections, dishcloths, and a lot more!

Crotchetier shouldn’t restrict themselves tightly to the directions of the design. It is necessary to exercise some particular wisdom that will assist enhance the looks of the enterprise. While these sources are many beneficial to people who are new to the activity also the sophisticated pro could benefit from the career of crochet patterns. Crocheting can allow you do plenty of things, state to sweaters and jackets from smaller bags. The alternatives that are available are numerous. Crochet layout publishing companies are frequently looking for design investigators. Crochet patterns supplied by Chinese suppliers getting the most competitive rates and superb quality.

There are lots of more design publications which might be new with contemporary designs being produced, and many wool stores now present crochet lessons in addition to the conventional knitting classes. Most of the time, these publications feature easy crochet designs which are intended for beginners and even noticed crotchetier. Pro crotchetier who happen to be performing crocheting for along, long time design the patterns frequently published in craft magazines.

A Handbook For Beginner Crocheter-Learn To Read Crochet Patterns And Graphs: Learn To Read Crochet Patterns And Graphs

by Nishnat Pal

A lot of people choose to occupy new passions and uncover the toughest aspect is understanding the fundamentals. Standard crochet instructions can be tough to search for which is not really a craft without first understanding the fundamental crochet stitches you’re ready to simply teach-yourself. Often is couldn’t be easy to search for others who knows crochet. If you have a grandmother who liked to crochet and will definitely show you you’ll typically have greater fortune. However, many who would like to analyze this modern craft simply don’t have one to show them the basics of crocheting.

Fortunately, the world wide web generally has information on any interest you’d prefer to start. Common crochet instructions aren’t any different. Should you spend a great deal of time seeking you will identify information with this attention also? While tons of people think crocheting is something just the elderly do they are not correct. Crocheting is now popular again with several young adults trying out the passion. This can be probably due to the numerous gorgeous things it’s possible to produce with a little yarn.

When there is a person just starting out in crocheting they’ll need to begin with understanding a pair of necessities. Where to start should be to discover exactly what there is along with one crochet a row.

The first step in standard crochet instructions could be to have a few basic crochet materials. You will need a crochet hook. You may usually look for a bundle of hooks offering various styles. You ought to pick as it is one of the most frequent, the one that carries a dimension G crochet hook. You can also need a yarn needle, tiny scissors, plus string.

The Art of Candy Making: At home in your own kitchen

by Brandi Brown

Candy making is an enjoyable project that can include your family and friends or that can be done alone. It’s almost as easy to make as it is to eat. There are so many possibilities out there; the sky truly is the limit for your creations. Whether you’re dipping chocolate or using a mold, you can create something everyone will appreciate.

Don’t be intimidated by what you see. It truly is an art that can be made by everyone. Use this as a tool to help guide you long the way. Start small. Dipping marshmallows, nuts and fruits are a great way to start. Then work your way up to using flat molds and then 3D molds. Hope you enjoy!

The Forex Market: An introduction to the Forex Market (forex, forex trading, forex market)

by Raman Shahi

An Introduction to the Forex Market

Learn how to trade in the forex market!

What is forex trading?

What are pros and cons of trading in the forex market?

How did it all start?

What are the different strategies involved in forex trading?

Learn all this, and more, with this book, “An Intro to Forex Trading”!

It’s jam-packed with valuable information that will help you succeed in a market that’s piling up 2.5 trillion dollars EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.

This book will provide you with all that you need to know to help kickstart your career in forex trading.

So, what are you waiting for? Buy this book and learn everything you need to know about forex trading!

Enriching Your Retirement: How To Find Your Niche, Change Your Thinking, Enjoy Your Future

