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Pied: A Memoir of Cowardice

by Kit Holland

Part medical mystery story, part autobiography, part social commentary, Pied says something new about being different in America.

Novelist Kit Holland grew up in a family with a secret. For at least five generations the family had been affected by piebaldism. For some members of the family, the impact was minor, but for some members –especially as children– the result could be severe social isolation, disastrously damaged self-esteem, and prolonged exposure to bullying. The result of Holland’s experience is a unique perspective on the role of the body, of bullying, and of trauma in American society.

The medical mysteries of piebaldism have been revealed only slowly. For centuries the legends of the “leopard people” made monsters of human children affected by the disorder. In modern times, research was fundamental in exposing the workings of autosomal dominant genes, and later research revealed the amazing dynamics of the neural crest in human fetal development, and the lifelong programming resulting from neural crest deviations. Despite the rarity of human piebaldism, research on human piebalds has been critical in clarifying the inter-relationships of lifelong developments of the nervous, skeletal, and endocrine systems.

Pied raises deep and perhaps unresolvable questions about the social need for bullying and marginalization, the constructed categories of inferiority in the United States, and the global quest for true equality and liberty.


by Carol Bellhouse

A road trip, memories, grief and the devastating beauty of Wyoming unfold across the pages of this poetic biography of Gwynne Gates Cosgriff, who died in 2015 with her beloved Snoozy Bear in her arms. The silencing of Gwynne’s scintillating laugh and boisterous spirit ripped a hole in the fabric of the universe for the author and everyone touched by her enchanting joy.


You will be

Sitting on a stool

In the kitchen corner

By the stove

“A gorgeous ode to an extraordinary woman. The photographs are captivating. A keepsake to treasure.”

Top 5 Israeli Special Forces (Special Forces, Israel, Special Operations, Special Operator, Navy Seals, Delta Force, SAS)

by Richard Berrington

This book is an insightful look at the elite Israeli Special Forces. Inside the book emcompasses the Top 5 Special Forces units in the Israeli military. The Israeli military is know for being one of the best military on the face of the earth. 


The Special Forces that will be cover in the book are the following:


  • Sayeret Matkal1 

  • Shayetet 1314 

  • Shaldag31 

  • Oketz39 

  • Sayeret Yahalom43

We explain the history and creation of each Special Forces unit and the mission they have conducted.


Sayeret Matkal 

SаÑ?еrеt Matkal General Staff RесоnnаiÑ?Ñ?аnсе Unit 269 оr Thе Unit iÑ? аn еlitе SÑ?есiаl FоrсеÑ? unit of the Israel Defence Forces (IDF). ItÑ? mаin rоlеÑ? аrе соuntеr-tеrrоriÑ?m, dееÑ? reconnaissance аnd intelligence gаthеring, but the unit iÑ? firÑ?t аnd fоrеmоÑ?t a fiеld intelligence-gathering unit, uÑ?еd tо оbtаin Ñ?trаtеgiс intеlligеnсе behind еnеmÑ? linеÑ?. SаÑ?еrеt Matkal iÑ? аlÑ?о in сhаrgе оf hоÑ?tаgе rеÑ?сuе missions оutÑ?idе Israeli borders. Thе unit iÑ? mоdеlеd оn thе British SAS, аnd organizationally reports to the Directorate оf MilitаrÑ? Intеlligеnсе. Its IDF nickname iÑ? Ñ?imÑ?lÑ? “Thе Unit”. Bоrrоwеd frоm thе SAS, thе unit’Ñ? mоttо iÑ? “Whо DаrеÑ? WinÑ?.”  

Thе unit iÑ? bеÑ?t knоwn fоr OÑ?еrаtiоn Thunderbolt, соmmоnlÑ? knоwn as Operation Entеbbе, in which it rеÑ?сuеd mоrе than 100 Air France аirlinе Ñ?аÑ?Ñ?еngеrÑ? hijасkеd and flown tо Ugаndа bÑ? PLO militаntÑ?, аnd killеd 52 enemy соmbаtаntÑ? whilе lоÑ?ing only the аÑ?Ñ?аult еlеmеnt соmmаndеr, Yоnаtаn Netanyahu, аnd three hostages.  

Terremoto: On Surviving the Disaster of 2001

by Guillermo E. Barahona C.

On this Memoir, Guillermo shares his experience on surviving the deadly Earthquakes that rocked Central America in the year 2001. The story becomes personal as he narrates the aftermath and the daily living in a year that changed the face of the modern world.

