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Story Stack: Action-packed story starters for ages 6-8 and 9-12

by Karen Inglis

Not sure what to get the kids to read next? Let them decide! Story Stack includes Chapters 1-4 of the following fun, fast-paced and popular illustrated chapter books by Karen Inglis: Henry Haynes and the Great Escape (for 6-8yrs) | Eeek! The Runaway Alien (for 7-10yrs) | Walter Brown and the Magician’s Hat (for 7-9yrs) PLUS Chapters 1-3 of The Secret Lake (for 8-12 yrs). The Secret Lake is Karen’s bestselling time travel mystery adventure story, enjoyed by over 7,000 readers. Karen has been praised by teachers, librarians, parents and reading charities for getting the most reluctant readers turning the pages. Full books available to order in print and/or for Kindle once the kids have had their say 🙂

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The Herald of Autumn (Echoes of the Untold Age Book 1)

by JM Guillen

There are things unseen in the world of men.

Uncanny horrors stalk us from the shadows.

Fortunately for the children of men, there is one who protects us from the darkness that we cannot see.

Every year with the death of summer, a remnant of humanity’s strangest dreamings awakens: The Herald of Autumn. Wherever he wanders, hungry hounds ghost along with him and the frigid wind of the hallows follows close behind. He hunts the creatures that linger in shadows, protecting mankind from the weirding and the nameless.

This Autumn, however, is different from those in the past.

When the Herald awakens to the taunting of the mysterious and elusive Old Man Coyote, he is immediately thrown into a battle for his very existence. As he matches wits against a shaman from another age, he learns sinister truths of an ancient abomination and of darkness that lurks behind the world.

Most importantly, he learns of the end of all things.

A Myriad of Worlds…

This story is only one of the many paths into our bent and Irrational worlds, one which has others forthcoming. It regards the adventures and trials of Tommy Maple, the Herald of Autumn, a young man who is far more than he seems. This is a story of a shadowed realm, a place where the glamours and hidden mysteries of the World-That-Was are fading away.

Tommy and his kin live in the Untold Age.

This is one of many strands in The Paean of Sundered Dreams, a multi-genre, universe-spanning array of tales with Lovecraftian themes. Some of the strands of this work are science fiction, some fantasy, and some steampunk, but they share the same horrific universe. They weft and weave together, each leaving breadcrumbs of clues for the next story. Each tale echoes a beating heart of darkness, cackling quietly in the shadows of existence.

If you are the kind of reader who cannot rest until every secret is found, for whom genre is unimportant, and who will travel a wide and vast multiverse to learn things man was not meant to knowâ?¦

Welcome, wayward wanderer.

This was written for you.

A BATH FULL OF CEREAL: A funny, illustrated short story for kids.

by Kristine Spate

“A Bath full of Cereal” is a short, entertaining and very funny story for young children. The story is complimented by beautiful and colorful illustrations.

It is a story about a boy named Tim, who simply LOVES to eat cereal.

He loves it so much, that he decides to have a really crazy birthday surprise for himself.

It turns out to be something that Tim will never forget.

This short story is very light, enjoyable, easy to read and has a well-hidden lesson that will teach children that too much of even then the best things can be too much.

The book includes a FREE GIFT – all illustrations of the book as printable coloring pages or downloadable pictures for your child to color on a tablet or another device!

This story is fun to read to your children at bedtime and enjoyable for all family as well.

It is suitable for preschoolers to read with their parents or to read it aloud, as well as for older children to read on their own.

Minecraft: Self Adventure: Choose Your Own Minecraft Path (Minecraft Choose a Path, Minecraft Self Quest, Minecraft Quest Book, Minecraft Gamebook, Minecraft Game Book)

by Billy Miner

Choose your own Minecraft story as a brave soldier!

You are a soldier in the army, a combined army of men from several villages who try to defend their homes and freedom against dangerous creatures, like CREEPERS!!! But then something happensâ?¦ your friend gets wounded. Will he die? Or will you find the cure by collecting the three magical gems, hidden in distant areas where filthy zombies, snakes, and wolves abide? It’s up to you! Why? Because this is a story where you get to make choices. You, the reader, choose which adventure you’re going on.

