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Hell’s Hollow

by Travis McBee

When four friends embark upon their annual camping trip they have no idea that things are going to change for the first time in years. Something awaits them in that familiar hollow they’ve visited so many times, something that will bring them to a decision none could ever have thought possible: could they kill one another?

Killing Time

by Matthew Keville

Something strange and terrible is happening to Randolph Stevens’s world. Pieces of it are disappearing, bit by bit. And he’s the only one who notices.

HORROR: Serial Killer (Mystery Suspense Thrillers) (Haunting Paranormal Short Story)

by Stephen Kingston

George was angry. Retired, disabled from his job as a traffic warden, he had nothing but contempt for the world at large and the evil people that existed in it.

Apart from his solitary trip once a week to an American diner, his only love was to watch the news on TV, and scowl at it. But his new TV had more to offer than simply the news.

â?¨Legion offers him a chance to put right the many wrongs in his neighborhood. To remove some of the trash that tarnishes his beautiful city. To regain some of the pride he lost after being beaten just for doing his job.

Legion will guide him to the people that need to be removed and give him all the information he needs to do the job. All George has to do is follow instructions.â?¨A variety of undesirables have been selected for the justice that is George.â?¨George has a hammer and a long overcoat. He will become a serial killer.

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by Meredith Noone

Nine years ago, Ranger was cursed by an angry god. Since then, he’s been stuck in the shape of a wolf. Although Tamarack will always be his home, he has been living in the mountains as a wild animal.

One autumn morning, the smell of blood on the wind brings him back down towards the town, where he discovers that an old farmer his family used to know well has been brutally murdered in his farmyard. But the old farmer’s death is not the first murder to occur in Tamarack in recent weeks, nor will it be the last.

Armed with nothing but teeth and claws and wolfy instincts, Ranger sets out to hunt down the person, or thing, killing the people of his town. Along the way, Ranger enlists the aid of Detective Bower, born locally but a detective over in Boston, and his son Sacheverell.

But how do the murders tie in with the ancient god bound to the old hemlock tree out in the graveyard?

The Ghost Girl Chronicles

by Marty Reeh

Michael thought himself the luckiest guy in the world. Great parents, two of the best friends a guy could ever hope to have, a champion skateboarder who was sought out by sponsors, and even found time to be a good student. Sometimes his life seemed too perfect to be real.

Until the hammer fell: his father lost his job and his unemployment could not cover all the family expenses. His mother had a good job as an RN at a local hospital, but the loss of income hurt them badly. When his father found another job, it didn’t pay nearly as well as the old one.

Michael could hear them talking at night: “What shall we do? How will it affect the kids?” Then one day, out of the blue but not unexpected, his parents informed him and his sister that they would have to sell their house and find a cheaper one–and in the recession and the real estate market that was going to be hard to do.

His parents managed to sell their house. They looked, trying to find something that they could afford, then one day, announced that they would take Micheal and his sister to see the house they had just purchased.

There was something wrong about the house. Not that it was in an old neighborhood, the oldest in the city, or the fact that some of the neighborhood was distinctly shabby. No, it was an intangible feeling, like something reaching out and trying to touch him–something he wanted to avoid.

Michael, not normally a complainer, asked his parents, “Why this house? Why something you’ll have to put so much time and money into?”

But Michael had no idea what awaited him, and when the surprise finally comes it will shake him to the core. He doesn’t believe in ghosts, but there’s one living in his bedroom, who says she needs his help, and he’s not sure what to think, or do


by Adam M. Booth

“What drives a man?”

DRIVE tells the story of David, an ageing delivery man by day, and storied serial killer by night. On the night in which we meet him his killing career is coming to an end and he intends to go out with a bang, but as we follow him on his journey we discover he is slowly coming to terms with an unexpected change in his life, and we see what might happen when someone who has been so bad for so long suddenly grows a conscience, and has to look back at his blood stained history with a new pair of eyes.

DRIVE considers what drives a man to kill, and what might drive a killer to stop.

MYSTERY: Locked Room – The Throne Room: (Mystery, Suspense, Thriller, Suspense Crime Thriller, Murder) (ADDITIONAL BOOK INCLUDED ) (Suspense Thriller Mystery, collection, crime, london)

by Bobby Buck



The day after Louise says good-bye to her grandfather as he leaves for the Emperors side is the day she becomes Ends new Voice. Their house, unlike others, is made of wood. They have a heating system and plenty of electronic items, but they do not have a completely modern cube house like several others. There are still plenty like theirs though. And they love the ones who have cube houses, there in End. But the ones in Whit can be fairly stuck up about it. Those in Cern even more so. With the help of an old friend she tries to gain the Emperors trust, and help make their land a much healthier place to live. He is kind and wants to know how everyone thinks, not just the Voice. The Voice speaks for everyone, but not everyone can be heard. There’s a murderer on the loose killing Voices, and since she has taken her grandfather’s place she is now in line of fire.

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Suburbia Nocturna

by Dario Gattolin

Suburbia Nocturna by Dario Gattolin introduces 20 chapters and over 50 characters spread across the chaos all over the country, it starts with an eerie game that escalates into an infection that soon reaches a worldwide scale, different groups of survivors battle through urban areas and secluded rural spots against the multitude of monsters and the anarchist assailants that are still somewhat human.

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