by C.L. Ferrari

Are you approaching retirement age?  Have you just recently retired?  Are you one of the thousands who retire every day wondering what they’ll do with all of the free time? In this easy to read and relatable book, the author shares numerous testimonials from people she’s personally interviewed who share your concerns about reaching this juncture in life. This book offers insight into the struggles and victories they’ve experienced with these issues. You’ll learn how they’ve found new interests and are living their retirements with more joy than they’d previously thought possible. 
After 25 plus years of working inside of a structured environment, the sudden change to retirement freedom isn’t always comfortable, especially when the majority of hours spent awake were hours spent at work. Even the necessary structure required to get personal things done on weekends and evenings fed into a reliance on schedules and calendar appointments. 
Habits acquired over a time period probably exceeding fifty years, including time spent during high school and college, can be hard to break. Dependency on that structure, and its sudden absence, leave many feeling that they’re without a purpose.
The author’s comfortable and sometimes humorous style of conveying the information you need to move forward, makes this a uniquely enjoyable read. 
Enriching Your Retirement covers topics that will get you to take a deeper look into your own life and weigh the pros and cons of: 
* Where and how you want to live?
* What kind of lifestyle you want to pursue?
* How you’ll discover new things you might like to try?
* Why your attitude about change sabotages your happiness? 

Follow the advice in this book and in a few short weeks you’ll begin to feel a difference, a relief from the pressure of facing the unknown. You’ll be able to look at your future through new eyes. Build your bucket list and start living it now. Tomorrow isn’t a promise, make every day count. 
What’s stopping you from having a positive outlook and great expectations for your remaining years?

The Vertigo Solution: The Truth About Vertigo And How You Can Treat It Quickly With Scientifically-Proven Natural Remedies!

by David Burns

Do you want to learn to make your terrifying vertigo disappear without harmful therapies or surgeries?

Are you afraid of losing control of your life because of your chronic vertigo attacks?

Then download this vertigo relief handbook and discover…

* The truth about vertigo and what you can do about it.

* The little-known causes of vertigo that could hold the key to your permanent recovery.

* Why you are now suffering from this debilitating condition and why it doesn’t have to ruin your life.

* Safe natural treatments for vertigo that could get rid of the fear and confusion and give you your life back.

* How to treat your vertigo symptoms with easy natural techniques in just minutes…regardless of the underlying cause of your vertigo.

…and many more vertigo secrets they don’t want you to know about!

Declutter Your Home Effectively: House Cleaning Hacks to a Clutter Free Life: Home Organization and Management Tips, DIY house cleaning hacks, organize … your Life and Home Effectively)

by K. Collins

Do you break out into a cold sweat the last time somebody dropped by unexpectedly? Do you constantly lose things in your home? Does it take longer time to find things you were looking for? Do you have a small space but too many stuff? Do you spend a long time cleaning all the stuff in your home? Can you access all areas of your home without any hassle?

Do any of these ring true for you? If you answer yes to any of these questions, you may have clutter issues. You are reading the right book. Through this book, you will know why you need to declutter, what are the obstacles you may encounter when removing clutters at home and in your life.

Through this book, you will know why you need to declutter, what are the obstacles you may encounter when removing clutters at home and in your life. You will able to understand and solve your clutter problems successfully.

Apply these strategies into action! I would be very happy if you will be able to declutter your home effectively.

I understand how busy you may be and how difficult it is for you to start cleaning your house. Simply thinking where to put something, or whether or not to throw it can be very frustrating. Nothing to worry, I got you covered. This book is designed to help you gain control of your life by controlling and eliminating your clutter. It will guide you do simple habits that may help you declutter your things without the pain of doing it. Strategies here are so simple, easy and enjoyable. If applied properly, I can promise that within a few weeks or months your house will be clean and organized. The end goal is not to only clean your house but to also make you feel lighter and happier.

What you’ll learn in this book:

-what is clutter

-why you need to declutter

-things holding you back from decluttering

-the significant difference between organizing and decluttering

-benefits of decluttering

-questions to ask yourself when dealing with clutter

-step in decluttering

-how to make a habit of decluttering

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Spiralizer: 365 Days Of Spiralizer Recipes: A Complete Spiralizer Cookbook With 365 Flavorful Spiralized Recipes

by Jenny Martins


Top 365 Spiralizer Recipes for you to enjoy!

Time to start using your spiralizer? Here’s a fascinating assortment of spiralizer recipes for you and the family!

It is time to put a twist into spiralized eating. It is a healthier way of adding spice to your meals and having fun with what you are doing.

Jenny Martins provides an excellent collection of spiralizer recipes. Whether you own a Paderno, iPerfect, Veggetti, Premium V Slicer, Kitchen Active, or any other spiralizer, you will want this collection by your side.

Stop spending time dicing, chopping, and slicing veggies. This is a spiralizer recipe book you will be able to put to the test in seconds and create lovely meals.