THE LAST EMPRESS MADAME CHIANG KAI-SHEK: Presented to the ’81 Club Monday, 29 March 2010 by Mrs. Alan R. Marsh (The THRILLING READING LIVING VICARIOUSLY Series Book 7)


A series of scholarly papers prepared for presentation to the ’81 Club of Kansas City, Missouri, which was formed in 1881. The only forbidden topics are the Civil War, politics and religion

Top 12 United States Special Forces Units (Special Force, Special Operations, Special Operator, SAS, Delta Force, Navy Seals, Rangers)

by Richard Berrington

Through Extensive Research We Have Compiled The Top 12 Special Forces Units Of The United Stated Military. We Picked The Top 4 Special Forces Units From The 4 Branches Of The Military, Navy, Air Force, Marines & Army. 

Inside is the detailed history, training and some missions of the following Special Forces Units

 Air Force 

  • #1 Pararescuemen 

Pararescue Jumpers (PJs) tasked with the recovery and medical treatment of personnel. 

more info :�Pararescuemen 

  • #2 Tactical Response Force 

The Air Force’s ‘Nuclear SWAT Teams’ who guard missiles, bombers and warheads. 

more info :�TRF 

  • #3 TACPs 

Tactical Air Control Party JTACs provide the link between SOF and attack aircraft. 

more info :�TACPs 



  • #4 Navy Seals 

Navy commandos that deploy by sea, air and land. 

more info :�Navy SEALs 

  • #5 SEAL Delivery (SDV) Vehicle Teams 

SEAL divers who operate minisubs on covert operations.� 

more info :�SDV Teams 

  • #6 Naval Special Warfare Aviation 

Naval helicopter squadrons that support special operations. 

more info :� 

HSC-84 – Red Wolves 

HSC-85 - Firehawks 



  • #7 Delta Force 

Tier 1 special mission unit that specializes in counter terrorism. 

more info :�Delta Force 

  • #8 Green Berets 

The Green Berets of the United States Army’s Special Forces Groups deploy on unconventional warfare operations around the world. 

  • #9 Night Stalkers 

The Night Stalkers of the 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment (SOAR) are an elite helicopter unit. 

more info :�160th SOAR 



  • #10 MARSOC 

United States Marine Corps Forces Special Operations Command (MARSOC) is an umbrella organization covering several USMC special ops forces, including Marine Special Operations Companies. 

  • #11 Force Reconnaissance (Force Recon) 

Force Recon Marines are the elite deep reconnaissance teams of the Marine Corps. 

  • #12 Scout Snipers 

Elite marksmen and reconnaissance specialists. 


Unitеd StаtеÑ? Special OÑ?еrаtiоnÑ? FоrсеÑ? (SOF) have аlwаÑ?Ñ? hеld a сеrtаin mÑ?Ñ?tiÔ?uе. Oftеn working in the Ñ?hаdоwÑ?, the еxÑ?lоitÑ? of thеÑ?е Ñ?Ñ?есiаllÑ? selected trооÑ?Ñ? hаvе sometimes аttаinеd nеаr mythological Ñ?tаtuÑ?. Althоugh this SÑ?есiаl FоrсеÑ? аrе uÑ?uаllÑ? Ñ?оrtrаÑ?еd аÑ? super Ñ?оldiеrÑ?, thеÑ? are generally tаilоrеd fоr Ñ?аrtiсulаr mission setsâ??such аÑ? strategic rесоnnаiÑ?Ñ?аnсе, unconventional wаrfаrе, fоrеign intеrnаl dеfеnÑ?е and соuntеrtеrrоriÑ?m. Other unitÑ? Ñ?Ñ?есiаlizе in dirесt action miÑ?Ñ?iоnÑ?â??likе rаidÑ? аnd аmbuÑ?hеÑ?â??but each fоrсе iÑ? different аnd trаinеd for thеir particular jоb. Thеrе аrе nо basic comparisons bеtwееn thе different unitÑ? оf SÑ?есiаl FоrсеÑ?â??muсh оf it bоilÑ? down tо thе individuаl commando and thе unitÑ?’ Ñ?аrtiсulаr miÑ?Ñ?iоn set.  

In the United States, a numbеr оf thе mоÑ?t elite SOF unitÑ? trace thеir origins bасk tо thе 1960s , 1970s & 1980Ñ? whеn they wеrе fоrmеd оr revamped tо deal with thе growing thrеаt of tеrrоriÑ?m in Ñ?lасеÑ? likе Iran and Lеbаnоn. ThiÑ? proved extremely vаluаblе two dесаdеÑ? later whеn the Unitеd States wаÑ? forced tо соnfrоnt аn еvеn mоrе malign terrorism thrеаt fоllоwing thе 9/11 аttасkÑ? in New York аnd WаÑ?hingtоn. In thе mоrе than a decade Ñ?inсе those аttасkÑ?, Amеriса’Ñ? Ñ?Ñ?есiаl forcesâ?? many оf whiсh аrе now Ñ?аrt of Joint SÑ?есiаl OÑ?еrаtiоnÑ? Command (JSOC)â?? have time and again Ñ?rоvеd instrumental in combating tеrrоriÑ?m. ThiÑ? book will еxÑ?lоrе thе top 12 United StаtеÑ? SÑ?есiаl FоrсеÑ?, inсluding thеir training аnd Ñ?аrtiсiÑ?аtiоn in rесеnt militаrÑ? miÑ?Ñ?iоnÑ?. Thе exciting Ñ?hоtоgrаÑ?hÑ? оf these Ñ?uÑ?еr Ñ?оldiеrÑ? in action аnd dеtаilеd соntеnt will kееÑ? Ñ?оu е

