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Foraging: 20 Seasonal Wild Foods to Forage: Edible Wild Plants, Four Season Harvest, Foraging (Foraging Food)

by Micheal Burke

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Foraging: (FREE Bonus Included)

20 Seasonal Wild Foods to Forage: Edible Wild Plants, Four Season Harvest, Foraging

Foraging: 20 Seasonal Wild Foods to Forage: Edible Wild Plants, Four Season Harvest, Foraging

Foraging is a process to search wild foods, edible wild plants, and herbs. This process is really beneficial for everyone to improve your overall health and reduce numerous problems. If you want to increase the self-sufficiency of food, try to forage wild plants and herbs. This book is designed for your assistance to make your work easy. You will learn general rules of foraging, safety principles, and other guidelines. You will learn about fruits and plants that are available in the wilderness during all four seasons. You can harvest and secure them for later use. This book will be really helpful for beginners because everything is given with images.

This book offers:

  • Getting Started with Edible Wild Plants
  • Foraging Plants in Summer
  • Foraging Plants in winter
  • Foraging Plants in Spring
  • Foraging Plants in Autumn
  • Tips to Store Foraged Food

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Help! I Am In Love With A Narcissist: Narcissistic,Narcissistic Personality Disorder,Sociopath (Manipulation,Personality Disorder,Recovery Advice, Breaking Up)

by Michele Gilbert

Do You Want To Know What It Looks Like Inside the Mind of a Narcissist.?..

Would You Agree That Narcissism Is Rarely Recognized By The Very People Afflicted By It.?

I’m sure you already know at least one narcissist. Hey, you might even be one yourself!

The inability to see and recognize your own failings is so ingrained in the condition,

A friend of your’s who everybody loves, who knows where to find the best of everything, and who got you into the best parties in town and are so much fun to be with… but there’s something you can’t put your finger on.

Then you realize their temper, and when you broke up with your partner, they were concerned about what people would think of them for staying friends with you. It didn’t occur to them to ask how you were doing or how you were feeling.

Narcissism has become increasingly popular in pop culture today and is used to describe almost any behavior that could be slightly selfish. or self-absorbed This only serves to disguise the real look of narcissism, and leave you without any true understanding of the condition, until one day, you meet a true narcissist and have to deal with the truth/

â?¨This book will explore the history of narcissism, and what is the true definition, both in society and by professionals. It is a personality disorder. It looks at whether or not narcissists can change, and how you can protect yourself.

â?¨Reading his book will help you learn how to identify the narcissists in your life, and how to try to protect yourself.

Narcissism is on the rise and shows no sign of slowing down.Learn how to recognize the narcissist in your life, and perhaps change your life, and theirs.

Here’s What You Need To Know …

So There’s This Personâ?¦

O Muses

Hunting Narcissists

So Where Did They Go Wrong?

Sex and Narcissism

The Secret Narcissist

The Sinking Ship

The Cycle

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Blood Pressure: The Essential Guide To Blood Pressure Solution – Learn How to Lower High Blood Pressure The Natural Way (High Blood Pressure, Blood Pressure, Hypertension)

by Sophia Hudson


The Essential Guide To Blood Pressure Solution – Learn How to Lower High Blood Pressure The Natural Way

If you’ve been diagnosed with high blood pressure, you may be worried about what it means for your health, particularly if you have to take prescription medications that may have side-effects. You may be wondering if there is a more natural approach that will help you lower your blood pressure without drugs.

In this book, you will learn::

  • What high blood pressure or hypertension is
  • How to interpret the numbers in your test results
  • What foods will help lower your blood pressure
  • What foods to avoid
  • The role of exercise, weight loss and other lifestyle changes
  • What herbs, supplements and superfoods might be helpful

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Handbook for Hospital Sisters

by Florence S. Lees

Handbook for Hospital Sisters is a thorough guide to nursing, first published in 1874.

How to treat stress and anxiety: A practical advice!

by John Hunt

Stress and anxiety are a response to your thoughts that you are having about a situation. Most likely, if you are having a stressful response the thoughts that you are telling yourself are that you are not in control of the situation and something bad might happen to you.

Whether you confused over the growing situation of stress and anxiety in your life, Or you’re still struggling on how to get rid of itâ?? However, how to treat stress and anxiety is all you need, a proven step-by-step GUIDE to getting rid of stress forever! Even if the stressful situation in your life has gone deeper.

Medical Marijuana: A Beginners Guide to Growing Marijuana

by Martin Roberts

This book contains proven steps and strategies on how to grow marijuana indoors. This definitive marijuana grower’s handbook guides beginner as well as intermediate growers how to grow the biggest most viscous, potent buds. All the described gardening practices are well-researched and illustrated with easy step-by-step examples and instructions to grow the best harvest possible. This comprehensive guide covers everything marijuana growers need to know, including choosing the best type of seed, right grow media, proper nutrient, water, the right air, ideal lighting for your plants, plant management, harvest and drying, discussion on grow room and of course security. This book offers you the latest knowledge, methods, and tools to grow high-quality marijuana. Apply the advice of the book and save time, energy and labor.

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