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Cinnamon Nut Crunch Murder: A Donut Hole Cozy Mystery – Book 14

by Susan Gillard

**This is Book 14 in the Donut Hole Cozy Mystery Series**

When Heather Shepherd hears that Detective Davidson’s daughter, Tara, has just been found dead, she’s horrified.

Her horror soon turns to shock, when Davidson turns up at Donut Delights and makes it clear that Heather is his prime suspect. Heather is set on finding the truth, armed with her new knowledge thanks to her forensics course, and her bestie and doggy Dave for company, she sets out to solve the mystery. But internal issues at the police station see Ryan kicked off the case, leaving Heather bare to the attentions of a non-too-please Davidson. She had to balance an influx of orders for Cinnamon Crunch donuts, and the mystery or she might end up losing it all.

Heather has to find her focus or she might be blinded by the facts in this case. Sleuthing has just become as complicated as her recipe for cinnamon crumbles.

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Lawful Disobedience (Justice For All Book 1)

by JL Redington

Sawyer Kingsley is a Detective with the Blakely, IA police department. He’s used to seeing the unseemly side of his town, but one day, that ugly side hits far too close to home. With three homicides to investigate, the exit of his fiancé and a new partner to break in, his life is turned upside down.

Staying ahead of this killer will put all of Sawyer’s training and instinct to the test. Together, with the help of Sawyer’s cousin, Grant Mulvane, they will work to bring this killers reign of terror to an end before he kills again.

Killerwatt (The Rhetta McCarter Mystery Series Book 1)

by Sharon Woods Hopkins

Banker Rhetta McCarter’s ongoing battles usually involve mortgage loans, federal lending regulations, threats of bulges on her butt, and her closet-drinking husband. But after one of her mortgage clients dies in a mysterious car accident, she stumbles upon evidence of a terrorist plot to wipe out the entire Midwest power grid. No one believes herâ??not the FBI, local law enforcement, or her husband. Rhetta convinces her assistant, and loan officer, Woody, a former Marine, to help her stop the attack. Problems mount and time begins running out, leaving Rhetta alone to stop the bad guys. Can she do it?

Agent Hill: Off The Grid- Book 0

by James Hunt

When it can’t be done, they call Hill. The GSF is a covert spy agency that has a presence all over the world. They operate beyond the scope of governments, corporations and politics. They’re the good guys who make sure the bad guys don’t blow anything up.

Agent Sarah Hill is the best field agent the GSF has ever seen, and while she may have a few reprimands *cough* 43 *cough* there isn’t anyone her boss, Mack Farr, trusts more to get the job done. So when one of Mack’s oldest friends is murdered, she’s sent to investigate, which leads her down the rabbit hole of terrorism on a global scale.

James Hunt, author of the “Exiled” series and the “Broken Lines” series that collectively accumulated over 340 5-star reviews brings you the next book you won’t be able to put down.

Under Suspicion: The Legend of D.B. Cooper

by James Olszewski

Two men on the same side of the law-with two different objectives. While investigating the same case, the situation turns deadly. Jim Harper has been Sheriff of Lewis County for three decades. But when a drug investigation shatters the harmony of his County, he finds his community questioning his abilities. Alan Bradley is a hard driving Special Agent of the Drug Enforcement Agency. A tip leads Bradley to Lewis County where he suspects a drug dealer is hiding. The Phantom file is a mysterious case on the DEA dockets, and solving it would make Bradley a hero. Problems arise, which lead to mistakes and he finds himself unprepared. In order to preserve his credibility, he spin doctors the situation. He resurrects a ghost from Lewis County’s past-D.B. Cooper! The public’s reaction to the story of this hijacker couldn’t be predicted as everyone is caught up in its wake. They clash but there can only be one winner, and it’ll be at the expense of the other. Who will find that truth first?