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Astrology: The Complete Guide To Understanding Horoscope And Zodiac Signs – Use Astrology For Success, To Become Wealthy, To Find Your True Love And Your Spirit

by Nishant Pal

Numerous folks love therapy horoscopes, however numerous don’t realize the true advantages of understanding them. Numerous folks looking for comments and predictions in to the potential observe horoscopes to be extremely helpful. Day distributes day horoscopes located in books, journals and the about the web.

Useful zones in horoscope readings

Horoscopes are recorded in unique areas that most individuals can profit by. These are numerous others, wellness, love life success and income. The ones that make one of the most premium are cash love wellness and success that are routinely distributed in daily papers and publications. Notwithstanding, numerous people trust in them and they’ve discovered them to be extremely helpful on numerous events where they have been challenged with challenging decisions.

Horoscopes folks observe how to manage relationships and love. One is similarly in a position to know in advance the character of their lover based on their zodiac signs. They suggest which zodiac signs are ideal and which are not, this goes much in picking an union accomplice however doesn’t restrain their decision either. Singles also edge where they can find the best possible accomplices and how to carryon amid the relationship process.

Horoscopes on money individuals in protecting their finances. They furthermore exhort people about the best way to manage cash for a fruitful future. They similarly induce individuals on the best technique to increase fiscal independence and administrators and numerous economic specialists see them to be extremely useful. These individuals every now and again settle on massive monetary decisions and they often require some direction.

The other selection that horoscopes assist with is reports and work. This zone handles fulfillment at the office and how one handles weight. It provides direction about the most proficient method to representatives to manage work circumstances over a specific week evening or month. Below, a representative is more edified on issues to keep away from on perusing this horoscope location and these to do. They exhort and help people about the best way to manage wellness problems, how to take good concern of them what nutrition to eat and what to stay away from for the overall prosperity.

Pinkerton: A Western Detective Story

by Mark Reese

A dastardly gang are in search of Charles Siringo, the most feared Pinkerton agent in the West. The search has brought them into a small town, where they plan to ambush Siringo, and finally get their revenge. Yet Siringo’s quick mind and pension for booby traps may help him to evade death yet again.

Ask Dog Today: Dialogues with a Lifelong Companion (Reading 1)

by Parama K. Williams

“Ask Dog Today: Dialogues with a Lifelong Companion (Reading 1)” is one of seven intuitively channeled readings by author and therapist Parama K. Williams (and dog); providing insight, guidance, and solutions to many of today’s most challenging issues, questions, and struggles.

Unprecedented, never-before-unveiled, heart-opening, transforming messages directly from a collective of angelic “ascended masters” whose role is to appoint chosen representatives on Earth – “self-made warriors for Christ” – to act as sacred vessels for high-frequency teachings:

– The role and purpose of a “cosmic consortium of ascended master beings” who are assigned to help humanity at this time

– How we as human beings can receive their guidance and teachings directly

– Why we suffer and how we can make our world a better place through selfless service

As Earth-bound representatives of the New Culture, the mission of the “warriors for Christ” is to be ready and willing to receive ongoing instructions for how to prepare humanity for its upgraded instantiation of a new and improved race on Earth during the End Times – the return of Christ, awakening consciousness among all people at once

Uplifting and life-changing messages for those of us who are brave, for those of us who are chosen for revival to guide humanity through the process of self-transformation in the midst of a momentous cultural and global transition from which no human being can be exempt….

Jennifer Lorane and the Dragon

by Matthew Struthers

Jennifer Lorane is excited to tell her daddy about what she saw outside. When she dares to interrupt his nap, what she sees and hears at the bedroom sparks her imagination that a horrible dragon has captured him. With the help of her step-mother, Mamma Helen, she becomes the knight that will save her daddy. Or will she?

The author has hand drawn and painted all of the pictures.

Chronic Kidney Disease: For Beginners Learn How To Treat, Prevent And Detect Chronic Kidney Disease Plus 23 Healthy Homemade Recipes!

by Nishant Pal

Our kidneys are essential organs like our heart. Sound kidneys are very important to living just how we need to live. Today there are twenty-six million Americans who suffer from Chronic Kidney Disease or (CKD). This disease progress directly through your thirties and may begin as ahead of plan as your children. Numerous people don’t even admit they’re struggling with (CKD) before the disease is expanding in power.

Do we need Kidneys?

