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The Dart Players

by Jerrard Tickell

Can the past set you freeâ?¦?

When the members of the Hand and Flower Darts Club set out on a day trip across the Channel to take in the sights of Boulogne, they can’t begin to imagine how the day will endâ?¦

Fred Collins has been planning and waiting for this moment â?? the moment he proudly takes charge â?? and is keen to see their little adventure go off without a hitch.

However, his fellow team members have no interest in sticking together and it isn’t long before secret desires start landing these Englishmen into hot water.

Fred finds himself in an embarrassing situation as he attempts to find a nice pair of beige nylons for his wife.

The team captain, Charley Brewer, has spent the entire day searching Boulogne for some pretty French girls.

Trevor Hilgrove’s activities â?? while outwardly unremarkable â?? net him hundreds of pounds of smuggled goods to take back to England.

Luke Grenfell, hoping only to immerse himself in the French literary and artistic scene, finds himself repeatedly called upon to act as a sympathetic ear as one after another of his companions finds himself in a fix.

As for Jim Carver, it’s been a lifetime since he set foot on Boulogne.

He was Sergeant Jim Carver then, of the 25th Lancers, thick as thieves with his mate George Holden and always up to his elbows repairing tanks.

But George is long gone, buried in a cemetery in Boulogne, and the only memories Jim has of his time in Boulogne are of a little girl called Marie-Josephe.

To his astonishment, he encounters the quite grown up, and engaged, Marie-Josephe at the cemetery as he visits George’s grave, and finds himself drawn into his past with such intensity that he starts to question the direction of his future.

Six men make the crossing from England to France and lose themselves in the streets of Boulogne.

But only four of them will make the return voyageâ?¦

The Dart Players is a thought provoking novel about letting go of the past and embracing your future.

Praise for Jerrard Tickell

Tickell writes “with an eye for the adventure and dramaâ?¦ and often uncommon courage. Good.” – Kirkus Review

Jerrard Tickell was born in Dublin and wrote his first book at just 18. He was a member of the Royal Army Service Corps. His official duties took him all over the world including Egypt and practically every port in the Near East. His books, a number of which have been made into successful movies, include Moon Squadron, Island Rescue, See How They Run and Hussar Honeymoon. He now lives with his wife Renée Haynes, the daughter of E.S.P. Haynes and Oriana Huxley Waller, and three sons in London.

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Stealing Love

by H. Schreter

When a business trip to Romania turns to a crazily funny travel romance

A businessman is sent to Romania to find a plot for a new hotel. When he is pointed to a small Transylvanian village, a wild and funny plot unravels.

Why did our protagonist remain in the village, and why was he subsequently driven out in disgrace? Who is the man hiding under the table? What do you do when your neighbor raises a pig on his terrace? And, is it true that sweet garlic and a good man are two things that are hard to come by?

Funny, original and woven with insights about life and human relationships

Stealing Love places its charming protagonists in bizarre situations, anchored in the unfamiliar and fascinating context of Romanian villagers daily-life. With skill and charm, H. Schreter portrays funny, zany and memorable characters who never fail to surprise the reader.

Nerve: a novel

by S. R. Skelton

**Buy a 2015 Beach Book Festival Award Winner!**

Praise for Nerve:

“This novel was beautiful, visual, and thought provoking.” Booji-Boy

“…Skelton’s humor is spot on and left me snorting in my morning coffee and again in my late-night wine!” D. Wrathall

“A story written for mothers who remember what it was like to be young and confused, and still feel that way at times.” R. Olson

Jesse fantasizes about living the romantic, beat life. He wants to travel the world and feel the wind of real adventure on his face. When he meets Maya, raised by nomadic hippies, he thinks he’s found a lifeboat to carry him from the dull to the sublime. He is thrilled when Maya reveals a secret from her past that compels them to hitchhike across the country together, but will a relationship formed in the heat and whirl of a dance club crash and burn on the side of the highway?

Meanwhile, Jean is a mother navigating her own path through the work-family balance. When her tenuous relationship with her child is threatened, she has to confront some harsh truths about motherhood. Truths she wants desperately to ignore.

Brimming with insight, humor, and generosity of spirit, Nerve, tells a poignant yet unsentimental story about finding yourself and where you belong.

Keywords: dating, relationships, parenting, parent and child, travel, voyage, family life, friendship, love, politics, spiritual


by Chris Bell

“Liquidambar: It’s as if Philip Marlowe has stumbled down the Lost Highway into Gormenghast, hunting for The Girl With The Pearl Earring.” Jonas Wheeler, CitySidewalk

Typo Blod, a reluctant investigator, is dragged into the world of Edward Hopper’s paintings where he’s compelled to solve the disappearance of beautiful Ellen Bogen.

When journalist Typo Blod encounters a stranger on public transport, he becomes absorbed by Edward Hopper’s paintings like a fly in amber.

Time halts at the instant depicted in Hopper’s most famous works and Blod’s world is thrown out of kilter. In a city tantalisingly part historical, part fantastical, Blod falls in love with Ellen Bogen, subject of Hopper’s Summertime.

As Blod struggles to persuade a magazine editor to commission some articles from him, he encounters the homeless C.O. Jones begging on a commuter train. Jones claims to be trapped in a “vicious circle” and shows Blod a book that causes Blod to slip through a crack in reality and find himself driving along a road nothing to do with the city in which he lives.

A gas station attendant fills his car’s tank with “liquid amber”, and directs him towards Fulcrum. Here, Jones re-appears to provoke Blod with questions about distant memories.

Blod’s answers propel him along a bizarre storyline. By its culmination, Blod realises his experiences have taught him to better appreciate the “liquid amber” of the present moment.

Liquidambar combines the atmosphere of Philip Marlowe’s adventures with Hopper’s characters and imagery in a surprisingly fresh detective mystery.

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