Here Are Some Of The Recipes You’ll See Inside:

  • Parsnip and Blue Cheese Salad
  • Brussels sprouts and Sweet Potato Noodle Bowl
  • Garlic-Paprika Zucchini Chopsuey
  • Bean and Zucchini â??Macaroni’
  • Eggplant and Zucchini Salad
  • Pumpkin Sage Alfredo Carrot Pasta with Crispy Pancetta
  • Turnip and Parsnip Pasta
  • Garlic Mushrooms and Leek Turnip Noodles
  • Much, much more!

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Air Plants: Everything that you need to know about Air Plants in a single book (air plants, air plant care, terrarium, air plant book)

by Ray Abel

A brief yet detailed look into the world of Air Plants!

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You’re about to discover…

I want to thank you for downloading the book, Air Plants. This book contains all the information that you need to know about Air Plants in a compact and to the point format. The book is targeted toward people who love to learn about purchasing, caring for and reviving Air Plants which are great for individuals who have limited space and time for plants. The book begins with a look at how to go about choosing an Air Plant according to your space and general life constraints. There are also tips for purchasing which let you know how and where to buy these plants. As with any plant, Air Plants need a certain level of attention. This book goes into detail as to how exactly to maintain your Air Plants so that they remain healthy and beautiful. Tips for how to display your Air Plant and what tools to use will give you a head-start when it comes to making the most of the space you have. Disease protection is essential and this book outlines how to deal with rot, disease and even pests. Finally, more information on Air Plants is given as well as how to possibly turn this hobby into a viable business.

Here Is A Preview Of What You will Learn…

  • How to choose Air Plants for beginners
  • More about the Air Plant family
  • Shopping for an Air Plant
  • Creating an environment for your Air Plant
  • Watering and caring for your Air Plant
  • How to display your Air Plant
  • How to protect your Air Plant from disease
  • Reviving Air Plants
  • Additional Air Plant resources

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Writing About Ordinary People: Writer’s Secrets Vol. 3

by Jeffrey Lant

In this volume, my goal is to show you how to write about so-called “ordinary people”… but I’ll tell you a secret… I hate that word “ordinary”. Anyone who is worth writing about is, by definition, extraordinary. Not prosaic, dull, or boring.

Your job is to take the life of one of these so-called “ordinary” people, and make it rhumba. At the end of the day when you write an article about an “ordinary” person, you’ve got a piece of work that will sing, and make people worldwide sit up, pay

attention, and be grateful that you took the time to write the splendid article you did.

Now in this volume, I’m going to talk about vignettes… That is to say a brief evocative description, account, or episode. It is an event which may seem small and insignificant; however it is anything but. Vignettes are an aperture into a story. Telltale vignettes give you just the opening you need to create a story that looked improbable at its inception, but which is now totally captivating and important. Let me show you what I mean.

This volume focuses on five of these so-called “ordinary people”, and how I review the information about them to turn what might have been bland and insignificant, into something that soars.

The five people in question are Adam B. Wheeler, Holly Hickler, Marty Burke, Dr. Harry Coover, and Milton Levine.

These are people you may pass on the street and entirely overlook. Your job is to make them immortal… a thing of writing beauty, a joy forever.

Being able to find the story amidst all the data you may accumulate is the true essence of a successful writer, for we need to eschew mere words and verbiage, and capture and use just the right words to drive home the significant point.

Now dive in and let us begin…

CONFIDENCE: CAPTIVATING CONFIDENCE: HOW TO CONFIDENTLY TAKE CHARGE OF YOUR LIFE (self confidence, personal development, Confidence, introvert, self help books, Confidence building,anxiety, Book 1)

by Rock Bankole

“Discover the Secrets to Build an Unbreakable Self-Confidence”

How to Confidently take Charge of your life

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“It is not that we have a short time to live, but that we waste a lot of it. Life is long enough, and a sufficiently generous amount has been given to us for the highest achievements if it were all well invested… It is a small part of life we really live. Indeed, all the rest is not life but merely time” – Seneca

If you want to fully live and enjoy your life, you will need confidence and a good dose of it.

Confidence is the key ingredient that can make amazing things happens in your life.

If you are unsure of yourself, others will be unsure of you as well.