The Betrayal of Lies, Mystery with a Romantic Twist (Paradise Valley Mystery Series Book 5)

by Debra Burroughs

From NY Times bestselling author Debra Burroughs comes BOOK 5, Paradise Valley Mystery series
Murder and mayhem are afoot! Feisty private eye, Emily Parker, is finally moving forward in her relationship with the hunky Paradise Valley police detective–that is, until a new friend suddenly goes missing and wedding plans are put on hold. Suspicions are flying that one of Emily’s closest girlfriends may be involved, exposing Maggie’s darkest secrets. Emily and Detective Andrews are locked in a desperate race to solve the mystery of who abducted the woman and rescue her before someone winds up dead.
Although The Betrayal of Lies is Book 5 in the series, it can be read as a stand-alone book; but the enjoyment is enhanced by reading at least one of the other books, as well. 
***The Paradise Valley Mysteries***
The Scent of Lies: Book 1
The Heart of Lies: Book 2
The Edge of Lies: A Bridge Short Story between Books 2 and 3, the story of Evan & Emily
The Chain of Lies: Book 3
The Pursuit of Lies: Book 4 
The Color of Lies: a Bridge Short Story between Books 4 and 5, the story of Colin & Miranda
The Betrayal of Lies: Book 5
The Harbor of Lies: Book 6
(*Most enjoyable if these books are read in order.)
OTHER BOOKS by Debra Burroughs
The Scent of Lies, A Paradise Valley Mystery – Book 1, When Emily Parker digs into her late husband’s murder, she discovers he may not have been who he claimed. Can she discover the truth with the help of her best friends and the handsome new detective in town? A captivating cozy Murder Mystery and Romance that will keep you guessing until the very end. (think “Stephanie Plum” meets “Nancy Drew”)
The Heart of Lies, A Paradise Valley Mystery: Book 2, When the best friend of sassy small-town private-eye Emily Parker begins dating a man she met online, all hell breaks loose. Emily teams up with a sexy big-city cop to solve a murder mystery and save the town, and her friend, from ruin.

The Chain of Lies, A Paradise Valley Mystery: Book 3, Small-town private eye Emily Parker and her sexy police detective boyfriend, along with a few of her friends, fight to save girls from a sex slave ring and solve a murder mystery. 
The Pursuit of Lies, A Paradise Valley Mystery: Book 4, Feisty private-eye, Emily Parker, launches on a new case when the man she loves is accused of murdering a lovely blonde Assistant DA. Emily must prove her boyfriend innocent before she loses him to Death Row.
The Harbor of Lies, A Paradise Valley Mystery: Book 6, Sexy police detective Colin has finally convinced sassy private-eye Emily to marry him, but days before the wedding, when Emily discovers a dead body outside her hotel room, she and Colin, along with their wedding party, are drawn into another murder mystery, once more putting their love and commitment to the test with a twist no one saw coming.
The Lake House Secret, a Jenessa Jones Mystery: Book 1, With her life going from bad to worse, reporter Jenessa Jones is drawn back to her small hometown by a homicide investigation that ends up pointing the finger at someone close to her heart. Can she uncover the truth of this murder before it destroys her family and any chance she has for a happy life?
Three Days in Seattle, When LA photographer Kate McAllister flies to Seattle in search of her missing sister, she finds irresistible real estate agent Ryan instead. Soon the two are entwined in a vengeful murder plot — and a simmering love affair….  (A light Romantic Suspense in the Emerald City)

Through the Mindhole: A Serial Killer Fairy Tale

by Robert S. Wilson

Through the cracks in space and time,

That exist within the mind,

There are other worlds than these.

Through the slates of slumber’s gates,

I slipped between and now I see,

There are other me’s than me.

When FBI agent Chad Nelson catches up with the only suspect in a string of disturbing serial murders, the strange man he’s been chasing uses a power beyond Nelson’s imagination to send him somewhere… else.

And when he wakes up in the body of another Chad Nelson–a brilliant violent serial killer–he struggles to understand what has happened to him.

But he soon learns the nightmare has only begun when he wakes again paralyzed in his own body now taken over by the “other” Chad Nelson–the serial killer. As the days go on, alternating back and forth between both worlds Chad must find a way to get out of his other self’s body and back into his own. But the only way back… is through the mindhole.

“I’m a Robert S. Wilson fan from now on!”–Joe McKinney, author of FLESH EATERS and APOCALYPSE OF THE DEAD

“Robert S. Wilson proves himself a master of the dark fantastic.”–Tim Waggoner, author of LIKE DEATH and THE HARMONY SOCIETY

“A writer on the rise, Robert S. Wilson’s fiction is highly original, deftly written, and shows a refreshing commitment to (and respect for) craft and depth.”–Greg F. Gifune, author, THE BLEEDING SEASON

“Wilson is a dark force to be reckoned with.”–Trent Zelazny, author of DESTINATION UNKNOWN and FRACTAL DESPONDENCY

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