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PMP® Exam Cheat Sheet: Your 15 Minute PMP® Revision Guide (Ace Your PMP® Exam Book 13)

by Shiv Shenoy

PMP® Cheat Sheet: Your 15 Minutes Revision Guide

is a laser-focused cheat sheet for PMP® exam. There are no detailed explanations in this book, no PGs, KAs or ITTOs, just the nuts and bolts – brief pointers you need for the exam, put together in random order.

Other books in this â??Ace Your PMP® Exam’ series give you crucial PMP® concepts in ways that are easy to understand and â??just stick’. This book however focuses only on formulas, lists, laws, theories, principles and names – some with mnemonics to remember them easily.

This cheat sheet covers information to keep in mind as you walk into the examination hall. This includes points that are not part of PMBOK guide, but are expected on the exam.

You should be able to go over this cheat sheet under 15 minutes, and get a hold on what you need for quick access during the exam.

Please see the content outline using ‘Look Inside’ feature on the book image.

You can use this cheat sheet in few ways –

  • to prepare your brain dump the week before your PMP exam
  • to go over once a day during the week before the exam
  • to go over just before you get walk into the examination hall

The Grocer’s Son: Le fils de L’epicier (Foreign Films 101)

by Shivani Shashtri

The Grocer’s Son is a coming of age story in which a man and woman grow and take new responsibilities and journeys.

Do you want to watch this film, but you just don’t have time? Get a quick synopsis here. This brief review of the French film, Grocer’s Son proffered by Shastri. Check it out today!

How To Learn 10X Faster!: Go Pro With Anything in Half the Time! (Learn Anything FASTER! Book 2)

by Kris Kaynes

The world is FULL of Information, and now YOU can FINALLY take it all in FASTER THAN EVER!

Grab YOUR copy now!

We are surrounded by information and constantly in new situations in our ever so quickly changing world. Everyday there is at least one moment where you have to learn something new, whether it’s the name of the new guy at your favourite coffee place or how to do the new procedures at your job! LEARNING is an essential part of our lives, but unfortunately we have all been tricked into hating it!

All of the most successful people in the world learn new things EVERYDAY at an extremely fast pace, this is because they know how much of an impact it can have on your life! When we grow up we are shoved into school, test and subjects we don’t care about, so from a young age we become conditioned to hate learning!

Through this amazing book you will find out how to RE-CONDITION yourself to LOVE LEARNING and learn faster than ever, the best part is that you already know how!

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…

  • How to Find Your Pillars of Self
  • How to Learn 10x Faster
  • The Crazy Importance of Reading
  • How to Change Your Life with this Information!
  • Much, much more!

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$0.99! Learning is essential if you want to be successful and benefit to yourself and your family, get the good life NOW with this book!

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Option Trading for Beginners: The Ultimate Guide on How to Trade Options, Options Trading Strategies and Binary Options Trading.

by Richard Will

Option Trading for Beginners

The Ultimate Guide on How to Trade Options, Options Trading Strategies and Binary Options Trading.

Are you a beginning investor just starting out?

Looking to learn the art of options trading but don’t have any experience?

If so, then this book is for you. In “Options Trading for Beginners”, I start out from teaching you the terminology, to taking you through the initial steps of options trading and binary options trading.

You’ll learn different trading strategies to implement and some of the pitfalls you may want to avoid along the way. By the end of this book you’ll have a good beginning grasp on the art of options trading and whether or not it’s right for you.

Inside You Will Learn:

– An Introduction to Options & Options Trading

– Options Terminology & Getting Started

– Top 2 Effective Options Trading Strategies For Beginners

– A Guide To Binary Options Trading

– 5 Common Mistakes Rookies Investors Make When Options Trading

– And Much More

It’s time to take action. Learn how options trading can change your life forever.

Don’t Delay Any Longer. Download This Book Right Now.

Winning the Money Game in College: Any Major and Any GPA Can Finish College Debt Free or Better!

by Steven C. Roberts

Save 10-100% Off All College Expenses and Finish College Debt Free or Better!

“Is this book worth it? Just using one of the techniques that Steven described has saved my wife and me almost $57,000 in college expenses – and that is just on one kid.” – Charles Dobens, Founder, Multifamily Investing Academy

“This fast-moving, practical book is loaded with proven strategies to lower college costs, get an excellent education, and graduate debt-free. Wow!”

– Brian Tracy, Author, Goals!

“I couldn’t put it down. Little did I know what an amazing experience I was in for! I am just blown away by the power of that book! It was absolutely eye-opening to me – I’m so glad I got to read it!! It’s not only a must-read for college students, but for EVERYONE!!!!!” – Christy Ray, TPR Story Telling, Blaine Ray Workshops.