When you are uncomfortable in your own skin, it leaves others uncomfortable to be around you.

Lack of confidence is like a disease and it can be cured.

Just as the lack of confidence drives people away, the possession of it attracts them like a magnet. When you have self-confidence, you have the capability to have it all. When you lack confidence, you will see dreams fall by the wayside, goals go unmet, and all the things you don’t want happening.

In this book, you will find the keys to self-confidence. You will learn how to have the courage to dare to be confident. You will find step-by-step instructions for setting your own goals and will learn helpful hints in achieving them.

Within these pages, you will find all the information you need to take destiny into your own hands and confidently achieve the life of your dreams. When your life is over and you are breathing your last breaths, you will know that you lived the life you created, not one that you settled for because you were too afraid to try.

Here are just a few things you will learn from the book:

How to gain your own trust

How to turn your dreams into reality

How to improve your social confidence

How to find motivation

Why your goals affect your confidence

Exercises that will build, develop and sustain self-confidence

And much more

If you’re ready to be Unstoppable, if you’re ready to Build Powerful Self-Confidence, and if you’re ready to be the Best Version of Yourself, then the time to take charge is now.

You CAN be self-confident. You can own your own destiny. You can change the course of your fate all by learning the art of being confident. This book will show you how step-by-step.

Start living today

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Mindfulness: Mindful Eating: Proven Secrets to Lose Weight, Stop Overeating and Feel Relaxed (Mindfulness, Weight Loss, Anxiety, Binge Eating Book 1)

by Maya Faro

Sick and tired of stress, emotional eating, overeating and diets that don’t work?

You have come to the right place.

It’s not about torturing yourself with horrible stress that most weight loss diets usually cause…

It’s about mastering one simple secret of mindful eating so that you can enjoy your food, feel calm and confident that you are achieving your health goals like you have always wanted!

You are just about to discover the power of mindful eating and change your relationship with food!

Here’s a Short Preview of What You Will Learn with Mindfulness & Mindful Eating:

What is Mindfulness and How Can a Busy Person Practice It

What Most Diet Gurus Overlook

The Important Connection with Emotions

Mind & Body Benefits of Mindfulness and Meditation

Spiritual Awakening with Mindfulness

Emotional Healing with Simple Mindful Techniques

Best Mindfulness Tips for Long-Term Change

How to be Mindful and Love It

Mindful Expressions & Affirmations to Experiment with             

The Fascinatingly Complex Business of Food and Eating              

Transforming Your Relationship with Food with Proven Secrets

Transforming the Cycle of Emotional Eating      

Holistic Ways to Manage Negative Emotions    

Mindful Eating in a Mindful Life

Boost Your Health Look Amazing with Mindfulness

When you understand and accept your true hunger, when you realize the psychological, emotional, behavioral, physical and even spiritual causes behind your stress and overeating, only then can you can start to take holistically mindful steps to remedy it.

Embrace the power of mindfulness and self-love and start a new, balanced chapter of your life you deserve.

This is what this book is designed to help you with.

Within less than an hour you will be equipped with super practical mindfulness and mindful eating strategies that will accompany you on your journey to better health and a peaceful lifestyle!

Invest in your health and wellbeing. Order your copy now and unlock the power of mindful eating to leave mindless habits behind forever!

Bulletproof: Coconut Oil: Bulletproof Diet (Diet High Fat Low Carb Fat Loss) (Low Carb Bulletproof Healthy Living)

by Samantha Kane

LIMITED TIME BONUS INCLUDED: FREE BOOK Vegan Cookbook: High Protein Vegan Cookbook For Optimum Health

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Have you ever wanted to improve your eating habits, but always hesitated because you didn’t want to sacrifice good tasty food? Well The Bulletproof diet is meant for you. The basic premise behind the diet is putting good fats in your body, so bad fats can leave your body.

Making meals that follow the very strict criteria of The Bulletproof Diet can be time consuming, and frustrating. Bulletproof Diet Book for Fast, Easy and Delicious Recipes for Fat Loss, Increased Energy and Better Health will help you get started on The Bulletproof Diet and help you start your fat loss journey.