Kidneys are crucial because of the capability they conduct for our bodies. Kidneys go about like a route for waste and control fluid in our body. These drinks are cleared from our pee. Equally as essential, the kidney influences our circulatory pressure. Kidneys are function and a sensitive organ in conjunction with various organs in the body.

What are the signals of Kidney disease?

There are numerous irritation signs that kidney disease can be obtained at some point. Stained pee, urinary tract contaminations, grisly pee, and kidney stones are a pair of the more typical signs of potential issues. These are an early cautioning that unchecked could be the antecedent to renal disappointment.

In what approach would I have the ability to test to check whether I have Kidney Disease?

There are two concept checks that present if Kidney disease is available. To begin with can be a pee test. Contingent upon covering, area of platelets and protein in the pee, most importantly, your expert can have a good signal of what is going on. Furthermore, a blood panel work up can also evaluate kidney capacity. This sign is known as (GFR) or Glomerular filtration rate. Since the title infers, the filtration rate is a measure of the total amount of stream or separating the kidney is equipped for performing. A (GFR) of under 60mL is thshould be a stable suggestion of (CKD).

Luza (The Fox and the Girl Book 1)

by Frankie Yandow

Given an insurmountable task, an Arctic fox named Luza must travel the countryside until she finds the Princess of the forest. Hunted by a master hunter and his Croatian sheepdog, both focused on killing her before she accomplishes her mission, Luza must find a way to persevere. She brings hope for those who live in fear of the new King and his lofty ambitions.

Unknown to Luza and the majority of events outside the village of Gilmanton, Keira plans a visit to her mother’s grave as her uncle departs for the beginning of hunting season. Life hasn’t always been easy for the young teen, and today’s chance encounter with the Arctic fox will only force her to reflect on the past and how it defines her going forward.

Keira will immediately be forced out of her comfort zone, but will do so willingly to help Luza accomplish her mission, regardless of whether it means sacrificing herself or putting herself in harm’s way to do so.

Luza is the first book in The Fox and the Girl series and the first of many adventures for Luza and Keira.

Minecraft: Minecraft King: Diary of a Minecraft King (Minecraft Royalty, Minecraft Warriors, Minecraft Diary, Minecraft Diaries, Minecraft Story, Minecraft Games, Minecraft Game)

by Billy Miner

The games begin. Who will be the new king?

Barthor has trained for this day all his life: The day the tournament begins. The tournament consists of jousting, sword fighting, swimming, and archery. He stands a chance, because he is one of the best. But there is another character with a strong desire to win as well: Malofact, a man who holds nothing back and cheats his way through the matches. Will Barthor still be able to win, despite his cheating opponent? Start reading and find out!

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Three Girls And A Crime: The Beach House Affair

by Balakarthiga. M

A Story of Friendship, Family, Compassion, Forbidden Love, and Death.

Drowned (The Drowned Series Book 2)

by Nichola Reilly

Coe is one of the few remaining teenagers on the island of Tides. Deformed and weak, she is constantly reminded that in a world where dry land dwindles at every high tide, she is not welcome. The only bright spot in her harsh and difficult life is the strong, capable Tiamâ??but love has long ago been forgotten by her society. The only priority is survival.

Until the day their King falls ill, leaving no male heir to take his place. Unrest grows, and for reasons Coe cannot comprehend, she is invited into the privileged circle of royal aides. She soon learns that the dying royal is keeping a secret that will change their world forever.

Is there an escape from the horrific nightmare that their island home has become? Coe must race to find the answers and save the people she cares about, before their world and everything they know is lost to the waters.

Tassie Listens to Her Heart

by Thea Jane

A lively child filled with imagination and pure joy, the faithful dog, her favorite doll, an angry Grownup…and a mysterious fairy bearing messages of love come together in this sweet story of self-discovery.

Tassie is an inspired little girl with lots of interests like fairies (her favorite of all the magical beings), and art, and engineering, and singing, and dancingâ??and her dog. After the Grownup in Tassie’s world calls her a terrible name, she finds comfort and unexpected fortitude when her inner voice whispers to her in the nightâ??and Tassie listens to her heart.

With 15 charming illustrations by up-and-coming illustrator Antonela Carpena, you and your child will delight in Tassie’s journey from a child’s evening of bliss to a night of isolation and loneliness, then to self-confidence, belief and love. Powerful affirmations and tips are included!

