Free philosophy Kindle books for 02 Aug 16

Radical Thoughts for Radical Thinkers: How thought provoking ideas can alter your perceptions

by Rohit Kamalasan

Don’t you want to know where your hidden Talent lies and how to discover it?

Don’t you want to know who is God?

Don’t you want to know what makes us really Happy?

Don’t you want to know how to become Rich?

Don’t you want to know whether we are truly Free?

All the above and a few other questions that might have perplexed you in past have been addressed and explained in this book. This book could very well might be the final destination for your curious mind’s radical and intriguing questions.

Remember, a simple thought provoking idea can alter your perceptions and give new meaning to your life!

1980, GROWTH BEYOND THE LIMITS OF THE EARTH: Further growth will degrade the biosphere becoming a residual contamination. Species is depleted, and the Earth’s ice began to melt

by Kouken Okadome

An Airline Captain’s message from the sky for the Earth’s environment issues with sincere prayer to the succeeding generations. Former UNHCR Mrs. Sadako Ogata recommends this book as worth reading warning to the public.

After 1980’s, excessive mass consumption that has surpassed the Earth’s capacity could not be purified and accumulated as residual pollution. The crises do not exist in the shortage of energy, but in the inflating residual pollution. The more the economy grows, the more residual pollution increases exponentially. As a result, the Biosphere is dashing toward extinction and the Earth’s ice began to melt. The costs to manage the pollution increase enormously, and the world economy and social structures are approaching collapse. The gap between the rich and the poor is the root of all evil. Upraise working poor! Hope is in the change to Progressive Taxation system that could be realized by powerful support of young generation.

Author’s view:

– The happiness of life is to be found within the circulation. Anything good for life looks beautiful.

– Why do many people climb the high mountains? “Solidarity in life”.

Riding on a thought

by Matthew Lanoie

This book may change the way you view yourself and the universe you live in. Combining a little writing, some illustrations, and a few scientific facts and ideas to give a simple explanation to what life is and how it is being used.

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