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Psychology: Magnetic Personality: Become Instantly Likeable, Captivate Anyone In Seconds And Always Know What To Say (BOOK 2)

by Jack Steel

Do you want to instantly gain peoples trust and become that person that everyone loves to be around? Do you want to increase your social circle, always know what to say and own the room like a celebrity?

Do you struggle to make eye contact to the point where you stare at the ground in front of you so that you don’t have to chat with anyone?

What If I told you i could give you the magnetic ability to create an aura of charisma, attract amazing relationships, be more loved, respected and create more wealth and success into your lifeâ?¦

In Magnetic Personality that’s exactly what you’ll get

You’ll learn secret psychological techniques that will teach you how to tap into your charismatic potential so that you can turn it on whenever you want so they won’t be any obstacles preventing you from gaining the respect and life that you want and deserve. I’ve broken them down to see exactly how you can use their findings to your advantage. Every piece of advice in this book is 100% backed by in-depth, peer-reviewed research.

You can never underestimate the power of the human mind.

You’ll learn the mindsets, advice, and tips of the most charismatic people in the world like Tom Hanks, Steve Jobs, Bill Clinton, Russell Brand, Tony Robbins, Oprah Winfrey, Martin Luther King, and more that can make you the person others are drawn to instantly. The type of person you might meet for a minute, but remember for a lifetime.
Now, you’re just minutes away from becoming just like them!

Here is a sample of the powerful techniques you will learn:

  • The essential mindset you need to persuade people with a magnetic aura
  • How to revive a dying conversation and avoid awkward silence
  • Build meaningful connections with people that are long-lasting
  • Make friends wherever you go – it’s easy once you know a few “mind-tricks” that will make you likeable anytime, anywhere.
  • Immediately gain control of your thoughts and emotions
  • Become the center of attention and gain control of ANY social circle
  • As well as:

  • How to make people feel special, happy and important
  • How to create a stellar first impression when ever and where ever
  • How to unlock yourself into a super confident person and make others find you attractive! 
  • How to master the art of small talk and make people feel at ease.
  • Become the very best that you can possibly be.
  • And much, much more
  • Before I sign off I really want you to think for a moment about your future

    Just imagine being the owner of your own destiny and shaping it as you like. You will command people’s respect and authority and everyone will absolutely ADMIRE you and open their hearts for you.

    There are no limits in your life, because deep inside yourself you know that you’re always in control of every situation and can always get what YOU want from whom you want.

    What are you waiting for?

    Times ticking! Take Charge of your LIFE today by making the smartest investment you could possibly make. An investment in yourself and your future.

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    Meditation : Meditation For Beginners: Guide To Happiness, Peace, Tranquility, Stress Relief, Anger Management and Spiritual Growth (Spirituality Journey Book 2)

    by Sarah Heyworth

    Learn How to Eliminate Stress From Your Life and Achieve Inner Peace Through Meditation Practices

    Meditation has been around a very long time and has helped countless individuals take control of their lives and deal with problems suchas Anxiety and Depression.
    Meditation isn’t about denying negative thoughts and feelings it’s about acknowledging them and then having the patience and control to let the feelings pass. 

    With This Book You Will Learn

    • Mindfulness Techniques
    • How To Achieve A Greater Sense Of Calm
    • How To Soothe An Anxious Mind
    • Meditation Practices To Ensure Success When Meditating
    • Much, much more….

    Do You Want To Live A More Stress Free Life? Take Steps Towards Dealing With Your Depression, Grief or Anxiety? Get This Book Today And Move Closer To Your Goals.

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    Hans Is Dead

    by Brian Barton

    NOTE: This essay is about 22 pages long and is meant to be a 30-minute read.

    Flying. Dreaming. Grieving.

    Join the essayist as he turns his lens on his passion for flying, a favorite dream, and the artistic legacies of Glenn Frey, David Bowie, and Alan Rickman. It’s all in Hans Is Dead.

    Brian Barton (@realbrianbarton) is a USA Today featured author whose work has been featured in Esquire, The Times of London, and Time. He lives in New York City with his family and one adorable Labrador. Click his name at the top of this page to view all of his writing.

    The SAGE Encyclopedia of Terrorism, Second Edition

    Six years after publication of the first edition of the best-selling Encyclopedia of Terrorism, much has changed on the national security scene. Despite the dark promises of Osama bin Laden following the 9/11 attacks, the United States has not experienced any major domestic terror incidents. Al-Qaeda itself is believed to be a severely crippled organization. But while U.S. wars in Afghanistan and Iraq–not to mention the arrival of the Obama administration, a new balance of power within Congress, and an increasingly fragile economic picture–have significantly affected the national security picture, the threat of economic chaos and massive loss of life due to terror attacks has not abated. Indeed, in July 2008 analysts pointed out that even a relatively small terrorist organization could present a dire threat, with some experts arguing that a biological, chemical, or even nuclear attack on a major U.S. city is all but inevitable. In this highly charged, rapidly shifting environment, we are pleased to present the The SAGE Encyclopedia of Terrorism, Second Edition, a thoroughly updated and expanded edition of the original, highly regarded reference work. Nearly 100,000 words of new material will be added, along with fully updated original entries, and expanded coverage. New introductory essays will explore the impact of terrorism on economics, public health, religion, and even pop culture. Ethical issues such as the role of torture in interrogations, competing notions of security versus liberty, and the debates over FISA legislation and Guantanamo Bay will also be covered. Two dozen entries on significant recent eventsâ??such as the London bombings, Chechen attacks on Russian interests, and the rescue of Ingrid Bettancourtâ??and some 60 additional new entries will restore the work as an up-to-the-minute, natural first-stop for researchers.

    BREXIT explained: What will happen now?

    by David Connor

    This book will try to give a detailed and thorough account of the processes that led to withdrawal of the United Kingdom from the European Union, the so-called “Brexit”, that came to fruition with the results of the June 2016 referendum. It will focus on the immediate and the long-term consequences of this event, with potential threats to British economy, the impact it may have on the lives of UK citizens, the worst-case scenarios for the resolution of the crisis, and also the reality of any benefits that Brexit may still bring. It is worthy of note at this moment that the economic, political and historical implications of Brexit are subject to ongoing public debate.

    The book will attempt to explain, in basic terms, the overall history of UK’s involvement in the “European project”, the continuing tensions and the most recent events that led to the referendum and its results.








    – Independent Scotland

    – Eurozone crisis

    – Immigration crisis


    – David Cameron

    – UKIP

    – Vote Remain Campaign

    – Vote Leave Campaign

    – Issues During the Campaign


    – Final results

    – Implementation


    – Will Scotland Secede?

    – Will Ireland Unite?

    – Will London Split From the Rest of the UK?

    – What About Italy?

    – What About Texas?

    – Who Will Buy Our Beef?

    – What Will Happen to Money?

    – Will They Still Come to Take Our Jobs?

    – Will Iceland Accept Us?

    – Can We Still Travel Abroad?

    – Who Will Work on Our Farms?

    – Can I Live Somewhere Else?

    – What Will Happen to Expats?


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