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…

  • Overview of the Bulletproof Diet
  • How the Bulletproof Diet Works
  • Bulletproof Diet Morning Recipes
  • Vanilla- Cinnamon in Apple Butter Muffins
  • Bulletproof Diet Afternoon Recipes
  • Pulled Bulletproof Diet Pork Sliders
  • Bulletproof Diet Evening Recipes
  • Baked Lemon and Thyme Salmon
  • Much, much more!

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Yoga Diet: How to Energize Your Yoga Practice and Nourish Your Body for Optimal Health and Happiness (28 Mouthwatering Recipes Included!, Yoga Mastery Series, Mindful Eating)

by Olivia Summers

The Yoga Diet Is All You Need To Completely Transform Your Mind, Body And Spirit In As Little As 4 Weeks!

My name is Olivia Summers and I’m a Certified Yoga Teacher and I’ve developed a personalized eating plan specifically for yogis. So, if you’re tired of following the advice of so-called “diet experts” only to lose 15 lbs. and then gain back 30–then you’re going to love The Yoga Diet book.

Now, you might be thinking to yourself, “Why should I listen to her?” Well, I didn’t always have a naturally slim and sexy body. In fact, before I discovered yoga and the traditional yogic way of eating for my health, I used to be more than 50 pounds overweight! So believe me when I say I know where you’re coming from. Getting control of your eating habits is hard, but there’s no need to complicate it with stressful diets and complicated workout routines.

All You Need To Change Your Eating Habits And Live A Healthy Lifestyle Is Within These Pages!

The good news is, it’s not rocket science! I break down the traditional yogic diet and put a modern spin on it to make fueling your body for a healthy yoga practice and an even healthier life–simple!

The Yoga Diet will teach you everything you need to know in order to drop the unwanted weight, trim excess inches and feel years younger!

Here’s A Sneak Peek Of What You’ll Learn…

  • The benefits of a healthy & well-rounded yoga lifestyle
  • Patanjali’s 8 Limbed Path–and how it can help you eat better
  • What the traditional Sattvic Diet is and why it’s still relevant today
  • The 3 Gunas and why they’re so important to our health
  • Healthy Yogi Foods Cheat Sheet
  • Why dairy is a beneficial part of a vegetarian diet
  • Discover your mind-body type–and how to eat for it
  • 28 Amazingly Scrumptious & Healthy Recipes to get you started
  • 3 Week Meal Plan to boost weight loss and promote better eating habits
  • Why the Yoga Diet isn’t just about food–the hidden dangers of your home
  • Plus, so much more!

So if you’re ready to connect your mind, body and spirit through the Yoga Diet and feel the best you ever have, then what are you waiting for?

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Have you ever been the victim of a cyber-attack?

Hopefully your answer is no, but even if it’s yes – there’s a major risk out there every single day for the potential of it happening to you.

Let me present a few statistics to you about online security��

– There were over one million web attacks against individual people every single day in just 2015 alone.

– In 2015, there were 38 percent more security incidents detected than in 2014.

– More than half of the funds stolen through cyber-crime will NEVER be recovered.

– As much as 70 percent of cyber-attacks use a combination of phishing and hacking techniques.

– Over 169 million personal records were exposed in 2015, stemming from 781 publicized breaches.

– At this point, nearly 99% of computers are vulnerable to cyber-attacks.

The reality of all of this is that anybody, EVEN YOU is at risk of being the victim of a cyber-attack at any moment on any given day. When it comes to cracking passwords, most “hackers” use a bot or software that can quickly cycle through tons of combinations and run them against your account.

Furthermore, just think of all of the database leaks that happen each year. Just to name one instance with the “Heart Bleed” issue that just happened not too long ago.

It’s more important now than ever to take just that extra step to make certain that not just all of your online accounts are completely secure but that your personal information is safe as well.

That’s why this book will aim to focus on a few of the main aspects of your online security that you should take a look at and possibly improve. Everything is laid out in a neat and easy to follow way so that you can take action on the steps outlined.

Fastlines Jazz Guitar Method Primer: jazz guitar lines – solo – instruction – projects – backing tracks – downloadable audio of all lines and backing tracks included (Fastlines Guitar Tutors Book 1)

by Ged Brockie

For guitarist looking to learn jazz guitar, the Fastlines Jazz Guitar Method Primer edition gives you the musical ideas to create improvisations that sound authentic. Learn the Fastlines, understand how they are created and use over the audio backing tracks. Full guitar solo and projects for further development are included. Audio available as a download.