Regardless of your GPA or background, if you are going to college, you need this book! It teaches principles that anyone can follow through a principle-based story. The story follows Justin, a college freshman, who learns days before school starts that his parents cannot afford to pay for school. He decides to take a finance class where he meets a cute girl but is faced with a harsh yet intriguing teacher that seems to revel in his students’ misery. Follow Justin as he learns to pay for school without his parents’ help, without student loans. This book is designed to teach principles that college students need to know – to help them save tens of thousands of dollars and 10-20 years of debt by avoiding student loans. By focusing on principles that are mostly GPA independent, sharing a story, and teaching principles that help acquire and keep money for college, makes this book unique.

People Who Have Read This Book Said:

“This book should be required for anyone going to college. It is invaluable information that all students need to know prior to enrolling.” – Paul Ray, Utah House of Representatives

“This is the best â??How-To’ book I have ever read about college. Very well done.” – John Paul Cutler, Student

“Who knew that a book on saving money could be so fun to read? Awesome job!” – Justin Swalberg, MBA

“This book takes the informative format and puts it into an interesting adventure through its storytelling. The narrative includes the educational content embedded within – and the author combines the two quite seamlessly. It’s almost as if a reader could learn the ideas in the book without realizing that they were having them taught to them, but instead through absorption of the story.” – Keaton Charles Butler, Student Writer

“A compelling read that made me wish I had this book before I went to school – back when I was young and stupid. I could have saved myself a lot of money and years of paying back debt. I recommend this book to anyone.” – Emily Grover, College Graduate

“This book is entertaining while you learn what’s needed. It was really nice to see the principles in a story besides just the abstract. I couldn’t wait to finish it because I wanted to see how the main character was able to solve his financial problems. It’s a story that’s fun to read, but I was also learning while reading the story – and enjoying it.” – Tiffany Marvin-Carr, Student

“I was worried this would be an instructive book and that I would get bored while reading. This was not the case because the storyline implements all of the principles in an interesting and intriguing way. The way things are presented in the book help me to learn – both things to do and what to avoid. I really liked the concept of the Bubblegum-Diamond-Thief and money management. I recommend this book to my friends – I think it’s excellent for people both in and outside of college.” – Ashley Rees, Student

Some of the Topics:

Scholarship sequencing

Scholarship essay writing

Establishing systems

Reimbursing Tuition


Avoiding credit card debt & student loans

Book buying

Essay citing

Automatic bill paying

529 Education Savings Pla

Confidence Upgrade: 18 Powerful Solutions to Help You Gain More Confidence

by Rob Leonardo

Gain More Confidence to Succeed in New Challenges!

You have passed a hurdle in your life – graduated from college, promoted to a manager role, accepted a new leadership responsibility, moving to a new home or country, getting married and overwhelmed with the new set-up. These are situations that challenge your self-confidence. Consequently, you start doubting yourself.

Do you ever find yourself in a new chapter in your life, new beginnings or new challenges and discover that the confidence you thought was already there has vanished and you need to rebuild it again?

Are you back at square one?

Re-access Your Hidden Reserves of Self-Confidence

Have you ever felt that “wow” emotion and told yourself “I feel great and confident!” Which areas in your life did you feel good about yourself and where you are willing to step up and take the lead or be the model? Surely you have cherished those moments and experiences that make you feel great about yourself. You can use them to gain more confidence – in other areas of your life!

Being confident is not a one-time gift that we earn in one go.  It is acquired in different compartments of our emotional account and it is up to us to continuously develop this one at a time.

Undergo Confidence Upgrade

Each chapter of this book offers an activity, strategy or tool that you can use to make your life transition smooth and easy such as:

  1. Identify your personal models of self-confidence and use them as your inspiration in your behavior, communication and attitude
  2. Remove the negative thoughts that have influenced you in how to treat yourself and how others should treat you
  3. Practice relaxation and self-hypnosis to convince yourself about what you can do
  4. Use power poses for a quick access to positive and confident emotions
  5. Tweak your routine with new habits of interaction and change the way people see you
  6. Leave a positive and lasting impression into those with whom you connect and engage with in your environment

Integrate your small confidence victories into a rich solid self-esteem that will thrive in your lifetime.

Start small, gain more

Your chance is now. Download your copy of Confidence Upgrade – 18 Powerful Solutions to Help You Gain More Confidence and get your FREE gift – access to “Faces of Confidence” resource paper and the Readers’ Club Free Books Promos.

Scroll to the top of the page and select the “buy” button.

A Complete Reference Guide to Graduate Studies in the USA for International Students

by Anant Patil

This step-by-step instructional manual is intended for foreign students who wish to pursue graduate studies in the USA.

Got a new Kindle or know someone who has? Check out the ultimate guide to finding free books for your Kindle. Also available in the UK.