GHAURI: From Nothing To Everything

by Salim Ghauri

It is strange that the successful businessmen avoid sharing their success stories with the young generation. They do not take the burden of compiling their life struggle. They seldom decide to share their success, experience and vision with people. Instead, they prefer to restrict all their expertise and knowledge to their near and dear ones.

Salim Ghauri has decided to share his success story of setting up a world class Information Technology (IT) firm, namely NetSol Technologies. He is known as a renowned entrepreneur at a very young age.

Today, his company is exporting a complete solution of lease financing to all parts of the world. He had started developing this unique software for Mercedes Benz back in the late 90s. This software now rules the banking sector all across the globe. His book – Ghauri, From Nothing to Everything – is a combination of his biography as a human being and his key to success as an entrepreneur. This book may be a guidebook for the young generation to excel in the field of business, particularly Information Technology.

In general, no one asks a businessman how many times he failed during his schooling. But Salim Ghauri shares his poor education skills at the very outset of his biography. He says his teachers were annoyed with his poor education skills to the extent that they used to promote him without taking exams. Salim has described in his biography that no one from among his teachers could afford to retain him in his class for more than a year. He himself admits that that he was not a book smart but a street smart child.

In the recent past, leading universities and colleges have been inviting Salim Ghauri as a guest speaker to share his success story with their students. Hundreds and thousands of students, particularly those with an IT qualification, idealize him. “Ghauri” is a gift for all such youngsters who want to establish an enterprise and become successful at the end of the day.

Salim Ghauri is already known as the Bill Gates of Pakistan. He has become a source of inspiration for many youngsters all across the Pakistan and they follow him religiously on facebook and other social media outlets.

This biography also differentiates between the formal education and the intelligence of a man. Salim was not very strong in his studies but he carried an inherent skill of decision making, which is a key to success in life. He has seldom thought twice before taking a strategic decision in his life. This single ability has helped Salim become a successful businessman. It is worth reading as how he has been taking crucial decisions on different occasions of his professional career, ultimately leading to the setting up of the NetSol.

It is a biography of a young entrepreneur. This is a unique feature of his biography. It is a worth reading book because it shares all the tricks and tactics to become a successful entrepreneur.

POETRY REVISITED EDNA ST. VINCENT MILLAY: Presented to the ’81 Club Monday 10 March 2003 by Mrs. Alan R. Marsh (The THRILLING READING LIVING VICARIOUSLY Series)


A series of scholarly papers prepared for presentation to the ’81 Club of Kansas City, Missouri which was

formed in 1881. The only forbidden topics are the Civil War, politics and religion.



Thelma and Louise meet the Joy Luck Club in this deeply moving, vibrantly funny story of two women – Anh, Vietnamese refugee, fast-talking and brash, and Jana, an Anglo with money problems. In the unlikeliest of pairings, together they set up a bogus law firm in Little Saigon, California, a community filled with racism, vicious gangs, fast hustles and deadly scams that threatens to destroy them both.


“Exuberant…..performs the miraculous by making us laugh even as we cry….Not a word rings false, not a moment feels untrue…a book to be treasured, to be read and read again.”
–New York Times Sunday Book Review

“Goodbye, Saigon has more to say about California’s changing mores, increasing violence, cultural disharmony and, in the end, brave new world than many authoritative nonfiction books published today..indelible and endearing.”
— San Francisco Chronicle

“Generous of spirit, as full of loss as it is of gain, the ultimate good luck here is the reader’s.”
— Los Angeles Times

“An audacious book, a leap of empathy and imagination in which a writer attempts to enter an alien culture and to see the lives of its inhabitants through their own eyes. Nina Vida creates two bold and feisty protagonists whom we must care about, even as we accompany them into disaster.”
–Marge Piercy

“Head-spinning, hilarious and haunting.”
— Glamour

“Powerhouse fiction.”
— Kirkus Reviews

“Truong Anh is an original. She is a new variety of heroine – the street-smart, funny, poignant Vietnamese survivor in America. Read her story.”
–Lynn Freed, Author of The Bungalow


Nezar Hindawi: The El Al Bomb Plot

by Rachel James

Even in a world where politically-inspired violence had become commonplace, it was horrifying. A heartless terrorist, political fanaticism outweighing any other sentiment, used the mother of his unborn child as an unwitting weapon to attack an Israeli airliner.

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