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MAIL ORDER BRIDE: INSPIRATIONAL ROMANCE: Saving My Baby (Clean Historical Billionaire Wounded Hero 20th Century Romance) (Christian Western Babies Romance)

by Faith Crawford

A mail order bride looking for an escape and a wealthy gold prospector on a dangerous expedition. Can she save him in time?

When Janelle finds out that her rich, abusive uncle and aunt are about to have her committed to a mental asylum, she knows it is time to flee.

Janelle answers an ad placed by a wealthy Montana businessman, Carlton Jeffries, to join him in his small town and in marriage.

She and Carlton are a good match from the start. As an ex-gold prospector, Carlton cannot resist the call to return once more to his old fortune-seeking nature when he is asked to go on an expedition several months after the two of them are married.

But when he doesn’t check in at the designated stop point weeks into the expedition, Janelle becomes worried that something has happened to her husband. Despite the risks and dangers, she sets out to find him with the help of her friends.

What has happened to Carlton? Will Janelle find him in time to bring him back home?

NOTE: This book includes bonus stories!

AUTHOR’S NOTE: This is a 16,000-word stand-alone story with an HEA, so no cliff-hangers.

ROMANCE: Christian Romance ***ANGEL FROM ABOVE*** Christian Inspirational Second Chance Romance (Military Contemporary Clean Women’s Fiction Historical Romance)

by Angel Atkins

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>>>Read for FREE with Kindle Unlimited<<< Tommy Callahan was a rough kid, constantly getting into fights with the neighbourhood boys

Growing up was rough on 7 year old Tommy, and as it turned out aggression was a form of expression he knew all too well, from his abusive father.

Next door neighbor and best friend, Little Gracie Smith was always there for him, aiding to his wounds with band-aids

Having witnessed a beating of her best friend and reporting it to her mother, Grace lived with years of guilt after Tom was removed from his home by the state.

15 years later Tommy returns, now a Navy SEAL, to clear out his father’s home after his recent passing

Gracie goes over to inquire as to the strange man at her neighbors door, only to realize little Tommy has returned a tall, dark, and terribly handsome man and an attraction instantly ignites between the two of them.

Now a nurse, Gracie finds she has some healing of her own to do, after years of guilt finally gets a chance at resolution.

This is a clean love story with two people finding themselves in the most unusual of ways. And above all, each finding their way through the love of God, Christianity, and having faith.


Note: Mature content referred to.

Tags: ROMANCE Christian Romance Christian Inspirational Second Chance Romance Military Contemporary Clean Women’s Fiction Historical Romance

The Governess’ Secret Love For The Duke: Regency Romance (Clean Regency Romance Book)

by Charlotte Bentley

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In her childhood, the young Alexandra Burton was a wild child, living for small adventures and making friends. One of these friends turns out to be the son of the Duke of Derbyshire, the shy and secluded Edmund Carlyle. The two become fast friends and promise to have adventures for years to come as they dallied around Edmund’s home, the lavish Bornroe Manor.

The year, however, it is now 1811 and the now-adult Governess Alexandra Burton is a different person. Serious, dedicated and aware of what her lot might be in life as an unmarried woman, she is surprised to find that her next job takes her back to Derbyshireâ??back into the life of the newly-minted Duke of Derbyshire, Edmund Carlyle.

With the discovery of Edmund’s son and with a cool reception waiting for her, what fate awaits Alexandra as she returns to Bornroe Manor?

The Designer Bag at the Garbage Dump: A Novel

by Jackie Macgirvin

Welcome to The Designer Bag at the Garbage Dump. It’s a fish out of water story about how God turns 32-year-old Julie’s manicured, pedicured, self-absorbed designer life upside down.  
Julie, a nominal Christian, heads to New York for a weekend shopping binge. On a deserted train, she sits next to a stranger who turns out to be Jesus. After a wonderful, healing conversation she agrees to His request to, “feed My lambs.” When she gets off the train she’s in India.
Her charmed life is shattered–she must care for 12 “filthy orphans” living on a dump before she can return to her comfortable life. She lives on the street and overwhelming new challenges arise daily. While squatting in an alley, going to the bathroom, an orphan, named Ravi, steals her designer purse. Unbeknownst to Julie, Ravi, who speaks English, holds the key to her communicating with the other orphans.
Will Julie learn 1) to trust the Lord when nothing is in her control? 2) that she doesn’t have to perform to be loved? and 3) that her life is built on a shaky foundation? Can she protect the orphans from a predator who steals and maims children and sends them out to beg? How will God provide food when her wallet is stolen? Can she find safe homes for the children?
The answers to these questions will also be the answers to many of your questions about God, life and yourself. Pick up a copy of The Designer Bag at the Garbage Dump
and jump into a great adventure!


Mail Order Bride: Western Romance – Cowboy Romance & Romantic Suspense Short Stories Collection of Romantic Mystery – Mail Order Romantic, Victorian Western Highlander Adult Short Story Anthology

by Lady Aingealicia

‘..Elizabeth was unsure what she was going to do, her world had just been torn upside down. Her parents were no longer there to support her and she had nowhere to turn except to put an ad in the paper. She dreaded the thought of marring someone she did not know, she feared the thought of living on the streets of Boston. It was no place for a woman and there was nowhere for her to go except the streets if she stayed. Choosing her words carefully, she put her ad in. The simple words of â??Marriage for Sale, Can cook, clean and tend to children’. It was blunt and to the point. She was not looking for love, she just wanted to live..’

This is an erotic short story collection containing explicit content only suitable for adults.

Tags: Mail Order Bride, Mail Order Brides, Western Romance, Cowboy, Western, Cowboy Romance, Victorian Romance

College Romance: Teacher Student Romance – University Romance, School Romance, Coming Of Age, New Adult, Student Romance, Campus, Bad Boy, Varsity Romance, Virgin Romance Adult Love Story Collection

by Lady Aingealicia

‘..Donna had always romanced about the city and what it would bring, the reality was, once she was there it lost all the glimmer and hype that was in her mind. She wanted it all, the nice home, the nice car, a good job. Mr. Delco had hired her personally. The interview was done over the phone. She was provided an apartment, a company car and a small expense allowance to get started. It was more than she expected, she did not even know what this man looked like, she did not care; she just wanted the job and a way to get out of the cow town she grew up in. She had no idea how close she would get to having everything she wanted and more..’

This is a romantic short story collection content only suitable for adults.

Tags: millionaire, rich, wealthy, romantic, short story, collection

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