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Design of a Woman: Heart, Mind, Body, & Soul

by LaTerra Wise

The life of a woman is a story unfolding. Sometimes with love, joy, and beauty; other times pain vengeance, and wrath. She has been tried by fire and purified by pain. She has been designed with purpose.

Design of a Woman presents a collection of poems and writings which represents the shared experience of womanhood. Each writing takes you on a powerful journey through the vulnerability of a woman’s heart, the complexity of a woman’s mind, the beauty of her body, and the depths of her soul.


A selection of 10 poems in English by award.winning Moroccan born Israeli poet Mois Benarroch, including the celebrated long poems “The Immigrant´s Lament” and “Self Portrait”, as well as the poem “Horses”, and 7 others.

Mois Benarroch received the Pimer Minister Literary and Yehuda Amichai Poetry prizes.

Farmer Brown, the Universe, and a Cat Named Dog: an epic poem

by d. hues

Farmer Brown, the Universe, and a Cat Named Dog

“That god damn Muse! Now I know what I wish I did not know!” ~ j.hues

This is, unfortunately, a true tale. That’s why we made it funny. Hope He don’t get pissed!



Bob Southey once was Poet Laureate!

This fact in no way serves Brown’s story, yet

We love this rhyme above the drafted others!

Our Muse invaded both our dreams one night

And said, “This tale I wish for you to write!”

“Why us?” we asked. “Because,” He said, “you’re brothers.”

So these fine words we are inspired to write,

In hopes a reader (such as you) just might

Peruse a page, and tender then anotherâ??

Until we’ve snared him with our plot, you see.


Two hundred stanzas: one of which is done.

The rest I promise will be just as fun,

For in this grand adventure fun’s innate!

Don’t go to thinking this will be lost time:

A lengthy poem full of songy rhymes;

For there is so much more we must create!

This is the miracle of Farmer Brown,

The universe and Dog his cat! Sit down!

Yes, gather â??round, and read aloud, and rate

Yourself the Truth unveiled of His great story!


The strange events that lead to Farmer Brown

Are from your minds erased! They can’t be found!

The memories of all our peers are gone;

And with the loss the mystery and torment!

A year of all your lives is gone like rent;

Mowed from your brains like grass from a shorn lawn;

Yes, blown from your minds like a faded ember.

Of all mankind, yes, we alone remember;

And flex these memories like beefy brawn;

And marvel at the scope of His true story!


Our tale starts with some whales and cars in orbit;

And, naturally, mankind could not ignore it,

Or well explain why they were way up there!

For daysâ??I know! it’s hard to now imagine!â??

Strange things invaded this our little planet;

But nothing rivaling things in the air!

As weird as things wereâ??this was sure the worst!

The theists shrieked, “Lo! we are finally cursed!”

While faintly the empiricists declared,

“These things but fail familiarity.”


You, reader, too were stunned by all of this…

You think you thought it the apocalypse?

That Mankind had reached his climactic curse!

And maybe automobiles in the sky

Is God declaring: “Kiss your asses bye!”

Some folks fast filled their local church’s purse;

While others built and loaded bunkers full;

Some even struggled to a trigger pull;

While others damned our lovely universe;

And nihilists shrugged, “What will be will be…”


And Jay and I? We did not really care:

Too self-absorbed are we to note the air.

And maybe that’s why we still recollect

All these events now scraped from your raped minds.

Yes, maybe that is what God sought to find:

The deep indifference of two fool rejects:

Of would-be heroes, save the lack of deeds:

Yes, in this garden Earth, we were the weeds

God picked. Though, note, we did not free elect

To be rewarded with this history!


d.hues and j.hues are the pseudonyms of the neighbors of a certain asshole farmer. That’s right, you bastard, we are the ones tipping your cows!

Kavita: Search for Transcendence

by Braja Sorensen

A story of a woman’s search for herself in the land of spirituality, India. Adorned with the jewels of eastern philosophy and poetic Sanskrit, her lyrical prose unfolds like a story without a script; a journey from the disappointments of so-called love, to the first scent of eastern wisdom, and finally, the possibility of transcendence…

yellow tree red sky 2.0: old and new poems

by Terry McCarty

Revision of the 2008 chapbook Yellow Tree Red Sky, keeping some poems while adding new ones on the topics of growing up, college life, policing and Donald Trump.

Streams of Concious Thought

by Trevor Welford

Simple reflections on the days I have spent on Orcas among friends that surround, protect and guide me at every moment, whether person, tree, bird, animal or spirit. I have been blessed to touch infinity and it has looked back at me with an understanding smile.

Honey – Late Night Musings of a Poet

by Latonya D Young

Honey – Late Night Musings of a Poet is just that. Late night thoughts of a poet with a mind that rambles on long after it should be at rest. This collection of poetry, are pieces that the author Latonya D Young has written over the course of many sleepless nights. Latonya has a gift of drawing in her audience and this piece of work will do just that. Draw you in and keep you reading until the wee hours of the morning. There is something in this collection for everyone from the romantic to the cynic to lonely.
Enjoy this body of work, find your favorite poem and share it with others. So read, laugh, cry, reminisce and above all else, feel!

The Japper Napper

by Darren Hobson

This is the world we live in full of lies and conspiracies, nothing is what it seems, after reading papering over the cracks the reader can now see through the thin badly manufactured wallpaper that covers over the real truth. The story did not end there because if the reader decides to join in and demand the truth to be shown, the worlds governments would not be pleased, your words would be censored, your posts on your social media deleted and then if you insist on raising you voice and raising your fist, then it would be time to meet the Japper Napper!
This book continues with the themes of the poet Darren Hobson, who asks the questions and insists the reader should be aware of what is really happening in this world, it is time for all of us to demand the truth only that way we can stand together united and face and defeat the Japper Napper.

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