Mystery: Grave Danger – The Arrival: (Mystery, Suspense, Thriller, Suspense Crime Thriller) (ADDITIONAL BOOK INCLUDED ) (Suspense Thriller Mystery, Collection & fiction)

by Tracy Grace




The arrival

Ric Corbit is struggling to find out about his Uncle’s sudden death. He just inherited his Uncle’s estate but he found his Uncle was murdered. Ric decided tomanage one of his inherited properties which is the played-out silver mine, but along the process, he will also realize that his and his girlfriend’s lives are now in danger.

Ric wanted to solve the mystery, as he shows grief in his Uncle’s loos. Soon, a police detective and a doctor will help them find the answers. They will all have to be precarious, but still be very careful about their actions. They expected horrible events to be tamed, but would it all be enough?

He was scared, but he knows he can hold everything in its place. A lot of things are bound to happen, he knows, but he remains hopeful.

In a world where lies, betrayals, and loss are always seemed to be inevitable, will they ever find eternal peace and serenity?

MYSTERY: Locked Room – Yes You Are: (Mystery, Suspense, Thriller, Suspense Crime Thriller, Murder) (ADDITIONAL BOOK INCLUDED ) (Suspense Thriller Mystery Collection organized crime, terrorism)

by Bobby Buck



The day after Louise says good-bye to her grandfather as he leaves for the Emperors side is the day she becomes Ends new Voice. Their house, unlike others, is made of wood. They have a heating system and plenty of electronic items, but they do not have a completely modern cube house like several others. There are still plenty like theirs though. And they love the ones who have cube houses, there in End. But the ones in Whit can be fairly stuck up about it. Those in Cern even more so. With the help of an old friend she tries to gain the Emperors trust, and help make their land a much healthier place to live. He is kind and wants to know how everyone thinks, not just the Voice. The Voice speaks for everyone, but not everyone can be heard. There’s a murderer on the loose killing Voices, and since she has taken her grandfather’s place she is now in line of fire.

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Get your cape: A boy’s insight into alzheimer’s.

by Matthew J. Struthers

This a short story told by a young boy about the last few months of his granddad’s life. Many of the things his granddad says, makes this boy wonder if granddad was a superhero. His opinion changes when a classmate rudely reveals a truth about his granddad’s illness.

Is granddad crazy or was he a real superhero?

Beat Up Your Anxiety: 7 Reasons Why You Feel Anxiety And 20 Tips And Home Remedies To Overcome It

by Nishant Pal

A Bavarian square can be a special and beautiful approach to add design and texture to your crochet projects. How to Crochet a Bavarian Block, you can learn to create this clear crochet design. Designed more towards the intermediate crocheter, this system might take time to grasp, after you’ve it down however it’s a highly effective strategy to jazz up your afghans, connections, dishcloths, and a lot more!

Crotchetier shouldn’t restrict themselves tightly to the directions of the design. It is necessary to exercise some particular wisdom that will assist enhance the looks of the enterprise. While these sources are many beneficial to people who are new to the activity also the sophisticated pro could benefit from the career of crochet patterns. Crocheting can allow you do plenty of things, state to sweaters and jackets from smaller bags. The alternatives that are available are numerous. Crochet layout publishing companies are frequently looking for design investigators. Crochet patterns supplied by Chinese suppliers getting the most competitive rates and superb quality.

There are lots of more design publications which might be new with contemporary designs being produced, and many wool stores now present crochet lessons in addition to the conventional knitting classes. Most of the time, these publications feature easy crochet designs which are intended for beginners and even noticed crotchetier. Pro crotchetier who happen to be performing crocheting for along, long time design the patterns frequently published in craft magazines.

Aberto (book 9) – Aberto Meets Arthur Seagull

by Viv Rosser

Aberto is a friendly little Portuguese bird. One day he meets up with the not so friendly Arthur seagull. Oblivious of Arthur’s disregard and lack of interest in sharing friendship, Aberto decides to fly to Africa with him. On the way he finally realises that Seagulls have a tendency only to think about themselves. The ending is a message to all children that true friendship involves sharing and caring. Give it a try at bedtime with your young children any age from three to seven. The colourful illustrations alone will give you something to share with them. There are several other Aberto stories in the series all colourfully illustrated.

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