The Fastlines Jazz Guitar Method Primer is the first in a series of three tutors for jazz guitarists. The others being intermediate and advanced. Also in the range are rock and blues Fastline methods.

The Fastline Guitar Method Primer includes II-V-I lines in both arpeggio and scalar forms, chromatic movement of lines, playing through minor progressions, use of altered tones and rhythmic variation. A complete solo included with play along facility.

Projects include the following: arpeggio playing, inner-lines, altered chords, warm up techniques and solo construction. The three backing tracks contain standard jazz progressions in various styles in the keys of G major, D minor and C major.

2016 Edition Premium Plan of Action: Profit From Home – Make Money With Online Sales. Order Now!

by Jerome Digon

Tired to work a lot and to struggle for paying bills?

Make extra-income with my plan of action ready to use.

No bullshit, only relevant information. No complicated studies about blogs or SEO, only a simple plan to follow!

It requires only $100 investment and in 45 days you will be able to make your first profit. Please remember: $0 investment and instant wealth don’t exist.

With my plan, you are going to build a long and stable source of income, bringing far more than the $100 initial investment.

You can earn more than $1000/ month within 6 months, working only 1h per day, from home or anywhere as it is an online business.

The secret? The marketplaces Ebay and Amazon ($116 billion of sales in 2016) and I will explain you the rest. I will teach you how to sell MASSIVELY with only $100 investment, and avoid keeping stock. Student, office worker, housewife, entrepreneur, anyone can sell and earn substantial income. You must only know some tricks which are explained in the PREMIUM PLAN OF ACTION.

If you keep working following my plan of action, you can even earn far more ! To tell you the truth, prospects of this plan of action are unlimited.

Don’t lose time, follow all the steps of this complete A-to-Z plan! I will share with you all the tips and mistakes I made when I started my business. All the process is explained in detail. Make easily $1000/month within 6 months.


The trial of faith: a journey into the Soviet GULAG

â??One day while we were eating our lunch next to the peat stack, one of our mates dropped his can, fell over and died. The freezing breath of death hit us hard as it took away one of our dear comrades. The poor man just proved that even without a fever he was ill indeed.”

The trial of faith is the account written by Mihály Cs. Nagy, a Hungarian war veteran and a survivor of the Soviet GULAG. Recorded in meticulous detail we get to know the conditions of the cold and undernourished state of those imprisoned in these horrible camps. Set in 1945 in the Hungarian battle field occupied by the Red army, Mihály is captured and shoved into a line of captives soon to be taken away to the dreaded East. He is put behind heavily guarded barbed wire fences without the hope of being free again anytime soon. Succesful and failed escape attempts, the losing of loved ones and the rather peculiar assignments make this short memoir an interesting read.

The Bulletproof Guide to Finally Get in Shape: Develop a Lifetime Self-Discipline to Exercise on a Regular Basis for the Rest of Your Life

by Steve Lumen

You want to lose that extra weight, get in shape, and become the energetic person you know is hiding inside of you, but then you fall into that habit of “I’ll start tomorrow.” Tired and bored from spending endless hours at the gym but seeing no results and are you struggling to make time for proper workout?

Getting in shape is not that fast or that easy when your motivation drops. There is no magic pill that will change that. Instead learn how you can push yourself to achieve your goals and create self-discipline that will help you continue with your chosen exercise program. It is a practical guidebook on how to become mentally and physically strong enough to overcome your challenges and keep exercise in your life. Inside, you will learn:

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Learn how to enjoy daily exercise and finally get in shape for the rest of your life.

    Upon downloading this book now you will learn:

  • How to start exercising without making any excuses
  • How to warm up and prepare for any physical exercise
  • How to eat right (proper nutrition) to maximize your results without starving

  • How to overcome the “lack of time” mentality so you can exercise on a daily

  • How to build iron-like resolve and self-discipline that will inspire you to carry on

    no matter what, so you can build a fit body and resilient mindset
  • How to thrive in the face of adversity, discomfort, and still feel good about it
  • Simple everyday exercises and habit-forming practices that will ignite

    confidence to overcome your daily challenges.
  • How to prevent injuries, illness, handle muscle soreness, and improve your

    recovery so you can stick to your training routine

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